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Beach (Working)

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Beach (Working)sleep came quickly last evening, and your SMS was there. We were on the beach, more north I think, possibly Nags Head, the dunes looked familiar. It was warm but you could feel a hint of cool from time to time in the breeze. We walked for hours, talked about everything. Then we watched the the brilliant blaze as the sun set. The sky was afire with streaks of the most intense colours, reds from the deep blood that fade into pinks with orange and lavender. All painted on the backdrop of a rich baby blue sky. As the moon started to rise we spun around and kissed, one of those deep longing kisses. I threw our blanket down and gave you that long gaze, again… This time without hesitation you did take off your shirt and bra. We finished removing each other kurtköy escort clothes and laid down together, close. We both saw it at the same time the harvest moon, tonight is was particularly full and it was a super moon. We watched in awe to see the full lunar eclipse, then….Then we laid still, I studied your face as my hand traced random patterns on the side of your face, touching your ear and twirling your hair. As the moon came from eclipse and the wind gently blows across your face, your looks fire, you know how much this excites me. We embrace, tightly and kiss like it is our first time. Gently exploring each other’s lips, cheeks and neck; then it happens, that deep longing kiss. We teased each other to that point. I know how you feel, there aydıntepe escort is a rush over your body. I feel the shiver as it pulses like a wave through your body. You pull me closer, knowing what is next, you feel my excitement, ready… I push you away, roll you face down. You struggle as if to say no; you know what comes next. Again, you try to push up, as I take your arms and hold them down over your head. I hear your breath as you utter “Please”, I straddle you you feel my full weight, as lean forward and gently bit your shoulder. I slowly work my way across, alternating with soft kisses, short warm licks with my tongue and gentle bits. You skin quivers as the warm saliva is cooled by the gentle breeze. As you begin to relax, turning your tuzla içmeler escort head to admire the cool glow of the full moon you begin to slip away. I feel you, the muscles relaxing more and more, I continue my oral survey of your back, deeper you fall away. You know it’s coming, as you almost forget, I trace small circles in that spot, the center of your back just above your waist, I feel your whole body shivers. I continue my survey: nibbles, warm licks cooled by the gentle breeze and soft kisses. I sense your state “ecstasisum”, you are there, you see the moon and clouds in the sky, but they are ablurr, your mind, seaming all at once, races and is at ease. You feel it, the excitement, that familiar enough sharp sting, my teeth sink rapidly, deeply into you flesh of your buttocks. The sensation of pain and pleasure collide like locomotives in those silly high school math problems. You body writhes, I spin you over to kiss you deeply, with passion. You mind still spinning as I whisper gently in your ear “I..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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