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beatdown by a pornstar Vanesa Videl

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beatdown by a pornstar Vanesa VidelPornstar Beatdown 2-Vanessa VidelBy lilguy lilguy4174@yahoo.comVanessa teachers her boy toy father a lessonFemdom mixfighting humilation”Hurry up with the bags you little shit” Vanessa said while she was walkingthrough the airportOf Doleful long Mexican boy toy followed meekly behind her holding somesuitcase. Vanessa Videl was a sexy porn star who just finishes shooting hermovie Cougar Tales. Her hair was short and black hair a big red lips. Shestood a tall 5.10 and wore heals that push her above 6 feet. Her eyes weredeep blue and breast was stacking 36D. In her 40’s her body was still fit.Vanessa was white with deep ocean blue eyes. She walked with a confident strutlike she owned the room. She was wearing a tight leather shorts hugging herbutt and showing long slender legs. Vanessa had an on tight shirt that wassqueezing against her breast. It was wet with her sweat from the hot sun. Hernipples were pressing through the shirt. She smirked as she saw a lot of youngmen were looking at her…In her movies she would suck and fuck some of the younger men dry. Black,White she took it all in every hole. Lot of time a big dick star would comethinking she couldn’t handle her, only to be laid passed out as she wasstanding over them with a smirk. She even would drag them to her room and useher strapon, telling them this is how you fuck. Most of the female starletsshe tossed around and fucks their pussies till they were limping for a fewweeks.Vanessa held a long cigarette between her fingers blowing some smoke. No onedare ask her to put it out. Her boy toy name was Eric. He was one of manylovers she had. A young little fan boy she met online and gave him a tossed ina hay. She likes young men because they could be trained. She had many on theside. The way she saw it she wore the pants and made the decision. After allshe made the money, fuck better them him, fought better then him and was moreconfident then he ever was. Something she likes to remind him off. Shereminded him that who could never get another girl like her, and he is on thestreet in the second if she so choose. She even threatens to trick him out.She knew the boy was in love in her, totally pussy whipped by her sexualskills in bed. She owned him. Many times she left him whimper on the groundafter a hard spanking to his rearSometimes the young man forgot his place and had to be backhanded for goodmeasure. Hector was 5.8 with long black hair and wire brim glasses. His skinwas medium brown and he had big hazel eyes. He walked behind her trembling,unable to take his eyes off her ass. They were visiting his father. He hadn’tseemed him in a while. Vanessa heard his dad didn’t quite approve of her beinga church going man. Vanessa over heard him calling her and old dried up skank.Vanessa was going in town on business anyway and decided to have a talk withthis man.”Hurry up you sniveling shit” Vanessa Said Loud for people to hear.He felt embarrassed being pushed around by her in public and even moreembarrassed it was giving him an obvious erection. She smirked and blew somesmoke in his face.”Keep moving or I bitch slap you right here in the airport young man” She SaidHe hurried up carrying her suitcase out of the airport”Yes Ms Videl” He SaidShe had a limo waiting for her. He put the suitcase in the trunk. She got inthe limo and motions him in. The door close.”Take off your clothes” She Said calmly”But they may see”SLAP!!!She slapped him down and his eyes were getting watery.”Do as I say slut” Vanessa SaidHe did as told. She zipped down her pants and grabbed his hair. She pushed hisface down between her legs and had him eat her pussy was the limo sahabet güvenilirmi drove. Shesmiled as his tongue glided on her pussy lips. Vanessa had made sure he wastrained at oral pleasing a woman. She gripped his hair and took a dragged ofher cigarette.”Keep licking it..You little slut…I trained you well. Take a long whiff ofmy pussy. I be at your house soon … You better make me cum at least twicebefore I get there””Yes Ms Videl”She smiled and grabbed his ass slipping a finger.”Sissy” She SaidLaterEric’s Dad (Carlos) was buff old man that stood about 5.10. He consideredhimself a tough guy and worked out well into his old age. He wife had divorcehim long ago and left him for a pool boy. Cause of that he grown to resentwomen and tried to teach his sons to have a strong hand with them. Eric was abit of a disappointment, that he let some WOMAN pushed him around.Carlos sat on the couch drinking some beer when the bell rang. He walked upand opens the door. He saw her on his porch smoking his cigarette. He sawpictures that his son sent to him. He shame to admit it, he secretly lookedher up and found some strapon videos where she dominated guys. Movies likeStrapon Milfs, and Strap Attack. He was shamed to admit that it turns him on.He dreams about her. It was a shame he was even afraid to confess inconfessional. He was standing there in some shorts and wife beater. Hiserection was pointing through his shirt. Videl looked down and smirk. All herpint up anger rose.”Get the fuck out here you skank … of my porch or I whup your ass”Videl laughed and took a drag of her cigarette”Oh really”He went to punch her but she caught it and pushed him down into his house. Shecalmly walked it showing off her legs and smoking. She locked the door.”Damm … you cunt”Videl laughed as he got up and swung at her. She dodges his punches. The oldman was slow and weak. Videl kept in shape and move fast. She caught him witha punch to the stomach and 3 shots to the k**ney. He staggered. She dancearound him and moved in. She winded up her punch and caught him with a leftand sent him down through the table knocking him out cold.”Bitch” Videl SaidLaterCarlos was woken by a splash of water. He had been stripped naked. He sawVidel holding a glass. She was naked accept for a glistening 12 inch strapon.She took a puff of her cigarette and sweat dripped down her gorgeous body. HerBody was still tanned from the LA sun. He lips had a perfect smile as shelooked at him like a piece of meat. He looked behind and saw his Son Hectortied naked to a chair with a Ball Gag.”Just thought I show your son what a bitch his father is. So he won’t get anymacho idea” Videl Said “Your going to suck this and beg for me to fuck you””You crazy bitch…you got one lucky shot off, now your dead”He went too tackled but she caught his armed and slammed him into the wall.She twisted his arms making him screamed in pain. She grabbed his cockstroking it as she held him to the wall. Her expert hand glided up and downher cock, squeezing it, cupping his balls and stroking him.She whispered in his ear.”Think you like being rough up. You sissy son certainly does…little youngpunk. Thought dating a young guy might mean the man could keep up. But he hasa small dick like his father, and even whimpers after love making. Oh you’retoo much, Ms Videl, please mercy Ms Videl. Or Ms Videl let me smell yourpussy. Get little carpet muncher though. Have him down there least 4 times aday. Lot of times after a real man satisfies me. The boy serves my drinks,clean my house, massage my back and feet … .why he a perfect little houseslut”She stroked him faster, playing with his sahabet yeni giriş cock head.”In fact little slut even dance for my friends. He has this cute little sailoroutfit and … what … did you just cum you little shit” Videl SaidShe put her hand out”Look Hector your little bitch father came … think he WANTS my cock in hisass”She loosens her grip. And Anger and embarrass to the point of tears Hectorturn around an attack. She dodges kneeing him in the crotch. She got behindhim and put him in a sleeper hold. He struggled, but his arms soon got weak asshe stayed away from his arms. His face started to turn blue.”Night Night slut”He awoke bruise and beaten. He saw Videl with his son. He sucks her straponwhile she ran her fingers through his hair. Her saw her thick ass and herbuttocks vibrated as she continued fucking his son’s mouth. Her ass lookedperfect. He put that out of his mind and focuses on the task. Maybe he would****d that tight little ass of her’s and show the bitch her boss. He kept abaseball bat on the wall. A special Bat that he got sign by Derek Jeeder. Hegrabbed a bat and took a swing at her. She caught it with out turn around. Sheturn and grabbed a head butted him. She grabbed the Bat from him and slammedthe bat in his crotch. He screamed in pain as she cracked it over his back.She broke the bat over her knee and tossed it to the wall. She pushed him onthe back and straddled him punching him senseless slapping him awake everytime he passed out.”Please no more he cried””Then you know what you got to do slut. Now suck it. You can taste the littleslut’s ass juices on it” Vanessa Videl SaidHe started sucking her strapon as she grabbed his hair. She pushed it inmaking him gag. His spit was dripping down it as she forced it in the back ofher throat. Vanessa put her head back as her breast bounce up and down. Sheslapped him as she fucked his mouth bruising her throat. It added to hishumiliation. Vanessa licked her hand and started grabbing his cock.”Like that slut..LOOK at him Hector. Don’t turn away. Look at the little slutsuck my rubber cock. Take it deep in”She stood up and untied Eric’s hand. She stood over Hector showing hisglistening strapon. She pushed it back in.”Stroke your cock Eric … you fucking whore” Vanessa Said “Want you twowhores to cum together”She stroked Carlos faster, stopping before he was about to cum. He wanted totime it right. Carlos moaned as his cock felt like it was melting in herhands, turning into soft clay as she molded it. She rubbed her finger acrosshis cock head teasing him, driving him crazy. Carlos screams were muffled bygetting gagged.Carlos started to cum just as Eric came. Stream of cum shot out of both therecock. Vanessa licked her hands and rubbed what was left on Carlos face. Shegrabbed him by the hair and flipped him over the kitchen table.”Ready slut” Vanessa said teasing his asshole with her fingerHis body shook his asshole widens. She pushed the head of the strapon inmaking him moaned loudly.”Mmmmmm … .this going to hurt babe…get ready. Nice that Eric see what aslut you are” Vanessa Said “Get me a Beer Slut”Vanessa was finger fucking Carlos as a whimpering Eric got his cans of Beer.She took the Beer and put it by him. She opens the beer up and took a gulp.She grabbed Carlos ass and plunge it in, fucking his hard and fast. He feltthe head of the toy hit his prostate as he cried out. Tears ran down his eyeseyes as Vanessa Laughed.”Ahhh does it hurt slut. Look your cock still hard. Look at all that nasty precum dripped down. You’re a whore … your son a little whore…and your wholefamily whores” Vanessa SaidShe slapped his ass hard over sahabet giriş again and again making his ass red. She thrusther whole weight into him dripping with sweat. She finishes off a can of beerand tossed it.”Get my Camera Slut” She SaidEric meekly walked to get his pocket book and grabbed a camera. He did a closeup of her of Carlos tears.”Smile at the camera slut. Bet your friends the bowling league you have willlove this. They are getting it in the mail.””Ohhhhhhhhhh Goooood” Carlos screamed”Think I found the little slut’s G Spot. Let’s see what happens when I keeppounding and twisting on it shall we””Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck” Carlos criedHe started to cum with what felt like a multiple climax. He laid there broken.”Knew you were a little sissy … ahhhh I think I shattered his wittle ego”Vanessa laughed “You’re a slut aren’t you””Yes” Carlos whimpered knowing deep down it was true.”Does the idea of me fucking you in the ass again make your hard whore”Vanessa Said”Yes” He SaidVanessa Laugh”Boy” He said to Eric “Get my Smokes. Think I enjoy a drag and use this slutass as an ash tray””Yes Ms Videl” Eric Said”See your boy was head strong to. Despite his wimpiness he still though awoman was there to serve the male deep down. He expected me to cook and clean.I had to show him the way, change years of your upbringing. He figured sex wasfor his pleasure and thought that dick of his meant something. Taught him wellafter that. Me and my girls ran and trained on his ass. We spanked and whippedhim. Poor boy couldn’t sit for days. Then I fucked him, senseless the cutelittle thing. Let him enjoy hot sex, till he couldn’t take anymore. Till hebegged me to stop. Broke a few of his ribs. He was pussy whipped after that,worshiping ever body part I had. Then it was chastity. Made it so he couldn’tcum till I told him. Made his watch as I fuck man after man in front of himand then women. All while he pointed. You should have seen how the poor boywhimpered” Vanessa said smokeShe put the cigarette out his ass making his screamed and had Eric give himanother one”One day he felt the nerve to stand up to me. They all do. Thinking end of theday they can overpower me. But I learn to fight due to having a lot of crazyfans. Date and fucked a lot of martial artist, and army guys, UFC champsboxing. Know pressure points that can be use in both sex and fighting. Cankill with these hands. The dear boy was no match you see. Beat him senselessover and over again. Till he was terrified of me. Use MONEY, SEX, POWER, andv******e to control a boy. His will his broken. Isn’t that right slave”Vanessa said spitting in Eric’s face”Yes Ms Videl” Eric Said”Well after I stripped him down to a broken mass of meat … I turned him intoa perfect little slave. Penis pumps to make his cock worthy, diet, excessive,learning to play instruments, cook, massage, 3 different languages…and ofcourse eating pussy. A pet much learns to eat pussy … and keep his dirtycock under control. Sometimes the boy down there all day. Sometimes I use thelittle slut as a toilet. He do anything I desire perfect little house guestthat he is. Now Eric I would relax … where going to be here for a while”Hours laterVanessa was getting Dress. Carlos lay on the ground with Vanessa pussy juicesall over her.”Don’t bother to put your clothes on Eric. Want them to know what a slut youare. The Limo will be here soon””Yes Ms Videl” Eric SaidVidel walked out of the house with Eric as always behind her. Carlos soonbecame submissive, thinking about her. True to her word, Videl sent out thetapes and he was known as a town slut. Use and Abuse by women of the town,humiliated. Deep down him liked despite his embarrassment. He accepted his lotin life and it was rather freeing. Sometimes Vanessa would have the familyover and her and her friends would dominate the Clan. Always answering herdemands with “Yes Ms Videl”The endTo see pictures and for commissionshttp://lilguy31.deviantart.com/

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