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Beautiful Girl

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Big Tits

I heard the car door slam shut on my step-father’s Buick as I squeezed the last two drops out of my wine glass. In truth it had been my third. I had just about forgotten altogether that they were coming. Deep breath. I put my glass down on the counter near the sink. Deep breath. Here we go.

I swung the door open before they had even made it up the walk. Mom smiled and hurried, arms open, to give me a hug. I bit my tongue as I smiled back. She embraced me as dad continued down the walk. He waved and smiled as I watched him from over mom’s shoulder. The embrace faded and mom held me by the hands as she looked me over.

“You look wonderful darling. Have you lost weight?” What she’s really saying is she thinks I should lose weight.

“No ma, but thanks.”

She lets go and looks around. “Where’s Daniel?”

I give my step-dad a kiss hello before answering.

“He left earlier this evening for LA. Another emergency meeting.”

My mom whined and pouted. Dad just put his his arm around me and comforted me silently and we went inside.

I helped mom and dad get settled in the guest room and said goodnight. I returned to the kitchen and poured myself a fourth glass of wine. I leaned against the counter as I sipped it. This was his fifth trip in the past 3 months. He has had several trips before but usually only five inside of a year, not 3 months. I may be a woman, but I’m not stupid.

Halfway through glass number 4 I hear the guest room door open and close, and the heavy footsteps of my step-dad güvenilir bahis heading down the hall to the bathroom. I continued to nurse my glass of wine as I listened to footsteps and lights flicking on and off. Instead of retreating back to the guest room he proceeds down the hallway and begins to descend the stairs. He reaches the landing and gazes into the dimly lit kitchen.

I gulped down the rest of my glass.

“What are you doing still up sweetheart?”

I grabbed the bottle and began to pour myself a fifth. “Well, you know, couldn’t sleep.”

“So, you need a bottle of wine these days to do that?” He chuckles for a second but then notices my face. “Aw sweetheart what’s wrong.”

I just shake my head and sip my wine.

“Is it Daniel?”

I take a large gulp of wine. “Yup.”

“What’s going on?” he asked while pouring himself a glass of water.

I shrugged and took another sip.


My eyes started to well up with tears. He hugged me and held me as a started to sob. I cried and explained everything to him. I told him everything, all my worries, all my concerns. I told him about how I just felt so alone all the time.

He rubbed my back and comforted me. He assured me that everything that would be fine. He assured me that Daniel was just on a business trip and that nothing was going on but I could tell it was a lie. He was thinking the same thing I was and I knew it. Still his words helped and I thanked him as I nuzzled against his chest.

“That türkçe bahis boy must be crazy to leave such a beautiful wife at home on her own.”

He held me tightly and rubbed my back. His hands drifted slowly down my back until one rested gently on my bottom. I froze. He caressed it gently over my soft pajama shorts. His second hand joined the first, massaging my bottom stronger now. I stayed pushed against him, pinned, afraid to move.


“Shhh sweetheart. It’s ok baby-doll. It will be just like old times.”

His hands wandered up my hips and around to my tummy. One by one my buttons popped open as he tugged on the gentle fabric. He parted the fabric, looking down at me exposed for him now.

“You’re such a beautiful woman. You’ve always been beautiful.”

He kissed my neck, my collar bone…

“You’ve always been my beautiful girl.”

He kissed my collar bone again, then lower, and lower. I gulped down the final drop of wine as he began to suck gently on my nipple. I knew I shouldn’t let him do this, just like all the times before, but something inside me wanted it like never before. I wanted, no I needed to feel his hands on me.

I moaned quietly between the bites and sucking. Without thinking I reached down and began to fumble with his boxer shorts until I released that which I sought. He growled and looked to me.

“Is that what you want baby girl?”


“Yes… what?”

“Yes daddy.”

“Good girl.”

He petted my head and helped me güvenilir bahis siteleri to a kneeling position before him. I took him in both hands and stroked him gently and kissed his tip. With a flick of the tongue I began to devour him, licking and sucking his length.

“That’s it baby girl. You love sucking daddy’s cock don’t you?”

I answered in a muffled “mhmm” through my obstructed lips.

“That’s my girl.”

He petted my hair as he guided me along his length. I was lost, the kitchen buzzed about me. The only thing holding me steady was his hand entangled in my hair. Then, he stopped me.

“Come now, sweetie. We should really get out of here.”

He lead me up the stairs, tip toeing. As we tip toed past the guest room where mom was sleeping I stumbled. I fell to my knees and just kind of looked, dumbstruck, and tried to figure out what had just happened. Daddy listened but mommy didn’t stir inside the bedroom. He tried to help me up but I resisted, almost pouting, from the floor before him. He tried again but instead I reached into his shorts once more and swallowed him down my throat within a second. He attempted to protest but the words failed to form in his throat.

He watched in awe as I worked my magic on him for the second time. He leaned against the doorway to steady himself, but thought better of it and quickly retreated. He quietly beckoned me to follow him to the other room but I refused to stop. He requested it again and again I protested. Finally a third time, this time his voice louder than the previous two requests.

I stopped and gazed up at him from my kneeling position.

“I’ll come with you daddy.” He looked relieved. “But first you have to tell me, right here, that you like me better than mommy.”

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