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Becoming a Lesbian at 50

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A few months ago, I celebrated my 50th birthday. It was a lonely celebration, my ex-husband entice my kids to move and attend college near him on the West Coast. I received my customary long distance greetings by phone. I celebrated by watching television by myself. I was watching the movie The First Wives Club. There was a scene in the movie when Diane Keaton went searching for her daughter in a lesbian club. I was captivated by the variety of women with no misgivings openly mingling hoping to meet their ideal woman . Even though it was only a movie, I was caught up by the possibility of entering into a lesbian relationship.

My marriage ended 8 years ago after 20 years of marriage. I caught Ken in bed with his secretary. It wasn’t a case of Ken leaving me for a younger woman, in fact she was the same age as me. We became bored with our marriage. Our sex life was never exciting, it was just complementary sex. In spite of raising 3 kids, I can take pride in maintaining a size 6. Sure my tits and ass are sagging, and drooping, but I still blush when a man in their thirties ask me for a date. I go out with some of them, but I feel they eventually will want to date a younger woman. On the evening of my birthday, I look in the mirror, and I noticed the vague lines forming around my eyes, and the slight graying of my black hair. I made a declaration that I know I am getting older, and I will explore new opportunities for personal fulfillment. All I want is for someone that can satisfy me sexually, except that I want to try it with a woman.

Finally on a Friday night, I muster the courage to go to a lesbian bar in the village. I did a lot of research before I decided on this particular bar. I scouted the neighborhood numerous times, before I noticed the bar attracted a diverse professional crowd. When I entered, I felt I was being examined under a microscope. I was fascinated by the vast diversity of women. I met women of different ethnic groups, of different sizes, and of different regions in the US and the world..

After a few moments, I set my sights on an Asian woman at the end of the bar. I introduced myself, and she told me her name was Lian, and she was waiting for a friend from Boston. Lian was an analyst in midtown, and she always met Marge here whenever she visits from Boston. Initially, she was very discreet about her personal life, because her family would not approve it. After a couple sip of wine, Lian confessed that she is 28 years old, and in her culture, a girl should be married by now and raising a family. Her friend Marge is an older woman, and an acclaimed researcher in the field of Health Care Science. They met when Lian was on assignment to research Marge’s company. Lian was mesmerize by Marge’s presentation, and subsequently satisfy by Marge’s tender loving services. Marge is the first and only female lover for Lian , and Lian is unsure how far the arrangement will last. They meet on a monthly basis, rotating their respective cities, and sometimes they will vacation at exotic places. The arrangement has been ongoing for a year and a half.

Lian wanted to know a little bit about me. I told her this was my first time in a lesbian bar, and the reason I am here was to keep my 50th birthday resolution. I confessed that I was a little jealous of Marge for having such a beautiful lover. Lian blushed as I ordered a second round of drinks. Lian leaned against the wall to stretch her arms, I placed my raincoat across my lap and moved my bar stool closer to her. Lian beşiktaş escort rested her right arm on the bar and placed her chin on her right hand. I turn slightly and moved my bar stool even closer to Lian.

I continued my conversation with Lian as my left hand moved toward the inside of Lian’s skirt. My confidence intensify as Lian repositioned her seat to allow me to ease aside the crotch of her panties. Lian’s pubic hair were neatly trimmed and silky. I gently ease my middle finger in and out of her silken love hole. Lian moved her stool closer toward me to experience the full effect of my action. I was mesmerized by the gentle silky smoothness of Lian’s delicate saturated pussy. I took special care in being as gentle as possible feeling up Lian. I was enthralled with Lian’s fragile pubic triangle as my fingers located her budding clit. The touch jolted Lian for a second as one of her shoes fell to the floor. I felt Lian’s soft stocking toes rubbing my calf in sync with my fingers. All the while, we were having a meaningless conversation on our favorite foods, movies, and cities.

After a few minutes, Lian’s eyes became glassy, and her words quiver momentarily, and I knew she was swept by the flow of an orgasm. Lian stood up for a moment to step back into her shoe, and I took the opportunity to lower her moist panties as she sat back down on the bar stool. I shielded her with my well place raincoat and removed the panties down her legs. Lian smiled at me, and whisper softly in my ear “Thanks for being gentle with me. Whenever you’re lonely and horny, the scent of my panties will help you cum. Now you know how Marge and I keep the candles burning. We swapped panties at the end of every rendevous. It is great to masturbate wearing your lover’s soiled panties”.

Suddenly, I noticed someone standing behind me, Lian introduced me to Marge. Marge was an elegant graceful woman, you can feel her presence is one of stature. I am impress by her natural beauty and calming demeanor. She wasn’t glamorous like a celebrity, but I’m sure she was in her younger years. Marge is a petite woman with silver hair, and her attire was exquisite. I was captivated by her confidence, it was hard to guess the range of Marge’s age. She was definitely a couple of years older than me, but she had a maternal flair about her which might make her in the late fifties. I was disappointed that they had to leave for dinner.

They invited me, but I declined to be an intrusion to their romantic evening. After they left, Marge came back and secretly handed me a pair of panties. I placed them in my raincoat cautiously. She whisper ” A present to add to your collection. I wore them all day, think of me when you cum. I took the pleasure of including our business cards in the crotch. Maybe you’ll join us next time”. Marge touched my knee reassuringly, it seem that Lian told her about my resolution. Marge encouraged me on my quest to explore new boundaries, she didn’t have sex with a woman until she was also fifty. She was in numerous relationships with women, but they endure the same trial and ordeals of her marriage. It took a while for her to understand that sex was the main satisfaction she was seeking, not the myths of a rewarding relationship. Marge was 59 years old when she seduced Lian, she was apprehensive initially because of the age difference, but she’s glad that Lian succumbed to her advances. Marge confessed that finally at the age of 60, she felt no inhibitions şişli escort of having a beautiful younger woman for a lover. Marge lean forward to kiss me on the cheeks, but her right hand reached between my legs to touch my damp crotch before leaving. She winked and left.

I finished my drink and was deciding if it was time to call it a night. A woman asked me if the seat next to me was taken. I told her no, and she sat next to me. She complimented me on my discreet removal of my Asian friend’s panties. I blushed and wondered how she knew. She told me her name is Beth, and she noticed the whole thing while sitting at a table behind us. Beth tried to reassure me it is no big concern, we are at a singles bar for women, and we should be doing things such as this. I decided to stay and ordered a drink for the both of us.

Beth is nearly 6 feet tall, and her body is well distributed. She was in her forties, and she reminded me of Kathleen Turner, because she had that friendly air about her which makes you feel comfortable. Beth was an amazon in comparison to me, I was barely over 5 feet tall and I weigh barely 118 lb.. I was fascinated with Beth’s physical attributes, she wasn’t bulky as a female athlete, in fact her figure is very curvy and sensual. Beth was a large woman with full breasts and perfect wide hips which were accentuated by a smallish waist. It would be difficult for me to remove Beth’s panties because she is wearing jeans, and if I do make an attempt, I will need her consent.

I was surprised to learn that Beth was currently married, and she tried to come here to relax once a month. Her husband has no idea that she is bi-sexual. Beth is an accountant and work for a brokerage firm in the financial district. Beth’s husband is a trader for the same company, and she can’t stand his dictatorial behavior at the office and at home. She tells her husband she is working late when she needs some female companionship.

Their sex life has almost been non-existence since the birth of their son 8 years ago. Beth wants to quit her job to raise her child, but her husband would not allow it. His parents are watching their son while they are working, and she can’t stand the in-laws. Beth was sexually active with women in college, she had affairs with students, professors, and professors’ wives. Of course, when she started working, she slept with female clients, colleagues, and superiors. She stopped sleeping with women when she married 15 years ago. After the birth of their son, an old girl friend came to visit, and she rekindled the romance. But her friend moved to Florida a year later. Now she comes here to have a quick grope of pussy or just mingle with the crowd.

I was feeling horny and suggested that Beth come home with me. Beth live in Long Island, and she was afraid her husband would get suspicious if she did not return home. In spite of everything, Beth still return home every evening. Beth suggested that we go out to the alley in the back for a little privacy. There were quite a few couples making out in the glowing darkness of the moonlight. We found a nice little corner away from the crowd.

Beth guided me to stand and brace myself facing the wall, I let my raincoat fall to floor beside me. Beth came up behind me and lifted my skirt over my ass. I felt Beth’s hand polished my cotton covered round ass cheeks and playfully spanked me. She release the elastic band behind me and put her hand on my ass to run her middle bahçeşehir escort bayan finger down the crack of my ass. I tightened up when I felt her fingers encircled my sensitive anus. Beth told me to relax as a cool breeze brushed the dampness of my crotch. Beth released her hand from my panties and cupped my crotch and proceeded to rub violently. I expected my first lesbian experience to be a soothing passionate one, but I was getting aroused by Beth’s aggression. I grunted to the gyrating motion of her hand. Beth pulled my head softly back to kiss me softly, the gentleness did not last long as she probed my mouth with her slithering darting tongue. My grunts were stifled by her mouth over me. I shrieked as Beth’s finger initially and subsequently fingers penetrated my wet cunt. I was completely under her control. I shook fiercely as an orgasm overwhelmed my entire body. Beth had to sit on the floor to cradle my limp body.

I was stunned to notice a crowd in front of us. I was in a state of disarray with my skirt up around my waist, and my damp red panties exposed to the gathering of horny women. I was able to giggled when they gave us an ovation. There was a chorus of “GO GIRL” from our fans. My bladder was feeling the effect of the alcohol, and I needed to go to the ladies room. Beth wouldn’t allow me to go back in the bar to relieve myself. In one smooth motion, Beth’s yanked my panties off me, and guided me to a squatting position. Beth squatted in front of me and suggested that I pee right there in the alley. Beth retrieved my raincoat off the floor, and cheered me on. Beth couldn’t resist to touch the lips of my pussy. After a few second, a burst of golden fluid escape me. I felt the sensations within the walls of my twat.

I stood up and moved away from the puddle to compose myself, but when I stopped Beth was squatting in front of me. She ease my legs spread apart and move her mouth toward my pussy. I was standing over Beth as my skirt covered Beth’s head below me. I felt Beth’s hand on my bare ass gently nudging my groin against her mouth. I gasped as her tongue touched my clit, my loud response attracted the crowd again. The crowd witnessed my cries and contortions of pleasure. I was proud to give them a great show. After another orgasm, Beth stood up to kiss me torridly. She handed me my panties, I told her to keep it, it was my gift of remembrance to her. I was pleasantly surprised that some of the women in the crowd came by to kiss us before they disperse. A few of them even stuck a finger inside my wet pussy to savor the sweet nectar.

By now I was dying to see Beth naked, but Beth had to leave to catch her last train home. I unsnapped and unzipped Beth’s jean down to her ankles. Beth kicked off her sneakers, and I helped her remove her jeans to retrieve her panties. I placed the crotch of her soiled panties in my mouth and helped her put her jeans back on. Beth kidded that her panties are too big for me to wear, but I couldn’t resist to delve into clean shaven pussy before I rezipped her. We exchanged phone numbers and addresses. As I kissed her goodnight, Beth took the panties out of my mouth and place them in my purse.

I couldn’t resist sticking my hand down the crotch of her jeans again to feel her smooth pussy. Beth disappeared into the darkness, I retrieved Lian’s panties from my purse and wore them with great anticipation. I walked to the street to catch a cab, but I couldn’t resist feeling Marge’s panties in my raincoat pocket. Once inside the cab, I cautiously pulled Marge’s panties up my legs over Lian’s panties. My heart tells me the panties should me worn together. My fingers unfolded Marge’s and Lian’s business cards, they wrote a message to meet them here in two weeks. I put the cards back in my purse as my fingers softly fondled the damp crotch of Beth’s panties.

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