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Becoming Master’s Girl

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Chapter 1


Why do people not realize that at 5 minutes before the restaurant closes, that the employees are just trying to finish the cleaning so they can go home? Almost every night this week, some asshole ordered right before close. I loaded the pizza into an insulated bag, and went to my car.

“At least he’s close, hope he tips” I said to myself as I started my gray Toyota.

I found the address and walked up to the door. At least he left a porch light on. I knocked and waited. I knocked a second time. I could hear footsteps approaching the door. It opened to reveal a man in his mid 40’s. He had salt and pepper hair, was quite dapper for a man old enough to be my father. The fact he answered the door shirtless on a cold rainy night didn’t escape my eyes either.

I handed him the credit card slip to sign and thought I could hear moaning inside. Sounded like a feminine man in mild pain. The man handed back the paper, and I handed him his pizza and wings.

“Do you work close a lot?” He asked.

“Yeah, 5 nights a week.” I answered. I turned to leave.

“Wait! Your tip!” He announced.

I turned back.

“Amber! Bring me my wallet!” The man yelled over his shoulder.

A few seconds later a near naked, hairless man with b cup sized tits brought his wallet. I couldn’t help but stare at what must have been a slave. He wore collar and cuffs on all four limbs.

The man handed me a $20 and a business card. I glanced at it. It had a hand written number on the back.

“Call me when you are ready.” He said as he glanced at Amber then back at me. I couldn’t help it. I smiled.

“Uh okay.” I smiled wider and nodded. I walked through the rain quickly back to my car. I turned on the dome light and looked at the card.

” Master Jeremy Smith. Chattel dealer, Sadist, Transgender slave advocate. xxx-xxx-xxxx”

“Chattel dealer?” I whispered. to myself.

I turned off the dome light and drove back to the store. My mind was reeling during the drive back, while I did dishes and mopped, and after I got home.

That night I used my largest dildo on myself while in the shower and fought the urge to jerk my penis. I pictured myself in Amber’s place. It was all I needed to reach a new place in my imagination. A strong and vivid scene. I was feeling my knees begin to lose strength as I pumped the fake cock into my greedy hole. Shivers ran up my spine. I came hard as hell onto the shower floor, with a limp cock.

After I dried off, I crawled into bed. I fell asleep instantly.

The next day all I could think about was 1228 NW Coyote st. and the man I met there. I thought about calling him the whole day. I was completely mesmerized by it. Everything in my being screamed to call him…surrender myself to a Master. The one thing I had fantasized about for years.

I wanted to be kept naked, I wanted to serve.

I needed to be fixed. I wasn’t who I was supposed to be.

During that shift at work, I kept praying Master Jeremy called. I just wanted to visit one more time before I made a decision. I wanted to look into the house again. He didn’t call for food.. My weekend arrived, and I spent most of my first evening off, using a dildo on myself while drinking beer and watching porn.

Around 6am I texted the cell number on the back of the card. Liquid courage, in the form of 12 beers, allowed me to write the following:

“I can’t stop thinking about you. I want to be like Amber. How does this work?” As it was so early on a Sunday morning, I did not expect a response. I assumed too much.

“Come over, I will explain everything.” He texted.

“Can’t, been drinking. Can’t drive” I replied.

“Take a cab, I will pay for it, as well as the ride home. What do you drink?”

This guy really liked me. I hadn’t been laid, (other then by a toy operated by my own hand), in almost 2 years. My drunken mind tried to weigh the options. I wanted to go, even though red flags were popping up everywhere.

“American beer.” I texted back.

“Call the cab now.” He ordered.

“Yes Sir!” I typed into my phone.

“Good boy. See you soon.”

I called the taxi and they said they would arrive in 10 minutes. I had no idea what to wear to impress this man. I settled quickly on tight jeans with no underwear, and a plain white t-shirt. I was putting my shoes on when the cab pulled up.

“Fuck, I didn’t enema!” I thought.

During the ride over I began to feel fear. I regretted the text I had sent.

“Is this what I really want?” I thought to myself. “Too late, I’m here.”

The taxi pulled up in front of the house. I knocked on the door and could hear Amber’s bare feet come to the door. It didn’t open until the cab pulled away. Amber answered the door near naked, collar and cuffs only.

The house was very well kept. I was lead through a dining room to the back of the house to a large, well furnished living room. Jeremy sat in a leather recliner. Amber pointed to a spot on bahis siteleri a soft couch closest to the recliner. Amber set and ashtray and a beer on the end table between Jeremy and myself.

“You are a smoker are you not?” Jeremy asked as I opened the beer.

“Yes. You?”

“Yeah, bad habit, but just can’t quit yet.” Amber knelt between her Master’s legs, tilted her head back and opened her mouth. Jeremy lit a smoke, and I did the same.

“I asked you here to answer any and all question you have. I would love to help you, but you need to be completely informed before you take a life altering step into slavery…or deeper still becoming the woman that is trapped inside of you.” Jeremy said as he flipped an ash into Amber’s eager mouth. Amber swallowed the ash and opened her mouth again.

I watched in awe. Amber seemed to accept the fact she was an ashtray, she wanted this. That was when I heard the feminine moan again. It was coming from upstairs. That was the same voice I had heard when I had delivered food a couple days ago. My eyes looked to the stairway. Jeremy noticed.

“I have two other slaves. Amber here is my best trained girl. The one that is moaning is Karen, formally “Kevin”. She’s been strapped into a fucking machine for the last three days. It turns on for two hours, and shuts off for 4. It repeats the cycle on a timer.” He explained.

“May I ask why Karen is subjected to this?” I asked, suddenly taking large gulps of beer.

“She asked to be whore trained. I have granted the request. There is a dildo in her mouth that shoots nutrition and water into her, while her new cunt, and ass are fucked simultaneously via a machine. She’s only 19, but she is dedicated.

Joshua is in the bathroom. Joshua doesn’t want the change, however he loves to clean. He prefers to clean non carpeted floors with his tongue. As well as any other surface. He’s overweight, and the eldest of my slaves at 33, but he is an amazing house slave. Good cook, tight ass, great mouth, and has some pig slave in him.” He said as he flipped a long ash into Amber.

“Pig slave?” I asked.

“Loves the dirty stuff. He drinks my piss, and likes to rim anyone in the house..”

“What kind of slave do you think I might be?” I was overwhelmed by what I had just been told.

He thought for a minute. He finished his cigarette, and killed it in the ceramic

ashtray. Amber closed her mouth, and lowered her head facing the floor.

“You have all the power right now. You can be whatever kind of slave you wish to be. Until you choose me to be your Master, I am powerless to you.” He said quietly as he pulled down the front of his gray sweatpants and guided Amber to suck on his cock.

Even limp it was a solid piece of meat. I said nothing as I watch Amber work it in her mouth till it was hard. It had to be 6 inches long, and had good thickness to it. I needed to have that in my ass tonight.

“I think I’d like to be a female slave to you…” The sound of my own voice sounded like it was coming from another room. Distant, quiet and lost. My eyes were locked on Amber pushing her Master’s cock deep into her throat. His pubes were trimmed down to stubble. The light from the lamp on the end table made his cock glisten with Amber’s saliva.

“That is a minimum of three years of slavery. You have to live as a woman for 2 years before you can get the surgery, well at least according to the state.” He looked up at me briefly, possibly to see my reaction to this news. Then he continued:

“There are hormones you must start taking the day you commit. Amber here has been on the pills for two years, and has one more year before she can get the surgery.” Amber moaned around her Master’s cock, now working its way down her throat.

“There are two options for you at this point, that is if you want to continue?” He said as he rested his left hand on Amber’s head and pushed her down deeper onto his glistening meat. It was down her throat.

“I would like to continue.” I was now in a state of shock, and yet overwhelming glee.

“Good. Option one, you sign a three year contract, and you stay employed to cover the costs of the prescriptions and surgery. You would live here rent free. I will take over your banking account so that you will help with the utilities and food you consume.” He explained. I nodded.

“Option two, you sign a ten year contract. You can quit your job the day you sign, I will cover all expenses, you will be kept naked and in service at all times. You will sign a “power of attorney” agreement, handing yourself in to bondage legally.” He pulled out of Amber’s throat letting her catch her breath, then plunged down back into her neck.

“The seven years of service you spend in this house after surgery is part of how you will pay me back. The other part may consist of posting porn with you in it, or possible prostitution. My website has advertisers, and they pay decent as long as I have new actresses and actors. However, I may have to sell your three holes from time to time. What do you think?” He asked, as Amber tapped his leg. Her face was becoming canlı bahis siteleri red. He pulled out of her and stared at me as Amber sucked up then swallowed her own throat slime.

“I need to think on this.” I said honestly. I was lightheaded from all of the scenarios playing out in my mind. I sipped the beer and lit another cigarette. Jeremy nodded politely and smiled, refocusing his attention on Amber.

“Sold into prostitution?” I thought. The idea scared me deeply. But getting surgery had been my goal since before I had hit puberty. I didn’t have 13 thousand laying around, let alone the cost of the meds for one year, I’d be on them for much longer then that!

I walked into the first floor bathroom and stared at myself in the mirrors that lined the wall behind the toilet and counter. I undid my button fly jeans, and relieved myself. I was trying to find a clear decision in my mind, but it had gone numb.

“This is what shock feels like.” I whispered to myself. I looked deeply into my own eyes. “Alex, what do you want to do?” I whispered.

I don’t remember the ride home, I had been too lost in thought.

My apartment manager and boss were both blindsided. My boss told me I’d never get a good reference from him, as I had just up and quit with no notice. I spent my last check on ball gags, butt plugs, lube, and I had ordered cuffs for myself.

All of the deliveries would be going to my new home. This weekend however I was selling everything I owned at a neighbors garage sale. I felt as if I had stepped out of my body and was watching from across the street as one by one, all of my belongings were sold. Jeremy, uh pardon me, Master took all of the money.

Monday morning found me in a lawyers office, then my bank, and then at a tattoo parlor.

I signed the “Power of Attorney” over to Jeremy for the rest of my life. My bank accounts were closed. Once at the tattoo shop, I was branded by my Master on the top of my right ass cheek, with a JS and a circle around the initials. My nine digit slave registry number was on the outside of the circle at the bottom.

Once home, my drivers license was cut into heavy plastic confetti. I kept one outfit. Tight jean shorts that were now cut much shorter, and a tight half T-shirt. The outfit I would wear for the rest of my days would be a stainless steel rolled collar, that was locked by an Allen screw, then coated with super glue, so the tiny screw could never be removed. (Even if I found an Allen wrench that small!)

Next was the black leather, neoprene lined cuffs on both wrists and ankles. These had small locks on them. Once Master put on the cuffs, he stood in front of me. The brown living room carpet felt soft on my knees. I felt lucky he didn’t have hard wood floors anywhere but the dining room.

“I have to admit, I never thought you’d sign for life on your first contract. You’ve actually made a chore for me!” He was smiling as he spoke.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Slaves do not speak unless asked a question. This time I will not cane you, next time it will be ten strokes for every word spoke out of turn. Do you understand.” His mood drastically changed in a heartbeat.

“Yes Master.” I said. His tone changed back to a positive tone.

“The chore you made for me, is to get you completely off the grid. Basically you need to be missing, and presumed dead. Not an easy task.”

I said nothing.

“Did you tell your parents and friends on social media what I told you to say before you closed your accounts?” He asked.

“Yes Master.”

“Mind if I double check?”

“No Master, if it pleases you to do so.”

I followed him to the home office he had set up in the only first floor bedroom. He logged in to his accounts and read out loud what was my final post.

“Inspiration came to me after watching every season of “Mountain Men”. I’m going to sell my car and belongings to get a plot of land in Alaska. I may have to hitchhike to get there, to save money, but have faith that I will be fine. I will send most of you a letter when I have bought the land, before I depart to occupy it and begin building my new home. Love you all!”

Master smiled.

“Have you read your contract and memorized the house rules?” He asked.

“Yes Master.”

“Good. As you are the lowest ranking slave in the house you will be at Amber’s mercy when I am working. She is the Alpha slave. She will add you to the work schedule, and you must complete every task she assigns to you before I get home from work.” He explained. “Have Amber show you where your enema kit is, and have that done before dinner.”

“Yes Master.”

“You are excused to meet your Alpha.”

“Yes Master.”

I found Amber, Karen and Joshua all in the kitchen. I wasn’t sure how to address Amber.

“Alpha, I am reporting to you as ordered.”

The three of them laughed at me as I stood rigid like a soldier.

“Alex is it?” She asked over the chuckling.

“Yes Alpha.”

“Calm down Alex. When Master isn’t around we don’t have to be perfect slaves.”

“Um okay canlı bahis Amber…where is my enema kit, and what chores have you assigned to me?” I asked in a lower, and false relaxed tone.

“Alex, your enema kit is on the third shelf of the linen closet. You will also find a large bottle of lube there as well. Remember that when Master calls for you to be fucked to grab YOUR bottle of lube, and not any of ours.” She said very seriously.

“Alright, understood.”

“As for your chores? You get landscaping. Mow the lawn, trim the hedges that hide our yard from the neighbors, and rake leaves. Pray that the kids next door don’t get a drone that has a camera.” She joked.

“What do I wear?” I asked. It was only 50 degrees out there during the day.

“You are wearing it.”

“Um…uh.” I found this to be cruel, and was now regretting almost everything.

“Alex, relax. No one can see into the yard, and there are no kids next door, I was fucking with you. However, you will work with a parka, and sandals. They are hanging in the cloak room. Once it gets above 65, you have to wear only what you have on now. Master isn’t trying to hurt us.” She said soothingly.

“Okay whew. Not trying to die of exposure in my first week.” I sighed.

“You pick a name yet?” Karen asked.


“Yeah for after the change.” Karen added. I was watching Amber’s perfect ass sway as she stirred a pot on the stove. It smelled like split pea soup.

“Um he doesn’t assign that?” I asked. Karen rolled her eyes.

“No, we get to pick it.” She said smiling.

“I need you to move Amber, I need to get the roast into the oven.” Joshua stated. “But keep stirring it after, I need to cut veggies.”

Amber moved out of the way and allowed Joshua to place the roast. The man was completely hairless, head to toe. Amber had about an inch on him height wise. Her thick blonde hair may have added another half inch. As soon as the oven door was closed Amber went back to stirring what had to be split pea soup.

Joshua went to a counter and opened a bag with potatoes and carrots. He waved Karen over and she began to peel the carrots first, into a trash can.

“Josh?” I asked.

“Yeah new chick?”

“Why do you like cleaning floors with your tongue?” I had been baffled by this since I was told.

“I embrace my slavery. I know that doing that to dirty smooth surfaces should make me sick, but as of yet, it hasn’t happened.” He took the first carrot from Karen, and be can to chop it in to thin slices.

“But the bacteria…” I started. His laughter cut me off.

“Is what I think makes my immune system so strong!” Joshua said with pride. Karen chuckled then added,

“I’d never kiss you!” Karen smiled at him as she said it.

“Master won’t either. Truth told, I actually re clean everything after, with anti bacterial soaps. I can’t have MY bacteria growing on the toilet seat!” He laughed as Karen and Amber seemed repulsed.

“You clean the toilet seat with your tongue!?!” Amber asked in a near shriek.

“How many times have I rimmed that sweet ass Amber? Huh? You love my tongue, don’t be so dramatic!!” Joshua chided.

I stood there dumbfounded. This conversation was normal to them. I touched the raised spot on my skin where my new brand was. It felt warm to the touch. The whole area was swollen, but all of the tattooed area was raised off of my skin like shaped braille.

“So new chick, you look lost in thought, you okay?” Joshua said as he started chopping another carrot.

I looked at Karen. She was the same height as me, 5-7, and nearly the same weight, even though she sported natural B cups, and had developed a perfect set of hips and ass. I guessed she had 15 pounds over my 130.

Now Amber was looking at me worriedly.

“Allison.” I said. Then found myself coveting Amber’s tits.

“Works for us. I’ll tell Master immediately. You will need a new ID, and soon.” Amber set down the wooden spoon she was using, and left the kitchen.

“Take over stirring the soup Allison please?” Joshua asked. I complied in a daze. I hated wooden spoons. Handing them gave me chills from the non polished handle. It’s strange, but true. I looked for a spoon with a plastic handle, set the wooden one in the sink and resumed stirring what I knew to be split pea.

That night I got to meet my Master carnally.

After the dishes were done, I was ordered to Master’s bedroom at bedtime. I had a couple hours still. I informed Amber quietly that I needed to shower and enema. She went out of the kitchen and came back with a single key and unlocked my cuffs.

“You can’t get the neoprene wet.” She handed me all four cuffs and the four locks. “Put them back on and lock then when you are dry.” Amber instructed.

I tried to do the enema first. I had never done this before, and as I was told to do it alone, I had no assistance. It took me awhile to figure out how to hang the bag of warm water with a mild soap mixed in.

I finally figured that the shower rod itself would be the perfect tool in the bath/shower combo. After 4 uncomfortable bags full of water, I had been cleaned. I had a small sense of pride after that chore. As I washed myself, then began the task of shaving off my thin leg hair, I could feel my nervousness fade somewhat.

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