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Subject: Becoming the Team Coxswain Chapter 6 Becoming The Team Coxswain — Chapter 6 Written by Bustermuscle- hoo This story will contain consensual man/man sex with humiliation (verbal and physical), one-way sex, coercion, reluctance, non-reciprocation, domination, spanking, submission, cum denial, chastity, oral and anal sex. Synopsis: A naive college freshman, Josh Clarkson, is recruited as a coxswain for the college Crew team. A coxswain (pronounced COCK-SON) is the real term used for the small guy in the back of the boat, who yells “stroke” and steers the boat during the race. In this chapter, Josh has his first training session with Coach Carbone. He is extremely nervous because of the cum “accident” he had with Nate, and hoped the Coach wouldn’t notice the stains. Josh soon discovers how obedient he must be in order to keep his job as the team coxswain, no matter how humiliating. Personal Note from the Author: I was actually the Coxswain for my college crew team in reality. I had a crush on the 8th seated rower, Kaito, who sat directly in front of me at each practice. He had a confident sexual energy that made me obey and admire him from the start. I will write more about Kaito in upcoming chapters. IMPORTANT: PLEASE DONATE PLEASE DONATE PLEASE DONATE Think about all the great orgasms you have had from reading this site. Lets work together and keep this great site going. Donate to fty/ CHAPTER 6 Josh reports to Coach for his first private lesson on becoming a coxswain. He is still wearing the cum stained uniform which now smelled much worse with two full loads of cum soaked in them. He knocked on the coach’s office door and heard nothing. He waited. He knocked again and said, “Coach, it’s Josh Clarkson.” “You still wearing your uniform son?” Coach yelled through the door. “Ahh, yes Sir,” Josh yelled, “under my sweats.” “Nothing but the uniform boy,” Coach said, “that’s a rule. From now on, when I see you, you’re only wearing your uniform, got it?” “Yes, Sir, but how do I….” Josh was interrupted. “What did I say?” Coach opened the door abruptly. He looked angry. He was wearing the same spandex shorts and his cock already looked hard. His thighs were covered with dark hair but still showed his defined quad muscles. He was also wearing a thin white athletic t-shirt that hung so low that his chest and nipples were completely exposed. He was barfoot. His feet looked huge and there was hair growing on each toe. “Nothing but the uniform.” He stood there, staring at the boy, and waited. Josh didn’t know what to do and just looked down at the floor almost submissively. “Im waiting son,” Coach Carbone just stood there. Josh ackwardly stood and then, slowly, removed his sweat suit. “Hurry the fuck up, son.” Coach said quietly but sternly, gritting his teeth. Josh quickly stripped down to his spandex shorts and waited for the next instruction. Coach smiled knowing he had chosen the right boy for the team. Josh was obedient and ready to please. “Good boy,” Coach said leading him into his office. “Drop your clothes there and stand in front of my desk.” The coach walked to the other side of the desk and looked at the boy standing there, waiting. “Did you piss in your uniform too boy?” Coach asked, “that spot looks bigger.” “Ah, no Sir” Josh knew it wasn’t piss. “I assumed I could pull it out of the bottom to piss Sir. Is that OK?” “That’s open for discussion yet.” The coach paused. “Then tell me why is that stain much bigger now son?” “Ahhh,” Josh started shifting his weight from side to side. “I’m not sure Coach.” “Are you following the rules son?” Coach asked “Sir, I am trying to do everything you said Coach.” Josh said as he looked at the floor. “Well, it’s obvious this discussion is not over Clarkson but we’ll wait til later.” Coach continued, “we have some work to do here.” Coach Carbone pulled out a series of drawings of boats, showing the rutter and steering guides. “You need to understand the mechanics of the boat because you will be responsible for motivating the rowers and steering the boat through the race.” The coach went over several different basic responsibilities of the coxswain. The Coxswain is basically the quarterback of the boat, taking it from inside the boathouse, onto the water and back again. He takes his direction from the coach and relies it to the team in the boat. The team consists of 8 rowers, typically 6′ or taller and an average of 200lbs. Josh would sit in the stern of the boat facing the rowers with a small microphone attached over his head. The coxswain calls out the commands to the rowers, who hear his voice in small speakers on the sides of the each seat. The 8th seat rower, usually the biggest, would sit facing the coxswain and be the one to basically communicate with the boat leader. Josh remained standing there, listening, wearing only his uniform. The spandex did stretch overnight which only allowed more of his ass cheeks to become almost fully exposed. At one point during his lecture, the coach walked behind Josh and, as he continued explaining the game, and put his hand on the boy’s ass. His other hand wrapped around Josh as the coach pointed to the boat charts in front of him on the desk. Josh stayed completely immobile fearing that he would do something wrong. The coach pressed himself against Josh’s back while he continued the lesson. Josh had a difficult time concentrating on anything except the smell and feel the coach behind him. “Are you focusing on what I am saying son?” Coach asked. “You seem distracted.” “No Sir,” Josh replied quickly, “I’m listening Coach.” “Good, now repeat what I just said to you.” Coach said as he put both arms around Josh’s back and placed them on his desk to the sides of him, trapping the boy in between him and the desk with nowhere to move. Josh recited the lesson as the coach gently pressed his trapped cock against Josh’s spandex covered ass crack. Josh was taking long pauses and unable to focus on what he was saying. “Ahhh,” Josh stumbled. “Boy, if you can’t concentrate here then what can I expect during a race?” Coach asked as he slowly, but blatantly, moved his hard cock up and down against Josh’s ass now. “Coach,” Josh said, “Im sorry, but…. Ah.” Josh had to try to ignore what was actually happening because he knew the coach would get upset if he just didn’t do as he was told. The coach pressed his cock directly into Josh’s ass crack now and grinded into him. Josh felt like he needed to say something. “Coach,” Josh said softly, “Ahhh, I’m not gay Sir.” Suddenly, the coach pulled away and walked around to the front of the desk, facing the boy leaning across the desktop. He pulled the boy’s face toward him and spoke. “I don’t know what the fuck you’re thinking son,” he said almost angrily, “Nobody here is fuckin gay. We have techniques that we use for focusing and, obviously, you have failed here.” Josh looked nervous. “I can not emphasize how important it is for you to block everything out except your focus on your job. I think we are done here boy.” “No Sir,” Josh begged, “I’m sorry but you were behind me and…” “I know what the fuck I was doing boy.” The coach said angrily, “it was a test that you obviously failed.” Josh just stood there silently. “You get easily distracted son.” “Coach, please, I didn’t know.” Josh said, “I will do better Sir, I promise.” “I’m not so sure about that boy.” The coach stood back and walked around the desk, with Josh standing still. “I think its better if you just leave now.” Josh groaned. “No please Coach,” Josh pleaded, “Im sorry.” “You offended me and the team.” “No Sir.” “You questioned my authority.” “No Sir.” “Its best if you kocaeli escort leave now.” “No Sir, please coach.” Suddenly, Josh felt an overwhelming feeling of remorse… and started to actually cry. “Please Coach…” he said crying, “Please don’t make me go Sir.” “I don’t think you realize what you did, Clarkson.” Coach was still angry. “Please Sir,” Josh said while sniffling. “it wont happen again. I will never question you.” “That is exactly why I dismissed the last cox.” Coach continued, “Your athletic goals will be over before it even begins at this university.” The coach said from behind the boy now as he put one hand on his shoulder and the other hand on his ass. Josh was startled but didn’t move. With his hand on Josh’s ass, he turned guided the sniffling boy to the corner of his office. “We also need to discuss that stain.” Coach said as he walked with Josh. “The stain is bigger today and there is something you are not telling me.” Josh was just sniffling and said nothing. “Stand and face the corner boy.” The coach ordered. Josh looked at the coach confused, still sobbing. “Sorry Sir?” Josh asked. “You fuckin heard me.” Coach moved the boy into the corner, with his nose almost touching the wall. “You will stand here and think about what you just did. You accused me of being gay boy. Do you know how serious that is Clarkson?” The coach continued. “I should just throw you out of here like I did the last coxswain.” Josh faced the corner still sobbing. “Spread your legs,” Coach kicked his legs open, “and put your hands behind your back.” Josh clasped his hands behind him as directly. “Stay there and reflect how you see this moving forward son.” Coach said as he stood behind the boy. Josh could feel the coach’s body heat against his back. He leaned forward and whispered into Josh’s ear. “You were a bad boy Clarkson.” He said softly, “bad boys get punished.” Josh simply tried to stop his sobbing. “No noise now,” Coach said, “when you’re ready to be a good boy, you let me know.” The coach walked back to his desk and folded up all charts and diagrams. He then picked up his phone and called his secretary. “Could you please contact Nate Sterling.” Josh turned around. “Please no Coach,” the boy begged. The coach simply rotated his finger to direct Josh to face the corner again. Josh turned to the corner. Still talking on the phone, he said, “I believe he’s working out with the Crew team in the weight room. Have him meet me in my office.” Josh suddenly felt his heart sink. “Coach,” He pleaded, “Please coach, I learned my lesson and will never challenge you again. I am sorry Sir but please don’t call Nate, Sir.” “Why not?” Coach said as he walked back to Josh, “I’m sure you told him about your accident here last time so I thought he should know what happens today.” “No Sir,” Josh said, “I swear I never said a word to him about what happened here. He also doesn’t know that I told you about his cum nausea either.” The coach kicked his legs wider and pulled his feet backward a few steps. He then pushed Josh torso forward so, with his hands still behind his back, he was pressing his head into the corner of the room. His face and head were now pushed against the actual corner with his hands pulled behind his back and unable to support him.. Josh was now stuck with his head holding most of his body weight into the corner because his feet were placed too far away from the wall. Josh basically could not move. “Please Sir, don’t tell Nate about this.” Josh said into the corner in front of his face. “He doesn’t know anything.” “I see,” Coach said. “He must know that you are wearing your uniform, right?” “Yes Sir,” Josh said, “he has seen it because you said I am not allowed to take it off until you allow it.” “Good boy,” the coach said, “OK, you stay there facing the corner while I speak to him. There was a knock at the door. “Come in Sterling,” Coach yelled from behind his desk. Josh didn’t move and continued facing the corner and trying to be silent. Nate came into the office and surveyed the room. He noticed Josh standing in the corner in his uniform with his hands behind his back and ass cheeks exposed. He didn’t say a word. “I wanted you to stop in Sterling,” the coach said to Nate, “because I thought you could clear a few things up with our potentially new coxswain. I also would like you help implementing a new team policy here.” Josh, now in the corner with his head against the wall and legs lewdly spread open. His ass now almost completely exposed and yet, his presence was not acknowledged at all. “My help Coach?” Nate asked, “Kaito is the captain Sir, and maybe he should be here.” Kaito was the 8th seat rower and largest of the team members at 6’2″ 220 lbs. Kaito was in charge of the team, second only to the coach. “Kaito will know about this too,” Coach replied, “but because you are his roommate, it is very important that I have your help with this.” “Of course Coach,” Nate said, “thank you for inviting me SIR.” “As you know, Clarkson’s ass is too large to fit into the uniform.” “Yes Sir,” Nate said, “I saw that yesterday.” “I feel we need to restrict his diet and implement a strict exercise routine.” “Yes sir,” Nate said, “I am happy to help you and the team Coach.” “He also may need some guidance and supervision too Sterling,” Coach said, “and I believe you are the man to do it since you can keep an eye on him in the dorm.” Both men spoke as though Josh wasn’t even in the room. Not until the coach stepped up behind Josh and pulled his spandex shorts higher into his ass crack. “I’m sure you know that these are supposed to stay on the boy until he fits into them.” Coach continued, “My only question is this huge wet spot in his crotch.” The coach pulled Josh back by the hair to stand him up straight and turned him around. Josh was too embarrassed to look at Nate so he stared downward at the floor. Neither boy spoke to each other. “I am implementing a Testosterone Hormone Therapy, THT, with the boy to increase his athletic metabolism. Testosterone retention helps to build muscle and strength because the body reabsorbs the hormone instead of losing it during orgasm. Testosterone retention means there is no releasee of semen and it remains in his balls.” The coach continued, `So, for this reason, I have told the boy that, from now on, he is not allowed to orgasm without my knowledge and approval. He comes in here now with a huge wet spot in his uniform which makes me feel that he already broke the rule. Josh has no explanation for this.” The Coach stood there and stared at Nate. “Any help with this Sterling?” Nate looked at the floor for a moment before he spoke. The coach waited and glared at Nate. “Sterling?” The coach asked. “Coach, I need to tell you the truth.” Nate started. “Josh had a slight accident earlier when we were working in the room.” “Nate.” Josh interrupted. “Shut up Clarkson.” The coach said as he turned back to Nate, “…continue Sterling.” “I thought I would be a good buddy and show Josh some of my technique that I use when I’m with a girl. Josh never mentioned the therapy Coach, I swear, or I wouldn’t have done it.” The coach crossed his arms and listened. “Yes, Josh mentioned you were not aware of his restrictions so its not your fault.” He said, “continue Sterling.” “Well Sir, you see, Josh has never… ahh, he mentioned he was interested because he has never been with a girl.” Josh was mortified. “He’s been with a boy then?” Coach asked. “No Coach,” Josh interrupted, “I told you I am not gay and…” “Shut up Clarkson,” Coach yelled. “So the boy is a virgin. That’s no big deal Sterling.” “I agree Sir,” Nate said, “I told Josh kocaeli escort bayan that we all have to learn at some point and I was willing to help him out.” “So your intension was to help him learn about intimacy with a girl, right?” Coach asked. “yes Sir, exactly” Nate agreed. “I mean, that’s what buddies do, right?” “So how does that explain the stain in the uniform?” “Well Coach,” Nate continued, “I wanted to show him what a pussy feels like, so we pretended that he had a girl pussy. I was just doing what comes natural to me and I think Josh kinda lost control. I mean, he was in his uniform, like you said, but he started humping the bed while I was…. Ahhh…” “While you were what?” Coach asked. “Ahh, while I did what came natural when I’m with a girl Sir.” Nate said. “Yeah, you fuck pussy.” Coach said. “Yes Sir, I mean, No Sir. No I wasn’t fucking cause it wasn’t real pussy,” Nate said, “even though Josh thought…” “Josh did what?” Coach asked. “Josh got into his role and did what a girl is supposed to do Sir.” Nate said, “Maybe I’ll just say that he took care of me Sir”. “I see.” The coach turned back to Josh, who was still looking at the floor. The coach noticed that Josh’s cock bulge was bigger now too. “So, when did he loose his cum Sterling?” Coach asked. “I was just playing with his pussy with my fingers,” Nate said, “and while Josh was humping the bed, he took my cum, he lost his own.” “Ok, under these circumstances,” the coach said to Josh, “You did good boy.” Josh took a deep breath. The coach continued, “A part of being the team coxswain is to focus on the needs of the crew members. You did that properly boy. However, you completely disobeyed the rules of the THT program. I will let it go for now because I know this is all very new to you.” He turned back to Nate. “So now, I need your help Sterling.” The coach said, “I need you to help us implement this therapy with the team coxswain and your roommate, Nate.” He put his arm around Nate’s shoulders and walked him toward the desk. “Yes, of course Coach.” Nate answered. “Not only should Josh not have an orgasm, but he should also be ingesting male cum because of its huge protein content. It will help build more muscle on the boy.” The coach secretly knew that Josh was already taking his roommates cum but wanted to get it out in the open now so the boys could discuss it freely. The coach also knew about Nate’s nauseous “issue” but wanted to save him the embarrassment and, he knew, Nate would be very happy to now have a reason to make Josh swallow his cum. “Ah Coach,” Nate said, “I can definitely help with that Sir. I mean, if you want me too.” “yes Sterling.” The coach said, “I want you to get as much cum into him as possible now. I know you’re straight so, if you feel better, you can ejaculate into a cup and feed him that way. I don’t care how you do it, but he needs as much cum as you can share.” Nate was excited but he knew that he had a problem with his nausea. The coach continued, “We will put him on an exercise program to reduce the size of his ass and, hopefully, he will make a great coxswain.” “Coach, I need to be honest,” Nate said, “I am willing to help any way that I can but, ahhhh, I don’t like cum. I can’t stand the smell either. I thought you should know.” “Understood. Most straight guys wouldn’t go near their own cum Sterling,” the coach replied, “don’t worry about that. I will leave it up to you.” The coach walked back to Josh, who had been completely ignored for most of the conversation. “Now, how big is the boy’s cock?” He said as he squeezed the wet bulge. Josh jumped. “Sir, I have never seen his cock.” Nate said as though the boy wasn’t in the room, “I don’t want to see it. Im straight.” “Again, understood,” Coach said, “so the boy will keep his cock covered and out of sight from now on.” “Do you hear me boy?” Coach turned to Josh. It was the first time either man acknowledged him at all. “yes Sir,” Josh said. “I want you to be aware that your roommate is trying to help you become a strong collegiate athlete, even though it makes him feel uncomfortable.” Josh knew that was the opposite because Nate seemed to love being naked and cum all the time. The coach continued with Josh, “so, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable, you owe this to Nate. You will do as he says or you will answer to me directly, understood?” “yes Sir,” Josh answered as he looked at Nate, who had a huge smile on his face. Nate was thinking about all the great cums he is going to have at his roommates expense. Perfect. “A thank you would be respectful as well Clarkson.” The coach said, and Josh looked up at him. “You show him your appreciation for helping you by thanking him after giving you his protein. Understood?” “Yes Coach,” Josh said as Nate tried to stifle a small chuckle. “That’s all for now Sterling.” The coach yelled and Nate popped out of his thoughts and jumped back into reality, and looked at the coach. “yes Sir,” he said as he walked to the door. “See you later Josh.” He left. There was silence for a while. The coach sat at his desk and did some paper work. Josh stood silently waiting for instructions. “Is that all Coach?” Josh quietly said. “No. Let’s discuss your training. Tomorrow you will meet Kaito, the team captain, and the rest of the team. We need to get you into the boat as soon as possible.” Coach continued, “Come here boy.” Josh walked in front of the Coach’s desk as ordered. “Before that happens, we need to deal with your problem of self- control. I gave you specific instructions for no orgasm, that were disobeyed and I won’t let that go unpunished.” “Unpunished Sir?” Josh asked. “What do you mean?” “Come around here boy.” The coach said as he pushed his seat back and opened his legs, showing his huge bulge to Josh. Without any explanation, the coach pulled Josh down so that he was bent over across the Coach’s legs. Josh had no time to think before the first spank hit his exposed ass cheeks. “Ouch. Coach what are you doing?” Josh cried as he tried to block him with his hands. “Shut the fuck up faggot.” The Coach said as he put his hand over Josh’s mouth to quiet him. Without any pause, Coach Carbone spanked Josh’s ass a dozen times with all his might. Carbone squeezed the boy’s mouth and face so hard that Josh could hardly breathe much less make any noise. He cried like a baby. After 20 spanks, he pushed Josh to the floor between his legs and, while watching the boy, began to jerk off through his spandex shorts. He was breathing heavy as he aggressively grabbed Josh by the hair and pulled his face into his crotch. Josh was still crying. The coach rubbed the boys face back and forth across his cock bulge before quickly pulling down his shorts and pushing his huge hairy cock into the boys throat. There were no words. After only a few jerks, the Coach said, “Your objective is to ingest as much male hormone as possible son. Now, keep your mouth open.” Suddenly, his cock sprayed sperm into the boy’s throat. He held onto Josh’s hair, keeping the boy impaled on the Coach’s cock until it stopped cumming. Josh was on the floor, between the Coach’s legs, with a mouth full of his cum. “What do you say when you receive the protein hormone, boy?” Coach asked. Josh looked down at the floor and softly said, “Thank you Coach.” The whole scene was completely surreal to the boy. What was he doing here? How did all this happen to him? He just needed to get away but before he could even think, the coach spoke. “If you want to join this team, athletes will do whatever it takes to become more aggressive and competitive.” He continued as though nothing yahya kaptan escort usual just happened. “You are obviously slacking boy so it is important that you increase your personal testosterone levels. You will increase production by masturbating without release. Your body will increase hormone production and ultimately reabsorb it into your system.” “Yes Sir,” he said mindlessly. “I have some paper work to do here but I think it’s important that you do this now.” The coach said. “Now Sir?” Josh asked, “Here?” “Now,” Coach Carbone said, “Get under my desk while I finish my paper work.” “Under your desk Sir?” Josh asked, “You want me under your desk to get started Sir?” The coach grabbed his hair and pushed him under his desk. “Don’t start with me boy.” Coach said, “You have to decide if you really want this. I will not stand for any more questions.” He said, gritting his teeth at the boy. “Just do it.” “Yes Sir,” Josh said, “Yes Coach.” Josh mindlessly did as he was told with complete confusion. It was best to just do as he was told. The coach didn’t bother to pull up his spandex shorts, with his cock hanging out, as Josh climbed under the desk. He couldn’t believe what had just happened… he had just swallowed the coach’s cum. “You will have supervised masturbation until you can learn to control it on your own.” The coach said as he stretched his legs under the desk directly in front of Josh. “Keep the uniform on and hump against my leg boy. If you feel a release coming then you must stop. Do not cum like you did the last time.” The coach continued, “You will wait several minutes until the urge goes away and then continue humping. I want you to count the number of times you are about to cum.” Josh was completely bewildered now and wasn’t thinking straight. Directly in front of him was the coach’s slimy smelly cock with his hairy balls hanging below. The coach got settled and pulled josh down onto his legs, putting his face directly against his growing cock. “Put your hands on the floor on either side of my legs and keep your face down.” The coach instructed, “I want you to smell my crotch boy. That is how true testosterone smells. Now focus on grinding against my legs. You may begin now, son.” Josh slowly rubbed his bulging spandex crotch against the Coach’s hairy leg. The musky smell of Coach’s balls were directly under his nose. Coach Carbone ignored him and he did his paper work. Josh was being treated like a dog. Trained to hump. He held his face in the coach’s crotch and took deep breaths as he slowly increased speed and felt the lust in his groin growing. Josh moaned. “No noise son,” the coach said, “Im working here boy.” Josh stifled any noise but suddenly his lust became almost uncontrollable. Maybe the Coach was right. Maybe he needed help to control himself. It actually turned him on to hump the Coach’s leg. He felt his orgasm approaching. “Coach?” Josh said “I said shut up boy and keep humping.” The coach yelled at him. “All I want to hear is a number boy.” “ONE Sir.” Josh quickly said. “Stop.” The coach said. After a few minutes, he said, “GO boy.” Josh began to hump again, making sure that he kept quiet this time. His cock was straight up, inside the spandex, and throbbing against the coach’s leg. He wanted to cum. “TWO Sir,” Josh said. “Already boy?” Coach said without moving his legs. “Again.” Josh started humping a third time. Each time, he felt his orgasm approach more quickly. This time he got so close that he felt some discharge pre-cum leak into his uniform. “Sir, Im sorry,” Josh admitted, “I felt something leak out Sir. I’m sorry.” “Let me see boy,” the coach said as he opened his legs wider to look at Josh’s crotch. The boy lifted himself slightly to show the coach his bulging cock inside the spandex. There was a new wet spot but not too large. “Pre cum boy,” Coach said, “You can leak all you want as long as you don’t cum. Now hump boy.” Josh was so horny now that he was not really listening to anything. He wanted… no, he needed to cum now. He aggressively humped the coach’s leg and now was moaning softly into his crotch. The coach put his hand on Josh’s head and pulled him into his crotch. Josh was on the edge. “Four Sir,” Josh said but this time the coach seemed to ignore him. “Four Sir,” Josh said louder this time. He knew that he had to continue humping until the coach said STOP, but this time, he didn’t say stop. “You need to cum, don’t you boy?” Coach asked. “Please Coach,” Josh said as he went right to the edge again, humping his leg. “Put it in your mouth,” Coach said as he lifted his cock up into Josh’s face. The boy was so horny at this point, he would do anything. He swallowed the cock. It just seemed like it was the natural thing to do. “Good boy.” “Tell me what you want son.” The coach asked. Josh took his mouth off the cock to answer. “NO, no boy,” the coach said, “I didn’t tell you to take your mouth off my cock. Now, answer the question.” With the cock in his mouth, Josh tried to beg to cum, “Leeesss Thir, leth me hummm.” “Will you be a good boy from now on?” Coach asked, “Will you do as I say without hesitation?” “Leasss Thir,” Josh tried to speak with the thick smelly cock in his throat now. “I bromithh Thir, leassss hummm” He was now sucking the cock and humping his leg as fast as he could. “You know you can’t cum bitch,” Coach said, “but you want to cum, don’t you?” Josh nodded quickly while sucking. “You want to feel that cum shoot out of your little boy cock, don’t you?” Coach teased, “It’s going to feel so good, isn’t it boy?” Josh was lost now, listening to the coach talk about cum put him over the top. He was going to cum. “UGUGUGUGHGHH” Josh was suddenly cumming. “NO BOY.” The coach yelled and pulled his feet away and lifted the boy up by his hair. “Don’ t you dare cum.” It was too late. While the coach was holding him up by the hair, and nothing touching his cock, his cum released inside the spandex uniform. He didn’t fully cum as it was cut short and his semen only leaked out into the shorts. The coach could still see the wet spot spreading all over the front of the uniform. Josh’s orgasm was ruined. Instead of feeling happy and sexually relieved, Josh felt miserable and frustrated. He was in the middle of a huge orgasm and it was unable to finish. He did not feel the euphoric pounding of an orgasm, but only the release of his sperm without that sexual fulfillment. Josh did not know what a “ruined” orgasm was but he had just had one. He felt like crying. The coach pulled him up by the hair and marched him back to the corner. While standing there, he was spanked again. “Bad boy.” He said while spanking him. “You discharged your protein.” “I’m afraid we will need to be more drastic with you.” He continued spanking the boy. “You will stay here for one hour and then return to your dorm room.” He walked back to his desk as Josh started to cry again. “I say bad “boy” because that’s what you are. If you want to join this team, you will need to become a man Clarkson. You should be thankful that I am wasting my time with you boy!” “I will meet you here tomorrow at 3:00 with the team.” He instructed, “Don’t wash or take off your uniform.” The coach seemed furious and eventually walked out of his office, slamming the door behind him. Josh tried to compose himself before going back to Nate. —To BE CONTINUED— READERS: Sorry for the delay in posting this. I have the story in my head and just need the time to get it onto paper. I promise there is more perverted sex to come. Please look for my other stories here on NIFTY. Go to the AUTHOR search feature here in the menu and click BUSTERMUSCLE…. Most of my stories involved the dominant/submissive power struggle because I believe that sexual control of one man over another is a huge turn on for me. Please email me at hoo with any comments. I will answer ALL emails. Thanks guys.

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