Oca 19

Behind closed doors and beneath the sheets: Pt 1

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Female Ejaculation

Alexis Age: 18With a sigh, I walked from my brother, Eric’s, room. He must have gone out with his friends; usually he waits for me on days Mom and Dad are gone. Bored, I plopped down onto the sofa and flipped on the television, absentmindedly flipping through the channels. I hardly ed as I fidgetted my legs. Damn it, Eric. I thought to myself, leave me here soaked with no one to help… Closing my eyes, a small smile spread across my face and I licked my lips. The thought of his lean, yet muscular body, shirtless with his jeans set low on his hips was enough to pursuade my hand up my skirt. Pushing my panties to the side, I slid my finger along the hot, wet slit. His thick eight inch cock appeared in my mind’s eye as my finger dipped into me. Biting my lip, I pushed it in deep then began twisting it in little circles, followed by opening my blouse and şişli escort bayan pulling one of my B-cup breasts from my bra. I’d always hated my breasts, even though Eric loved them. They were the perfect size to fit in his hand, he’d always tell me. This would raise my self-esteem; at least, until I saw a beautiful full-figured woman with D-cup breasts. Then I would begin to feel like a little girl, waiting for them to bud and grow. Unfortunately, at 18, my body was basically done growing, and I hated it. The girls who were full-figured, with the large breasts, asses, and thighs, would be envious of me; I had curves, yes, but small thighs, just a small round ass, and little thirteen-year-old breasts. I was “cheerleader material”. I frowned at this thought. I never wanted to be a cheerleader, and besides, how many times does the book-smart mecidiyeköy escort bayan brunette get picked over the bubbly blonde? Pushing those thoughts from my mind, I continued to please myself, forcing a second finger in me with a groan. No matter how hard or often Eric and I slept together, I was always virgin-tight. I stopped long enough to move to my bedroom and strip off my clothes. Laying back on my chocolate-and-gold silk sheets, I began masturbating again, more furiously this time. Louder moans rolled from my throat as my fingers ravaged my small, tender pussy. Feeling myself getting closer, I lifted my hips and began bucking them. A scream erupted from me as I came; squirting over the edge of my bed and on the mahogany floor. Whimpering, I removed my fingers and just went limp. I loved cumming that hard, and escort şişli smiled to myself as I opened my eyes a bit. A figure lingered in my doorway, and I sat straight up, grabbing the covers around my body. “Daddy!”He flashed me a grin, then groaned and leaned his head on the doorjamb. I saw why; his cock, at least ten inches long and three around, was out and fully hard! Embarrassed, I blushed, but could not look away. Guiltily, I felt myself get wet again as I imagined him inside me. Daddy’s loud moan broke my daydream, and I saw his streams of hot semen shoot from his cock and land in and around the small puddle I had made.”What a naughty girl… Look what you made your daddy do.” Smiling, he sat next to me and pealed off his shirt.”Daddy…?” I feigned reluctance, hoping to cover up the underlying want for him to take me.”You’re a big girl now; practically a grown woman…” his finger sat atop my top lip then softly slid down my bottom one, “just for tonight, call me by my name.”Deviously, I grinned and nipped at his finger, “All right…Avery.”When he grinned at me, my lips curled over his finger and began sucking on it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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