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Being Bi for the Wife

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My wife and I have been married for almost two decades and have been swinging for most of them. We used to get each other hot by reading Penthouse letters to each other. In our first home together, Stacey would often lay out with a friend while I was at work and they would also read these stories to each other. Fiction led to reality and we eventually had our first swinging experience with her girlfriend and another friend. We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves over the years since then and one thing always leads to another. My wife once saw some bi action in a video and was hot to see it in real life after that. She finally talked me into trying it and, an honest surprise to myself, I wound up liking it. Say what you will but that lead to many more pleasurable evenings. The fantasies continued to become realities and as they did, even bigger fantasies replaced the ones realized. This story is about finally fulfilling one of my wife’s bi-male fantasies.

One of her biggest fantasies has always been to have an orgy with nothing but bi guys. This is a lot harder to pull off than you would think. We have tried several times over the years with little success. Luck finally went our way recently though. She texted me once at the end of the week and said “We need some cock” (It had been a while since our last bi encounter). Well something about that message turned me on and I went straight home and did something I don’t normally do: got on Craigslist.

Now Craigslist honestly scares the shit out of me. We’ve tried it once or twice before and had some really strange experiences and I’ve heard more horror stories than good ones, so I normally avoid CL like the plague. But the usual channels just weren’t going to cut it this time. Our usual bi friends are hard enough to get together one-on-one, much less as a group. So I said fuck it, why not.

Now her fantasy is pretty specific and always entails me getting fucked numerous times by everyone else. I’m as straight acting a guy as they come but I do enjoy some anal action, so I was pretty much up for this fantasy as well. I’ve browsed CL before and it seemed to be mostly ads from bottoms wanting tops, etc. but I figured I’d give it a shot myself and see what kind of response I got.

So here’s what I posted:

“Wife and I are thinking of taking the day off tomorrow and getting a hotel room. Wife wants to see me take it repeatedly in the ass. Yes she will play too. So here is what we are looking for: A select few guys that are willing to fuck another guy in the ass. You must be white, not overweight, average or better dick, willing to use condoms, and be respectful. If you can get it up twice, you can play with her too. If this interests you, reply with a face and cock pic with Hotel Tuesday in the subject line. If we like what we see, you’ll get our pics in return. We’re looking to play from around lunch time to into the evening. Anyone that replies without pics or one liners will be ignored. Sorry guys, I bothered to put some thought into this ad, you bother to say something of substance. If you’re looking for an ongoing thing, we can accommodate that too and you won’t be sorry you met us, promise. Only rule for the guys is no guy on guy kissing. Not into that. Just like cock. Sucking and fucking is fair game.”

I figured that was straight forward enough and should keep out at least part of the weirdos that I expected to hear from. I even threw in a few photos of my cock and ass to sweeten the deal. Sure enough, the emails came pouring in but surprisingly, more than half of them seemed to be legit and actually responded as per my instructions in the ad. I dealt with a steady stream of emails through the weekend and, even though I didn’t want to get her hopes up too early, I wound up letting Stacey in on what I was planning by Sunday night. To say she was excited would be a huge understatement but I cautioned her that out of about 20 or so that seemed like they were serious, I wouldn’t bank on more than three or four even showing up. Still, three or four was way more than we’d ever had before and even I was starting to get a little excited to see if this would actually happen.

All day Monday I answered emails that yes we were serious and yes they were invited and yes I would give them the hotel information soon. Man, this was going a lot better than I thought it would.

Tuesday rolled around and Stacey went out to get the hotel and texted me before lunch with which one and the room number. I had already arranged to take off half a day so I ate my lunch a little early and then headed out. Stacey had packed up my computer and brought it to the hotel room so I figured I would send out all the info from that rather than from my phone and give myself time to get a shower and clean up real good.

The room was a decent size room with two full beds and a fridge Stacey had put some water in. I sat down at the small desk and sent out emails to the 20 or so guys that seemed serious and we liked the look of and hit the shower. I spent a little time rinsing myself out real good in case this actually went the ankara yabancı escortlar way we wanted it too. I had barely got out of the shower when the first message came rolling and he said he would be there in 5 minutes. Holy shit! This was actually happening!

A few minutes later, before I could even throw some semblance of clothing on, there was a knock on the door. I answered the door in my underwear and let the first guest in. “John” looked like his pic and didn’t strike me right away as a raving axe murderer. So far, so good. Most of these guys had said they were going to be coming on their lunch break so I knew we didn’t have much time.

“Let’s not stand on ceremony,” I told John. “I know you don’t have long, so why don’t you get out of those clothes and let’s get started.” He quickly agreed. Stacey looked at me a little shocked cause we always like to talk a bit to any new prospective partners but today was an exception. She wanted a show and I was going to do my best to give it to her.

John quickly got undressed and I had him lay down on the bed. I didn’t waste any time and went straight for his cock, which was a nice 7 inches or so and thicker than normal. I know these stories are mostly all about bigger than normal cocks, etc., but I’ll tell you we purposefully only invited guys with cocks 7 inches and thick or bigger so I’ll stop there with the cock descriptions. They were ALL big and nice and one in particular, which I will let you know about, was 8 inches and thick enough to make my jaws hurt after only a few minutes of sucking. Back to the one at hand, I began to suck him for all I was worth and he quickly seemed to be getting really into it. I was thinking how much I’d like it in my ass but he was enjoying the blowjob so much I didn’t want to stop. Stacey came and joined me after watching for a few minutes and she helped me suck John’s dick. I could tell he was already getting close by the way his body was moving on the bed. I know we wanted to do a lot of fucking but I thought why not start off with a good blowjob. John had already mentioned he might come back after work so I figured I could get some fucking action from him later and just kept sucking. I was right and only a couple of minutes later John tensed up and filled my mouth with cum. I swallowed the best I could. It wasn’t a whole lot but I’m kind of a gagger so I always lose a little. Still, I kept sucking him for a while as long as he could stand it. I didn’t suck too hard cause I know how sensitive I am after I cum but I kept sucking all the same.

After a minute or two I remembered I should be watching for more emails so I got up to check. Sure enough, two more guys had shown up while we were sucking off John. I sent them a message to come on up and we chatted with John a bit while we waited. In a couple of minutes, there was a knock on the door and Stacey got up to let them in. Dave, medium height and blondish, was again true to his pics and, after introductions, we chatted a bit more while I sorted through some more messages. Dave got undressed while I did this and sat on the bed with Stacey.

“Why don’t you let me handle those messages and you get over there and take care of business?” Stacey said.

I gladly agreed and handed her my phone that I was answering at the moment and dropped to my knees between the beds and started sucking Dave’s cock while she watched. John, who had started to get dressed and leave, decided to stick around a while longer after watching some of the action and got back on the bed with Stacey, who started sucking his cock again. Before we could get much farther into anything, there was another knock on the door and I quit sucking Dave to go answer it. As soon as I got up, Dave flipped over and dove between Stacey’s legs and began licking her pussy which I can only imagine was dripping wet.

I let in Sean and Rick, and guided them over between the two beds. Both of them got undressed quickly and I sat down on the corner of the other bed and started sucking their cocks. I had never had two cocks to play with at the same time like Stacey had so I thought that was pretty cool. I alternated back and forth between them and sucked them both to hardness.

We were barely 25 minutes into the first guy showing up and I’ve already had 4 cocks in my mouth! This was going great!

So here we were, Stacey on the bed sucking John’s cock while Dave ate her pussy and me with a dick in each hand enjoying myself and there comes yet another knock on the door. This guy, Mike, was short but stocky.

“Come on in,” I said from partially hidden behind the open door. “We already started. Get naked and join in.”

Rick had moved over to join Stacey and the others on the bed and I sat back down on the bed and started sucking Sean again. Mike had moved over by the window and was down to his underwear. I quit sucking Sean and stretched across the bed to let his cock out. After helping him off with the underwear, I lay across the foot of the bed on my stomach and swallowed his dick.

Dave had gotten up from between Stacey’s ankara yeni escortlar legs and , looking over and seeing my ass pointed up and exposed, decided he wanted a piece of my ass. He ripped open and rolled on a condom and climbed on the bed between my legs. I felt him coming and though “Oh shit, I’m not lubed up.” That didn’t stop Dave though. All I can say is thank goodness for lubricated condoms! LOL. It wasn’t too bad thanks to being prepared before John showed up, so I may have been dry on the outside but inside I was still pretty lubed up. What little lubrication there was on the condom was enough to let him gain entry. After a brief stab of pain, he filled me with his cock. Lucky thing that I was ready cause Dave didn’t waste any time at all. He started pounding into my ass while I sucked Mike. It was a little uncomfortable due to being caught unprepared but he only fucked me for about a minute before deciding to pull out. Perhaps he was about to come, I don’t know, but Mike pulled out of my mouth and started rolling on a condom himself. And Dave stripped his off and moved around in front of me. “Oh boy,” I thought, “here we go.”

I jumped up real quick before Mike could get ready and ran to the bathroom to get a drop of lube. We have some REALLY good lube we got at an adult toy party and it only takes a drop. So I squeezed out a drop real fast, ran a finger across and in my asshole and ran back in.

Mike didn’t wait quite as long as I hoped and had moved over to Stacey on the other bed. Dave was still on his knees on the bed so I settled back down in front of him and sucked his cock back in my mouth with my ass back up in the air. In seconds, Rick, who already had a condom on, was behind me and slid his dick in my ass. He wasn’t as quite in a rush as Dave and started fucking me with nice long, slow strokes. That only lasted about a minute though as, seeing that I was okay with it, he quickly settled into a steady rhythm, occasionally slowing down a second to shove it in deep and hold it, reach around and stroke my cock a little, and then back to the nice rhythm again.

While this was going on, Mike had abandoned his condom and was letting Stacey suck his cock while Sean had rolled one on and was fucking Stacey. John had slipped out around this point somewhere to go back to work.

So Rick is fucking my ass while I suck Dave and Stacey is being fucked by Sean while sucking Mike, who can’t hold back any longer and unloads in Stacey’s mouth. I can hear it happening from my bed and the whole situation is sexy as hell. Stacey disengages herself from Sean and comes over to where I am being sandwiched between these two nice cocks. She makes out with Dave while he fondles her tits and Rick continues to thrust in and out of my ass while I suck Dave.

Stacey moves around the bed and drops down to help me suck on Dave and Rick starts to pound me harder but then pulls out before he cums. I shift over a little so I’m right on the corner of the bed with my ass in the air and Sean quickly replaced Rick in my ass. Rick moves behind Stacey and slides his cock into her dripping pussy while Stacey and I both feast on Dave’s cock.

Seeing that I’m nice and relaxed from the two cocks that have already been inside me, Sean sets up a nice hard rhythm in seconds and you can hear his hips slapping against my ass as he fucks me hard. I’m up on my hands enjoying the hell out of Sean in my ass and he reaches around and strokes my cock. Stacey is moaning around Dave’s cock in her mouth as Rick works over her pussy. Rick thrusts harder and harder and Stacey moans loader as Rick fills his condom with cum deep inside Stacey’s pussy.

Mike, who had slipped off to the bathroom or something while all this is happening, dresses while watching this orgy on the bed and quietly slips out as Rick pulls out of Stacey and moves out of the way while Dave takes his place behind her. Sean continues to hold on to my hips and plow my ass like no one ever has before. I’m serious too. Most of our bi encounters have been pretty unrewarding when it comes to me getting a good ass fucking. But Sean was definitely giving me everything I could handle. It was everything I had hoped it would be when I finally found someone to fuck my ass good. The other two were good as well but Sean was doing the best for the longest so far and I loved every minute of it. So was Stacey, who was once again moaning from the fucking Dave was giving her and reaching out to caress and kiss me while we both enjoyed out partners.

Dave pulls out briefly and drops behind Stacey to lick her well fucked pussy and then shoves his cock back in and pounds her hard. I see Stacey reach back with her left hand and grab Dave’s leg and pull him into her harder. This sets Dave off and he cums in Stacey’s pussy. Sean couldn’t hold back any longer and I could feel his cock throb as he filled his condom inside my ass.

After Sean slowly pulled out of my ass, I got up to see everyone standing around out of breath. All this took place within about 45 minutes of the first guy coming in. It was awesome and ankara oral yapan escortlar I understand now why a lot of people seem to think that it was much longer.

“That was awesome guys. More than we dreamed it would be,” I said.

Dave and Rick began to get dressed as they had to get back to work. Sean didn’t have to work until later so he was in no hurry to leave and we didn’t mind him sticking around. We had no plans to leave anytime soon either. We all chatted for a little while longer. All three of these guys were great and easy to talk to and we’d love to see them again and told them so. So Dave and Rick left and Sean hung out with us and we got to know him better.

He was a young guy, around 23, and was very mature for his age. We talked to him for about 20 minutes and then, like I wish I still was today, the young buck was ready for more. I didn’t hesitate to have him stand in front of me and let me suck his nice cock while Stacey watched. She can never just watch for long though and it only took her a few minutes to move behind him and caress him while I slid his cock in and out of my mouth.

I wasn’t allowed to enjoy his cock too long though because my phone was going off with more guys checking in, so I moved to one of the beds and had Stacey get on all fours between my legs and suck my dick while Sean let her experience his condom covered cock yet again. I laid there texting from my phone while watching Sean behind her lovely ass. My dick was getting some much need attention from Stacey’s lovely lips and wet mouth. Sean gave her a good fucking for at least 9 or 10 minutes before backing out. Stacey decided she wanted to lie down so, while Sean stopped to take a drink, Stacey lay down and I moved between her legs. I decided I need to get some pussy and Stacey had made my dick nice and hard from her oral ministrations, so I gratefully slid enter her and lay across her warm inviting body. Sean, however, wasn’t done and decided my ass was too inviting to pass up. Now if you’ve ever tried this, it’s not as easy as they make it sound and we’ve unsuccessfully tried this on many occasions. But Sean had a nice long dick and he was young and thin enough to get into position without too much trouble.

After easing his dick into my ass, Sean quickly go into rhythm and Stacey would reach through and caress his arms as he held onto my hips or her legs. At one point, Sean wraps Lisa legs around his waist and as she pulls his hips forward he would grab my shoulders and thrust deep into my ass. This young stud again gave my ass a good pounding, shoving my cock into Stacey until I couldn’t hold back any longer and my body convulses as I let go inside my wife’s pussy. My orgasm gripped Sean’s cock and milked it to another orgasm deep inside my ass.

Two orgasms were enough for Sean and he got dressed and left, but not until we let him know we’d love to see him again soon. This left Stacey and I alone for the first time in over an hour but our break was short lived. In less than 10 minutes, two more guys showed up and we let them in the room. Darren I had talked to for most of the past two days so we felt at ease with him already. Peter had only stopped by to meet us and couldn’t stay long but hoped to get together with us another time. We could tell he was nervous so we just sat and chatted awhile, trying to put everyone at ease. Peter only stayed about 5 minutes though and then left. We continued to talk with Darren, who I had also allowed to invite another friend, Jack, but who wouldn’t show up until much later.

20 minutes later, we were still talking with Darren when Jeff and Mark show up. Now at this point I was relaxing on one bed while Darren sat in a chair at the foot of the bed I was on. Stacey was sitting on the other bed. Jeff came in and sat with me on the bed and Mark sat in a chair by Stacey’s bed. We talked for a few minutes more and then Stacey decided to get the action rolling again.

Stacey goes over to Darren and starts messing with him and eventually winds up between his legs sucking his cock. Jeff and Mark are both off work and in no rush so we continue to talk and watch. Eventually I flip around on the bed and start messing with Stacey’s ass and pussy. It’s not long before Jeff joins me. We keep messing with her and Mark keeps watching until Stacey eventually makes Darren cum and she swallows it all just like I knew she would.

Well, that signals the end to break time for the rest of us and I get Jeff to lay back and shed his pants. Out pops the biggest dick we would see all day. This guy is carrying around a log! Stacey goes and sits in Mark’s lap for a bit while they and Darren watch me suck Jeff’s humongous dick. It isn’t long, however, before Stacey turns around and strips Mark of his pants. He is carrying one almost as big as Jeff and Stacey wastes no time going down on him. She sucks his cock for a few minutes before he decides he wants some of her pussy. Stacey gets up and lays back on the bed and Mark dives between her legs and begins to feast. I’m still working away on Jeff’s cock and my jaws are starting to feel it. Darren eventually moves over to Stacey’s head and feeds her his cock again. For the next ten minutes, Darren keeps Stacey’s mouth busy on his cock while Mark fingers and licks Stacey to her delight. I bear with it and am still hungrily sucking Jeff for all I’m worth.

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