Haz 03

being my lovers sumisive lover!

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being my lovers sumisive lover!i been pretty sumive , since i was a girl my first time with a boy . was my neibors son, he took me to the barn, toldme to take off my blouse and bra, i did as he said he then grabed me kissed me and groped my tinny breast, he told me he liked small girls and titts , he then made me remove my panties, i did they were soaked, i already exsperenced sex i lost my viginity months ago, he then , began to look at my tinny pussy i began to grow pubic hair but i keep it hair free . he said wow sweet he reached between my legs and rubed my wet pussy, he then inserted his finger i began to get dizzy he pushed me tomy knees and lowered his shorts , his penis was kind of fat with a mushroom head it was maybe 8 in i guess he grabed my head and pushed my face to his cock , he said take it in yourmouth i did , i already knew how to give head, i preteneded i didnt actting inosent, he then said suck on it take it all in your mouth kim , i did my saliva was already poring over my lips down my ching, as artemisbet yeni giriş i sucked he forced me to deep throat him , i did as best i could i gaged and chocked she smiled i took a breath and sucked it back in my mouth i relaxed my throat mussles i gaged less i slowly hummed and sucked at thr same time i was rubbing my clit and fingering my self my ass was wide as can be he said stop i did he said get on all fours your legs wide apart your tinny round ass high in the air i did my face was pressed agianst a pile of straw i made a pillow out of it i looked over my shoulder and saw my ass high in the air he was spreading my checks apart he rammed a finger inmy pussy from behind, i put my face in the straw as i began to moan i was breathing hard pantting , he moanted me and i felt his cock touch my pussy, by now my pussy was leaking alot of my juices running down my legs he pushed his cock in my cunt i screamed it was really tight felt like i was being ripped a part, he began to push his artemisbet giriş cock in my pussy father untill his balls hit my back side, i was moaning wimpering i relaxed finally, as he fucked my tight pussy, he said i never had asuch a tight pussy and your the wettest ive ever known so far, i was beging to push back at him wiggling my rearend as i did he said im cumming as i was also i began to shake and cry out oh my god im cumming i put my face in the straw i was afraid someone might hear me i felt such a rush of pleasure it was intensense i felt him cum in me it felt wet and warn . he finished puleed out i felt exousted he said your going to be a great sexualpartner one day your good now , he helped me up i gave him a kiss then got dressed except for my panties they were soaked and had straw all over themi put them in my purse i finally got dressed brushed my hair and reapplyed my lip stick and perfume, put some tic tacs in my mouth and he walked me home i took a long shower thinking how bad artemisbet güvenilirmi i was pretending i was a inosent girl , i told him next time i want to know what seamen tastes like and how anal sex feels and maybe one night we can go to the river bring a couple of your buddys , so i can learn how to please more then one boy at a time, told them bring the beer and all that were going to be there a few days isolated and all that . that night in bed i was nude exsept for my panties i thought about it all i rubbed my self untill i was wet pulled out my 10 in vibrator my sister gave me and fucked my self with it untill i orgasemed the next morning i wanted to try it in my rearend used the vib and some vasaLlind i bent over and lubbed up inserted it slowly got it hurt like hell. i had to try ita few times after i rubbed my clit . i tryed it agian this time it wasnt as bad tight but i pushed it in my ass back and forth swilled it around so i could strech out the mussles after a few weeks i was pretty good at it now my body just need my breast to get bigger there only 32 if that but i know thell grow and they did evenually to a 34c cup my waiste has alwasy been slim my rear end is bigger a 36 round tight soft stick out in the back you see my pics my pussy is always ready are you kisses untill next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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