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Being the Mall Santa has some AWESOME perks!!

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Being the Mall Santa has some AWESOME perks!!A few years ago, I grew a beard and was disappointed when it came in fairly white. I decided to make the most of it and grew it out and got a seasonal second job playing Santa at a nearby shopping mall. The other night, I got an unexpected perk that I hope to continue enjoying for the rest of this holiday season!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Working as a second job as a Mall Santa can really suck. k**s screaming, crying, pooping and pulling on your beard for four hours straight may seem like a dream to someone, but I think I earn every dollar I get paid!! But last night was one of those rare bonus times when it all pays off. The k**s were good; most of the parents did not gripe about their pictures and best of all, Sara was working. Sara is recent college grad who took this gig just like I did, to make some extra cash at this time of year. Unlike me, she is 23, tall, thin, with nice wide hips a flat belly and tits that look enormous in her elf costume. Let me put it this way, if Dads are bringing the k**s and she is selling the photo packages, we make a ton of sales those nights!!Well, 9:00 finally came and Sara and I headed for the escalator and up to the empty store where the mall management had set us up a dressing area. I opened the door for her and she smiled one of her beautiful smiles at me and I felt my cock twitch inside the red pants. “You were great with the k**s tonight! You had every one of them smiling perfectly!” she said to me as we both walked toward the back through the empty store. I walked a little behind her and was admiring her sweet ass. There had been some really cute young moms in the last hour and a group of college girls that had climbed up on “old Santa’s” knee. It had gotten me in a real mood and now I just could not focus on whatever else she was babbling about. Her full hips and that white fur trim that barely hid her sweet ass was quickly removing my ability to think with my top head!She stopped suddenly and without turning around said, “Are you staring at my ass?” My head whipped up and I realized she was looking at me in the mirrored wall across the back of the store! I was glad for the makeup because I know that I had to start blushing as I tried to think of something to say. “You were! You dirty old Santa!”“I’m sorry, I…”“No! I would have thought you would have been used to seeing this and many much better bottoms,” she said with a smile that was definitely not innocent. I stopped blubbering my apologies and looked at the twinkle in her eye and the smirk on her face. “After all, most girls my age sleep like I do, completely naked and you see us when we are sleeping!!”We both laughed, and I felt my dick starting to soften as the embarrassment gave way to relief and thoughts of, “what the hell did you almost do there, Santa?” ran through my head. “True, in fact that is why I accepted the whole Santa gig. I wanted to find all the naughty girls and watch them sleep.” I said with a laugh. I figured what the hell; I might as well play along.“Oh, then you know how naughty I am before I go to sleep, then.” Sara looked at me in the mirror and I raised my eyebrow at her. “You know how I like to shake my ass for older guys and get them all hard. Show them a few glimpses of my big soft titties and then send them home with hardons like candy canes!!” With that she rocked her hips quickly in a way that about made my jaw drop and then slowly rotated them as if she were working a long stiff rod deeper and deeper up into her!!“You are such a very naughty girl!” I wagged a finger at her and raised my eyes from her bottom to look at her angelic face reflected in the mirror. She licked her lips and ran her hands flat up over her breasts and I watched as her fingers hooked into the soft white fur that almost hid the top of her cleavage. When she was certain I karşıyaka escort was watching, she then began to pull down just a little.My cock was jumping back to full attention and I could hear my heart pounding in my head!! Shit like this NEVER happens to me! Yet as I watched, she revealed more and more of the shadow between her full firm white breasts and I had to remind myself to breath. “I have always wanted to fuck Santa Claus.,” she whispered. “Don’t screw it up. Stay in character.”I gave a soft “ho, ho ho.” And moved up right behind her and my cock found itself rubbing against her well-muscled ass, my thighs brushing against her stockinged legs, My gloved hands slid slowly over her green elf top, right up to the whispy white fur. Her hands covered mine and guided them over her large handfuls. She sighed, leaned her head back to my right shoulder and looked back over her left shoulder up into my eyes with a dreamy look. “Make my Christmas dream come true, Santa. Make me believe!!”We began kissing and she turned to face me. Her lips tasted like peppermint candies and her breath like chocolate!! She was the most delicious morsel melting on my tongue!! I felt my wide belt loosen and her hands searching to find the releases on my suspenders! My hands were cupping that beautiful young ass and holding her to me. I could feel the full round mounds of her breasts pressing against my chest as our tongues swirled and danced like no Christmas ballet before has ever seen.I lifted her off of the ground and she squealed in delight and wrapped her long legs around my hips. Even through the material of the costume I could feel the heat from her pussy as she pushed herself against the bulge of my raging hard cock!I carried her into the back. My dressing room was to the right and I pushed the door open and we both laughed as I nearly dropped her while fumbling for the lights. I then kicked the door closed, pushed her back against it and started really grinding as if to push my rod all the way through my pants, her tights and into her boiling cleft!!I kissed her neck and she arched her back out so I stepped back so I could kiss and lick the tops of her breasts. God they were so soft, so full and so responsive as she moaned and purred and held my face first to one and then the other.“Let me ride your face, Santa. I want to smear my pussy juices into your mustache and beard!” It was her impassioned plea and who was I to deny her? So I set her feet down on the floor and knelt down in front of her. She pulled up the sides of her costume and my hands went up the sides of her hips to the top of the green, red and white striped tights and I began pulling them down over her hips and peeling them down her thighs!!!The aroma of her juicy sex hit me full in the face and I breathed in her scent as a drowning man might gulp in air! She was clean and fresh and yet the arousal was undeniable. She bent over and helped roll the tights off of her right leg and she stepped down off of the heels so I could free her right leg. Then my fingers hooked into the strings on either side of her hips and pulled down the red triangle of cloth that covered her otherwise bare pussy. I smiled with lust as I saw the dew of moisture on her pussy lips! She looked so sexy and aroused.Reaching down, she took the reading glasses off of my face and tossed them onto the dressing table. Then she grabbed the sides of my head and pulled me face first into the split at the top of her thighs. “Eat me Santa! Make me cum over and over again! Make me your naughty whore slut!!!”She continued on, but I focused my attention on making her Christmas wish list cum true over and over again!! I turned my head to the side and clamped down with my lip covered teeth on either side of her clitoral hood and squeezed, sucked and shook my head. She moaned and pushed her weight down on my face. Relaxing karşıyaka escort bayan my bite, my tongue slipped out and delved into the sexy folds of her outer lips and quickly found the pearly knob of pleasure nestled deep inside. My first touch brought a moan, and as I pushed the flat of my tongue quickly across the tip, I felt her tremble and nearly fall.Within seconds her nectar was flowing down onto my tongue, across my mustache and beard, into my mouth and down my neck! She had two fists wrapped in my hair and was fighting not to fall completely over as I did my utmost to kill her with just the flickering touch and rub of my tongue as I sucked and chewed on her tender flesh!!Now I have eaten many women, young and old, but I cannot say that any have ever tasted as delicious as Sara did. Her warm thick flow was like the most decadent honey ever placed on the face of the earth. It was saturating and matting my beard to my face and I could see little white streaks where the beard paint I used had smeared off onto her pubic region and thighs. It did not matter. She wanted me to eat her to orgasm and I was going to deliver my sleigh load of pleasure beyond her wildest dreams!I have no idea how long she rode my face, but my tongue was growing tired, my neck was sore and my nose was full of her when I heard her pant, “stop, stop…” Oh my God!! You are going to kill me!! Oh my God!!” She pushed my head back and away and she stumbled over to my dressing table and bent over at the waist and rested her torso and head on the counter top.As I turned to look at her, I could see her soaked wet pussy glistening with the evidence of her pleasure and the white stains of my makeup. There was no question as to what needed to happen next. As she gasped and panted for breath, I stood up, dropped my baggy red pants to my boot tops and stepped up behind her ass and aimed my raging hard cock at her shiny wet pussy!I slid in with one movement and I thought for a moment that I had killed her. Her back arched and I could see her eyes fly open wide. Her mouth dropped open as if to scream but instead she just froze there for what seemed like an eternity as my cock burrowed it way deeper and deeper into her until finally I slammed fully up to the hilt into her wet pussy.That was when the most primal moan I have ever heard suddenly came from somewhere inside Sara. The walls of her pussy clamped down all around my hard member and squeezed it and tried to pull all of me into her through her cunt! She pitched her head down and shoved her hips back into me so suddenly that I nearly stumbled backwards and held onto her hips for balance!! Then she began rocking her hips back and forth, forcing my cock slowly in and out of her darkest treasure over and over again. It was a nice, slow hard pace at first. Then she began increasing the pace slowly. I was sliding more and more of my shiny cock out of her lower lips before slamming back into her. The sound of her ass slapping into my hips and lower torso echoed out in the empty store. Grunts, moans, curses, oaths mixed with squishing sounds and flesh on flesh collisions as we very quickly fell into a heated session of fucking and debauchery such as I doubt few men ever get to experience! I found myself holding on to her hips more just to keep up with her than to control her.Then it happened. I heard her guttural moan and actually felt it vibrating the tight lining of her vagina as she tightened down around me and experienced the first of a crashing orgasmic wave followed by a whole tide of waves washing through her core and over me! I did my best not to scream but there was no stopping the unintelligible groans and cries as even the smallest movement in her deepest parts sent the basest signals ripping through the shredded shards of my mind. I felt my own cum pumping from every part of my body, through my engorged escort karşıyaka cock and deep into her womb! Every time she twitched, every time we shifted, every movement no matter how small sent waves of pleasure through one of us into the other and back in a mind bending fashion that I hoped would never end!!Finally, her pussy’s death grip upon my rod lessened and some of the stiffness of my rod began to ebb and I felt myself slipping slowly out of her. Cum flowed out of her now and down upon my nut sack as I pulled out completely and stumbled back into my chair. My eyes fluttered closed as I watched her sink to the floor as if all the bones in her body and turned to water.Just as my heart was returning back into a normal pattern I felt movement between my thighs. I opened my eyes to see her lifting cum coated fingers from between her thighs, up to her lips and then disappearing into her mouth, only to reappear moments later, sucked clean. I moaned and closed my eyes.“Our cum tastes incredible!” I heard Sara say and I smiled and giggled. I felt her moving and then I felt her breath on my low hanging, soaked scrotum. Her tongue flicked out and poked me a couple of times and when I looked down at her, I saw the most mischievous eyes I have ever seen looking back up at me over the thickness of my nearly flaccid cock. I watched as she dipped her head a little and shuddered in utter joy as she sucked my left nut into her full lips!! I could feel her tongue searching out every drop of cum it could find.She released that testicle with a popping sound from her mouth and giggled as she looked into my eyes and I groaned. Then she took my other sex ball into her mouth and once again, sucked and stroked my scrotum with her talented mouth. My eyes watched as my cock twitched and jumped and began hardening like I was a teenager again!She then began at the root of my dick and began sucking, biting and licking every trace of our coupling from my flesh and into her lips. By the time she reached the tip, there were new drops of semen pooling in the slit of my cock that she coaxed into long strands with the tip of her tongue. She had me moaning and begging!So she stood up (when did she kick off her shoes and stockings..?) and straddled my lap and took my penis and put its tip just barely into her. “I’m sorry, Santa, but I don’t have any cookies for you. But I hope you enjoy my milk.” Then with the most wicked little smile she pulled her top down and her full breasts, crowned with dark hard nipples popped out basically into my face! That was all she wrote. I grabbed her boobs and pulled them into my hungry mouth and I began sucking first one and then the other and then both as she lowered herself onto me and began fucking me with wild abandon! On and on it went, I counted at least three orgasms on her part before finally my nuts gave that one last turn and I exploded every last drop of cum up through the inside of my cock and deep into her pussy to the squealing squishing delight of my naughty elf.She collapsed onto my chest and we both laughed at how good it had been. With some moans and complaints of how sore she was going to be in the morning, she climbed off of me, collected her stuff and retreated to the bathroom. I took off my Santa outfit and put it in the bag to be dry-cleaned. I collected my stuff, got dressed and when she came out of the restroom I went in to rinse what was left of the Santa white from my beard and mustache. When I emerged a few minutes later, she was gone and I was more than a little disappointed.Then I walked into my dressing room to see scrawled on the mirror in lip stick, “We both work on Saturday!!!” Then there were hearts and X’s and O’s all over the mirror.I cleaned it up, finished dressing and headed home with a big smile and bigger hopes for Saturday!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Santa sees you when you’re sleeping… so ladies, please sleep naked!!And when you visit the Mall Santa, sit on his leg, grind a little on his thigh and whisper something dirty in his ear as you lean over and flash him your tits!!!He will be certain to bring such naughty women some real nice things to put in their stockings!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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