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Ball Gag

bellasslutTied to my gates, he was placed there to amuse the Dommes coming to the slave auction.Read on further belowAs HE travelled to meet her he shook with anticipation.The last 4 weeks had been a whirlwind .He reserved, strong, and a lover had been changed into Madam Bella’s slut. Any email from her or I’m, he was attentive some of the punishments she had him inflict upon himself still left welts and as for denying him orgasm.These thoughts a mess in his head he sat on the tube surrounded by people .were their worlds as complex? Did they sit on a spanked bottom so sore from yesterday’s punishment he had to keep moving weight from cheek to cheek? He was on his way to meet her for the first time.As the train and the people moved round him he was very aware of the vulnerability of his balls, shaved help forwards in front of him by the harness she sent him his cock was hard and strapped upright against his stomach, and of course no underwear, the denim on his jeans rubbed gently on the underside of his cock and ball reminding him of the power she had over him.He walked in a trance like state to where they were to meet .She was there long coat high queenbet güvenilirmi heeled boots standing in the remote spot she had chosen.Strip slave he had expected this, wanted it, but although every detail had been discussed he still hesitated .To be naked except for his restraint with his Madam, in this remote place by these large iron gates, she repeated the command.He stripped his strong body now naked she pushed him facing the gate. Arms out, he felt the handcuffs cold securing him to the gate.Legs apart! His ankles fastened.Somewhere behind him she stood he could smell her scent she whispered in his ear ‘I hope you are ready for this?’Blindfold on. He felt her hands explore every inch of him; she clamped his nipples and stretched them to tie them to the gate he could not move, then the first strike of the cane.He was surprised no pain a sting then warmth.Again a new place the same.Then He moved as she re-hit an original strike place his body tried to pull away it hurt .She carried on at her pace slow measured every hit counted and she often revisited sites that made him move.He was sweating fighting the pain queenbet yeni giriş tied not to be able to run away.It stopped.‘I will thrash you again later, I have to get ready for my guests to arrive, the first thing they will see is you tied to my gates, naked. Open your mouth, first a Viagra tablet to show you off, then the cock gag so I cannot hear you squealing as the other Madams come to see me.They may use you as they wish.have fun.I am Madam Bella. I own a little slut who serves as a fluffer for my studs if needed and a personal maid for me. I have sent her down to the gates of my mansion with an assortment of whips, floggers, paddles, canes etc for the dommes to use on the slut tied to my gates. My maid is a horny little slut and she loves to suck cock so is a great fluffer. she can make any cock rise to the occasion.I told her to enjoy herself now as she will be busy later at the slave auction. The slut tied to my gates will have a huge erection due in part to the Viagra I forced down his throat. She has been told that he is not to cum so she will withdraw her moist lips from his big hard cock if there is any chance queenbet giriş of that happening.I suppose he is due a little comfort after the caning he had earlier. It will be a pleasant interval for him …………for when the Domes’ arrive they will be giving him a serious thrashing and their hands will be all over him. I am sure they will enjoy him. He is a big strong strapping guy with broad shoulders, strong thighs and a great arse for spanking…………..Waiting shackled nipples clamped unable to move Bella has sent her evil little slut to tease me, first she rubs against my back her lips close to my ears even blindfolded I know its her she delivered the harness and sucked my cock as she fitted it for Madam Bella . It took a long time and i nearly came in her mouth but she said she would tell Bella.She is whispering obscenities to me she knows i cannot move and all the time her words make my cock harder bigger.Her hands reach between my legs fondling my full balls squeezing them just to the point of pain then releasing .She she sits beneath me facing my cock between my legs and slowly starts to lick y balls that hang in-front of her face. I feel one ball slide completely into her mouth then the second one gently gets pushed in alongside, and she sucks her lips totally enclosing both balls they must fill her mouth. She hold be in her mouth as her small hand explores my cock dragging her nails along its length.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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