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Thanks to Firefish who is enjoying my stories of Cockaigne and has added to the Cockaigne Universe with some stories of his own. This is the first of several episodes where he has introduced a neighbour for Adam.

It was originally written in French and translated using an online tool and edited by me.

If, after reading these stories, you want to add to the Cockaigne Universe then please feel free, I would love to read them. Use existing characters or create new ones, just let your imaginations go wild.

I love reading all your comments and if you have any for Firefish, send them to me and I”ll make sure he gets them.

Usual disclaimer: Please note that this story is fiction and takes place in the imagination of the writer, nothing that is written ever happened. My fictional characters may or may not practice safe sex, however these are merely words and I would always advocate the practice of safe sex in the real world. Some of my fictional characters” actions may not also be legal in all places in the world, and my fictional stories are not meant encourage any reader to break any of their local laws. Anything can happen in our imaginations but in the real world we are bound by restrictions. Play safe.

Cockaigne Chronicles is a new series set in the fictional town of Cockaigne where the laws are different, and anything can happen. Social nudity and sexual interaction are nothing to be ashamed of and the moral limitations that inhibit us don”t inhibit the residents of Cockaigne.

Now, fire up your imaginations and let the fun begin…

Ben Has a Very Bad Day
by Firefish

While Caleb went through humiliating day, Trent and Adam had a great day, the hike was going well, it was not too hot in the shade of the woods. After two hours of walking, they arrived at the famous waterfall. The place was superb, there was a small lake that allowed swimming. The boys approached the water and felt that it was not too cold.

They picnicked at the edge of the water, chatting about one thing and another. Adam tried to reason with Trent on the fate of his little brother, but Trent did not want to hear anything. Adam somewhat disapproved of Trent”s behaviour towards Caleb, but above all he was afraid that his friend would pay dearly the price for his attitude towards the Caleb.

When they were finished eating, they took a short nap, lying on the grass, to the sound of the waterfall. Then Adam said:

“What if we go for a swim?”

“Ah damn, I didn”t bring a swimsuit.”

“We don”t care if we have to swim naked, there is nobody here and anyway we are in Cockcaigne, it is legal here.”

While debating, Adam had started to take off his clothes, he was now naked in front of his friend, who was aroused and trying not to fix his friend”s sex. It made Adam smile as he entered the water. When he was submerged to the waist, he turned around and called:

“Come on, don”t be shy, plus it”s super good.”

Trent ended up undressing, protecting his privacy with his hands. Adam could only partially see the object of his curiosity.

They had a good time, then they lay down on the grass to dry themselves. Of course, Trent got on his back.

Finally, it was time to get dressed and get back, the afternoon was already nearly over.

Ben, on the other hand, had started his working day as usual, he had entered the large open-space where he worked, he had just put his car keys and his phone on his desk which was near the door to Entrance. At the far end of the room was Roger”s office, the head of the department. Between Roger”s and Ben”s offices, there was a long corridor that passed in front of twenty offices.

Ben loved his new position, he had been able to shine in front of the bosses of the upper floor at a few meetings, he knew it had been frowned upon by his colleagues and especially by Roger. But Ben didn”t care, he was not there to make friends but to do a good job and move up the hierarchy. He felt like the king of the world.

Ben was brilliant, he had always had excellent results in school. In addition, he was as handsome as a god, he had a sporty, muscular and firm body, a still youthful face, blond hair ruffled with style and a blue lagoon look. You could say that Ben attracted everyone”s attention.

However Ben had not had an easy life, after the sudden death of his parents in an accident, he had to make a lot of effort so that the family did not break up and that his two brothers were not placed in a Children”s Home. The parents hadn”t left much money and he had to work while studying to feed his two brothers. So, when he had this opportunity in Cockcaigne which provided them with şişli travesti significant financial stability, he did not hesitate. Ben had wanted it very much. Ben loved his two brothers very much, but if Caleb was generous and lovable, Trent could be very selfish and self-absorbed. He couldn”t see the efforts his big brother was making for him. To start with, the lack of a love life in order to be able to raise his little brothers.

Roger was settled in his office. At 55 he was short and pot-bellied, he had worked here for 20 years and expected nothing more except peace. And for a month, he was upset, the new guy was causing him problems, he was putting himself too far forward and if that continued, he would compete with him. He had made two coffees, put a Viagra in one and brewed until it melted, then called the new guy in his office.

He watched him cross the aisle, sure of himself, the feline and elegant step, Roger murmured in his beard:

“all that will change soon.”

Ben knocked on the half-open door of Roger”s office.

“Come in Ben, sit down I made you coffee.”

“Oh, ok thank you Roger.”

Ben sat down and started drinking coffee.

“I just wanted to see how you were getting on with your work.”

While drinking his coffee, Ben was happy to show how fast he was going and returned to his desk once it was done.

He had been working for a good quarter of an hour when he started to feel weird, his cock was hard and formed a very prominent bulge in front of his trousers. He squirmed in his chair trying to think of something else, but it was difficult. His phone rang, Roger still needed him. Shit …

Roger watched the new boy cross the office, he had a lot of confidence now, he was all red and was trying somehow to hide his lump as he walked past his colleagues.

Roger had brewed him another coffee, they quickly talked about a file, then Ben returned to his desk.

Within an hour, Roger called Ben at least five times to tell him about unimportant details, and each time offered him a coffee or a glass of water, which he accepted.

At ten o”clock, Ben couldn”t take it anymore, he was unable to work, he was obsessed with one thing, he had get some relief. However, as he was entitled to, Roger had all the bathroom doors removed from the floor to monitor that people did not spend unnecessary time in the toilet. This meant Ben could not masturbate surreptitiously. Ben was beginning to consider the idea of going to another floor, which was normally prohibited, when Roger called him again.

The walk was even more difficult due to his bulge, Ben now had a big damp spot that had formed in front of his trousers, and walking in the middle of the offices of his colleagues who all gave him a sly smile, had made him lose all confidence.

He arrived again at Roger”s office, who offered him nothing to drink this time. He was comfortably seated in his leather chair and stared at Ben with a mocking eye.

“Well, I thought about it and I tell myself that we are not doing enough for the new employees here, I looked for a way for people to recognize you, it will allow you to integrate faster and receive more `help”.

“Uh very well and what is it?”

“Your outfit.”

“What about my outfit?”

“You need to be more recognizable.”

“Uh, ok but what?”

“Take off your clothes.” It was an order not a question.

But Ben didn”t flinch, so Roger repeated, and the young man replied

“No, I”m not going to undress, you have no right.”

“I imagine you know which city you live in, you read the internal rules of the club when you arrived, so you know that I have the right. You are free to refuse, but that means no job, no house, and you and your two brothers on the street.”

Ben seemed to think and then, trapped, he could only obey. He started to take off his clothes and put them on his chief”s desk. Soon, all he had left was his orange boxer shorts, on the front of which was a huge wet spot that made then almost transparent.

“Remove the underpants as well. Don”t be shy.”

Ben hesitated then lowered the underwear, his sex slammed against his belly to take a horizontal position, at the end of his glans was a long translucent wire. Roger took all the clothes and hung them on a coat rack behind him. Then he gazed at the naked body in front of him, a face of an angel although red with shame, protruding pectoral muscles, well-drawn abdominals, muscular legs, a thick pubic fleece which went up to form a well-defined line towards the navel, his balls were quite hairy, his armpits also showed abundant hair, on the other hand his chest was smooth and his legs sparse.

“It”s okay, you beylikdüzü travesti can go back to work now.”

“What,” choked Ben, “What about my clothes.”

“Well they”re your clothes,” said Roger gesturing to Ben”s naked body with his hand.


“Listen, you start to tire me of always discussing orders, either you return to your office or you go home.”

Ben sighed deeply and turned to the door, put his hand on it, hesitated and opened it.

It was the greatest moment of humiliation in his entire life. He was forced to cross the aisle and appeared naked in front of all his smiling colleagues saying to themselves “not so clever now”. He could not hide his erect penis, nor the dripping translucent rope which swayed to the rhythm of his steps.

He finally arrived at his desk, he wanted to cry, and hide in a tiny hole and disappear.

Roger took advantage of the situation three more times by taking him across the aisle leading to his office, each time he drank the glass of water that Roger offered him.

It was almost time to go to the canteen, where the whole company met to eat, about 150 people, who would all see him in this state, his life was over.

It was then that Roger called him again. Ben was more excited than ever with every move he had the feeling he was going to enjoy. Once in the office Roger said to him:

“I thought about it and you”re right, I found something for you.”

And he slipped a kind of ring on the desk.

“What is this?”

“It”s a cock ring, it”s goes around your thing.”

Ben didn”t seem to understand.

“Come next to me, I”ll put it on you.”

Ben hesitantly approached, Roger who did not find him close enough took him by the waist and almost pressed him against him. He took the ring then grabbed Ben”s testicles, he stepped back. Like his little brother later in the day, it was the first time that anyone had touched Ben there, he was still a virgin and he had never had intimate contact with anyone. His studies, his job, his brothers, he never had time for that. Roger pulled him towards him again, grabbed his sticky penis and pulled the ring over the cock, then stretched it a little to let his balls pass through. Ben gritted his teeth so as not to ejaculate. Once finished, Roger rubbed his sticky hand against Ben”s thigh to clean it.

Ben looked down, the object made his cock even bigger and completely engorged, it was all red and the veins were swollen and clearly visible, his glans with almost turned purple, the scene was almost comical as his cock seemed enormous.

Roger decided it was time to go eat and all the office went to the canteen. Ben was in the elevator with Roger and three colleagues, the canteen was three floors below. He was staring at the door, but he could feel all eyes on him. Then, he felt the vibrations, the thing around his penis vibrated, Ben just caught a cry because he had almost come. Just before the doors opened other vibrations came much stronger. Again, Ben barely held himself in check, he wanted to shout at Roger but of course he couldn”t.

He had arrived at the canteen had taken a tray and his meal, he was in the middle of the refectory looking for a place to sit, holding his tray in both hands, when the cock ring vibrated even more strongly but did not stop this time. Ben almost fell and let go of the tray, he kept his balance and his lunch, but could not contain his cock which spit there in the middle of the canteen. Four powerful jets of cum splashed on the tiling. There was silence in the refectory, everyone was watching him. The first thought that came to Ben was “they”re going to put me in prison” but we were in Cockcaigne, what had happened to him was most humiliating but he hadn”t broken any rules here. Someone patted him on the shoulder, it was Roger who took his tray with one hand and with the other handed him a cloth.

“You have to clean up my boy, someone could slip.”

So additional humiliation, Ben was forced to get on all fours in the middle of the canteen to clean up his spunk, with hundreds of eyes turned to look at his nakedness.

The meal passed, and going back, Roger summoned Ben to his office again to ask him:

“So, do you prefer it on or off,” and pointed to the Cock Ring.

“Without, Sir.”

“All right then, I”ll take it off and the next you will all obey immediately…”

Again, Roger fiddled with Ben”s private parts.

“And don”t forget that at 2:30 p.m. we have a presentation meeting with the big boss.”

Indeed, Ben had to present the progress of his project to the Director General, standing in front of a flipchart with his cock still istanbul travesti hard with precum dangling at the end.

After the meeting, red with shame, he returned to his office.

He tried to work for the next hour, then his phone vibrated, it was Caleb. Ben anxiously picked up his brothers and was instructed to only call him in an emergency.

Caleb sobbed on the phone, he seemed completely dejected, he quickly explained the situation and the place where he was, Ben told him that he was arriving quickly and hung up. It was not time to leave and he had to ask Roger for permission. So, he went to knock on the door of his office. His boss said to come brought him in.

“Roger, I need to ask you something personal. This is important.”

He straightened up and said

“Um ok, but before you have to do something for me.”

“Ok what is it.”

Roger pulled his chair back, spread his legs and opened his fly.

“If you want me to please you, you must also make me happy.”

Ben was going to protest, then he thought of Caleb who seemed so desperate. So, without thinking, he approached his boss and knelt before him. He had taken out his cock which was rather small and already hard.

“Take it in your mouth.”

Ben did so, he thought he was going to throw up, the taste was awful, acrid. But he got used to it, so he went back and forth hoping that Roger wouldn”t hang around too much. And indeed, it was not long and his leader withdrew and came over Ben”s face and hair. Ben wanted to protest but restrained himself, then Roger said:

“So, what”s your request?”

“I need to leave now; my little brother has a problem.”

“Ok, go ahead. You can go.”

Ben was going to pick up his clothes when his boss stopped him.

“Oh no, I didn”t say you could take them.”

“But I did what you asked.”

“Yes, but that was to be able to leave early, not to take your things, so hurry before I change my mind.”

Ben didn”t insist, he was exhausted, and Caleb was waiting.

Final humiliation of the day, he crossed the office with Roger”s sperm on his face. All his colleagues could see it.

Ben turned off his computer, took his cell phone and his car keys and went to the bathroom to clean his face. He found the door closed with a panel on it that said, “Closed for maintenance”. It was definitely not his day.

He left the building, the contrast with the morning was startling, he had arrived proud and upright, he was leaving naked. His back arched and a string of pre cum dangled miserably in front of him.

He got in his car and drove to the school. Caleb sat there completely naked too. When he approached Ben saw that his face seemed to be covered with the same substance as his. Then Caleb opened the door and remained frozen when he saw his big brother was as naked as him.

He finally climbed in and Ben drove off. And while Caleb told his story he couldn”t take his eyes off his brother”s erect cock, it was as if he was hypnotized by the transparent thread that hung at the end. Ben succinctly explained why he was also naked, and his face covered in dried semen. He was ashamed to tell this to his little brother.

He parked his car in the driveway, they had finally arrived, the two brothers only wanted to wash and put some clothes on. It was then that Ben shouted:

“Shit the house keys are in my trousers.”

Ben had to show a lot of mental strength to keep from crying.

It was hot in the car, it didn”t have air conditioning, and the heat was unbearable. So he and Caleb went to sit by the front door; naked, in sight of the first person who would pass in front of the house. However, with the day they had lived, it didn”t matter much.

Caleb hugged his brother”s warm body, he needed comfort, Ben put his arm around his shoulders, the youngest looked down at the still erect sex of his brother, it hardened his. Ben noticed it and it made them both laugh.

Trent came out of the woods at dusk, very happy with his day, he arrived in front of the house, he saw two dark masses sitting at the door. It was as he got closer that he saw his two brothers completely naked and all dirty, they did not seem to have had a good day.

Then he met Ben”s gaze who glowered at him. Ben shouted at him

“You went too far this time.”

The evening might not be very good.

Thank you for reading. please email me all your comments and suggestions to stories@screeve and I will pass them on to Firefish

I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. if you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little helps. http://donate./donate.html

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