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Best Friends Grandma 2

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Best Friends Grandma 2Most people believe my best friend Chris’s 59 year old Grandmother Norma bakes cookies, sews, writes letters and goes to Church on Sundays like any good repectful grandmother would. Her husband Fred believes she sits around the old farm house watching The Price is Right, Soap Operas and takes care of the few chickens they still have while he works at the local hardware store during the week and to tell you the truth she does a little bit of that but in reality she’s a nympho and a half. Ever since I came out to their small farm on the out side of town with Chris. She made it pretty clear to me that she was in desperate need of some long young hard dick. After Chris left for college we quickly started a torrid affair that’s been going on for two years. She has a quick trigger pussy that always seems to be climaxing on my hard dick and huge 50 JJ tits that controls me to keep on fucking her ears off. I work at a huge very popular retail store at night as a stockman and should be sleeping during the day but instead I’m either texting or fucking her. The other day as I was sleeping my cell phone bussed that I got a text message. I flipped it open and it was from Norma. There was a picture and a message; it was a picture of her cleavage in a low cut purple shirt. The note said ‘Place your huge dick here and pump grandbetting giriş me until you cum’ My brain went to shit! It meant, get your young stupid big dick over here or I’m going to start with out you. Norma doesn’t hesitat to play with herself and climax buckets and buckets of pussy juice. I rememeber about about a month ago the ole cow climaxed at least ten or twelve times when I fucked her blistering hot pussy, getting the bed spread soaking wet with climax sauce. I texted back ‘oh gawd! thanks be over in a few’ When I got there Norma let me in and did a quick kiss and watched the last part of The Price is Right. I sunk down in the leather couch and started to doze off. I hadn’t slept in about 34 hours and hadn’t deep dicked her/climaxed in four days. After the show she leaned over and lightly kissed me, it was like a light switch to wake up, get our cloths off and fuck like there is no tomorrow. In no time at all we had our cloths off and me on top of her while she layed on the couch. I had my hands on the back side of her calfs with her legs angled out at fourty five degree. I was sucking on her thumb sized right nipple and tit with her right hand on the back of my head pulling me into her massive tit flesh. Crap, there was long moments where I couldn’t breath with her hand pulling me grandbetting yeni giriş into her boob. At the same time I was fucking her earning pussy with my super hard dick, my right foot pushing into the arm rest aiding my hips and dick into her horny pussy. To say she was loving it would be an understatement. Grandma Norma loves hard dick! Period! No drunk college girls can compete with this huge titted woman. I just thank God that no one walked in on us, I don’t think I could have stopped. I let up sucking her tit and started fucking her with all I had and then some. I was pulling my dick almost out of her and slamming back and into her. Making loud slapping noises with our super heated flesh. She started cussing and looking deep into my eyes with wild helplessness and eyes dialated; ‘oh fucking god Timmy, fuck, fuck, fuck! Norma was cumming and this time it was something to write about. She fuckin soaked that poor leather couch with pussy juice. My dick was soaked but I pulled out of her and started boob fucking her and I almost came. I sweet talked her saying ‘god damn you have some huge tits, your huge tits are made to be fucked with my big dick, I love coming over here and deep dicking you, your the best! I’m telling you readers. I just love fucking those huge ballons of boob fat. Then grandbetting güvenilirmi I got back between her fat legs and relentlessly fucked her hot soaking pussy. I’m not sure what was in me but I didn’t slow down or let up on her pussy, boobs or lips. Poor ole cow just climaxed over and over. We went at it for three hours straight fucking in several positions but stayed on the couch. I climaxed once before early on and it was totally epic and then finally blew once more deep inside of her womb while I fucked her from behind pulling on the back of her hair. It was fuckin wild to say the least. Then we were both spent and got our cloths back on. Later on while we were at the kitchen table laughing and giggling like a couple of naughty teenagers and me eating a sandwitch that she had fixed. Her husband Fred walked in from work and said ‘Well hello Timmy’ ‘Hello Mr Smith’ then he said ‘What brings you over here? Norma piped up and said ‘Timmy came over to get a few of Chris’s cloths that is still here and I didn’t want to throw out’ he believed it like he usually does, cock old Fred got a glass of water and went into the family room. Hopefully the old man didn’t smell all of the pussy juice his horny huge titted wife pumped out on the couch,then I decided to leave. When she came down with one of Chris’s soxs her nipples were sticking out for all the world to see. Crap balls! her bra was by the coffee table by the couch. The next day I text her to find out if her husband suspected anything? The text came back ‘Nope when are u cumin over? Sure it would be nice to find a single girl my own age but then again. I keep asking myself; Why?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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