Ara 18

Best Friends Help Ch. 05

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Dinner was only a little awkward.

After her encounter with her dad, Lily hastened to the bathroom. Things were simpler for him — he fastened up his pants and returned to the kitchen with a conspiratorial smile.

Lily’s heart still raced as she washed off her face and tidied herself up. She gave herself a congratulatory glance in the bathroom mirror. After all those fantasies and lonesome, dirty thoughts, she’d done it. She’d fucked her dad — and she’d liked it a lot.

She felt some residual guilt and anxiety, of course, some uncertainty, but it didn’t feel all bad. It felt transgressive, transformative, thrilling. She’d worry about consequences later. Or never. That’s what Natalie would do, after all.

Upon joining the others, she found Natalie had ordered dinner immediately upon Lily and Robert’s departure into the study, and it had already arrived. Natalie had even dished it up and put it on the table, looking the very soul of helpful domesticity.

“Dinner’s ready,” she said.

The three of them sat, ate, and talked. No one openly acknowledged what they all knew had happened, and there weren’t even any moments of innuendo or suggestive jokes. Natalie kept her commentary innocent. It was different, and a little unsettling. Lily and her father exchanged glances now and then, and every time they did, she felt arousal stir inside her. She wanted him again, immediately. From the look in his eyes and the way his knee occasionally brushed against hers under the table, she had a feeling he felt the same.

Afterward, they cleaned up and did the dishes together, then went downstairs to watch a movie. Robert picked the film — some Eighties action movie he felt it was important the two of them be conversant with. The three of them piled onto the giant comfortable couch — Robert in the middle, Natalie on the left, Lily on the right.

As the movie started, Lily watched as Natalie snuggled right in, throwing one leg over her father’s leg, hooking an arm around his, and leaning her head against his shoulder. After a moment, she decided two could, and perhaps should, play at that game. She mirrored Natalie’s position, hugging her dad close and putting her hand on his chest.

“Well,” he remarked. “Aren’t I the lucky one?”

“You have no idea,” Natalie said with a grin, apparently back to her old sly self.

An hour passed, and Lily could barely focus on the film at all. She was keenly aware of their bodies pressed together, her father’s smell, the recent memory of their time together. None too subconsciously, she found herself slightly annoyed with Natalie. She wanted more time alone with him.

On one hand, she wondered if she couldn’t gently hint to Natalie to leave them alone. But on the other, it was Natalie who had helped facilitate all this in the first place. Natalie who had encouraged her to pursue her fantasy, who had bared her soul about her own journey. Didn’t Lily owe her a little something for that?

“How long is this movie?” Natalie asked not long after the first hour had passed.

“Why?” Robert asked. “You getting bored?”

“A little hungry, actually.” Natalie traced a slow curve on Robert’s chest.

“You want me to go get some popcorn?”

The blonde tilted her head in an endearing gesture looking up at him with wide eyes. “Would you?”

“Sure.” Lily’s dad hit pause on the movie, extricated himself from the girls’ grasp, hauled himself off the couch, and headed upstairs.

As soon as he was gone, Natalie scooted over to Lily. “Okay, so, quick, give me the details. What happened in there?”

Lily giggled. “Have you been dying to know all this time?”

“Of course, idiot. Please? I have to know now, or I’ll die.”

“Okay, but just the basics. I’ll tell you the whole thing later.”

“Fine. Spill it.”

“Okay. He made me get on my knees and blow him a little. And then–“

“Made you?”

Lily smirked. “Well, I didn’t exactly fight it. I pretended to, a little, to see if he’d like it. He did.”

Natalie covered her hand with her mouth. “That’s one of the things from his porn stash, you know. Like, gentle forcing and blackmail videos and shit? He’s into that.”

Lily bit her lip, feeling a surge of arousal stir inside her. She’d suspected as much, but hearing it confirmed made her curious. Thanks, “I’ll make a note of that.”

“Anyway, keep going. Then what?”

“Then he bent me over the desk and fucked me.”

“Oh, yes.” Natalie moaned with a wistful look. “I wish he’d do that to me.”

“Hasn’t he?” Lily felt a strange mix of emotions: surprised and pleased she’d done something Natalie hadn’t… and a little threatened at the idea of them doing it.

“Not the way I’m imagining it right now.”

“Oh.” Good, Lily thought, and then felt a little ashamed at her possessiveness. But then, she was his daughter. So that entitled her to… something. This was already getting complicated.

“So, you can give me all the details later,” Natalie said with an eager grin. “But, um. Do you want izmit rus escort to suck his dick when he comes back? Together?”

Lily opened her mouth, then closed it again. On one hand, that idea held definite erotic appeal. The vision that came to mind was extremely hot, and she was sure her dad would find it beyond enjoyable. But that same odd possessiveness rose in her again. Now that she’d broken through with her father and crossed this final boundary, she found she wasn’t quite so eager to share anymore.

“I don’t think so,” she said, trying to look more reluctant than she actually felt. “Not tonight, anyway. Is that okay?”

Natalie and Lily had been friends for too long for Natalie to hide her disappointment. She could see her friend was crushed.

But she hid it well, shrugging her shoulders and moving back to the far end of the couch. “Sure, no problem.”

Lily wanted to say more, but just then, they both heard Robert’s footsteps on the stairs. They made room, and he sat down with a satisfied sigh.

“Okay!” he said, laying the popcorn bowl on the coffee table. “Ready for more?”

The girls cuddled up with him again, but this time it was mostly for show. Their hands met on his chest and both drew back quickly. He looked from one to the other, puzzled, but said nothing. Resigned to never understanding the mysteries of young women, he started the movie again.


As the movie went on, Lily found herself constantly thinking of the proposition Natalie had made. The movie itself wasn’t really her thing — a lot of car chases and monologues and dudes betraying each other for money — and her mind constantly wandered. She wondered what would happen if she drew her father’s cock out of his pants and started sucking him off. Would Natalie watch? Would she join in? Would her father object? She highly doubted that last part. She hadn’t given a huge number of blowjobs in her life, but she knew guys rarely if ever turned them down once they started.

But each time she glanced over at Natalie, the other girl seemed engrossed in the movie. So Lily let it pass, and never quite dared to touch him the way she wanted. But she fantasized about it, to the point of being heavily aroused by the time the movie was over.

“Well, what did you girls think?” Robert asked as the credits rolled at last. Lily checked her phone. The damn movie had run over two and a half hours.

“It was an adrenaline-packed thrill ride, Dad,” she drawled.

“So you hated it.”

Lily shrugged.

“Well, I liked it,” Natalie said. She leaned over and kissed Robert on the cheek, lingering a little, her hand on his knee. “Thank you for the lovely movie night, Robert.”

“You’re welcome, Nat.”

Lily tried not to scowl as she checked the feeds on her phone. Nat, now, was it?

“Goodnight, ladies,” Robert said as he made for the stairs. “Don’t stay up too late.”

They waited in silence until they both heard the upstairs door shut. Then Natalie turned to Lily with a stern expression. “Okay, Lil. What the fuck.”

“What the fuck, what?”

“So, I finally get you two together, and it’s hands-off for me? Is that it?”

Lily felt indignant anger rise in her throat — a little too quickly. “What gives you that idea? Because I didn’t want us both to blow him two hours after our first time together?”

Natalie’s expression turned petulant. “Come on, that would have been fun. Isn’t that why we started down this road? To have fun together before we both leave for school?”

“Having fun is fine, you just don’t need to push me so hard. Why does everything have to be Life According to Natalie?”

Natalie’s jaw dropped. “Okay, screw you, Lily. I was just trying to help. If you don’t want it, you can just say so and I’ll bow out.”

Before Lily could say anything, Natalie rose to her feet and flounced from the room. Lily listened to her feet on the stairs, heard the door slam.

“Shit,” she whispered to the empty room.


Lily flipped through streaming channels for about an hour, feeling tense and disconsolate. Part of her wanted to text Natalie and apologize, or just go upstairs and do it in person. But there was a problem — the feelings that had led to the argument in the first place hadn’t gone away.

So what if she wanted her dad all to herself for a little bit? Natalie had had her turn, fucking him in the office while Lily listened over the phone. It was Natalie who was being unreasonable, not her.

But all the same, Natalie was her best friend. She was closer with Natalie than anyone on the planet. A different part of her wanted to share this experience, every exquisite detail. Maybe some encounters too. Just not this second.


Lily finally decided overthinking wasn’t working, and headed upstairs. The house was dark and quiet, the only sound the hum of the fridge and the faint thrum of the wind against the outer walls. Lily stopped by the closed door to Natalie’s room. She almost knocked, but decided izmit escort against it and moved on.

Once in her own room, she stripped off her clothes, flopped onto the bed without getting under the covers (it was a warm summer night, after all) and sank into a restless sleep.


Hours later, a gentle touch pulled her out of the dark fog of slumber: a warm hand on her waist. She murmured and stirred.


A soft mouth brushed her neck, and she felt the weight of a warm body settle on her. It wasn’t Natalie.

“Dad?” Lily opened her eyes and stirred to bleary wakefulness. In the cobalt moonlight that filtered through her curtains, she could see the blurred outline of his body, smell the familiar tang of his cologne and the unique scent of his skin. She lifted a hand to touch him, found a goosebumped landscape of bare flesh. He was naked.

Without speaking, he planted kisses all along her neck, his hand gently pinning one of her wrists to the bed. She tilted her neck to encourage his touch, offering more of her flesh for his kisses. Her free hand wandered down his chest, down to his stomach, found the hardness of his erection.

“Oh,” she said in surprise and delight. She squeezed and tugged gently, and he responded instantly, pressing his face into her shoulder with a groan.

“I want you, Lily,” he whispered. “Right now.”

“Me too,” she whispered back, feeling it wasn’t exactly the right reply, but a haze of arousal was making it hard to think straight. A moment later, he made it worse: his kisses moved down her neck and chest to her nipples. His hand slid over her belly, down between her thighs. His tongue flicked over her nipple, gently at first but then harder, as his fingers brushed against her labia, parting them to reveal she was already sopping wet.

The melange of sensations took her by surprise, and she cried out, louder than she’d intended: a gasp and giggle of joy. He seemed to like that, and went to work on both nipples with his tongue. Lily didn’t know if it was the situation or his technique, but both her nipples seemed almost painfully sensitive, in a good way. When his fingers found her clitoris a moment later, her whole body jolted with electric sensation. She still had her hand wrapped around his cock, and tried to stay on task with returning the attention he gave her, but found it difficult to concentrate.

“Dad,” she finally whispered, feeling the tingling in her body already rising toward crescendo.

“Hmm?” His mouth was wrapped around her right nipple.

“Please fuck me, Dad.” She loved adding that last word to the plea. It felt so transgressive, yet perfectly truthful.

He started slow, adjusting the rhythm and speed to follow her sighs and moans of pleasure. Later, Lily would only remember fragments of their lovemaking: the first exquisite burst of pleasure as his cock slid into her; her face buried in the junction of his neck and shoulder; his warm hands exploring her entire body as if trying to memorize it forever.

A moment came when she shuddered with bliss and whispered “fuck” under her breath. In the delirium of her pleasure, she felt some sea-change in him. Her exclamation had ignited his arousal. His fingers slipped into her hair and squeezed; his cock thrust deep into her as he picked up speed and force.

She became dimly aware that she was making a great deal of noise as he slammed into her, high-pitched squeaks of pleasure. She heard him groan out her name, and clutched his body to hers as her own orgasm washed over her, annihilating her senses. The orgasm drew out, impossibly long and perfect, and she knew she was crying out, much louder than was decorous, but she simply couldn’t help it. She felt his body shudder, heard his strained moan, felt him come inside her.

It was perfect. All of it.

He pulled out and rolled away with a sigh, collapsing on the bed next to her. Lily felt a strange, all-consuming elation, like nothing she’d ever felt before. She turned over and kissed her father deeply, cradling his face with her hands.

He smiled when their lips finally parted.

“Did you like that?” he asked.

“I loved it,” she said with soft glee.


She laid her head on his bare chest, feeling the warmth of his skin against hers. “I love you, Dad,” she said.

“I love you too, Lily-pond.”

She giggled. He hadn’t called her that in some years.

“You were loud,” he said.

“Well, it felt really good,” she said, and giggled again, helplessly.

“I’m glad.” He brushed her hair away from her cheek and neck with one hand. She had rarely felt so safe or comfortable. She threw an arm over his chest and snuggled against him with a happy sigh.

“Don’t leave,” she whispered.

His hand slid over her bare back, warm and comforting. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Thoughts of Natalie blurred across her brain for a moment, but she let them go. It could all wait. Without either of them meaning to, they fell asleep that way.


Lily kocaeli escort started awake the next morning, sprawled across the bed. Alone. The bedclothes were a tousled mess, clumped like Arctic snow piles in the chill light of morning. She’d never gotten under the covers at all.

She fetched her robe and slipped her phone into the pocket. With a yawn, she ventured into the hallway and looked around. Her dad’s bedroom door was open. He wasn’t there. Natalie’s door was still closed. Whatever.

No sound from the kitchen below either. Lily decided everything could wait until she’d cleaned up. She padded across the hallway into the bathroom, shrugged out of her robe, and took a long, hot shower.

While she scrubbed, she indulged herself with memories of the night before: the fierce but tender lovemaking, her father coming inside her, his vulnerable groan as he came. The way they’d fallen asleep on top of each other. She only wished she’d woken up next to him. Or under him, for that matter.

That last thought put a smile on her face as she finished up. She turned off the shower, stepped out, then toweled off. She hadn’t washed her hair, so she popped it into a quick ponytail and set about brushing her teeth, still naked.

She had just finished rinsing her mouth out when the bathroom door opened and her father walked in.

Lily’s heart jumped. He was fully dressed in jacket and tie, the way he usually dressed for work. His clothed state made her hyper-aware of her own nudity — and that, in turn, excited her. He closed the door behind him.

“Good morning, Lily,” he said in an authoritative tone.

“Hi–” she began, voice quavering a bit, and began to turn to face him. But he took her by the arm and shoulder and turned her back toward the bathroom mirror.

“Put your hands on the counter,” he said. His voice was soft but firm. Lily obeyed. Suspecting the reason for his order, she bent over and lifted her ass a little. Her breath was already quickening.

He stepped behind her, and she watched his reflection in the mirror. He was taking down his pants. She couldn’t see anything, but she heard the sound of the belt unbuckling, the zipper dropping, the whisper of cloth.

It excited her even more than the sight itself might have.

Her father put one hand on her shoulder, his grip firm. His other hand slid down her back and over her ass, down between her thighs. She whimpered as he touched her and found her already wet again. She heard him make a satisfied chuckle.

“That’s my good girl,” he said. The hand on her shoulder slid down her arm, grabbed her wrist, pulled it around behind her back. Lily’s heart began to pound. “You behave, now.”

“Yes, daddy–” Lily replied, and gasped as she felt his cock nudge against her, then push inside. A loud gasp escaped her before she could do anything about it. He began to thrust immediately, forceful and quick. She braced one hand against the mirror to keep herself steady.

His other hand found her ponytail, pulled her head back. Lily found herself looking at their reflection: her naked and vulnerable, belly pressed against the bathroom sink, her father behind her, thrusting inside her with a look of fierce concentration. The surge of arousal inside her was immediate and overwhelming.

“You like that?” he growled.

“Yes, daddy… please, oh god yes…”

It was altogether too much. Lily’s breath quickened further, her knees threatening to buckle as sensation took her. Within a span of minutes, she was coming again, teeth clenched so hard her head ached, her whimpers rising to loud, steady cries. She was aware of how much noise she was making, but just couldn’t seem to stop.

“God, Lily,” he grunted, and she felt him begin to come. His steady thrusts suddenly turned fast and frantic, and her cries became more like sobs as he hammered into her, hard and rapid, yanking on her ponytail.

“Dad! Oh shit–” Lily felt like she was going to explode. Orgasm came over her in waves; one, then another, then a third, blinding her. For a moment, she became like an insensate thing, making nonsensical noises as she struggled to keep herself upright. She gave up and collapsed against the cold surface of the sink in utter surrender.

At the last moment, he pulled out, releasing her arm and hair. She felt hot, sticky points of wetness impact all along her back. She collapsed to the cold counter, gasping for breath.

“Don’t move,” she heard him say.

I can’t, she wanted to reply, but she had no words.

Her father did up his pants, then fetched a towel and gently wiped down her back. When he was finished, he tossed the towel into the bathroom hamper.

She turned to face him, still naked, and lifted her chin for a kiss. He obliged her.

“You surprised me,” she said when the kiss ended.

“Pleasantly, I hope.”

“Very.” She hugged him, enjoying the feel of his clothes against her bare flesh.

“You don’t mind that I just–“

She shook her head emphatically. “No! Do that anytime you want.”

“Careful what you wish for.” He stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head. “I have to go to work, Lily-pond. I’ll see you tonight?”

“I’m not going anywhere.” She grinned as she mirrored his words from the night before.

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