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Bethany Ch. 01

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Bethany Bingham was wrapping up another day at the store. Nine hours isn’t an especially long shift to be working, but some days, when one has to be up and at work by 5:00 AM, nine hours can feel long. One of her co-workers, Steve, was getting her some sandwich wrappers from the top shelf in the backroom. This was one of the few annoyances she had at work; so many things were high up. She realized that it really wasn’t her co-workers’ fault; first, there was no space in the store for anything. This meant a lot of stuff had to go up on top shelves just to get it out of the way or off the floor. Second, the whole world realistically couldn’t be set up around the fact that she was all of 5’0 – with shoes.

Overall, though, it was a nice place to work; the pay was decent and the people were nice. Not to mention her boss (also named Bethany) was a real sweetie when it came to scheduling and helping out her employees. She got the wrappers from Steve, finished the final set of sandwiches she had to do before 1:00, grabbed her handbag and punched out. Walking out the door Bethany smiled; “It’s going to be another gorgeous day,” she thought to herself. The weather had finally turned for the summer, and they had had four days in a row with sunny weather and 70s. Today she had actually ridden her mountain bike the three miles in to work and was looking forward to the cool and relaxing ride home.

The ride home was nice and quiet. Pulling up to the garage which was attached to her little apartment, she hopped off, opened the garage door, and walked her bike in. Closing the garage door, she walked into her half of the duplex and tossed her purse onto the coffee table. She decided on a light lunch – an apple and turkey sandwich – since she was going out later with some friends. A half hour and one episode of the Simpsons later, she put her plate into the sink and took a quick look around. “Not bad, not bad at all,” she quietly said to herself with a little smile. She had only been in the area for a few months and had already gotten a cozy little place put together for herself. The kitchen didn’t have a lot of floor space, but the sink and appliances were all new and she really liked the look of clean black countertops with the stainless steel of the fridge, sink, stove, and her beloved coffeemaker. The dining room and living room were basically one big area. She didn’t have the money yet for her TV and entertainment set she wanted, but she had just purchased a new black leather couch, and the dining set was actually a gorgeous oak hand-me-down from her parents.

“Not bad,” she thought again, and headed up the stairs to take a quick shower. She peeled off her cloths and tossed them on her bed, which she illegal bahis thought was amusingly still nothing more than a mattress with a box spring. This twin-sized “bed” was literally the only thing in her room except for another hand-me-down from her parents, a five drawer antique maple dresser. On her way to the bathroom, she briefly stopped in front of the freestanding full-length mirror which she had picked up only yesterday. It had taken her almost her entire life to get comfortable in her skin, but now at 22 she was finally able to “look herself in the mirror” and she liked what she saw. Little Bethany Bingham may have only been able to make it to 5’0 vertically, but lithe runner’s build was able to run for miles horizontally. Nature may have only allotted her breasts which could barely fill an A cup, but when aroused her dime-sized nipples could get half an inch long. She may not have a whole lot for curves, but her athletic body could easily fit into the size 0 outfits which many of her fellow females only dreamed about. “98 pounds of pint-sized power and proud of it!” she thought as she smiled widely, taking one last look at herself before walking into the bathroom.

Right now this was hands down her favorite room in her new home. White all over except for the brass fixtures in the sink and shower; it had an aura of quiet comfort which she some days would soak up for over an hour. Like much of the rest of the apartment, it was very plain, but in the case of the bathroom, she liked it that way and had no intention of cluttering it with anything besides the incense burner and candles she used after hard days when she wanted a long relaxing bath. This wasn’t one of those days, but since she was going out later that evening she figured she should probably take the time to shave. It wouldn’t take all that long though since another area where nature had blessed her was in her very light coloring and covering of hair. She had been made fun of by some bitches in college for “looking like a twelve year old;” but like everything else about her body, she had grown to love that part of her and had in fact taken to shaving off every bit of the modest amount of hair she did have under her arms and below her waist. She had decided a couple of years ago that it was better to look like a teenager than forty, so she might as well accept it and enjoy it.

Her straight shoulder length hair washed, and her body once again smooth to the touch, she would have been out of the shower in under 25 minutes had she not lingered a bit too long between her legs. Bethany saw this as one of her few weaknesses. Brought up in a very conservative home, self-pleasuring was not something which was looked on favorably. College illegal bahis siteleri had done a lot to open her eyes, but she still couldn’t shake that nagging feeling of guilt she would get when she masturbated – as much as she had to admit she enjoyed it.

The feeling of smooth skin, the hormonal rush, the incredible release which her fingers could bring her; this is why she had not been able to bring herself to give it up ever since she began as a freshman in high school – even though she felt guilty more often than not after. So in spite of the guilt which she knew would probably be coming, she found her hands and fingers sliding down over the inside of her freshly shaved thighs and back up to her now silky smooth pussy. She could feel the warm comforting sensations already radiating out from her most private area as she slowly slid her right hand over her outer lips. The left was drifting up her flat stomach towards her already visibly aroused nipples. Very quickly she was leaving the outside world behind, letting herself sink into the sexual sensations her body was again enjoying.

Bethany had never liked the idea of pain, sado-masochism had to her always seemed counter productive to her enjoyment of all things sensual. But she did love to have her prominent nipples gently nibbled, sucked, and massaged – the last of which her left hand was now energetically carrying out. Leaning against the wall of the shower, she spread her legs enough to allow her right hand the room to work her now slippery inner lips and vaginal hole. First one finger (her tightness necessitated a bit of a warm up) and then her customary two, she slowly began to finger-fuck herself. Her pussy was quickly moving from warm and damp to hot and wet; the increasingly intense hormonal buzz was spreading outward quickly into her abdomen and legs. The right hand was now leaving Beth’s stiff nipples behind in order to go down and join her other hand; this one focusing on her now fully engorged clit. Over the next few minutes sensations were rolling over her ever more swiftly and powerfully. And soon she could feel her body beginning to physically tense – her orgasm was close now. Two fingers pumping in her, three rubbing her clit and the immediate area around it, her head tipped back against the wall, strings of her bleach blonde hair matted down on her forehead and face; she brought herself to what she new was her brink…and then she stopped.

Another thing which Bethany also loved was teasing her body by bringing herself as close as she could, backing off for a moment, and then bringing herself back up and over. Her first and any subsequent orgasms felt so much more intense to her when she did this to herself canlı bahis siteleri once maybe twice before she finally came. Very quickly she killed the water, toweled off and ran to her bedroom – all in about 30 seconds – to finish her favorite way. Reaching into the top drawer of her dresser, her hand reached under her pile of socks and panties searching for her “little black friend.” “Where is the damn thing?” she impatiently thought to herself as her body still buzzed and ached for release. After only a few moments her hand closed around her six inch anatomically correct rubber penis which was, as far as she was concerned, the perfect fit for her little frame.

Practically jumping onto her bed, she briefly set aside the dildo, laid on her back, spread her legs and worked herself with her fingers until the buzz in her body was building once again. Grabbing the rubber cock, she used her juices to lube up the tip and slowly work it into her. First a few careful and slow strokes, and then building up to a nice quick rhythm, her body rapidly worked up towards orgasm. After only about a minute of penetration she was once again on the edge, this time allowing herself to completely fall into her orgasm. Her pussy and abdominal muscles clenched, spasming as her first waves of orgasmic bliss washed over her. She kept going. Bethany knew she usually had at least a few in her. Almost as soon as the first had subsided her second quickly built up and washed over her even more strongly than the first.

Something in her mind regularly tripped after her first or second; instead of a warm feeling of release and relaxation an almost primal desire and lust for more overtook her. Today she wanted more. Her black dildo was sliding in and out of her effortlessly now, piercing deeply into her as she took in all six inches up the base. Orgasms were coming quickly now; spilling over her without interruption, each successive one increasing in intensity with the constant vaginal stimulation. Bethany’s right hand moved to her clit, the added stimulation sending an almost electric jolt through her body. She could feel it coming now, one of the deep, body stiffening orgasms which she was lusting for. “So close…” was her one thought as her grimaced face lifted up off her mattress. And then her torso locked, her pussy clenched, a cry of ecstasy escaping from her lips as her juices squirting out onto her sheets.

Her body was feeling incredible sensations, but then it happened again, something which had bugged her for weeks now. An image had entered her mind just as her last enormous orgasm was rolling over her. It was the same picture which had bothered her for weeks now and it was always the same. As she lay there, legs spread wide, her hand thrusting the dildo deep into herself, her mind’s eye saw something else which Bethany found both unsettling and arousing. Instead of her own hand holding it, it was someone else’s hand; the hand of a taller and older woman.

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