Ara 16

Better Late Than Never

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My name is Jenny Wilson — Jen — and I’m 27, 5’8″, fairly good figure, nice legs, and recently divorced: I was too sexually demanding for my ex-husband, and he left me for an older, more placid woman — the fact that she had a lot of money probably also had something to do with it.

It was a Monday, and I was on my way to see my father in hospital — it was nothing serious, just a check-up, but there had been conflicting results, and they were keeping him in for a week. I was late — I’d just had lunch with a friend of mine, Trish.

We’d arranged to meet in a wine bar we both liked — it was dimly lit, with small tables, so small that our legs could touch and rub together — we both enjoyed that.

Trish looked terrible — bags under her eyes, which I noticed were bloodshot, her lips were puffy, and I saw that her hands shook slightly. I asked her what was the matter, and she laughed weakly.

‘Nothing, Jen — I’m all right really — it’s just that I’ve been fucked like mad all weekend!’

I raised my eyebrows in surprise. ‘But — I thought you said your dad was coming to stay with you?’

She smiled wryly. ‘He did …it was him that fucked me!’ She glanced round, but nobody was looking our way, and she lifted her sweater. ‘Look what he did to me — it was wonderful!’

Her full, creamy breasts that I loved to kiss and fondle were only partly encased in a plum-coloured gauzy half-bra that barely covered her nipples, the nipples I adored to feel stiffen between my lips, although I could still see their shadowy outlines through the sheer material, but I could also see that her beautiful breasts were covered in what looked like love-bites, and my mouth went dry as I longed to kiss them.

She pulled her sweater down, and swung her legs sideways. ‘There’s lots more here too,’ she said, and hitched up her short skirt to reveal matching thin lacy panties, and more marks on her tummy and thighs.

I visualized tugging her panties down with my teeth, and then burying my face between her naked thighs …

‘He’s like and old goat, and he’s insatiable — and I’m just as bad!’ she said shakily. ‘And I like him to be rough with me …’

I put my hand on her bare leg beneath the table, feeling her warm soft skin under my fingers, and I stroked it gently, half thinking of the last time we’d been together, and what we’d done. But I dragged my mind back to the present.

‘You mean — you mean your dad fucks you?’ I said incredulously.

I saw Trish shiver slightly. ‘Don’t look so shocked — I love it! I seduced him when I was eighteen. I had a much older boyfriend, and he took some pictures of me naked, and I put one in a book that Dad was reading. He asked me about it, and I kissed him and said I wanted him to see me like that. I kissed him again and pushed my tongue in his mouth, and grabbed his hand and made him squeeze my tit, and felt him get hard as I pressed myself against bursa escort him. I knew he wanted me, but he pushed me away and said I was too young to think about things like that. But next time Mum went out I banged the light bulb of my beside lamp until the filament broke, and told Daddy the lamp wasn’t working and asked him to come up and fix it, and while he fiddled with it I took my clothes off, when he turned round he stared at my naked body. I — I was so excited I fainted. I came round a few minutes later, lying on the bed, and Daddy was naked too, with his cock deep inside me, fucking me like mad. I had an orgasm right away, and when he came in me I fainted again …that was, what, ten, eleven years ago, and since then we’ve fucked at every opportunity we’ve had …’

I suddenly remembered the fantasies I’d had as a girl about my father fucking me, and that from the way I’d caught him looking at me sometimes, I’d guessed that Daddy had wanted to fuck me too — so why hadn’t either of us done anything about it…?

But I said ‘You poor darling! In a way, I’m happy for you, but I don’t like to see you like this. Come round this evening, and have a long soak with some bath salts, and I’ll kiss your bruises better, and rub cream on them, and kiss the rest of you, and cook something for you naked, and then you can do whatever you like to me!’

Trish hesitated, but then she shook her head. ‘Perhaps in the next day or two, dearest, but I think I’ll just have an early night. If I get started on you, I won’t get much sleep!’

We ordered some food, and talked about what we’d do to each other when she did come, and the time flew by, and I realised how wet I was when I kissed her soft, yielding lips when we said goodbye….

When I finally arrived at the hospital, I was flushed and flustered. Dad had private medical insurance, and he had a room to himself, and I kissed him on the forehead as he sat up in bed, and asked him how he was. Avery attractive nurse got me a cup of tea, and I found myself wondering what sort of underwear she had on under her uniform, picturing her in just a bra and skimpy panties, and then completely naked…

I forced myself to concentrate on chatting to Daddy, and then I noticed that he was staring at my cleavage — I’d left a few buttons of my blouse undone, and I realised that, sitting on a chair beside his bed and leaning slightly towards him, he had a good view of my breasts swelling out of my bra.

In turn, I looked at his chest — his pyjama jacket was undone, and I studied the thick mat of greyish hair and his muscular torso.

I felt myself tremble, and then I heard myself say ‘Enjoying the view, Daddy?’ as I idly undid another button of my blouse.

I saw him run his tongue over his lips before answering.

‘Yes, Princess, as a matter of fact I am! I was thinking of that holiday we all took in Majorca, and that yellow bikini you wore. I remember bursa escort bayan your mother said it was practically indecent, but I loved it! Just a few scraps of material, that hardly covered you up top, and the bottom disappeared completely from behind …’

‘I liked seeing the bulge in you swimming trunks, too, Daddy!’ I whispered, and for a moment we stared into each other’s eyes. My mind was in a whirl, as I thought of what Trish had told, me, and my memories, and how aroused I’d been thinking about her and her dad, and what we’d do to each other when we met next, and how imagining the nurse’s naked body had affected me…

I abruptly got to my feet, and bent and kissed him on the lips. ‘Just going to the loo, Dad. Back in a minute!’

Actually, it was more like two or three, but now my bra and panties were in my bag.

Again, I bent over him to kiss him on the lips, but this time it was a longer, lingering kiss — once more, remembering Trish and what she’d told me she’d done with her dad, I probed his lips with my tongue until they parted and I pushed my tongue into his mouth, searching for his as I undid a couple more buttons of my blouse, and slipped his hand into it to cup my naked breast, feeling my nipple stiffen in his palm as he caressed me, fondling my soft flesh with gentle fingers.

I shuddered, and perched on the side of his bed. My already short skirt slid up a bit more over my bare legs as I crossed them. Dad took his hand away from my breast and dropped it on my thigh, and I uncrossed my legs.

‘Go higher, Daddy,’ I whispered, ‘I’m naked down there!’

I felt his hand sliding up, and when he touched me where I wanted I re-crossed my legs, trapping his hand, and again I kissed him as his fingers explored me.

I slid my hand under the bedclothes and groped for his cock — it wasn’t difficult to find, because it felt huge. I fondled it and his balls for a few — no, many moments, and then I said ‘Let me look at it, Daddy!’

He used his free hand to move the bedclothes aside, and I gazed at his beautiful cock. It was long and very white, heavily blue-veined, with a large, bulbous, almost purple head, and I eased the soft white skin up and down the rigid, gristly shaft, imagining it filling my vagina as he fucked me …

I bent over and kissed it as I cupped it in my palm. I kissed it again, and again, and ran my lips up and down its length. I licked it all over, trying to push my tongue into the tiny hole as I spread it open with my fingers, and then I took it deep in my mouth, my cheeks hollowing as I sucked it.

Daddy’s fingers probed inside me, finding my clitoris and rubbing it, and rolling it between his finger and thumb, tugging it gently and squeezing it, and I felt a mini-orgasm flood through me

I removed my lips from his cock and began kissing his mouth, still gently rubbing his cock, now wet with my saliva.

‘Did you ever escort bursa think about fucking me, Daddy?’

He groaned. ‘God, yes! Especially after I spanked you when you were naughty! I loved spanking your soft bare bottom, feeling you squirm on my lap, watching your skin start to glow …’

Dad laughed wryly. ‘Afterwards, your Mum always got a hell of a pounding — not that she complained!’

I imagined him fucking Mummy, and I felt a stab of jealousy, but then I kissed his cock again.

‘I remember, Daddy! And then you used to stroke me, and sometimes slip your hand between my legs …’

He closed his eyes for a moment as I rubbed him harder, and I felt him squeeze me under my skirt.

Then he opened them and smiled at me. ‘And that school uniform of yours — with that short skirt! I remember sometimes giving you a lift home from school, getting a flash of your knickers as you climbed into the car, and looking down at your bare legs …’

‘I’ve still got the uniform, Daddy! I’ll put it on for you if you like, but now it’ll be a VERY tight fit, and very revealing!’

I leaned towards him, opening my blouse so that he could kiss my breasts. I had to uncross my legs, and my skirt slid u to the tops of my thighs. I longed to straddle him, and impale myself on his lovely cock, and I briefly wished that nurse would come in and see us …

‘When you get out of hospital, Dad, we’ll make up for lost time — you can fuck me all you want, whenever you want, wherever you want, darling!’

He groaned, and his body jerked. ‘Rub me harder, Jen! And kiss me!’ I kissed him. Wetly, lingeringly, our mouths working on each other. I was still feeling waves of my orgasm washing over me — I was trembling as I rubbed his marvellous cock furiously, and I saw him reach for a handful of tissues from the box on the bedside table …

Then he groaned, arching his hips, and his semen began spurting in great jets. Soon the tissues were sodden, and his semen trickled down over my hand — his fingers were deep in my vagina, and I think I was nearly as wet as his cock.

He was panting, and so was I. I pushed the tissues away, and kissed his cock, capturing the last drops of semen in my mouth, tasting it, savouring it …

Finally I sat up, still fondling him.

‘I — I’ve got to go, Daddy. But I’ll be back tomorrow, and I’ll bring you a photo of me naked for you to look at when I’m not here.’

I rummaged in my bag, and produced my panties and pressed them in his hand.

‘Meanwhile, darling, you can have these to remind you of me.’ I giggled. ‘Sorry, they’re soaking wet!’

As I left the room, I bumped into the nurse. My blouse was still unbuttoned, and I saw her glance down at my partly exposed bare breasts. She slowly raised her eyes to look at me, and I smiled at her.

‘What’s your name?’

‘Annette,’ she whispered hoarsely. ‘I — I have to go …’

She turned and I watched her walking down the corridor, studying her swaying bottom, undressing her in my mind. I knew that when I came back tomorrow I’d invite her for a drink at the wine bar, and I knew that she’d come, and then …

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