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Bi-Continental Friends

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Amanda waited anxiously as all the passengers got off the plane. She had only seen Natalie in pictures that she sent in her email but that was enough to make her quiver in anticipation of her arrival.

Natalie was visiting the States from Australia. Her and Amanda had been corresponding over the internet for almost a year. They had shared many things and even though they had never met, they felt quite close to each other.

Natalie had been saving for this trip for a very long time and was going to spend at least a week of her time with Amanda. They had plans for site seeing, movies, dinners, lunches, the works. They were going to paint the whole city red, together.

Natalie stepped out of the walkway and saw Amanda right off. Amanda was holding a sign with her name on it.

“You didn’t need that sign, you look just like your pictures! Gorgeous!” Natalie said as she was greeted with a hug from Amanda.

“I wasn’t sure if you’d recognize me, but I am so glad you did. Speaking of pictures. You look great! All I expected an more” Amanda said with a huge smile. “I’ve got my car parked in the luxury parking lot, we better hurry.”

Natalie nodded “Just need to get my luggage, love.” She said as they both headed off toward the Baggage Claim area. After a few minutes Natalie’s bags arrived and they were off.

Arriving at the car Amanda opened the trunk and threw in Natalie’s bags.

“You’re going to be in the states for 3 months and all you packed were two bags?” Amanda questioned.

“I don’t need much to get by. And I want to bring home more than I left with. So, it’s just the necessities. 2 pair of pants, 4 shirts, 3 bras, and 5 pairs of panties. Though I think I could use more panties.” Natalie said.

“I can probably give you some of mine if you like. Anything to help out.” Amanda said with a smile. But there was more behind that smile than Natalie realized. One thing Amanda wanted more than anything was to help Natalie out all right. Right out of her clothes and into Amanda’s bed. Ever since she found out that Natalie was coming to the states for a visit she had been planting ideas in Natalie’s head via email and chat about things they could do together, and to each other. But she was never sure if Natalie understood that she was coming on to her. She dropped hints all the time that she was into girls, but maybe she thought she was just playing. She hoped to find out as soon as possible.

“Thanks, love!” Natalie replied. “You’re such a doll for letting me stay with you during my visit.

“It’s my pleasure, I assure you. I need another woman around the house for awhile, it’ll be great.” Amanda said as they got in the car and started to drive.

Natalie had on jeans and a button up shirt that was slightly unbuttoned. She wore a white tank top underneath. “It’s damn hot here, such a difference from Washington. I guess I should have dressed for the desert.” Natalie said as she took off her button up shirt. Revealing her huge breasts that were bulging in her tank top. Amanda bit her lip.

“I’m sorry, I should have the air-conditioning on!” Amanda said as she reached for and cranked it on as high as it would go.

“Thanks, love. That feels absolutely terrific.” Natalie said as she relaxed in her seat. “I hope your apartment is this cool. I’ll have to walk around naked to get any relief! Ha-ha-ha”

Amanda smiled. “The apartment gets pretty cool, but you are more than free to walk around naked.”

“You are just as flirty in person as you are in your emails. Scott is lucky to have such a naughty girl.” Natalie said with a smile. “Speaking of Scott, where is he illegal bahis at?”

“He wanted to come with me to pick you up but he had to go take care of a client out of town. He may not be back home till tomorrow.” Amanda told her. “But that means we will have some time to talk, girl to girl. It’ll be fun.”

Natalie gave her a wicked smile. “I think you’re up to something. But no matter, it’ll be fun to spend time together alone.”

The rest of the way home they talked and made fun of the music on the radio, laughing and having a great time. When they got to Amanda’s apartment they put Natalie’s stuff in the spare bedroom and sat down to have some wine.

“You guys have got a nice place here, I like it.” Natalie said as she sipped on her third glass of wine.

“I haven’t even showed you all of it. Come on, I’ll show you our bedroom. I just got a new bed set, you have to see it it’s so cute!” Amanda said as she grabbed Natalie’s hand and pulled her down the hall.

Once in the bedroom Amanda sits on the edge of the bed and Natalie looks around the room.

“Oh that is pretty. I like it a lot!” Natalie said as she viewed the room. She noticed that the T.V. that was in the room had a DVD player on top of it and on that sat a few DVD’s. She walks over and picks them up. They are mostly lesbian porn. She looks at them and smiles. “You two are the naughty couple aren’t you? Do you lay in bed and watch these together?”

Amanda smiles coyly. “Yeah, all the time. They drive me so crazy! Hey, do you want to watch one?”

“Sure, why the hell not. I’ve had enough wine that I think I am up for anything.” Natalie said as she laughed wildly. She hops up on the front of the bed and sits up.

Amanda gets up to put in a movie. “Okay, which would you rather see? Where the Boy’s Aren’t, Four Finger Club, Naughty Nurses, or First Time is a Fun Time?”

“Ohhh I love the medical industry. Let’s watch the nurses!” Natalie said.

“That is my favorite one!” Amanda said as she slid in the DVD and hit play. After grabbing the remote Amanda hops up in the bed next to Natalie. “This should be fun!”

“I can’t believe I am watching this with you.” Natalie said as she shifted in the bed. “I’ve never watched girl/girl porn before. Let alone with another girl. It’s kind of exciting.”

“I know I am excited!” Amanda said as stretched her shirt back showing off her hard nipples.

“Amanda! You’re crazy!” Natalie said as the movie began. She sat back and watched the action on the screen. Female nurses in a huge orgy. Playing with each other, licking and fondling. Thrusting toys in and out of each other. Natalie couldn’t help but start to get wet. She felt her nipples getting hard and had to restrain herself from touching them.

She looked over to see if Amanda was enjoying the movie as much as she was and saw that she certainly was. Her hand was on her nipple and she was squeezing it. The site of Amanda rubbing and squeezing her nipple drove Natalie crazy. Her pussy throbbed. She found herself watching the movie and Amanda equally. Though her attention was starting to focus more on Amanda.

Natalie knew from their emails and chats online that Amanda may try to seduce her. She was ready for that. She knew that if it was going to happen that she would have to be pretty drunk. But now her buzz was wearing off and she found herself wanting to be the one to make the first move.

“This movie is really hot.” Natalie said as she watched Amanda squeeze her nipples.

“Yes it is, I told you it’s my favorite. It makes me really hot.” Amanda said without taking her gaze off the screen. “It’s having illegal bahis siteleri the same effect on me. I can’t help but want to touch.” Natalie said shyly.

“Go for it!” Amanda said, thinking that Natalie meant to touch herself.

“Thank you so much.” Natalie said as she reached out and touched Amanda’s nipple that was currently free. From the look in Amanda’s eyes she knew Amanda misunderstood her. “Oh, you thought I meant touch myself.” Natalie smiled. “Well you can do that for me if you want.”

Amanda didn’t wait for Natalie to even finish what she was saying, somewhere between “can” and “do” she was up on her knees pulling off her shirt and helping Natalie with hers. She straddled Natalie’s lap and nuzzled her breasts up to her face. Natalie opened her mouth and let Amanda’s left nipple slide into her wet and waiting mouth. Her tongue touched Amanda’s nipple and a wave of pleasure shot through her body instantly soaking her already wet panties.

“Mmmm your tongue feels so fucking hot.” Amanda moaned as she reached down to caress Natalie’s breasts. As she touched her nipples, Natalie bit down on Amanda’s nipple, and they both moaned loudly.

“Oh, yes, bite me you little slut! Your mouth feels so good, it’s making me so wet.” Amanda cried. “I need to taste you baby. I can smell your sweet pussy from here, and I have to have that in my mouth. Don’t move, I’ll take care of you sweety.” Amanda said as she moved down the bed, Natalie sitting up slightly against the headboard.

Amanda slowly starts taking off Natalie’s jeans and licking her lips. “Mmmm I know you’re just dripping wet right now. I’m so glad Scott’s not here, I get it all to myself.” Natalie smiled wide as Amanda finally gets off her pants and starts to slide off her panties.

“Oh baby, you’re so nice and smooth. Your pussy is glistening with juices.” Amanda said as she scooted herself to lay in front of Natalie’s pussy. She positions her mouth over Natalie’s pussy and gently kisses it. Natalie moans loudly and her back arches. “You want it bad, don’t you, sweety?”

“Oh GOD YES!” Natalie screamed. “Please eat my pussy, Amanda. I want it so bad!” Natalie thrust her hips forward to give Amanda a better angle at her smooth pussy. Amanda looks Natalie directly in the eye and touches her tongue to her pussy, gently licking her lips. Amanda pulls back her tongue and a strand of Natalie’s wet pussy comes with it as if her pussy did not want the tongue to ever leave. Amanda takes her finger and gets the nice drop of Natalie’s wetness that has formed on her tongue. Then she lets Natalie lick it off.

“I love the taste of your pussy.” Amanda said. “Me too.” Natalie replies. “Make me cum and you’ll get a shower of it all over your face.” Amanda moans. “I better get to work then.” With that Amanda drops her head back down and starts to lick Natalie’s clit with the tip of her tongue. Flicking it up and down and side to side. Natalie moaning like a sweet little whore. Amanda takes a few long licks starting at Natalie’s asshole and ending on the top of her clit. She takes her left hand and spreads Natalie’s pussy lips apart so she can stick her tongue inside.

“Oh yes, fuck me with your tongue. God that feels amazing!! YES!” Natalie screams as Amanda tongue fucks her lovely pussy.

Amanda’s tongue makes it’s way back up to Natalie’s clit as Amanda’s free hand comes up to finger her cunt.

“I saw this movie called The Four Finger Club. Do you want to see if you can be a part of that club?” Amanda said as she smiled at Natalie. All Natalie could do was nod dramatically.

Amanda slides her first finger into canlı bahis siteleri Natalie’s pussy and start fucking it slowly. Natalie moans. Amanda curls the finger up toward herself hitting Natalie’s G-spot and Natalie screams.

“Holy shit, you bitch! That feels so fucking good!!” Natalie lets out loudly.

“Oh, you like that, slut? Well I guess you’ll like this more.” Amanda said right before she slid another finger into Natalie’s dripping hole. Bending her fingers all around inside Natalie’s pussy getting it ready for the third finger. “You ready for three, bitch?”

“Please! Please! Fuck me, Amanda!” Natalie moaned.

Amanda slides her third finger into Natalie as Natalie let out a huge moan. Amanda fucks her pussy hard with those fingers, stretching her pussy wide. Without even asking first she just slide four fingers into Natalie’s cunt. They easily go in. Amanda has loosened her up so much that Natalie hardly notice the fourth finger has gone in. After a big of furious finger fucking Natalie looks down.

“Fuck! I was going to beg you to put the fourth finger in but you already have. Fuck! I want more! More! Fist fuck me, Amanda, stick your whole fucking fist in me! FUCK ME!” Natalie screamed like a veteran porn starlet.

“You’re such a whore. God, I love it. You want to be fist fucked? Then you’re gonna get it, you sexy fuck!” Amanda positions her hand to move her thumb into Natalie’s pussy along with her fingers. After getting all her fingers together inside her, Amanda starts moving her whole hand in and out of Natalie’s pussy. As she five finger fucks her pussy she spreads her fingers further and further apart until her pussy seems ready for a real fisting. Then she balls her hand into a fist and really starts to fist fuck her cunt.

“Holy fucking shit! YES! Fist fuck my cunt, yes! Oh sweet god, you’re so hot! Fuck me, Amanda, fist fuck my cunt! Goddamn! Lick my clit too, slut! Lick it!” Natalie yells out.

Amanda puts her head down and starts to lick Natalie’s clit as she fist fucks her pussy as fast as she can.

“I think I’m gonna fucking cum. It’s gonna be a fucking squirter too, it just feels so fucking hot I am gonna fucking squirt! Pull your fist out and put your mouth on my cunt! I’m gonna squirt all over your face!!” Natalie told Amanda.

Amanda pulls out her fist and moves it up to rub Natalie’s clit.

“That’s it, yes! Rub my clit! I’m gonna fucking cum! YES, GOD YES! FUCKING RUB IT, BITCH! I’M GONNA FUCKING CUMMM!! NOWWWW GOD!! YESSSSS!!”

Amanda opened her mouth wide as Natalie starts to cum. What she gets is a face full of Natalie’s sweet juices. She cums with a scream that could peel the paint off the walls, thrusting her waist forward Natalie shoots her squirting juices all over Amanda’s face. Amanda laps at it as it flies in her face, it’s dripping down her cheeks, her chin, all over her lips and in her mouth. When Natalie finishes squirting her cum, Amanda dives on her cunt to lick all that she didn’t get on her face.

After licking it all up she moves up to lay next to Natalie. Natalie licks some of the cum off of Amanda’s chin that she missed.

“I can’t believe you squirted when you came! That was so hot!’ Amanda said, exausted from fucking her.

“It only happens when I am fucked very well and I’m very hot. I’m so glad I squirted for you though. I was hoping I would.” Natalie admitted.

“You knew I was gonna try to get you in bed the whole time, didn’t you?” Amanda asked.

“Yup. You’re such a slut. I knew you’d try to fuck me. I’m glad you did too.” Natalie replied. “I just thought Scott was gonna be here for it.”

“Oh, he’ll be here for round two.” Amanda said as she started to rub her pussy. Natalie notices her doing this and sits up.

“I don’t think he’ll be here in time for round two.” Natalie says and they both start to giggle.

The Beginning…

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