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Bicyclist Champion Lingerie Secrets

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Eric was riding very fast hoping no one would notice what he was wearing for a racing jersey. His jersey though colorful, was actually lingerie so light it breathed well and was virtually transparent. He did not plan on stopping so nobody could see he was practically naked. At least while he was in the riding position you could not see his cock and balls. He rode harder to prevent anybody from catching up to him. But then he noticed his front tire was losing air.

Nearby was the bicycle shop and Eric decided he would have to go there for a tire repair. Everyday Eric, a college boy athlete 18 years old, learned new things in life and sports never knowing how his outlook on life might change. He had a thin build and was very fit. Right now his main goal was to win a bicycle race. Eric was building up his stamina daily. He forgot about the embarrassing see through make shift jersey he had on and went to the bike shop. At least it was starting to get dark and maybe no one would notice anything.

Eric rode his 33 speed racing bike with Shimano gears, hydraulic disc brakes, and 700mm carbon fiber wheels, to the shop. He wore slick colorful racing clothes, but his secret was they were not really a racing uniform. All his money had gone into the bike, and he needed something comfortable and slick on the saddle, so he got a two piece sheer fitting lingerie pajamas set. The bright colors disguised it. They didn’t have a heavy lining or cup so his genital package was in plain view if one looked, but this did allow better air flow.

Sarah was just leaving the bicycle shop with her bike when she saw Eric ride up. He was handsome and had quite the style with the colorful riding gear. She noticed his riding gear was so sheer that she could see his whole body as if practically naked. When he slid off his saddle she got a clear view of his genital package shape and size, and he had a nice butt. She memorized it all with photographic memory, that she could amplify and play back at will. Sarah’s puffy nipples grew hard and stood out.

Vince the shop owner saw him slide off the saddle. He was fit and Vince instantly recognized the potential winner in Eric. Vince grinned to himself when he noticed the “racing suit” Eric had on.

Vince said, “It is closing time, but come on in. I see you need to get that tire fixed right away.”

Eric pushed the bike in the door while Vince shut the door behind them turning off the outside light and turning on the “closed” neon light. They took the bike on into the repair area in the back of the shop. Looking around Eric saw the repair area, a partitioned area for viewing training videos, and another area with a training exerciser with a computer display.

“Come right in here,” Vince motioned toward the video room which also had a refrigerator and a serving bar for snacks and sandwiches. He turned on the video screen and turned down the background lights. He motioned toward the chair in front of the video screen. As he guided Eric to the chair with one hand on Eric’s hip he could feel how soft and slick the material was.

Eric did not have bahis şirketleri any interest in men at all, but Vince’s hand on his hip electrified him. Eric had not had any human contact in weeks, especially sexual contact. It was like someone rubbed his erogenous zone and his cock started to get hard. Eric was glad to hide it by sitting down.

“This video will demonstrate some race tactics and self incentives for consistent winning. These are race secrets and every winner must have secrets,” Vince explained. “You can watch this while I repair your tire, and check your bike.”

Eric passively thought about his racing “jersey” being his secret.

While Vince turned on the video he noticed that Eric’s cock was semi hard. His race training videos had some subliminal messages blended in for developing winners. Vince went to the fridge and poured a drink for Eric. On the refill he mixed it stronger. For his slight body it didn’t take much for Eric to get drunk.

As the video played it showed training techniques, passing maneuvers, and other racing tactics. Vince had mixed in subliminal secret incentives.

Progressing through the video Eric could feel after effects of his cock hardening but tried to concentrate on the video much as if he were the rider on the screen over taking some other riders sprinting uphill. He had a taste in his mouth that he couldn’t place but forced himself to concentrate harder on the film struggling to take the lead. As in many races Eric started to breathe through his mouth only subconsciously his lips formed a circle.

Subconsciously he had a flash vision of Vince sucking his cock, but this caused him to concentrate even more. Reciprocally he had a flash vision of himself sucking Vince’s cock. This was subconscious like a flash dream that you don’t remember when you wake up. At the end of the film he took the checkered flag and the winners jacket and there were young ladies advertising sports underwear cheering him, hugging and kissing him in congratulations. These beautiful women were still showing when Vince gently commented, “Hey you are going to stain your jersey! Let me remove those for you.”

While Eric’s hands were occupied by a drink, and a small snack sandwich, Vince deftly reached to the band on Eric’s lingerie jersey pulled it away from Eric’s rock hard cock. He pulled the lingerie down in front and back hooking the band in the front and sliding his hand down in the back down the crack. Holding Eric’s butt cheek firmly with one hand and pulling the lingerie down past Eric’s knees with the other allowed a natural motion of his head sliding down Eric’s stomach and before Eric could react, his cock was fully into Vince’s mouth.

Eric could feel the hot breath but Vince’s head blocked the view and he could only imagine what he thought he felt. But soon he felt a swallowing motion that had to be Vince’s throat, and at the same time he felt Vince’s hand slide under his balls while the other hand lifted his ass cheeks.

Vince had dipped his finger into an open container of personal lube under the bench and his finger slid bahis firmaları into Eric’s asshole easily pushing out semen from his prostate gland. Lifting butt cheeks, and lifting by the asshole and crotch, Vince caused Eric’s rock hard cock to extend further and harder into his throat. It had been weeks since Eric had allowed himself any sex and suddenly his cock exploded an extra large load of cum directly into Vince’s mouth. All this had happened so nonchalantly and quickly that Eric had been taken completely off guard, and was drunkenly surprised.

Eric’s cock remained hard causing confusion as he didn’t know what to do now.

Gently Vince removed his finger, and pulled away from Eric’s cock. He stood up while Eric was still a captive audience looking at the screen with both hands occupied. Vince stood up and while Eric formed a face again of mouth breathing, Vince rubbed his cock on Eric’s lips and pushed in. Within a few pumps, Vince came with volleys into Eric’s mouth.

Eric was stunned. He tasted the cum in his mouth, moving it around with his tongue not knowing what to do with it, and finally swallowed it licking the rest off the cockhead that was still in his mouth. Not wanting to have any more cum in his mouth he licked the rest off the cockhead, twirling his tongue all around it. He tasted the penis skin and the flare of the helmet, sucking slightly.

Having never imagined himself sucking cock Eric now found himself reveling on the fact that he had just sucked and swallowed for the first time.

Vince said, “Every Champion must have secrets.”

Vince let Eric suck his cock clean and let him lick up and down it. “Lick all the way down between the balls.”

Vince guided Eric’s head between the balls letting him lick his entire scrotum and pushing one ball then the other into Eric’s mouth giving him time to savor the taste. “Every champion must have a twitch driving him on to the finish line in first place,” without explaining why he said that.

Eric in drunken obedience allowed Vince to guide him to another small room outfitted with a bed. Vince brought Eric’s lingerie bottoms with him, and sat Eric on the side of the bed pulling off the top half of the lingerie leaving Eric completely naked. Eric was sleepy from the alcohol and didn’t complain when Vince laid him over on his stomach and started rubbing his back.

Vince casually explained while back rubbing Eric to sleep, that “Champions must have an itch to get that very last wattage of power stroke energy, must have slick jerseys in the saddle, and must have a slick asshole.”

This caused a little giggle from drunken Eric as he started falling asleep, and another giggle as he felt slick stuff being rubbed onto his ass, down his crack and tickling his asshole. He gave another giggle when he felt a finger wiggle into his butt hole again. Then he held his breath as he felt something larger pressing against his butt hole.

“Relax,” said Vince. He firmly but slowly pushed his cock head into Eric’s asshole. Taunting the anal ring, Vince moved his cock head in minute ovals. Going slowly kaçak bahis siteleri he wanted Eric to feel every moment, and was hoping to be gentle enough so the asshole would turn out to be a natural round opening about the size of a finger. He whispered, “this will allow some body heat to escape while you are riding and winning.”

Soon he was sawing in and out more and more rapidly, pulling out only to put squirt more lube in, and finally pumping in all the way as his belly spanked the young athlete’s perfect ass. When he shot his load of cum up Eric’s ass, he let Eric enjoy the feel, while he fondled Eric’s ass. Whispering in Eric’s ear, “Now you will have that little twitch in your power stroke that will give you an advantage.”

As Eric started snoring, “Tomorrow I will let you train in the sissy sheath panties, with cock ring.” He took a cloth and wiped the lube off of Eric’s ass. He had just taken Eric’s cherry.

Arriving at the bike shop the next day at closing time Eric was prepared for a new training session. Vince had the training sessions timed to give the best performance for races followed by advanced training between races.

Vince let Eric and his bike in and closed the business for the evening. In the training room he had the exercise bike set up, and had the riding gear ready for Eric. They started in the video room with a short fresh clip on racing techniques with subliminal messages included. Vince gave Eric a drink to relax with. After the video clip Eric seemed energized and was getting a hard on. They went into the training room where Vince helped Eric take his clothes off and produced some folded material for Eric to smell. The smell was of the most tantalizing perfume and the material was of silk white panties with pink French lace and was bright glow in the dark fluorescent coloring. The sissy panties had a cock sheath with a piss opening, and jock strap seams with a built in cock ring and bulge support. The seams were fluorescent bright yellow that accented his cock and balls. His butt cheeks were exposed and accentuated. Vince helped pull the sissy panties up and inserted Eric’s cock in the sheath, pulling the cock ring in place over his cock and balls.

When Eric got on the machine Vince had mirrors set up where Eric could see his riding positions in progress. Vince turned on a black light that turned on the colors. Eric admired himself in the mirrors. Vince also had video cameras recording from various positions in the room.

Eric became a winner, and had his secrets.

Eric’s goal was to be a champion winner. He has set backs but moves ahead.

Sarah tries to get his attention but he fiercely looks away trying to focus on the racing.

One day Eric is distracted and looks toward her momentarily with a blank look. She is ecstatic just to get momentary notice, she learns to race to be near him, and has personal sacrifices having to deal with Vince. Vince soon learns that Sarah is determined, but her real reason for racing was to be near Eric.

She fucked and sucked him and gave him anal sex in her determination to let nothing stand in her way. Vince had two champions at hand, and helped them both achieve their goals, and he would be at their wedding.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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