Ara 31

Big Dick Johnson’s Booty Adventure

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John ‘Big Dick’ Johnson did not have an ironic name. He had one helluva dick. Girls from all over were only too happy to take a pounding from him. Nary a pussy could stay dry when he whipped it out and gave them a full view of the cyclopean monster.

So, on the luckiest day of John’s life, he stopped by the Quickie Mart, a Mart that he had many a quickie in, and the cute girl behind the counter gave him a lotto ticket. Kaylee was a beautiful thing with pale skin, full lips, large breasts and wide, curvy hips. She had a couple of silver piercings, many in fun places, long dark hair and a very goth look to her.

“John, if this wins, we’re going to escape on a yacht together.” Kaylee said as she leaned forward on the counter. They both knew he could see right down her top and, as usual, she was without a bra. He knew she was also totally free of underwear beneath her knee length black skirt. Winner or no, he intended to plow her again today.

His dick throbbed and he reached a hand down her shirt, “For luck, cutie.” He teasingly fondled her boob and she giggled with a blush.

There was a few minutes wait until the lottery was announced and the numbers dinged across the lotto machine. John looked down at the ticket and then back at Kaylee.

“Well?” Kaylee asked eagerly, “Did we get anything.”

John, instead of screaming at the top of his lungs and bouncing around, calmly pocketed the ticket and stepped behind the counter. Kaylee eyed him strangely, but before she could speak, he grabbed her waist and yanked her skirt up her waist, exposing her naked ass. She yelped in surprise but he ripped down his own pants and rammed his monster cock into her pussy.

He sank right to his balls inside her, pressing right to her plush booty and whispered in her ear, “We’re billionaires.”

Her pussy clenched down so fast on him that it almost hurt. She squealed and tried to turn, but he started fucking her hard. She gave a throaty moan and flopped over the counter. His huge member plunged her sloppy depths, making stars burst in her vision. She gasped, “John! Oh my god, John! We’re really rich? We won?!”

“Does my dick not convince you?” John laughed, grabbing her wide hips. He pounded her with a ball-slapping fury and she screamed wildly without a speck of shame.

The front door dinged and a man walked in, “What the hell?!”

“We won the fucking lottery!” John yelled, not slowing at all.

“You’re kidding!” The man’s eyes widened.

“My dick has never been so hard!” John laughed heartily and he grabbed Kaylee around the middle. He pulled her up and ripped her shirt open. “Take anything you want! I’m a billionaire! I don’t fucking care!”

“Sweet!” The man whooped and picked up an entire energy drink display next to the front door and walked out with it.

“John! John, you’re going to get me fired!” Kaylee panted and moaned, her big boobs bouncing all about. Light glinted off miniature silver swords piercing her nipples.

“I’ll buy this fucking store and burn it to the ground! I don’t care! I’m rich! We’re rich!” John scoffed, lifting her off the ground with a hard thrust.

Kaylee squealed loudly as another customer came in, this one a young woman.

“Oh my!” The girl started in surprise. She stared openly at them, “Um… Um… I… I wanted a soda. I’m sorry if I’m interrupting.”

“I’m rich! Fuck the rules! Take whatever you want! I won the fucking lotto!” John buried himself deep inside Kaylee and his dick started to blow. Kaylee’s eyes went cross and she came from his pumping load.

“O… Okay…” The girl stammered, her face beat red. She took a soda off the shelf and left quickly.

“John! Oh John! I’m cumming so hard!” Kaylee howled as he laid her back on the counter. He dragged his cock out of her pussy and blew cum all over her pale flesh.

The doors dinged again and three skater punks came in. John grabbed Kaylee’s hips and plunged his dick hard into her asshole. She screamed in pleasure and gripped the counter tightly.

“Radical!” One of them laughed.

“You guys are so going to get busted!” Another laughed along.

“Fuck that shit! We won the lottery! Take whatever you want fellas! On me!” John pushed himself right until their thighs mashed together and Kaylee’s eyes just about bulged out of her head, her tongue flopping out of her black-lipped mouth.

“No fucking way.” One of them exclaimed in awe.

“Go for it!” John pulled back and drove hard forward.

“Fuck yes!” The punks launched into action. They pulled off their backpacks and emptied boxes of candy into them. They grabbed beer and soda. They piled everything they could in their arms and backpacks. They stacked things on their skateboards and loaded absolutely everything they could. One of them went so far as to stick his head under the slushy machine and drink until he groaned with a brain freeze.

“You’re the fucking best!” One of the trio yelled as they headed out the door.

“All perabet lottery winners should be this generous!” A second whooped.

They tramped out the door, leaving a lot of the store in shambles behind them.

“Come on sexy! Let me empty my balls and we’ll go shop for a fucking yacht!” John speared her asshole again.

“I love you!” Kaylee moaned, lying half limp over the counter.


Three weeks later, John and Kaylee stood on a dock in Key West Florida. In front of them was their new boat, the well-named ‘Big Johnson’. It was an enormous vessel, one of the largest private yachts in the world, and it could drive itself around the entire equator without stopping. It had been constructed with an experimental miniature nuclear reactor and fitted with an astoundingly intelligent computer system. It had a dozen bedrooms, an enormous kitchen and amenities galore. A hatch in the side could open to let out a speed boat and a few jet skis. It came with a two seat submersible and had a helicopter pad on the back of it, for whenever John decided they should buy a helicopter.

At a sweet three hundred and fifty million, it barely cut their winnings by a third.

John put an arm around Kaylee and grabbed her bare, plush ass. She was wearing only a tiny black G-string and a micro bikini top. He had on some obscenely bulged spandex shorts.

“We are going to fuck so many times on this boat.” John smiled.

“And we’re going to find some delicious ass from all around the world for your dick.” Kaylee grinned. It had actually been her idea, not his, to share his dick with as many girls as possible. She wanted him to go down in history as the most well-fucked man in existence and she wanted to be the queen of his harem.

“Hey Jeeves, you still cool with our agreement?” John asked, looking past Kaylee to the aging salt and pepper haired man standing with them. He had on a pristine black and white tuxedo and his entire visage gave off a sense of pride and class.

“Of course, sir. Twenty million dollars plus one million dollars a year for my servitude aboard your Yacht, open ended contract. I shall cook, clean and take care of your every need within my capabilities.” Jeeves nodded. His name wasn’t really Jeeves, but John had paid him well enough that his name was whatever he wanted.

“Fantastic. I would avoid bringing a blacklight if I were you. I’m going to Pollock the hell out of that ship.” John chuckled and he turned to walk Kaylee up the gangplank.

“I have served Charlie Sheen for a number of years, sir. I assure you that you will not surprise me.” Jeeves said with a pleasant smile, following them up the gangplank.

The ship was beyond fantastic. Doors opened automatically with quiet hydraulics and the inside had a gentle breeze of cool air conditioning.

“Holy fuck…” Kaylee gasped as she walked in, “This is amazing.”

“Shoes woman, shoes!” John exclaimed as she walked onto the soft emerald carpet that filled the sitting room. He kicked off his own and headed towards the hallway. Behind him, the butler was digging in his pocket. He cocked his head at him, “Jeeves?”

“I come prepared for such things, sir.” Jeeves said, pulling out a pair of cotton covers that he slipped over his shoes before stepping onto the carpet, “I would never dirty your ship with neither my shoes nor the scent of my feet, sir.”

“You really are classy as fuck.” John laughed, heading down the hall after Kaylee.

“Right you are, sir.” Jeeves nodded.

The dining room was spectacular. It had a crystal chandelier and a dining table with comfortable seating for twenty. Through a pair of doors and into a side door showed them an enormous kitchen full of silver counters and pristine cookware.

“Hell, Jeeves, what do you think?” John asked him.

“It is marvelous, sir. I shall enjoy using it immensely.” Jeeves smiled.

“Well, for convenience, your room is right across the hall and the stairs down to the cargo are at the end of the hall.” John showed him the door opposite where a quite spacious and comfortable bedroom sat. It had a glorious four post bed, heavy bookshelves, a huge television and it’s own bathroom with a full jacuzzi tub. John chuckled, “Don’t say I didn’t give you anything for your downtime.”

“Quite right, sir. I would think this to be quite the pleasure.” Jeeves smiled for real this time, eyeing the round marble tub.

“If there’s anything more you want before we leave port tomorrow, be sure to tell the dockworkers. They’ll handle it.” John said, clapping him on the shoulder as he left.

“Yes sir.” Jeeves nodded.

The rest of the yacht was no less grand. It had a huge shower, a sauna, a full spa and even a small swimming pool. There were bedrooms, an arcade, a library and even a theater. Most important, on the top deck, was John’s bedroom. It was positioned at the center of the ship, a large round room sitting right on top. The entire room was wrapped windows and in the middle was his custom bed. perabet giriş Large enough for a dozen people to lounge comfortable upon, it was covered with pillows and a few huge comforters. Kaylee threw herself on it as he came up the stairs.

John let out a long whistle and couldn’t keep the grin from his face, “This is going to be one helluva fuck room.”

“I cannot wait until we’re cruising the Caribbean in this.” She sighed, sinking into the plush mattress.

He leapt on the bed behind her and pressed himself to her back, dick throbbing through spandex against her bare ass.

“I don’t think we need to wait on other activities though.” He bit her ear and ground his dick hard between her cheeks. She growled in response and squirmed eagerly beneath him.

“Do it John! Come on! I’m so hot from all this money! Ravage my pussy!” Kaylee exclaimed, raising her hips beneath him to press her plush ass hard against him.

John pulled his dick out and held her tiny G string out of the way. He plunged into her pussy with a hard thrust and Kaylee growled again, a feral lusty look in her eyes.

“You are the sluttiest goth ever! Kaylee, I love you!” John moaned as he sank down onto her big ass, monster cock buried in her womb.

“How can any girl not be when your dick is around?” She cooed, working her hips against him, “A cock this big doesn’t just ask for pussy or bother seducing it… It takes it! It demands pussy and I can’t possibly resist!”

John gripped her plush hips and pulled back, watching her plump pussy stretch around his dick. He shoved completely back in her and she squealed with joy.

“Sir.” Jeeves announced his presence at the doorway.

John threw an arm around Kaylee and lifted her up. He turned around and flopped down on the edge of the bed, driving her hard down on his cock. She screamed and went limp in his arms, her breath coming hard as she orgasmed upon his cock.

“Yea Jeeves?” John looked over her shoulder, his hand groping her breast and his other playing with the piercing in her clit. Jeeves was gracefully looking slightly up and to the left, out the window.

“I apologize for interrupting your activities. I mistakenly presumed you were still touring the ship. I see now that you are christening it.” He gave a slight cough but otherwise looked completely nonplused, “I just wanted to let you know that I went through the kitchen and am planning on a chicken risotto and salad for dinner, if that is to your liking.”

“Sounds great Jeeves.” John said as he thrust hard up into Kaylee, punctuating his sentence with her scream of bliss. Jeeves turned and left down the stairs quickly.

John pulled Kaylee from hisdick and tossed her sideways on the bed. He grabbed her G string and pulled it down her round thighs and tossed it behind him. He pulled her cheeks apart and her tight little asshole winked at him while she was catching her breath.

“That… Was the most tactful… I’ve ever heard anyone be when…” She huffed and pushed her dark hair off her sweaty forehead, “When interrupting sex.”

“Do you get interrupted often?” John asked, positioning his knees on either side of her ass. A thick dollop of precum fell and ran down her crack.

“Well, couple of times at work with you and my bossss~!” Her voice rose into a shrill moan as he penetrated her asshole. He pushed down on her until his balls came to rest on her soft flesh.

“Yea, he never did seem to happy to see you getting fucking railed over a case of beer.” John laughed as he railed her asshole.

“Oh fuck John, pound my ass! Your dick feels so big today! Fill my butt with your cum!” Kaylee cried happily, propping herself up on her elbows.

He fucked her ass with total ruthlessness, making her cum twice more before he started to feel it himself. He obliged her wishes and nutted hard in her asshole, splattering deep inside her with immense amounts of spunk. He dragged himself free of her and his cum-lathered cock fell with a splatter across her asscheeks.

“Oh John…” She cooed lovingly, staring back at him.

“Come on. Let’s break in the shower next.” He smiled and hefted her over one of his shoulders with a surprised laugh from her.



John and Kaylee watched from his bed as the ship slid smoothly out of the port and towards the open waters of the Atlantic. She was lounging back on his lap with his cock squished firmly between her big buttcheeks. He had his arms around her, idly fondling her breasts. They had fucked half the night away and woke up late in bed together, fucked once more and then Jeeves announced they were to be getting underway.

“This all feels like a dream, John. The money. The yacht.” She looked back at him with her eyes sparkling, “The endless dicking and all the cum inside me.”

“You did all this baby. I’m only repaying you in bodily fluids.” John smiled and kissed her. While their tongues wrestled, she raised her hips and pressed her asshole perabet güvenilir mi against his dick. He slipped in easier than ever, her hole comfortably stretched and well-lubed in gooey cum.

They made out passionately, his dick lodged firmly in her asshole, as the ship hit open sea and cut a clean trail through the waves towards the Bahamas. Eventually their kissing faded into moans as Kaylee raised her hips and slid back down. She was more hungry for his cock than he had ever seen any woman before and it was incredible. He finally felt like he was getting to test his sexual endurance. Until now, no woman had ever managed to last more than a few loads.

“Sir.” Jeeves said from the doorway behind them.

“Whoa!” John exclaimed and Kaylee collapsed forward off his lap, his dick pulling most of the way from her ass. He looked over the pillows at Jeeves, “Damn it man, how do you get up those stares so quietly!”

“It’s very easy, sir, when you have practice. I was coming to tell you that I’ll have a full breakfast ready in fifteen minutes.” He said with a slight bow before leaving.

“Fuck…” Kaylee moaned, a hand on her chest as she breathed hard from the surprise. The head of his dick still stretched her ass and she was clenching to keep it there. She shook her head and pushed her hair behind her ears, “That butler… He is sneaky as hell.”

“Come on back up here baby, I know just what you want.” John said, pulling hard on her hips. She moaned whorishly as he swung her up and sank his cock completely back inside her. He thrust his hips forward and bounced her roughly on him.

“Yes! Oh John! I love getting my ass fucked by you!” She cried out happily.

He fucked her hard and fast, dick flying in and out of her hole. She slipped free of him and he jerked himself hurriedly. Hot cum exploded from him with a happy cry and it burst up her back. He glazed her all over with his cum and pushed her over forward. He aimed at her ass and pussy, shooting thick streamers all over them.

“Jeez… You cum like a hose.” She cooed, running a finger up her ass and through the cum coating her back.

“Come on my little glazed donut, let’s get a shower and some breakfast.” John chuckled and took her hand.


It happened when they were enjoying a rather delicious breakfast of waffles and fruit. A strange sensation rolled over the entire ship and warning sirens started to go off.

“What the fuck?” John leapt to his feet.

“I am as confused as you, sir.” Jeeves said.

“Bridge! Come on!” John started down the hall. He and Kaylee were wearing fluffy white robes with the ship’s name stitched on the chest. John’s ruffled about his knees as he hurried up to the bridge, which was located just below and in front of his bedroom.

“Warning! Unknown obstacle ahead. Unable to stop forward motion.” The ship’s computer said, it’s voice feminine and artificial. It came from a speaker in the ceiling, the ship’s navigation and control system.

John stared out the window ahead of them in complete shock. Even Jeeves’ stoic professionalism was cracked and his mouth sat slightly ajar.

“What is going on?” Kaylee whimpered, clinging to John.

In front of them, the ocean had curled up on both sides to form a tunnel of sorts and lightning was crackling through the water. They were increasing in speed as though the water was flowing down a tube, yet the end of it still showed blue skies in the distance.

“Computer! Full reverse!” John called out, putting his hands on the large wheel in the middle of the bridge.

“Engine nonresponsive. Nuclear reactor shut down. Ship running on emergency power.” The computer replied.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” John yelled and he grabbed a radio from the dash, “Mayday! Can anyone hear me?”

The radio was dead silent, absolutely nothing coming from it.

“I expected a few ruined suits and maybe hitting my head after slipping on a puddle of cum would be the worst from this job.” Jeeves groaned as they watched the tunnel rush past them. The ship was skimming in the surface now, traveling far faster than it should have been. The lightning reached a fevered peak and they were nearly blinded by a bolt that struck the ship and the thunder rattled the windows around them.

When they could see again, the tunnel was gone. Bright blue skies were back around them and they were skipping gently across the waves. The ship rumbled and slowed, cruising to a stop in the open seas.

“What the fuck just happened.” John said, his knuckles white on the wheel.

“Unknown.” The computer replied.

“This doesn’t look like where we were.” Kaylee said as she looked around.

“Definitely not, sir. Look there.” Jeeves said, pointing out s glimmering silver object sitting on the waves to the south of them.

“That… Uhh… Computer, what is that?” John asked.

“Unknown. All downloaded charts and maps show that quadrant as open water.” The computer said.

“Okay. Great. Let’s go there, can we do that? It looks like someplace we could dock and figure out what the fuck just happened.” John said, prying his hands off the wheel.

“Emergency power will take us there at one quarter speed.” The computer confirmed and the ship started to move.

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