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Biker Bar

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The liquidity of heat rising from the road gives an eery feeling of walking under water as Diane begins to regret her decision of a cross country road trip east on her spring break. Being stranded in the Arizona desert wasn’t a priority on her agenda. She ignored cautions about having her car checked prior to the trip and is angry with herself about it now.

In the shimmering distance, there appears to be a place of refuge from the heat. Diane quickens her stride hoping it isn’t one of the fabled mirages she has heard about. Sweat trickles from the back of her neck, over her shoulders and down into the cleavage of her breasts. She is tempted to remove her bra and get relief from the slight breeze but has second thoughts now that ‘civilization’ is in sight. Unbuttoning the top three buttons, she fans her breasts with the open material. She curses herself for wearing the short skirt. Her legs seem to be scorching in the unbearable heat. Calf muscles are cramping as the shoes she chose to wear weren’t for walking long distances.

Diane is almost exhausted when she arrives at what appears to be a deserted gas station. She hears music from a jukebox and searches out the source. Behind the gas station is a rundown, dirty establishment. The door is open but she can’t see into the darkness. She notices four motorcycles parked out front and an early model Ford parked at the side of the building. Diane’s misery outweighs her timidity and she makes her way to the open door. She feel a rush of hot air escaping from the doorway and is grateful for the fact that it’s moving. Her blouse is almost totally wet, front and back, with sweat. The oscillating fan cools the sweat on her chest making her nipples stand proudly. Diane is unaware of the sight she presents entering the bar.

Silently standing just inside the bar, her eyes adjust to the lack of glaring sun. Seeing the bar, she tentatively glides over too it as the barkeeper asks if he can help her. Four heads turn to see who the barkeeper is talking to. Diane glances at the four men with dirty sunburned faces and stammers that her car is broke down on the road and she needs a phone to call for some assistance. There is a long moment of silence and Diane can almost feel the leering lusty gazes of the men. She feels ashamed to be standing there in her condition totally helpless. Her blouse, wet with sweat, clings to her stomach and back providing an outline of her bra encased breasts. A chilling thought flashes in the back of her mind reminding her she thought about removing it due to the heat outside. Pulling the wet blouse from her skin, she breathes a subliminal sigh of relief she hadn’t removed it. Suddenly, she remembers the buttons and nervously fastens them with trembling fingers. The low mumblings of the men combined with their lusty stares makes her uneasy and she wonders if they can see her legs trembling. A blush starts at her neck and moves to her face. She hopes it isn’t visible in the dim light.

The barkeeper nods his head to one side and mumbles “Phone’s there”. Walking to the end of the bar, feeling the combined gazes of the men almost stripping her clothes off, she sees the entrance to a back room. The green surface of a pool table is brightly lit by a low hanging light. Just inside the entrance, Diane turns to see a pay phone hanging on the wall. Fumbling for change, her trembling fingers can seem to grasp the coins. Sensing someone behind her, she looks to see >one of the younger of the four men right behind her. She is startled and drops her change purse. Squatting down to pick it up, she sees the man squat down too. He is more interested in her bare thighs disappearing under her short skirt than he is picking up her change. She tries pulling her skirt down to no avail. He sees flashes of her crotch as she quickly moves her knees from side to side as she retrieves the change scattered on the floor. The back of the loose skirt falling to the floor afforded a view of stretched mounds of her buttocks as she squatted. Glimpses of pussy lips swallowing the crotch of the thong she is wearing excites the man and he boldly places a hand on top of her thigh in an attempt to open her knees for a better look.

Cowering below the phone, she nervously asks him to stop what he is doing. He stands and she thinks he is giving up then suddenly hears a zipper being undone. She doesn’t dare look as the man groans as he pulling out his cock. He asks her if she wants to suck it and she is shocked beyond belief at the scene being played out. Diane isn’t a virgin by any means but her experience is limited to a back seat rendezvous with her high school sweetheart prior to going to college. The fascination of sex wasn’t a priority with her as the few experiences she had were of a fumbling boy, eager for his own pleasure. She had been told in her strict upbringing sex was dirty and not something to take pleasure in and nice girls didn’t have sex unless they were planning on a family.

She didn’t quite know what to do and was hoping the barkeeper would come to her aid wondering if she had found the phone. It was the only hope she could cling to. Temporarily relieved, she noticed another figure in the doorway. To her dismay, it was güvenilir bahis another biker satisfying his curiosity. An evil grin appeared on his face when he saw the positions they were in. He asked the younger man if she was any good. He replied that he was just about to find out. Both the men grabbed each of Diane’s arms and pulled her to her feet. They ignored her pleas to stop as they bent her over the edge of the pool table. Her squirming and trying to escape forced the older one to move to the other side of the table and stretch her arms out holding her still. His insincere mutterings for her to calm herself did nothing to relieve her anguish. Diane felt her skirt being lifted from the back exposing her buttocks. She immediately began trying to get up again. The other man held her wrists tightly preventing her from standing up. Reaching behind himself, he found the handcuffs he was carrying and expertly slapped them on her wrists. Now he could hold her still with on hand on the chain and had the other hand free.

The younger man produced a buck knife and slowly ran the cold blade over Diane’s quivering buttock. The fear of being stabbed immobilized her. All she could do was shake and tremble. The goosebumps on her buttocks seemed to inspire the man behind her. Soon she felt the blade slip under the waistband of the thong and suddenly it was no longer around her waist but dangling on the floor connected to her ankle. Panic enveloped her and she was in such a state she couldn’t even cry out. The younger man placed his feet inside Diane’s forcing her to spread her legs. He spit on his fingers and roughly slid them into her pussy, not waiting for her to get excited enough for natural lubrication. Diane yelped in surprise and pain. Twisting his fingers inside her was a feeble attempt at lubing her pussy for his onslaught. Removing his fingers, he sniffed at them and told the other man she really smelled like she was ready. More cries and pleas from Diane went unheard.

The younger man again spat on his fingers and lubed the head of his cock and part of his shaft. He placed the head of his cock into her slit, spread her buttocks and roughly slid it inside her pussy. He could feel her muscles clenching, attempting to prevent his penetration of her. He groaned with lust saying she was teasing him. The other man laughed gruffly and told him to hurry up and fuck her. Diane looked up to see her other captor with his cock in his hand, stroking it to full extension. She dreaded to think what he had in mind once he was fully hard.

With slow deliberate strokes, the younger man finally impaled Diane on his cock. He was in her full length and his dangling balls slapped against the edge of the pool table. This seemed to spur him on. Seeing her pink pucker gave him a idea. He gathered saliva in his mouth then let it drip slowly onto the pucker. It pooled in the slight indent then began running down to the cock roughly sliding in and out of her. It was somewhat of a relief to get some added lubrication to the shaft pistoning in her body. Suddenly she felt something at the entrance of her asshole. The man was rubbing the saliva around the hole with his thumb and pressing it in to her. Diane felt totally violated and humiliated as the tip of his thumb slid into her virgin asshole. She tried pulling her hips away from him but found it impossible. She felt like she needed to go to the bathroom with his thumb in her ass. She also noted her pussy felt tighter around the cock relentlessly slid up her now dampening channel. She could hear the man’s hips slapping against her buttocks as he increased his speed to satisfy his animal lust. Diane could hardly catch her breath as she was being pounded from the rear. The edge of the pool table was forcing her breath from her with each stroke.

Suddenly, there was a grunt from behind her and the pounding ceased immediately. She was fully stuffed with his cock and could feel it grow inside her, throbbing furiously, as he emptied the contents of his balls deep inside her clenching pussy. The warm sticky cum lubed her insides and it seemed the pain went away the slicker it became. The man put both hands on her buttocks again, slowly withdrawing from her body. She felt the cum cool quickly as he rubbed his cum coated cock on her leg in and attempt to clean himself up. Hearing “It’s your turn” filled her with more anxiety. The men changed places but it was different this time. Diane was rolled over on to her back and the other man grabbed both her legs and put them on his shoulders. The younger man had taken his pants off and climbed on the table straddling her chest. Leaning forward, he pushed her arms to full extension and teasingly rubbed the head of his softening cock against her tightly closed lips.

Diane felt the other man plunge his cock into her now well lubed pussy. She was, at least, grateful for the cum lubing her sore hole. Rolling her head from side to side trying to avoid the cock that was to invade her mouth did nothing but stimulate it making it hard again. The musky smell of his cum on it disgusted her and she was determined to have no part of it. He told her she would have it in her mouth if it was the last thing she did. There türkçe bahis was no use to fight what she wanted anyway. Diane couldn’t understand why he thought she would want his slimey cock in her mouth. The thoroughly rough fucking she was getting from the man between her legs caused a sudden intake of breath and the man atop her decided it was time to fill her mouth. Diane jerked away again and the man slapped her telling her to open her mouth. Reluctantly she did so and felt the tip of his cock slide between her lips. She was told to suck and lick it which she did tentatively at first.

The man between her legs slowed his stroking and began rubbing Diane’s clit with his thumb. Slowly but surely and against her will, Diane’s clit became hard. She couldn’t control the involuntary blood flow to her clit making it stiff. She was fighting the lust slowly building inside her. Mind racing, her she wondered why she was getting so excited being brutalized in this way. She felt dirty and used but had just about lost her strength and desire to resist. She felt if she didn’t resist and let them have their way with her, it would be over soon and she would be allowed to leave.

Seeing two more shadows in the doorway told her the ordeal was far from being over. She closed her eyes and tears raced down the sides of her face as the cock in her mouth pistoned faster and faster and the grunts and heavy breathing of the man violating her mouth reached her ears. The man’s humping motion on her chest hardened her nipples and they were beginning to get sore rubbing against the material of her bra. The man stiffened and slid his cock deep into her throat. She could feel it throbbing again and couldn’t help but try to swallow in an attempt to catch her breath. This cause the man to go crazy and he began urging her to swallow is cock. Diane felt the now familiar growing and increased throbbing of his cock as he released the dregs of his balls into her throat. Although she couldn’t taste it, she felt the thin slimey substance hit the back of her throat, coating it as it dripped it’s way to her stomach. She gagged again and he took it as an invitation to drive his cock deeper into her mouth. Shaking her head violently, she finally convinced him she couldn’t breathe and he slowly withdrew his cock from her mouth. The trail of cum he left on her tongue was salty and slightly bitter. This was her first experience of tasting someone’s cum and wished it had been her boyfriend’s as she had planned to give him this pleasure as a surprise after talking about it for a few months.

The younger man got off her chest and produced the buck knife again. Diane’s eyes got big seeing it not knowing what he was going to do with it again. He slipped the knife under the material of the bra and with an upward yank, the material was cut and her pert breasts moved slightly to her arm pits. Her nipples were swollen and red, standing erectly. Goosebumps immediately formed on the freshly exposed flesh and another blush of embarrassment consumed Diane’s body. He fondles her firm breast for a moment, the roughly squeezing it lowers his mouth to the nipple. With circular motions, his tongue leaves a slight wet trail causing the nipple to strain more. Closing his mouth over it, he sucks hard and continues with a flicking motion across the tip of her nipple. Diane involuntarily arches her back allowing him to freely suck her highly sensitive flesh into his mouth. She suddenly pulls back when he takes it in his teeth and begins to bite down on it. Surprisingly, Diane feels a sudden gush of warmth in her lower abdomen. She doesn’t understand the link between her nipple and the sudden feeling of extreme pleasure she has just experienced. The man between her legs comments that the younger guy must have found her trigger. He noticed the decrease in friction immediately and picked up his stroking pace again.

Feeling the warm wave of pleasure permeating throughout her body, she gives in to the feeling and feels her hips rising to meet the thrust of the cock pounding her ever increasing dampness in her pussy. The one between her legs puts his hands under Diane’s ass pulling her up to his thrusts. He tenses and empties his balls into her now dripping depths. Feeling his cum splashing inside her causes a flood of excitement from her head, down her body and culminating in her pussy. It was an explosion within her body she hadn’t felt before. She started grunting like an animal as the wave of pleasure washed over her. She wondered if this was the feeling of an orgasm. She could feel the softening cock slowly slide from her still spasming pussy and the flow of hot liquid that dripped out of her pussy and coursed it’s way down over her asshole and drip in long strings to the floor. She could feel another wave of excitement taking over her body as the third man replaced the older man.

The familiar sound of zipper reached her ears and she felt the third man running his fingers around her asshole, presumably lubing them with the cum she was expelling from her pussy. She felt pressure at the entrance to her asshole and gasped deeply with surprise as he slid the full length of his finger into her ass. Loud moans of pain and ecstasy filled güvenilir bahis siteleri the room as he twisted his finger round and round lubing the inner walls of her anus. He pressed his hard cock into her momentarily to lube it with spent cum then pressed the slick head against the virgin orifice. Diane all but screamed out NO and the younger man covered her mouth. The third man forced the tip of his cock into her straining ass and Diane began panting heavily with sighs and moans of protest.

She could feel the head of his cock slip past the inner ring of her sphincter and proceed deeper into her bowels. She, now more than ever, felt like she needed to shit. The older man had crawled onto the pool table and was sucking Diane’s free nipple. She wondered how much more of this she could take without totally going insane. The younger man began rubbing her clit and alternately running two fingers in and out of her still dripping pussy. The third man had worked his way full length into her ass and began a steady stroke. Diane found a rhythm of her own with the stroking cock. As he pulled out of her ass, she tightened the muscle to keep from shitting. It also served as a milking squeeze on his cock. On the inward stroke, she found it exciting to relax the muscle and let the hard throbbing cock fill her rectum again. She was getting a perverse but pleasurable sensation from this. She asked herself if this was what being a slut meant.

The older man tired of Diane’s nipple and straddled her head, facing her feet. His drooping cock was placed over her nose and he reached under her head lifting it to his soaked balls. She was told to suck on his balls and if she bit down she would severely regret it. Diane’s tongue flicked out to touch the cum matted underneath of his balls. His cum tasted different than the first and Diane realized she was tasting her cum mixed with his. She opened her mouth and obediently sucked one ball into her mouth licking it clean and then the other. The third man was hard again by this time and he unceremoniously pushed the head of his cock into Diane’s mouth. Diane pulled her >head back and straightened her throat for his cock. He pushed in full length with one stroke taking her by surprise. Her involuntary gag reflex opened her throat again and the man smiled seeing her stomach convulsing with the retching in her throat.

Diane was being steadily stroked in her mouth and in her ass. Her lust was building to a crescendo. Again, the familiar feeling of swelling cock and the pulsating rythme of cum being emptied into her throat. As the older man attempted withdrawal, Diane sucked as hard as she could to get the last drop from his quickly softening cock. There was an audible pop as his cock escaped her hungry mouth. There were two unanswered questions that flashed through Diane’s mind. She wondered why the older man why the older man was holding her wrists down again. She thought it would have been obvious she was no longer resisting. The other thought was why the fourth man was still standing in the doorway. Her attention was recaptured by the third man’s increasing assault on her asshole. His animal grunts and swelling cock told her she was about to receive the first load of cum from a stranger in her ass. His cock swelled to the point of stretching her asshole to it’s limits. Although it was slightly lubed, stretching to this point began to hurt. She fought against the stretching by clenching her sphincter which increased his lust and speed for release. Finally, and thankfully she thought, his load filled her like an enema. She had never felt her asshole so slimey and slippery. Feeling full with the cum in her ass pushed her over the edge again and juice gushed from her pussy wetting the man’s lower stomach. Everyone laughed thinking she was so excited that she peed on him. Diane knew this wasn’t the case. She had never cum this hard in her life and didn’t know it was possible to ejaculate.

Another audible pop as the third man quickly exited her ass. He looked to see his cum dripping but she tightened her muscle which resulted in her squirting his cum onto the floor. The fourth man moved to the side of the pool table. He began unbuttoning his shirt. Diane was surprised when the shirt was opened to reveal small but well rounded female breasts. The woman began smiling at Diane as she unsnapped her belt and pants and slid them over her slim hips. Diane must have had a look of apprehension bordering on panic because the woman told her it wouldn’t hurt a bit. Diane had never thought of having an encounter with a woman. The thought was totally alien to her. Her body trembled with fear and admittedly a little excitement as the woman slowly put a knee on the pool table. Diane caught a glimpse of her bald wet slit glisten in >the light as she positioned herself in a kneeling position on the pool table. The woman slung one knee over Diane’s head, supported herself on one hand, and with the other spread the lips of her pussy until her clit popped out from under it’s protective hood. Her blood engorged clit was red with what seemed to be a straining white tip on it. The woman told Diane to suck her clit like the slut she was. Diane didn’t make a move so the woman slowly lowered her pussy to >Diane’s mouth. A couple of errant drops of her wet pussy fell to Diane’s chin. It was Diane’s first look of a completely turned on woman’s pussy. She wondered if her pussy looked the same in it’s present condition.

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