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Birthday Girl

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It was her birthday, and the note from Richard said he had something very special planned for her. Well, that was promising. Most things he had planned for her seemed to be pretty special, from her point of view, so what this could be gave rise to a whole host of possibilities in her head.

The only instruction was to go to their usual hotel room, have a really thorough shower and get into something sexy. The specific shower instruction got her pretty hot — it usually meant he was going to go down on her, and she really liked that.

At reception, she picked up the key and went to the room. No Richard yet. She did as she was told, slipping out of her clothes and having a good shower. Lots and lots of unscented soaping between her legs and buttocks, giving her a chance to touch herself gently while she daydreamed about what was ahead. But she wouldn’t make herself come, not yet. She was saving it up for him.

As she dried herself, she heard the click of the door, then Richard popped a sexy smile round the bathroom door.

“Good girl. You’re going to like this, I promise.”

Five minutes later, she was in the room, wearing the silky cream camisole and French knickers he had bought her a few weeks ago. Already, the knickers were feeling damp between the legs, and it was nothing to do with her shower.

He was sitting in a chair, smiling at her, and fingering a black silk scarf. The curtains were closed, and a small lamp alongside him provided the only light. From the bulge in his trousers, it was obvious he too was going to like what was coming next.

She could only hope it was going to be her, and soon.

He got up and pulled her close, to kiss her. She loved the way he put his hand to the back of her head, to pull her in closer. And the way he pushed her mouth open urgently, so his tongue could dip in and quickly touch the tip of hers. casino şirketleri The knickers were getting damper by the minute, and now her nipples were clearly outlined against the camisole. He lightly brushed against one with his free hand, the one holding the silk scarf. She groaned.

He walked her to the bed and pushed her down on it, on her back. Kneeling above her, he gave her another sexy grin and then started to tie the scarf gently over her eyes. Oh God, he was blindfolding her first, so she couldn’t even watch him go down on her. All she’d be able to do was feel it, not knowing in advance where he would touch her, or with what.

With one final lingering kiss on the mouth, he started to work his way down her body, sometimes blowing the silk or her bare skin, sometimes running his thumb round in lazy circles, sometimes kissing her through the fabric. Her nipples were begging for him to suck them, but somehow he managed to resist, however much she strained upwards. What a tease.

Down at her crotch, he hooked his fingers into the elastic of the knickers and pulled them slowly down, rubbing his hands over her buttocks suggestively. As they came down her legs, he kissed her thighs and then continued downwards, all the way to her feet, until he deftly pulled the knickers off. He licked the soles of her feet slowly, till she was dying for him to come back up towards her. He hadn’t touched her pussy.

There was a pause. No sound, no breathing on her. Just to get her really hot, she smiled to herself. It was working. She could come from the anticipation alone.

He roughly pushed her legs apart and moved his face straight in between her legs, lightly blowing on her clitoris, and then delicately touching it with his tongue. God, that felt good. She juddered. The light touch turned into something more, as he started to suck her, and roll her clit casino firmalari between his lips. Even the sound of him sucking her was horny. He hadn’t been so expert at this last time, that was for sure. She spread her legs wider so he could get a better view, and maybe put his fingers up inside her. She bucked her hips forward and moaned quietly.

Unexpectedly, his voice whispered quietly in her right ear.

“She’s good, isn’t she?”

Momentarily, she froze. It wasn’t Richard going down on her. It was a woman. And he was right, she was good.

She let out a long moan and carried on pushing her pussy upwards into the mystery woman’s face. She was as wet as she had ever been, and felt like she was on the edge of the most mind-blowing orgasm she had ever had. If her partner wasn’t getting off on it herself, she was certainly giving a good impression of it. Mandy now had a really hot picture in her head, of herself lying on the bed, another woman greedily sucking her pussy. She’d never had a woman before, but the idea had always turned her on. And Richard knew it.

Suddenly she flapped her arms in the air, batting her partner lightly on the hair.

“Stop, stop. Turn round. I want to sixty-nine you” she panted to her breathlessly. A quiet moan from Richard told her he too was in favour of this idea.

She felt the woman rearrange herself so that she was on top of Mandy, her knees above her shoulders. Back down went her head between Mandy’s thighs, her tongue flicking around her clit. Mandy reached up to feel her superbly toned buttocks above her, and then pulled them down so her tongue could reach her clitoris. She licked and flicked with her tongue, copying what was going on between her own legs.

Then she reached upwards and pushed a finger inside her partner, while rubbing her clitoris with her thumb. Then another finger. She güvenilir casino moved her fingers up and down, rubbing against the front of her vagina, in just the spot where she liked it herself.

The woman took the hint, and copied her actions perfectly. Mandy was almost fainting with pleasure, Richard completely forgotten. With the blindfold on, the image in her head of them entwined together and sucking each other out was incredibly hot. It was perfect.

No, it could be even better.

Mandy tapped the woman lightly on the buttocks, indicating to her that she should move further down the bed, her knees just below Mandy’s shoulders rather than above them. Her face was directly below the woman’s arse, now.

Again, pulling her buttocks down, Mandy licked, this time the small patch of skin between her pussy and her arse. Her partner did the same to her. They both moaned.

Gradually, Mandy flicked her tongue up further towards the woman’s arse, and licked her round the hole itself. She gasped as the woman did the same to her, and both of them pulled the buttocks further apart to get better access. It was phenomenal. Mentally, she thanked Richard for suggesting a really thorough shower, and then carried on licking and sucking until she felt her orgasm suddenly break out.

“Ooh, oh, yess, that’s so good. Oh, don’t stop” she muttered between licks, thrusting up her hips. Then, with a shudder, her partner also came, suddenly and violently, moaning in time with her.

They continued to grind their faces into each other’s pussies, clutching each other’s buttocks, until their orgasms subsided, and the mystery woman collapsed onto Mandy’s body. Mandy gently stroked her buttocks and legs, then rolled from under her and removed the blindfold.

A pretty redhead sat up and grinned at her, wiping Mandy’s come from her face, and licking her fingers with evident enjoyment.

“I reckon that was a pretty special birthday present, don’t you?” she laughed. Mandy silenced her with a kiss, and flicked her tongue into the other woman’s mouth. Yes, that was one birthday present she’d remember for some time to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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