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Black and White Consummate a New Relationship

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Black and White Consummate a New RelationshipUp until now not one white man has given me satisfaction within a relationship not even having the decency to even think of caring for my sexual requirements as many only want a woman to be their one night sex slaves, only thinking about their weenie, or wanting their women to remain bare foot and pregnant while pampering to their motherly needs. I am beginning to imagine that my biological clock is sadly passing me by as I am 33 years of age and my only dream is to find an educated man with modern ideas to marry and breed with.I hear a knock on my door as I stand totally naked watching the busy Populous hurriedly pass by on the street below oblivious to all my thoughts of erotic desires in my 6th floor apartment as I find warmth in allowing my hands to quietly search my body for self satisfaction in my isolated world of privacy. I sense the peering eyes of a black man’s wanton hunger to touch me from behind when my door opens. I knew he would arrive to return the key I had purposely left under my sweat soaked towel for the eyes of my personal trainer before leaving the Gym. I know I am his as I hear a button pop from his relinquished shirt along with a soft thud as his trousers fall to the floor. My pulse begins to race as I feel his hot breath against my neck while his embracing hands pull me back into the comfort of his rippling toned body. I look down as I feel his hands softly cup my breasts, and I shiver in overwhelming feelings as virginal black and white bodies are about to consume passions of each other. I feel a hardened penis nestling against my back awaiting anoint my love chalice.I smell his sweet black odor as he caresses the back of my neck and with one hand I turn my face and gently direct his head to allow his mouth to envelop mine in sheer ecstasy. The tip of his tongue washes my lips until he finds the tip of my tongue teasing and heightening my senses. My thoughts of him occupy every part of my mind as my body begins to intensify and my loins begin to ache buca escort in preparation of his expected future anointing of me.My eyes are closed as he takes my pert breast raising it in one hand and suckles on my hardened nipple and I feel my moistness leaking from my clit as he allows a finger to find and explore my groin… I take this examining finger and invite it to move to where I want him to be. I feel a shiver from my head run down to my toes in my expectation. He pulls away and holds me bending me forward away from him as he leaves little moist circles on my back. I shudder and utter a small Oh! as his hardened shaft presses against my butt and the bulging black head searches for my pussy entry. I know he is enjoying his moment of feelings because he is preparing himself to enter my erotic garden as he takes my breath away with his verbal conquest of taking a white woman for the first time. He knows it is a first for me also and he is in all of his glory making every little move last. I feel the head of his love rod enter my cavern and stop, teasing me as he asks how I feel. He releases it and pushes his member between my legs so I can see the foreskin slid back over the head. I am in oblivion and I don’t care if he is well hung or not and I don’t care if I become the mother of his black c***d not even considering the mental anguish interracial babies may face later in life. I want to feel him inside my fluid drenched canyon and release his love juices with in me for I am trembling in anticipation as I want to claw him to pieces with my red painted nails while wrapping my firmly clenched legs around his back as he takes me to the mountain top of lust.He straightens me up again releasing his cock from below my tingling honey pot and with two arms lifts me and carries me to my bed and places me down in front of him. I am a weakling within his grasp. I look at the full length of this fully unclothed black man for the first time as he prepares my body and himself to take me deep inside my buca escort bayan fulfilling desires. He kneels over me and our mouths meet in tenderness while I admire his cleanly shaven head, as he draws himself between my loins and with his special magic, works on my lips until he, with stretched tongue explores its way towards the crowning moment of my white pussy. His sweat beads fall onto my chest and tummy and I smell the salty aroma of his personage and my heart pounds with stimulant hallucinogenic effect of his enduring attention, as he moves down my body to suck the pearl of my clit bringing me to orgasm. I shout at him “Oh Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Oh Fuck Me Please!” He looks up at me and replies, “Jane you will never let a white man fuck you again.””Oh Jacob you are so right for me I will never take a white man again,” I cry out to him as I wriggle under his now firmly pressing body against mine. I can see his black rod, much bigger than I first imagine, standing firm looking towards me and I take the head and with a finger feel a little of this black man’s precum oozing from the eye. He gently tugs on the outer pubic hair I have left on my love channel from waxing the inner surrounds for cleanliness. This gentle tug almost sends me into another erotic climax again and I almost pass out with excitement of his actions. No man has ever made love to me like this. I am totally intoxicated from his movements. He moves closer to me again and his penis head searches for an entry point once more. Lying on my back I raise my legs high and my wet cavity allows this enlarged black rod move slowly inside lovingly as I feel it caress my love canal deeper and deeper while the base of his cock girth massages my clit with his actions . With one hand I cup his testes as this black shaft finally commands and takes possession of it’s jack pot touching my pelvic walls and engulfs me resting fully encased. I wrap my legs around this man’s huge black back and begin to massage his cock with my pelvic muscles escort buca as he tries to move in and out of my stretched pussy but I don’t allow him to withdraw as I want to be filled with all of his black seed. He begins to sew his seed as he moans, “I will never fuck a Black Woman again, I want to fuck you for ever, I have always wanted to fuck you Jane from the first day I saw you, I want to knock you up with a black c***d. You will breed black babies for me.”I screamed out as we reached a climax together with me wrapped up with in my first black man’s lithe body while he spewed more of his seed deep inside of me while tantalizing my lips with his. I held him there for some time working my magic on his cock until I made him cum again. I could feel his semen swimming deep inside of my canal in search of one of my eggs to fertilize, for I was ovulating and I felt my over excited passion to bear a black baby and see the head appear from my womb 9 months later, for this man was every thing I could dream of and more, to breed with. He is handsome; University trained, and has a good salaried position in a Law firm as a regular job only helping out at the local Gym occasionally after hours and looks after his personal hygiene and body.We married some 12 months later after uniting our interracial virginal bodies and we now have 5 black babies all by caesarean birth to keep my pussy tight so we can feel constant heightened pleasure of fucking each other. We have a super cool sex life and I would never ever go back to taking a white man again, even though I know Jacob occasionally strays, but he always comes back to me and the white women run back to their white husbands with damaged pussies after fulfilling their fantasies of being screwed by a big black bull.You can call me a Black Man’s whore or may be you will only think of me as in a normal relationship, it doesn’t worry me. I am happy to be Jacob’s devoted whore. It is a huge turn on for a black man to brag and show off a white woman nursing his black babies and makes for a great sex life also. It is a turn on for me also to show off my black babies to white women who are in total amazement and disgust of the story of my early escapades. I am happy to have turned Black and have my wishes fulfilled initially by being knocked up by a beautiful man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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