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Black Hawk Down

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Black Hawke Down

The winter of 2005 was a barren time, sexually, for me. The endless summer of that year was punctuated by an exciting and sexually adventurous bisexual threesome between work friends that died away with the demise of the company we worked for.

Thomas was still around for wonderfully filthy transactional gay sex. When I say transactional, I mean we fucked, we orgasmed, and we departed. There were none of the emotional needinesses that characterised Peter, and that bubbled just beneath the surface with Jacinta. With Thomas, it was like being in a personal porno film, and that was fine with me.

The lack of pussy was starting to tell, and there was not a lot of potential suitors on the online dating app or at my local pub. Winter is a time of hibernation in the Perth dating scene, and I found myself reminiscing about Jacinta. I still had her number and some nights when I was home alone and had been drinking, I considered sending a messaging. However, I always withheld until the day I deleted the number permanently. Let the past die.

Just before the start of the second semester at Uni, I received a text from Thomas saying he would like me to meet someone. Given the age difference between us, we never socialised together, and he being a sheltered country boy, Thomas spent his non-Uni downtime partying in the city. Again, that was fine by me.

One of the students in his engineering class was a recently resettled Somalian refugee by the name of Bashir. He was the same age as me and was married to Halima, several years younger than Bashir and studying midwifery at the same university. They lived in married quarters of the same student accommodation as Thomas.

Thomas explained that the previous Saturday, a bunch of classmates went out partying at the Aberdeen Hotel and became riotously drunk. Bashir and Thomas got talking when the former blurted out some hidden sexual desires that both he and his wife wanted to explore. These included gay sex and Halima being banged by two, or more, men. Bashir was adamant that there was to be no playing separately, any action was to be in the open and together.

Thomas disclosed his sexuality to Bashir and mentioned that he had a ‘friend with benefits’ arrangement with me. This offered an opportunity for Bashir and Halima to fulfil their sexual desires. Thomas told me that he forgot about that conversation initially until Bashir sent him a text about it the next day. Intrigued by this prospect, I gave Thomas permission to share a photo of me with Bashir, which he promptly did. Later that day, Thomas said Bashir was keen to meet, so we arranged for the following Wednesday evening at the campus bar.

I was both excited and nervous about the meeting. Excited about the possibility of some variety in my sex life and some much-needed pussy. Anxious because of my butt’s ability to take a massive black cock. I had no idea whether Bashir was a top or bottom, but the thought of black cock was intriguing. What about Halima, was she going to join us at the bar? I had no idea what either of them looked like, would they be attractive? Only a few hours to go until my questions were answered.

The class couldn’t finish fast enough, and time slowed down further when I received a text from Thomas telling me they’d arrived. By the time I finally got there, it was clear that Bashir and Thomas were well on their way, alcohol wise. I grabbed a beer and sat down. After initial introductions, the conversation settled on small talk relating to courses, classes and the like.

Bashir was not what I was expecting. He was close to my height, olive-skinned, slim, taut, with chiselled features. He looked more Mediterranean than Somalian, but he was attractive in his own quirky way, but not in a way that I would have noticed in a crowd. Bashir had a great sense of humour and seemed to be genuinely grateful for being resettled in Australia. I got the impression that he was a reborn man from whatever hellish experiences he lived through, and there was a steely determination in him to succeed. Behind the jovial mask, I suspected were lurking terrors that required constant vigilance to control.

In a very awkward and roundabout way, Thomas clumsily directed the conversation to the subject of our meeting, sex.

“Thomas has told me about you two,” Stammered Bashir nervously, “and that you also enjoy women.”

I glanced at Thomas, slowly sipping his bourbon and coke with a wry smile.

“Oh, yes?” I responded, turning my gaze back to Bashir, “Hopefully, he didn’t give too much away.”

“If what he said was true, you two get up to some wild things.”

“Someone’s got to teach him!” I said, referencing the circumstances of how we hooked up.

Over the last three months, Thomas transformed from the naïve country boy whom I met online. His only sexual experience was with a boyhood friend that was kept secret from everyone. Now, he was growing confidence in what he wanted. He was a natural submissive, but each new sexual pleasure we shared together; he began asking poker oyna for specific sexual acts that he liked. Being a top, I mercilessly dominated him but appreciated Thomas being assertive when he needed to be. He also had no interest in women at all.

“Are the things Thomas mentioned of interest to you?” I asked after sharing a laugh together.

“I’ve never been with a man but fantasise about it all the time.”

Bashir told us that his marriage is of utmost importance, and he will do nothing to jeopardise it. He went on to say that they married eight years earlier and that he and Halima are very sexual creatures who fuck regularly. They are very open about their fantasies and want to experience them together, not separately.

“Halima wants to experience some Aussie cock, and I want to watch her getting pleasured by another man, perhaps join in.”


“Of course,” Replied Bashir, firmly, “This is her fantasy, if she wants the two of us, she will ask.”

Two men? I wonder if Halima’s kinks extended to anal and DP. My first DP took place during that endless summer in which Peter and I doubled teamed Jacinta, with me ploughing her greedy arsehole. While an incredible experience, it was surprisingly hard to pull off with her holes hard to penetrate simultaneously. Once we were balls deep though in the front and back holes, we hammered away without mercy while Jacinta squealed in delight.

“What about you?” I asked, “What do you want to do?”

“I want Halima to watch me suck Aussie cock, be fucked hard and made a creamy mess.”

Wow, Bashir doesn’t fuck around. I found his directness refreshing. The look on Thomas’ face indicated the two of them had already gone into these desires with some thoroughness.

“He and I are pretty hardcore in some of the things we do,” I offered, “Is there anything not to your liking?”

“Not quite sure about the golden showers bit but everything else I want to experience.”

Thomas and I were very much into golden showers. However, with the onset of winter, it was too cold to do it outdoors, so we weren’t indulging in that mainly act presently.

“Golden showers are the bomb!” Piped up Thomas, draining his glass with a little too much enthusiasm for a public place.

The look on Bashir’s face revealed his interest was piqued and he was open-minded, so that was something. Thomas was an enthusiastic adopter of that kink, greedily gulping down my stream that would quickly revive his cock for the next round of action.

“I’ll see what Halima says about it.” Well, she was studying in the medical field of midwifery so she would provide the appropriate information.

“Fair enough,” I replied, “With a man, do you want to give or receive?”

“Primarily receive,” Was the immediate reply, “I want to suck a cock dry then take a hard one up my arse.”

So, a bottom then? Great. Same as Thomas who only switches at my behest when I fancied a thorough fucking.

“Halima loves anal sex,” Continued Bashir, very openly, “She tells me it gives her the most pleasure.”

“Is that why you want to try it?”

“Halima plays with my hole all the time during foreplay,” This conversation was getting me hard, and I looked at Thomas expectantly, “When her fingers penetrate me, I orgasm pretty quickly.”

A husband and wife anal team, what could be a better find? I began imagining a situation whereby Thomas and I would completely own Bashir’s arsehole. Perhaps, we could experience the mythical gape? I could easily see a scenario of hard anal before blowing my load on Bashir’s face. Without knowing what Halima looked like, her love of anal sex made her a winner in my book.

There was further discussion about the aspects of fantasies, including the requirement for condoms which Thomas and I didn’t use. I had no issue practising safe sex with new partners, but we were equally open — and frequently undertook – testing.

“Time, ladies and gentlemen, please!”

The pub was closing, and we had to finish up and depart. I was so horny after discussing Bashir’s fantasies. He was sold on the idea of Thomas and I being involved. He was going to talk with Halima and get back to us. Great, I thought to myself, but right now, I needed relief.

After power smashing our drinks, we made our way across campus to where I was parked. Being money-savvy, I never parked in the official Uni car park but on a non-Uni side street that led to a religious seminary. Bordering the seminary was a copse of trees where Thomas gave me his first blowjob. Back then, it was warm. Tonight, not so much. Still, I was super horny.

When we arrived at my car, there was an awkward dilemma. Thomas and Bashir lived at the same student accommodation a few hundred metres away. Bashir clearly expected to walk back there with Thomas. I wanted to play with Thomas, and Thomas didn’t know what to do. The look on his face showed me he wanted action.

“Shall I leave you to it?” Asked a reluctant yet expectant Bashir.

“No,” I replied confidently, “Why don’t you watch canlı poker oyna us?”

Thomas shot me a surprised look.

“What do you mean?” Bashir’s soft voice quivered at the expectant offer.

“If you want,” I began, motioning Thomas and Bashir to the cover of the trees by the seminary, “You can watch Thomas blow my cock.”


“Sure.” Thomas was just a passive yet willing actor in this drama.

“I’d love too.”

Away from the light, and from prying eyes, Thomas voluntarily dropped and tugged at my jeans. I was so hard, and when Thomas pulled down my boxers, I sprung to a quivering stiffness.

“Whoa!” Gasped Bashir, seeing a male cock so close, “You can take that, Thomas?”

Thomas answered by grabbing the base of my shaft and immediately swallowing the length.

Bashir was simply agog at Thomas’ throating ability. The pleasure of his mouth made me throw my head back, and I let out a long, deep sigh.

I placed my hand on the back of Thomas’ head and guided my length deeper down his throat. He was a good cock sucker, not like some partners that let my length bob against their cheeks. Thomas took cock meat all the way down his throat and cough up saliva which he rubbed into the shaft for anal sex later.

Most times, I restrain his oral abilities else Thomas brings me to a climax too soon. A hot and steamy session without anal sex is an opportunity lost in my book. Tonight though, I was happy for the blowjob to go to its logical conclusion since the hour was getting late and it was cold.

Bashir was drinking down the action and was rubbing his cock through his jeans. His grip was firm, and it was apparent he wanted relief.

“Get your cock out,” I said, “wank off for me.”

“I want too, but Halima and I only play together.”

“Technically, you’re not playing, you’re watching.”

Bashir thought about that for a second before opening his jeans and whipping his cock out by way of reply. To my relief, his cock was not some monster, and one Thomas and I could easily accommodate if we got the chance. The head glistened in the low ambient light indicating his level of arousal. Thomas, meanwhile, was fully engaged in his task, to blow me to orgasm.

I wasn’t far away, either.

For Bashir’s delectation, I decided to porn star Thomas’ face with my semen rather than exploding down his throat. I hoped the spectacle would convince Bashir that we were the obvious choices to fulfil their group-sex related fantasies.

As soon as Thomas triggered the chain reaction, I roughly pulled out of his throat, grabbed his blonde hair hard.

“Stick your tongue out,” I hissed, “Look up at me!”

Thomas obediently complied. Bashir was jerking his olive-tinted pole harder now.

Looking directly into Thomas’ innocent and expecting eyes, several jerks of my saliva-coated cock unleashed rope after rope of hot sticky jizm over his face.

“Oh yeah!” He said as I brutalised his youthful features.

I groaned and shuddered from a powerful orgasm. Bashir’s eyes were wide as saucers, barely believing what he was seeing. His rapid stroking indicated his own orgasm wasn’t far behind.

When I opened my eyes, there was so much sperm on Thomas’ tongue and even more across his face. Without asking, Thomas throated my twitching shaft sending me into the second wave of post-orgasmic bliss. Losing wood rapidly, I pulled out of his throat and reaching down, I used a finger to direct man cream towards Thomas’ open mouth.

“What do you do now?” I asked.

Thomas jerked his throat and swallowed my load.

“Show me!”

Beaming wildly, Thomas opened his mouth and proudly displayed its emptiness.

“Show him!”

Thomas shifted position while on his knees to face Bashir and showed him his empty mouth.

“Oh, fuck, I going to cum!” Yelped Bashir, as if his orgasm came upon him faster than he anticipated.

I grabbed Thomas’ head and thrust it unexpectedly towards Bashir’s cock while I knelt behind him.

“Open wide!”

Thomas complied and stuck his tongue out. I positioned myself behind him, stuck a finger either side of his lips and stretched his mouth open as wide as I could.

Bashir’s head was thrown back, his eyes closed tightly, so I don’t think he knew what I’d done.


I was inches away from Bashir’s gorgeous cock and recall vividly the moment his orgasm struck. I saw the opening expand to an insane degree before emitting a decisive spurt of hot semen into Thomas’ mouth. He jerked in response, but I held him in position while Bashir unloaded. One spurt hit me on the chin, that’s how powerful Bashir’s orgasm was.

“Oh yeah!” I said in wonderment.

Ten seconds later, Bashir was done, his cock twitching between his fingers. I pulled Thomas’ head back slightly but kept his mouth open wide. If Bashir wanted the second orgasmic wave, then he could initiate it.

“Oh, fuck!” Was all Bashir could manage when he opened his eyes.

“Look what you did!”

“Shit, man,” Stammered Bashir internet casino in genuine horror, “I didn’t know you were there.”

“I put him here,” I said, still holding Thomas’ head in position, “Shame to waste good orgasm.”

“You know what to do,” I whispered in Thomas’ ear.

Thomas’ throat jerked as he chugged down his second load of man cream.

“If you want a clean-up, be my guest.” I offered Bashir, who’s cock was twitching.

There was a real conflict on his face. Bashir really wanted that clean-up, but then he got the guilts thinking he was cheating on his wife and lost wood rapidly. Thomas got to his feet and wipe the stray slime into his mouth. We reasoned and won the debate that Bashir hadn’t played with anyone outside of his marriage. Instead, he had a public wank after watching our sex show. Bashir did, however, promise that he would level with his wife about the scene he wanked off too. Thomas and I were okay with that.

“What can I do for you?” I asked Thomas with a smile.

“I’m beat, man.” He replied, disappointingly, “I need my bed.”

“Get in the car, you two,” I said, pulling up my jeans, “I’ll drop you off.”

It was only a short distance, but it seemed the polite thing to do after such an intense public sexual experience with a lover and a stranger. Thomas was so broken he didn’t even kiss me as he exited my car. Bashir thanked me for the occasion.

I heard nothing from Bashir or Thomas for about ten days. The latter’s lack of contact concerned since he usually messaged me daily for largely inconsequential reasons. In terms of hookups, we were averaging two, maybe three, per week, but, we had a great arm’s length sexual arrangement.

On Saturday afternoon, I was at the Vic Park Hotel, reading and drinking beer, when a message from Thomas arrived. Did we fancy meeting Halima and Bashir later? I answered in the affirmative and we arranged to meet at the Mount Henry Tavern in the suburb of Manning not far from campus.

Being a drinker, I decided on public transport to get me to my destination, and I went into the meeting with low expectations but with plenty of beer in my system.

Thomas arrived not long after me, and he seemed in festive spirits.

“You’ve been quiet this week?” I asked after we sat down with our drinks.

“Sorry,” Thomas began and after a pause, “I’m not sure I really liked what we did with Bashir last week.”

“Why not?”

“All he’s banged on about to me is how we made him cheat on his wife.”

Thomas took a sip from his bourbon and coke, but there was another matter on his mind.


“I’m somewhat uncomfortable at the thought of being ‘shared’ with Bashir and Halima.”

“I don’t think there’s any pressure for you to do any sharing if you don’t want to,” I replied, unsure as to where this self-doubt was originating from. After all, Thomas was the one who set up the initial meeting with Bashir.

“Well, you know I don’t like women as sexual partners,” This was all done on the fly.

Thomas had difficulty formulating the concerns in his mind into coherent words.

“I feel uncomfortable at the thought of Halima being involved.”

“Are you comfortable at the thought of having sex with Bashir?”

Thomas thought for a moment before delivering a rather clumsy reply.

“I’m uncomfortable with the thought of you and Bashir fucking.”

“Why?” I asked, incredulous at the response, “You set up the meetings.”

“I know,” Said Thomas with some emotional pain, “It’s just, I don’t want to lose what we have.”

Fuck! Another Peter that developed feelings from what was a purely sexual arrangement. Because of the age gap between us, I cut Thomas more slack than I ever did with Peter and Jacinta around these issues. People enter into ‘friends with benefits’ arrangements and quickly lose sight of what they actually mean. I had no feelings towards Thomas at all, and I found it hard to credit him having any for me.

Before I could respond, and I hadn’t formulated a response, Bashir and Halima approached our table with enormous smiles. Bashir, Thomas and I shook hands in the manliest way imaginable like we’d known each other for years. I leaned in to kiss Halima while Thomas mustered his reserves of politeness to shake Halima’s hand.

Over the next hour or so, we mapped out the bare bones of our respective lives in a mundane fashion. Halima was genuinely interested in Thomas’ background and my own. She frequently the main initiator of conversation, continually asking questions and seeking clarification where she didn’t understand some little fact. Socially, they were lovely people.

Halima was nothing like Bashir. She was big arsed and big-chested, thick all around. By my own standards, I wouldn’t have considered her attractive. She sported a white top that barely covered her enormous breasts and a pair of fire truck red sweatpants that did nothing to reduce the profile of her butt. Her eyes seemed oddly too far apart, and she sported fake dreadlocks that cascaded down her back. Halima had a thick accent and spoke softly but rapidly, which made understanding a challenge. Her grasp of English was flawless, and she was as grateful and committed to her Australian salvation as Bashir was. Both were absolute joys to be around.

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