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Black State Troopers

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Massachusetts State Trooper Pierre Guillot walked through the halls of the Massachusetts State Police Academy. The New Braintree facility was teeming with students. Young men and women who wanted to become police officers. He smiled, remembering his days at the Academy. He lived in the school dorms for five days a week and only went home on the weekends. He paused as he remembered a particularly compelling memory. The memory of something he’d rather forget but which haunted him.

Pierre remembered an instructor named Anderson Coleman. Anderson Coleman was a tall, good-looking black man in his early forties when Pierre met him. He was a fine, masculine-looking specimen. A Sergeant with the State Police and also an honored instructor at the Academy. He was a stud whom many ladies on campus, both students and officers, took notice of. Coleman was single, and very attractive. He was also a very tough bastard who put most of the recruits through hell. The only recruit he treated decently was Pierre Guillot, the wide-eyed young Haitian he met on his first day.

“Hey, there, young man. You look lost, where are you headed?” asked sergeant Coleman. Pierre had simply stared blankly at the towering, tough-looking police officer. He had been blown away by the sight of this tall, large black policeman in his uniform. Indeed, special instructor and sergeant Anderson Coleman looked magnificent back then.

“Uh, sorry, sir. I was just looking for the dorms,” Pierre scratched his head. ” I’m kind of new here, and the campus is so big. I just want to find the dorms and get settled in, you know? Everybody’s been giving me a hard time.”

Sergeant Anderson Coleman had stroked his goatee and smiled at the young man. “Don’t sweat it, son. I remember what it was like on my first day at the Academy, the dorms are down this way, past the field.”

Pierre nodded, smiling. ” Thank you, sir.”

Sergeant Coleman looked him up and down. ” I work for a living, young man. Around here, folks call me sergeant Coleman, and since I’m going to be your instructor, you’ll have plenty of reasons to remember the name.” He extended his thick hand, waiting for him to shake it. After a moment, Pierre shook the sergeant’s massive hand.

“Relax, son. I don’t bite,” sergeant Coleman laughed. ” Lucky for you and all of them sissies among the recruits.” Pierre shook his hand and looked at the man. Straight in the eye. For reasons he couldn’t fathom, Pierre smirked. It was as if something compelled him to. ” Well, sir. Some of us recruits come from places a lot tougher than this Academy could ever be and don’t scare easily.”

Sergeant Anderson Coleman looked at Pierre Guillot. ” Were you in the army, son? I’ve been through the army boot camp experience and this place is a lot tougher than any of Uncle Sam’s training grounds.”

Pierre looked him in the eye. ” Might not be enough to scare someone like me, sir. I’m a farm boy from Haiti and where I’m from is just about the toughest place on earth. A man has to be strong to survive down there. No cops to call for help, no reliable hospitals, just your own strength and determination as a man. That’s the only thing keeping you alive, that and the grace of God.”

Sergeant Anderson Coleman looked at the recruit Pierre Guillot up and down. Seizing him up. Pierre stood his ground. He was six feet tall but the sergeant was a few inches taller and a lot larger than he was. The man was massively muscular and looked like he could play linebacker for the National Football League, either that or he could join the World Wrestling Federation. The dude was huge! still, Pierre’s father had taught him to never back before anyone, man or woman, regardless of size. He stood his ground. Stared hard at the sergeant. Finally, sergeant Coleman relaxed. He smiled.

” You’re alright, man,” Coleman said, shaking his head. “What’s your name, son?”

Pierre Guillot smiled and said proudly. ” I am Pierre Guillot, son of Maurice and Michelle Guillot of Limbe, Haiti. I’ve come to the academy to join the state troopers. I intend to make it and become a damn good officer, sir!”

Sergeant Coleman smiled. ” At ease, boy. We don’t need all that first thing in the morning. The dorms are that way.” He pointed in the direction of a building in the distance. Pierre nodded and walked away. The instructor watched him go, and shook his head.

As unlikely as it seemed, Pierre became friends with Sergeant Coleman. He was the only person on campus who was on a first name basis with the macho instructing officer. Anderson Coleman had a nice car, a silver Porsche which he actually poker oyna let Pierre drive one evening. That evening, the officer invited Pierre back to his house. That’s when everything started to happen. Ever since he was young, Pierre had known that he was different. Oh, he was a regular Joe, of course. A young man who liked women. He also had an unwanted, unsettling attraction to men. Pierre did like most young men did. He dated women and kept his same-sex desires to himself. Haitian culture was not very tolerant of those who were different, particularly homosexuals and bisexuals.

Pierre had noticed the big and sexy instructing officer and felt attracted to him but basically thought he could ignore his desires for that man just like he ignored what he felt for any men he encountered. But the sergeant had another idea in mind. Here they were, just sitting on the couch. Watching a black comedy on television. That’s when it happened. The sergeant touched Pierre’s knee. Pierre trembled and stared at the man. Anderson Coleman smiled at him and continued touching him. His hands roamed over Pierre’s pants and he fondled his groin.

Pierre gasped. The sergeant’s mere touch had been enough to arouse him. He stared at the man, unsure what to do. Part of him felt like screaming and running like hell. This wasn’t right. He had to get away from this guy. This stuff was too weird. Yet another part of actually liked what was happening and wanted more. When sergeant Anderson Coleman leaned over and kissed him, Pierre did not resist. He did not hesitate. He kissed him right back. He had never kissed a man before, had never done anything more than shake hands with another man or hug one as a friend. Yet here he was, embracing another man. And not just any man. The sergeant, his teacher, the man he sometimes fantasized about.

Pierre kissed Anderson, and next thing he knew, they were rolling around on the carpeted floor of the sergeant’s house. Hastily, they undressed, practically ripping each other’s clothes off. Pierre found himself naked and quite close to Anderson. He looked at the sergeant’s hot naked body. Anderson’s fantastic-looking black man’s body was a sculptor’s dream. Tall and broad-shouldered, muscular and strong. He looked at the sergeant’s dick. Sergeant Anderson Coleman smiled and asked to touch it. Hesitantly, Pierre touched the other man’s cock. Sergeant Anderson Coleman was well-endowed. Pierre ran his hands over the other man’s long and thick cock. A big cock with nuts the size of tennis balls. Damn! Anderson kissed him, and gently stroked his cock. Pierre almost whimpered in pleasure when Anderson ran his hands up and down his cock. The guy knew what he was doing! Smiling, he took Pierre’s cock in his mouth. Pierre sat back and relaxed, watching as Anderson sucked him off. After a moment, he closed his eyes to better enjoy what the other man was doing to him. Pierre had gotten blowjobs before, from girls he knew but this was different. Anderson put the best of them to shame.

The brother simply knew how to suck another brother’s dick in ways no female could. Anderson sucked his cock, ran his tongue up and down the length of him and also sucked on his balls. It wasn’t long before Pierre came, shouting loud enough to wake the dead. When he finally calmed down, he looked at sergeant Anderson. Anderson smiled at him and kissed him. And this is how it all began. Anderson Coleman, the most highly respected and decorated instructor at the Massachusetts State Police Academy was the man who introduced the young recruit Pierre to man-to-man sex. Anderson taught the young man everything he needed to know about this new world. The world of men of all races who loved other men.

Pierre Guillot was introduced to a world like no other. Sergeant Anderson Coleman was a single, attractive brother with a well-paying job and a comfortable roof over his head. Women flocked to him, yet he was never seen with one. Anderson told Pierre about how he dated women in his youth while having secret relationships with men on the side. These days, the sergeant was mostly work-oriented. He no longer dated women. He still had discrete relations with men. He didn’t advertise his sexuality to people because the world simply wasn’t ready for an openly bisexual Black male police officer.

Coleman told Pierre about the rampant homophobia both inside police stations and in the black community. Pierre understood all too well. To his knowledge, there were no openly gay or lesbian people in the entire island of Haiti. Haitian queers were the most closeted of all people. Anderson and Pierre had a discrete but canlı poker oyna passionate relationship during the few months which he spent at the Academy. They didn’t stay in touch after graduation. The two men went their separate ways.

This happened three years before Pierre went back to Haiti and got engaged to the lovely Nadege. Pierre hadn’t been with another man since he split with Anderson. Few women ever roused his interest. When he went to the islands and saw his wonderful Nadege for the first time in years, he swept her in his arms and kissed her. That day, he left behind all of his adventures in America. He got engaged to his lifelong friend and love and they moved into an apartment together in Brighton. Both of them were hard-working black professionals. Both of them were deeply in love. Pierre wished they could live happily ever. But they couldn’t. His desires for men simply would not go away. And he wasn’t sure that he wanted them to go away either.

Pierre sat on a bench, looking at the academy recruits as they moved about campus. How he envied them. When he first walked through the halls of the facility, he was a wide-eyed young Haitian man determined to become a police officer at any cost. He didn’t know anything about the system and the hard truths about police work and how it was often affected by racial politics, gender issues and economics. He was just a young man with a dream. That was years ago, before he became semi-disillusioned by the harsh realities of the job. Since joining the police force, he’d seen so many horrors. A violent woman stabbed her siblings to death in their sleep before saying the devil made her do it. Thanks to gender bias in the laws, she actually got away with it. Female criminals, even those who committed murder, often got better treatment than their male counterparts. Thanks to an insanity plea, the psycho gal was on her way to being free. It’s events like these which made him hate his job sometimes.

The past few years had been confusing, to say the least. Pierre had seen two people receive different sentences for the same crimes. A nineteen-year-old black guy from Dorchester was caught smoking dope with a twenty-year-old white girl from Plymouth in their campus dorm at Amherst. The black kid got locked up while the girl ended up getting probation. Probation, for smoking dope and probably distributing. Isn’t life great? This was the ugly face of bias in the justice system. The color and gender of a person determined what treatment they got from the authorities. Sometimes, Pierre felt like quitting but he couldn’t do that. Even though the job sucked, he liked it. Also, he was a man with a fiancée to support and maybe someday, a family.

Pierre remembered Maurice Guillot, his hard-working father back in Limbe, the mountainside where he grew up. His father was a great man who put the needs of his wife and children first and made enormous sacrifices for them. He was a strong, hard-working Haitian man. Pierre held deep respect for him. From time to time, Pierre sent some money to his folks in Haiti. These days, his mother, Michelle Lebrun Guillot suffered from high blood pressure. His father had to work hard and take care of her at the same time. Pierre sent them whatever support he could. He loved them both. Although Pierre loved America, in many ways he thought the American system was worse than the one in place in the islands. Back in the islands, the divorce rate was much lower and families were more traditional and more loving. People reared in Haiti respected their fathers and mothers. Loyalty to one’s family was valued. Discipline was a must in just about every traditional Haitian household.

In America, the state threatened to arrest any parent who punished their offspring too harshly. Is it any wonder they grew up to be delinquents since they had no discipline and no respect for others or for themselves? Men basically had no control over their family life. At any moment, the woman could take the children away from him, accuse him of abuse and naturally, the state would side with her. All men, especially fathers, were automatically presumed to be abusers and batterers by the court system. For some time, Pierre worked with the domestic violence unit with the Boston police department. During that time, he saw a lot more women being violent toward their husbands and boyfriends than the other way around.

Why was that? This epidemic of violent women? Girls were forming all-female gangs these days. More women were committing violent crimes and winding up in jail than ever before. Also female-on-male violence was on internet casino the rise. Why? Simply because, regardless of laws, men were taught not to hurt women physically. Violent females had never been told to keep their hands to themselves. So, whenever a chick got pissed, she could attack her man and later accuse him of being a batterer, even though he was only defending himself from abusive rage. There were many violent women out there and quite a few male victims of domestic violence. Naturally, judges, prosecutors and lawmakers as well as social workers continued to ignore men’s needs. What a world! Gender bias was wrong…unless it was directed against men, in which case society considered it to be alright. For this reason, and many others, Pierre was just about fed up with the system.

Pierre was snapped out of his reverie by a rather unforgettable sight. Sergeant Anderson Coleman walked through the hallway, wearing his uniform. He looked fantastic. Pierre gasped. Yes, it was the same man he had met all those years ago. Pierre stood, and after a brief hesitation, walked toward him. There was another man with Anderson, a tall, good-looking black man in his forties. The two of them were laughing as they walked together. When Coleman’s eyes met with Pierre’s, the older man almost did a double take.

“Well, hello there, officer Guillot!” Coleman held out his hand. “How are you doing? Then, he smiled. He smiled that same smile that Pierre remembered so damn well. The two men shook hands. Coleman introduced Pierre to his partner, James. “This man is the love of my life,” Coleman said proudly.

Pierre stared hard at Coleman. Had he heard correctly? Pierre had a partner, as in a gay lover? And he was open about it? Coleman smiled and nodded, then linked his arm with James. James looked at Pierre and shook his hand. Pierre smiled nervously. He suddenly felt uncomfortable. So, Coleman was out of the closet. As if reading his mind, Coleman grinned and filled him in. He gave Pierre the rundown. Basically, Coleman had met James, a small-business owner, about three years ago and they fell in love.

James looked at Pierre and grinned. ” I finally got this stud to settle down,” he said. ” He was so rampant when I met him, chasing down any booty he could find. Didn’t matter if it belonged to a male or a female, he was a butt man.”

Sergeant Coleman rolled his eyes and grinned. James went on. ” Of course, the day he met me, he said bye to all of them young men and pretty ladies he was always chasing. I think every man, even a bisexual, will eventually settle down with the right person.” He kissed Coleman on the cheek then looked at Pierre. ” Know what I’m saying?”

Coleman came out of the closet and moved in with him. They’d been together ever since. And Coleman was still an instructor down at the state police academy. Pierre stared at them and smiled nervously. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing with his own eyes. The macho sergeant was out and proud, walking around campus with his gay lover. Coleman smiled, wished him good luck and went on his way.

Pierre stood in the middle of the hall, watching as the two men made their way down the corridor. They disappeared around the corner. He shook his head. What a world! Although Pierre had eventually learned to live with the fact that he was bisexual, he was pretty sure that he would never end up with a man. Was the world ready for two black men living together in a non-platonic relationship? Gay Marriage had been legalized in Massachusetts a few years ago but there was still a lot of anti-gay sentiment in America and the rest of the world. The black community was the most homophobic community on the planet.

How could James and Coleman stand being out in the open? Weren’t they worried about bashers and haters messing with them at every turn? Gays, lesbians and bisexuals as well as transsexual people who lived in the open faced a lot of discrimination. Pierre had resolved to keep his sexual orientation a secret for as long as he lived. He was pretty sure that his colleagues on the force wouldn’t like him anymore if they found out he once had a relationship with another man. His traditional-minded Haitian family as well as his peers in the community would reject him as well. He was in his twenties and he could still count his sexual partners on one hand. A couple of chicks and one dude. It seemed so simple. Yet the world would not tolerate his existence.

Not for the first time, Pierre wondered how Nadege would react if she ever found out. He didn’t even want to think about it. He had been faithful to her throughout their relationship and his relationship with Coleman had taken place before he got with her but he doubted that she could ever understand. The life of the closeted bisexual man was a lonely one. But maybe someday things would change. Yes, someday.

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