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Thania Saint-Germain gritted her teeth as Master Gaston Levesque continued working his perverse brand of magic on her. He smacked her hard across the face and pinched her nipples as he thrust his dick hard into her asshole. With tears rushing in rivulets down her beautiful face, the young Black woman took everything her Master dished out at her. With her hands and feet bound by thick steel chains, she couldn’t do anything other than endure the sweet torment he was visiting upon her. Truth be told, she relished every moment of it. The berating, the hitting, the spitting and the fucking. It’s how she got off. Submitting to a strong man turned her on. Far from weak, she’s fully embraced her submissive side.

And for his part, Gaston Levesque was quite comfortable with his submissive. The tall, broad-shouldered and dark-skinned Black man stared grimly at Thania as he continued working on her. At thirty two, he cut an imposing figure. Six feet three inches tall and two hundred and forty pounds of hard-bodied, ruggedly handsome Black masculinity. And he was something unique. The only professional Black American male BDSM expert of Haitian descent practicing in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. When not bringing delight and torment to an eager sub, the Brandeis University MBA holder was a Financial Analyst at the Canadian Revenue Agency in downtown Ottawa. This made him a much sought-after element in the shadowy games of BDSM practitioners.

Gaston Levesque smiled to himself as he continued working on Thania. She was more resilient than he’d initially given her credit for. That much he had to admit to himself. Thania could take pain. She didn’t flinch as he smacked her face repeatedly, or called her a dumb slut and a cunt. In fact, those things seemed to turn her on. When he slipped two fingers inside her pussy and roughly fingered her while slamming his dick up her ass, her eyes widened. However, he hardly got more than a few groans out of her. When he took out his belt and proceeded to belt her breasts and buttocks, he got a few sharp grunts out of her and exactly one squeal. He smiled as he twisted her tits and she met him with a cold stare without saying anything. This was definitely güvenilir bahis more fun than he thought it would be.

He’d been thrilled and kind of surprised when Thania Saint-Germain showed up at his doorstep. The tall, athletic and absolutely stunning young Haitian woman was quite different from his usual subs. He’d done a quick background check on her as he did with all of his subs. Thania was unique in her own right. She was twenty two years old, a student at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Engineering. She was also engaged to Paul Lemieux, a French Canadian guy from the City of Montreal, Province of Quebec. Yeah, she was definitely not his usual sub. The average submissive who showed up at Master’s Lair was Caucasian, female, and usually married. Sometimes, he had Caucasian men and the occasional Asian or Hispanic woman. Black male and Black female subs who sought Black Masters and Black Mistresses were definitely rare in the ever changing and kinky world of BDSM. He’d noticed that while practicing his ‘art’ in Boston. Ottawa proved to be no different. An avowed bisexual who didn’t hide his preferences from friends and family, Gaston Levesque didn’t have any problems dominating women as well as men. He was true to the game.

Still, gorgeous young Black women like Thania Saint-Germain didn’t walk into the Master’s Lair every night. Black subs were a rare occurrence in his domain. The last one had been quite a disappointment. Hector Jean-Baptiste, a forty-year-old Haitian-Canadian preacher from the City of Calgary, Province of Alberta. Like many religious authority figures, Mr. Jean-Baptiste was a man leading a double life. His wife Myra and his fast-growing and dedicated congregation would be stunned to discover that he liked kinky sex with macho younger Black men. That’s why he sought Gaston in the first place. Dominating Jean-Baptiste had been a pleasure, and the wealthy preacher rewarded the Black Master handsomely for his services. However, if he was honest with himself, Gaston couldn’t stand closet cases. He believed in living his life in the open. It wasn’t easy being an openly bisexual Black male professional of Haitian descent in the Capital Region of Canada. However, Gaston türkçe bahis made it work. Through brutal self-reliance, defiance, and true grit.

Thania Saint-Germain had been brutally honest with him in their communications prior to their ‘session’. She grew up in Metropolitan Montreal, and was quite new to the township of Ottawa. She had mainly dated Caucasian and Hispanic men throughout her adult life, and had a love-hate relationship with the Black men in her life. From her father to her brothers. Nothing unusual about that, as far as he was concerned. Lots of Black men he met had similar views and outlooks on life. Gaston had listened impassively as she explained to him what she wanted, and what she was all about. He’d met Caucasian women who were eerily similar to her. The dutiful wives and girlfriends of White men who sought dominant Black men on the sly. He’d topped dozens of them since he moved from Boston to Ottawa for work in November 2009. He promised Thania Saint-Germain an experience she would never forget, provided she allowed him to do his thing. As a Master, he was brutally efficient and merciless. Only the most dedicated and gritty submissive could endure what he could dish out.

And Thania Saint-Germain was proving herself to be one of the best subs he’d had in a long time. She lay on the table, her mouth slack and drooling as he slammed his nine-inch, uncircumcised Black cock went in and out of her well-lubricated asshole. Gaston loved fucking strong people in the ass, especially strong women like Thania. He was determined to get some screams out of her as he fucked her. So he finally brought out the big guns, for lack of a better term. He took out his cigarette lighter. Thania’s eyes locked onto his every move even as she moaned and her sexy nubile body shook under the force of his thrusts. Gaston smiled wickedly and brought the lighter close to her face. The flame danced mere inches from her eyes. Thania blinked. Gaston smacked her hard and ordered her not to blink. Then he brought the flame even closer to her. She squirmed but inexorably the flame danced closer to her. Until it looked like the unthinkable would happen. At the last possible moment Gaston snapped the güvenilir bahis siteleri lighter shut, extinguishing the flame, but brought its still hot muzzle to Thania’s groin area. And he pressed it against her labia. The pained squeal which escaped the young Black woman’s mouth was sweet music to his ears.

Gaston looked into Thania’s flushed face as he slammed his dick even harder up her ass. Panic filled the young woman’s face, along with shock. He grinned, and brought the lighter back into play. Her eyes tracked it as the flame danced before her face, and nearly brushed her nipples. He kept it close to her flesh, so she could feel the heat but the lighter did little more than singing her. Just like the supremely adaptive slut he knew her to be, Thania was turned on by this new game. When he brought the lighter close to her face again, she shot him a mocking look. He flicked off the lighter and pressed the still hot muzzle against her chest, in the space between her breasts. A blood-curling scream shot out of her mouth. Satisfied, Gaston put away the lighter, smacked her face and continued ramming his cock up her ass. And this time, the resilient young Black woman’s screams of passion and pain echoed his own. As they should have from the beginning.

A couple of hours later, Thania Saint-Germain left the Master’s Lair with an extra bounce in her step. She felt great, like a burden had been lifted from her. Gaston Levesque smiled to himself as he watched her go. She’d been exuberant after he fucked her to orgasm then removed the steel shackles which bound her hands and feet. She couldn’t stop talking as she showered, telling him how wonderful and twisted the experience had been. Gaston felt amused. He had lost count of how many subs, both male and female, talked incessantly with naked enthusiasm and gratitude after he’d taken them to their limits…and beyond. As a Master, he took great pride in satisfying his subs and helping them embrace their true selves. Thania thanked him, then went back to her life. Back to her Engineering studies at the University of Ottawa and to her French Canadian fiancé. Like the wealthy submissive White women he usually dealt with, no one from her life would ever imagine she was into this sort of thing. And that’s exactly why she sought someone like him. And he knew, with more certainty than two plus two equalled four, that she would be back to his Lair one of these days. And he’d be waiting for her.

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