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BlindfoldedBlindfoldedImagine one night, we have the house to ourselves, no c***dren. I take the opportunity to blindfold you, strip you naked, and tie you on our bed with your legs spread eagle and your hands tied to the sides of the bed. Your exposed and you are waiting to see what happens. I told you nothing, but to relax and enjoy being pleasured. Imagine your anticipation of what’s to happen next. You’re on the bed, sobbing wet from the adrenaline surging through your body. You’ve been waiting a week to find relief from your horniness. We’ve been talking dirty all week and you simply want to be ravished. A few seconds go by without any physical contact, however it feels like eternity to you. Eventually you feel my warm hand lightly caressing your inner thigh, moving up towards your wet pussy. You don’t realize that within the last moment, I had 3 of my guy friends from the gym enter the room. You rightly assume it’s my hand on your inner thigh. However, I am simply making sure you are wet and ready for my two friends that are about to pleasure you. You moan and breath deeply as you take in every sensation of my fingers touching your pussy. After a few seconds of making sure you are soaking wet, I pull back and signal to my guy friends to take over. They are well hung and chiseled young men visiting town on spring break from college. I can tell they they want you because their cocks are hard and protruding in their pants. I think to myself, this is Dana’s fantasy, but also mine. She wants to be devoured by multiple men. I want to watch her being pleasured and see her face realize she’s being fucked by 3 men, other than me. Instead of all the men jumping on you at once, I send in one at a time. The first man, who is black, steps forward, pulls his throbbing black cock out of his pants and begins to stroke it bursa escort while licking your left nipple. You believe it’s me, so you call my name and pull his head into your chest firmly. The second man, who is white, already had his cock out jerking off in the corner and walked up to you and started pulling your right nipple with his fingers. Nothing that is happening gives situation away. You are laying flat on your back, completely oblivious to what is happening to you. I am in the corner watching with delight. Now there is a black well built black man sucking on your nipple and a well built white man tweaking the other. I know how you like well built men, which is why I invited these men over. Interesting, the third man is japanese, but the most muscular of the three. He’s chiseled with a strong jaw line. I send him in last, as he pulls his pants off and straddles your head, directing his cock into your mouth. That is when you realize you are being pleasured by not only me, but multiple men. I see the surprize in your face as his cock slides into your mouth. I reassure you that it’s ok and that I am here watching and enjoying the seen. I ask you if you are ok and you answer by thrusting your face further onto the japanese, pushing his cock deeper into your mouth. I hear you slipping as, you consume his cock. As I watch from the corner of the room and stroking my cock, throbbing and hard like a rock. I can see your pussy dripping wet, as you begin to anticipate being penetrated. With your legs tied spread eagle like your doing a pancake, you lift your hips upward each time you feel skin contact your pussy lips. Each of the guys take turns sucking your nipples, eating your pussying, and recieving head from you. Their hands grab your inner thighs and breasts. They each slap their cocks on your nipples, making them bursa escort bayan harder and perky. The japanese gets between your legs and uses his hands to pull your ass cheeks open and lick your clit all at the same time. He also pulls your pussy lips open and lick every inch with his wet tongue. I see your legs quiver, your arms flex and your feet curl, as our fantasy come true. We both no how arroused you are when I enjoy watching you being pleasured by other men, especially by a group of men at the same time. As time passes the men take turns thrusting their cocks in your mouth, eating your pussy, licking every inch of your body, and letting you feel the masculine strength of their hands as they caress your. You can feel their passion and hunger for you. I can see their primitive hunger devour you. My instructions was never to let you see, so the blindfold remained on. The men were also given strict instructions not to fuck your pussy with their cocks until i gave them the signal, which I did after a few more minutes of watching them tease you with intermittent pleasure. On my signal, the black man slowly pushes his massive cock into your pussy. You have no idea it’s black, but you do know it was in your mouth a minute ago. He slowly penetrates you, and I can see your pussy juice all over his cock. You are overcome with ecstasy as you take his cock deeper with each stroke. In the meantime, the other guys take turns kissing, sucking, and touching you everywhere. You feel everything, which sends you close to orgasm. Right before you cum, i tell them to stop. The massive black cock pulls out, dripping with your pussy juices and he steps back. I think to myself as I see your pussy slowly close from the exit of his cock, “I am glad Dana is on birth control cause they are each going to bust a load into her pussy.” escort bursa I told them no pulling out, to release their loads deep into your body. That you love feeling the warm rush of cum inside of you and their throbbing cocks. So, one by one they take turns fucking you with their cocks. Your pussy amazingly stayed wet the entire time. After a long session of them fucking you deep into your pussy, and your legs still spread eagle, and your arms still tied to the side of the bed, i let the japanese guy cum first into you pussy. He slowly strokes and presses his cock deep into as he unloads his hot cum. As he unloads, it sends you over the edge and you begin to cum has he continues to unload. Your body twitching, abs tight, and limbs pulling onto the restraints. The white guy is next. He pushes his cock into as your recover from the previous orgasm. In no time, after him thrusting you with great ferocity and determination to cum, he shoots his load deep into your pussy as well, pressing his pelvis firmly against your clit. You orgasm again as he slowly pulls his dripping wet cock from your pussy. Now the other two guys are standing back and watch the black guy fuck you with his giant cock. He Thrusts you slowly as he enjoys every inch of you. You can feel his massive head rub the inside of your vagina and you can feel his cock begin to throb has he delivers his cum. Again, I watch your lips close as his cock pulls out of your pussy and your pussy is drenched with cum, You orgasm one more time as I tell you that I was enjoying the show. After the three guys clean up themselves and you wait to see what happens next, kneel between your legs with my cock in my hand and masturbate, taking in every inch of your body and the scene of you being fucked by three sexy young men. I cum on your pussy, leaving your soaked in cum. After the fucking and cumming is done, We untie you, take off your blindfold, and you see for the first time who was fucking your brains out. Three flavors of cocks. Banana, vanilla, and chocolate, Lol. The End,

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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