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Blonde & Brunette

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Blonde & Brunettewritten for rachel_a85 So I went to the daycare to pick up my 3yr old daughter and walked in and saw this beautiful blonde bombshell sitting with my daughter playing and i paused for a bit just checking her out and needless to say i started getting hot. She was wearing a short sundress that showed off her amazing 34dd clevage and beautiful long toned legs and she had this amazing long wavy blonde hair with deep blue eyes. She saw me and stood up now im 6’2 and she was just bout and inch shorter than me and I introduced myself, hi i’m sasha its a pleasure to meet you and with that she shook my hand and smiled at me and said, rachel and pleasure is all mine.We sat and talked a bit as she was telling me how wonderful my daughter was when i noticed her eyes sizing up my tits im a 36dd and was wearing a tank top that put them on display pretty well and a pair of low cut bellbottom jeans that really clung tight and showed off my hips and ass. I caught canlı bahis her and we made brief eye contact she looked away shyly as i put my hand on hers and said, its ok i have that affect on men and women, she looked at me and blushed. I’m sorry sasha its just your so beautiful and before she could finish I leaned in and kissed her on the lips she returned the kiss and we sat there my lips against hers as i intwined and danced my tongue around hers .I could of continued this but another daycare person had walked in and didnt notice our little scene as rachel asked if she could watch my the c***dren for a second. She took me by the hand and we went to her office which had a big window that faced the street and I pressed her against it as i wrapped my fingers with hers and pressed my body against hers and slide my tongue into her delicious and sexy mouth. The window blinds were down but anyone walking by could hear and no doubt see us if they looked carefully, bahis siteleri oh sasha she moaned out as i kissed down her neck and grabbed her hips pressing against her tighter. I looked her in the eyes and then i kissed her again god rachel your so fucking sexy i want you i whispered in her ear as i lifted her sundress up and kissed my way down her stomach .I got to her panty covered pussy as i licked and kissed her satin covered camel toe she was wet and her smell was driving me wild as I pulled them to the side and devoured her smooth shaved pussy i took her outer lips into my mouth and sucked slowly as she spread her legs for easier access. Driving my tongue inside her made her shiver as i slithered my tongue inside her pussy she was so tight and tasted so delicious .after a good5 minutes of this she came twice and slide down on her knees and we kissed againthis time more passionately and intimately neither of us noticing as rachel has slide güvenilir bahis down the window she had accidentally drawn the blinds open and now anyone walking by had a perfect view. She walked me over to her desk and got behind me as she run her hands up my stomach and cupped my tits and began kissing the back of my neck. My blonde lover knew exactly what she was doing because soon my pants were around my thighs and i was bent over her desk with her tongue deep in my asshole. You have and amazing ass sasha she said as she tongue fucked me from behind while she worked my pussy with 2 fingers, i was moaning quite loudly as i was breathlessly calling her name.Rachel rachel yes fuck me please i need you i want you neither of us noticed the small crowd of men and women outside watching us as i came for the 3rd time bent over her desk i turned around and lay ontop of her kissing and licking her lips, that was fun i said as rachel smiled back at me yes i needed that. We lay on the floor cuddled together as i noticed the onlookers we straightened up and as we were walking out I wrote down my number and handed it to her, lets get together sometime i smiled and kissed her deeply once more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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