Ara 20

Blurred Lines

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This story was a particularly fun one to write, and was inspired by real life events! Let me know if you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed experiencing and writing it. Happy reading 😉


His large hands gently encased the sides of her face, thumbs brushing over the apples of her cheeks as he kissed her, tenderly and slowly. He pulled back and smiled at her, the lust-filled darkness of her eyes a real treat to see. He slid his hands back into her thick auburn hair, massaging her scalp everso gently as his mouth began to move lower. He pressed light kisses along her jawline before reaching the creamy expanse of her neck. His lips, tongue and teeth began to roam the smooth sensitive skin, licking and kissing and nipping. He sucked a small portion of her skin into his mouth which elicited a little purr. He released and smirked up at her as she glared down at him with those heavy-lidded eyes. He gave a sheepish little shrug. “Couldn’t help myself, sorry,” he murmured against her skin, causing little goosebumps to rise up. “But I know the rules. No bruises where people will see them.” He pressed a gentle kiss over the very slight mark on her otherwise perfect neck, before moving further down.

He slid one hand out of her hair and moved it down to brush his fingertips slowly around the plump fullness of her left breast while his mouth made the same motions on her right, all the while studiously avoiding the hard little nipples waiting for him. As he kissed around and around, spiralling closer as he made teasingly slow brushes with his fingers on her other breast, he felt her chest rising and falling beneath him. She was most certainly aroused by now, but that wasn’t going to make him speed up. As he found he had explored every millimetre of her breast other than the tempting pink nipples which he knew she loved being stimulated, he pulled back and looked up at her again. escort izmit Her eyes were half-closed now and her front teeth wuthered her lower lip, a sure sign that she was trying not to moan out with pleasure. He paused for another moment, enjoying the flushed beauty of her face and the heaving of her chest.

Lowering his head slowly, he hesitated one more moment before beginning to deftly explore her right nipple with his tongue. His fingers began to roll and massage the left, and that was enough for her. The noises she had been clearly been suppressed spilled out of her in a wave, a deep desperate groan from the back of her throat that her teeth couldn’t quite hold back. He smiled to himself as he felt her legs twitch instinctively further open and he took her perky nipple between his teeth, tugging gently in a way he knew would drive her wild. Her hips bucked a little and her hands balled into fists, clutching the blankets on either side of her as another groan poured from her gasping mouth. His whole hand smothered her left breast now, massaging and squeezing, careful to always stimulate the nipple and she twitched again, writhing a little beneath him. He sucked hard on her rocky nipple and she moved her hands to clutch into his hair, pushing her breast further into his mouth as he flicked his tongue over the pert pink nub. Each flick caused her hips to twitch under him, pressing her warmth into the bulge in his underwear and causing a twisting sensation in the pit of his stomach. He wanted her. So badly. It was all he could do to restrain himself from just fucking her senseless right now. But he knew she’d appreciate the foreplay more. She was always more responsive to penetration after her first orgasm.

Moving both his hands to her breasts, he dipped his head a little lower, pressing a line of kisses down her flat smooth stomach. He was speeding up now, he realised, and was largely izmit escort unable (or unwilling) to stop himself. He wanted more from her; to hear her moans, to feel her wetness. As his kisses drew level with her hip bones, her legs spread even wider. She really was getting desperate for him now. Her moans had retreated to a constant soundtrack of purrs, whimpers and mewls, all music to his ears as they rose in urgency. He pulled at her nipples one last time before moving his hands to her hips, holding her in place as he surveyed the treat before him. Freshly waxed, her pussy was clearly visible in all its juicy glory. He could see the shimmer of her wetness on the outer folds, her clit standing proud and just begging to be touched. Without further ado, he dipped his head and gave it one long luxurious lick. It had the desired effect for both of them; her legs shot apart as wide as they would go as her back arched and her volume increased, and the taste of her on his lips caused his erection to grow even further, to a point where it was almost painful now. He pressed his face between her legs, tongue flicking over her aching clit in a quick repetitive motion that was driving her crazy. He was glad he’d chosen to anchor her hips in place, as he could feel the strain of her trying to thrust herself further into his mouth. His mouth was working deftly, tongue circling at different speeds and intensities, his fingernails digging a little into her hips to spot her from grinding her pussy against his face. He wanted to be in control here. He wanted to be able to say when she was going to come. He pressed his tongue against the opening of her waiting pussy and felt her back arch again…

Alexis woke up in a hot sweat. It was dark and she was disorientated and all she could focus on was the throbbing between her thighs. She realised that she had a pillow squeezed tight between izmit kendi evi olan escort her knees and that she must have been rocking herself against it in the midst of that amazing dream. Her chest was heaving and she felt a little light-headed as she thought back over what had been happening. God, it had been ages since she’d had such an erotic dream. Her cheeks must be flushed, and she’d somehow managed to lose her pyjama shorts in the course of the night. There was no way she was going to get back to sleep and regain that dream, was there? Of course not, it never worked like that. Instead, she crept both hands down her stomach and towards the warmth waiting for her. She kicked the pillow away before tentatively giving the outer lips of her pussy a stroke with a shaking hand, causing a convulsion through her whole body. Everything was so sensitive, every nerve ending on fire…it wouldn’t be long before she came or passed out, she wasn’t sure which. Teasing herself wasn’t an option; the man in her dream had done more than enough of that.

She plunged both hands between her legs and gave a loud cry of ecstasy as they met the sopping wetness of her desperate arousal. Her fingers could barely keep up with the wild bucking of her hips as she pressed rough quick circles against her burning clit. She plunged three fingers into her pussy, imagining the man from her dream thrusting his long thick erection inside her. This thought made her cry out again, tossing her head from side to side as she imagined him over her and around her and deep deep inside her. It didn’t take long for her to come, long and hard and loud. The explosion rushed over her, making her dizzy and bringing her close to the edge of losing consciousness. Her body shuddered and twitched as she continued to burrow her fingers against her clit, chest heaving and yelps and whimpers of pleasure emanating from her throat. Finally, after what felt like a lifetime, she collapsed. She was spent and thoroughly satisfied. With a sigh, she flopped back against the pillows and stared up at the dark shapes of her bedroom ceiling in the dark. If only dreams could come true…

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