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BnB Turns into Sex House Ch. 01

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So the stories we are about to tell are real stories from our AirBnB in our home in the country outside of a large college town. The names have been changed but the action happened as described by me and my husband.


Chapter One – Our first guests, Vince and Lori, and an unplanned Cougar encounter.

I was walking through the kitchen on Saturday morning getting the coffee ready for our guests. I had showered, dressed, and put on my makeup. I was looking damn good for 57. I had put on a tight pair of jeans and a tight gray top that fit like skin and gripped my 36C’s making them look luscious. They were full and stretched the fabric of the shirt and I felt really good. It was a bit cool this morning and I could feel my hard nipples poking through my bra and outlining the gray blouse.

I walked over to the coffee maker in my sexy bare feet, with the toenails freshly painted sultry red. I’ve had my fair share of turning heads over the years and as I turned to check out the status of the coffee I could see our male guest ogling the goods from his seat.

The male half of our two guest party was sitting at the kitchen table waiting for the coffee to be ready and he was enjoying the view staring at my rack and at my ass. The young man named Vince was 17 years younger than me, and was certainly interested in this 57 year old ass. His girlfriend was a petite 37 year old weighing less than 100 pounds. She had not yet made an appearance this morning and my husband was missing in action too.

I engaged with Vince in some nice conversation as I served him his coffee and blueberry muffin. I was enjoying the attention and was very aware that he was really into checking me out. Just watching him steal peeks at my breasts made me horny, and I was not provocatively dressed. It seems that when I wrap my rack in a tight top I get a similar reaction from most males.

I was not dressed to tease as we had to leave for an appointment and our guests were heading off to a football game. I was sizing up Vince and was interested in making him my first sex conquest of our AirBnB venture.

We have been operating our AirBnB for about half a year and in recent weeks I have been fantasizing with my husband about erotic encounters with our guests. It is something we have talked about while we engaged in our very good sex life, but in recent weeks it has really been getting us off and escalating in our sexy, bedroom talk. The more we talked about it in our lovemaking sessions the more it made my pussy wet and his erections bigger and harder and that has led to great sex for both of us. When you have been married 25 years you have lots of fantasy talk in the bedroom.

We have been happily married for about a quarter century and are long past the jealous stage and talking about each other fucking our guests was really getting us off. In my younger years I was a wild, horny woman getting my fair share, but since I married I haven’t strayed from my husband’s more than ample cock. Sure, I’ve had opportunities and came close a couple times but never went through with it. But having good looking guests stay in our house was like having the fox watch the hen house.

Or in this case, the horny, mature, MILF, looking to get wild as she did in her younger years picking out sexy guests to bang. No, I was not perfect. My pussy was stretched by children and my husband’s larger than life love machine. And my breasts had grown too and I added a few pounds so I was no longer a size 4. But I know I looked damn good in yoga pants and anything else I stepped into for work or pleasure. In fact, most people believed that we were both about 10 years younger than our age showed them.

My husband came into the kitchen and started to help me get the breakfast ready for our guests and on several occasions he rubbed against my ass as he passed by me. This was not planned but I slowed to magnify it for our guest who was having a hard time taking his eyes off my breasts. My husband must have been wondering what was going on but I was having a good time being a bit of a tease.

I served our house guest his coffee and as I placed it on the table I allowed my hangers to brush against his back as I moved away from him. My husband saw exactly what was going on and gave me a knowing, flirty smile. Vince thanked me for the coffee and he too, gave me an admiring glance.

“Where is the young lady?” My husband’s question interrupted Vince’s stare.

“I think she is still recovering from a bit too much to drink at the microbrewery last night,” Vince replied. “It doesn’t take her long to have too much weighing 100 pounds,” Vince apologized for his girlfriends absence.

“I was the same way at that age too,” I looked at Vince. “A couple of beers and I’d be dancing on the table, but now at my age and with the extra pounds I guess it takes longer to get me crazy,” I laughed .

“Oh, and if it was Tequila she’d be dancing on the table topless with a crowd gathered nişantaşı escort around,” Tim promised our guest.

“That would be worth the price of admission,” Vince cautiously replied to both of us.

“Oh yes it would,” responded my husband of many years. “But in those days she didn’t stretch her tops like she does today. That is a result of children, but I love ’em,” Tim promised as he glanced at me and smiled at Vince.

“Watch it mister,” I snapped at my husband. “No bacon for you for being fresh in front of our guest,” I threatened him. “You know I hate these huge things, Timothy.!”

“I love em more every day,” he promised.

“Excuse me, sweet lady,” our guest interjected. “I think you look amazing this morning and I have to agree with Tim, you look spectacular in that gray top and I couldn’t help notice how good your hips look in those jeans too.” He was a little embarrassed by the comment as it hung in the air.

“Thank you Vince,” I replied after considering what to say. I wanted to rip my top off and give him a good look so instead of shocking him I went over to the table and filled his coffee. I intentionally leaned heavily into his shoulder as I poured , and he bashfully told my husband they felt as good as they looked.

Tim, making eye contact with me replied to Vince that my hips and ass felt as good as they looked too. I smiled back at him with a look that said, “game on.”

Vince replied to us that he had some one dollar bills upstairs if I did want to do that tequila table dance mentioned in our earlier discussion and then he could get a good look at my ass. His boldness made me hot.

“Oh I’m sure that she would show you her hips without the ones,” my husband volunteered. Apparently, he thought this was the perfect opportunity to make our fantasies into a reality and at this point I did too.

“Have you ever seen a cougar naked?” I asked our house guest. “It may be a scary sight, “I added.

“Well, you are not that much older than me,” Vince promised.

“Honey, I’m almost 18 years older than you so I’m not that pretty young thing asleep upstairs.” I warned Vince.

“I don’t believe you are that much older than me but it doesn’t matter, you are freakin’ hot!” Vince said still not sure what to make of us.

“Just look at how you stretch that gray shirt, and I can’t miss those hips your husband keeps talking about.” Vince looked right into my eyes as he sipped his coffee. “And while we are at it look at your sexy toes,” Vince added.

Now I love to have my feet rubbed and my toes sucked so when Vince said that it sent a jolt right to my pussy. So I considered the possibilities. Since we were heading out to an appointment I was not dressed sexy to impress.

“You like sexy toes big guy?” I asked Vince.

“Honey, I’m an expert at foot rubs and your toes are hot,” Vince boasted.

“Oh boy, here it comes,” Tim said. “She loves the foot rub, Vince. It makes her so horny especially when you run your fingers from her toes up the back of her legs.”

At that moment I decided to be bold and take charge as my pussy was tingling. I simply unbuttoned my jeans and allowed them to hit the kitchen floor, without saying a word. That is something completely out of character for me. Both men, while surprised, approved with an mmmmmmmm comment sent in my direction. Now what I wondered.

There I stood in a traditional pair of panties, no thong, but my legs were shaved and I kept my pussy trimmed so there were no dark hairs fighting to escape the black and gold leopard print on the silk panties. I wasn’t sure if there was a wet spot staring back at the guys but they were staring hard at my mid-section and I felt like there was wetness showing through.

Vince stammered and apologized for not getting his dollar bills upstairs. I walked over to our guest and whispered in his ear that I was good for one free show a day and today was his lucky day. I grabbed his left arm and placed his hand up high on my hip.

“That is what a cougar hip feels like, buddy.” I stared at his lap seeing an erection under his sweat pants. He gently eased his hand down to the back of my silk panties and patted my ass. My eyes looked at my husband saying oh fuck yeah it’s on and he looked back in agreement with a smile. This would-be cougar was going to do her best to get fucked by a strange cock for the first time in a quarter century,

I took my hand and put it under his arm and gently pulled him up out of the kitchen chair. I pulled him around so that we faced each other and I grabbed his other hand and placed it on my silk panties. He had both hands on my ass and I leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss that he met with his tongue. Ummm that felt good way down in my pussy and I pressed my hips into his hard-on that was fighting his sweat pants. It wasn’t fully erect yet but I wasn’t done teasing him. I was imagining his hardness easing into me and pressed my hips harder into his groin.

“Well şişli escort this could get interesting,” my hubby said to us.

Vince unlocked my lips and said that it was already more interesting than he ever thought it would be. “We are just getting started big guy.” I warned him.

My husband said he was heading to his chair and ottoman over in the living room and as he walked over there I simply pulled Vince’s sweat pants off his body. Since he had no underwear on, I was treated to a semi-engorged dick and I must tell you it was a pretty one too. I ignored it and told him to go stretch out on the large brown couch in the living room.

Vince did not hesitate and he stretched out on the couch and gently caressed his dick that continued to grow up. I followed behind him and walked past my husband to the low oak table in front of the couch and I stepped up on the table.

There I stood in my panties with my gray shirt still covering my tits. I faced Vince and Tim was about ten feet away toward my back. I demanded that Vince rub his cock harder and tell me what he saw in front of him.

“Holy shit hon. You look fucking amazing.” Vince complimented me.

“I like that language Vinnie,” I encouraged him. “What do you see”

“I see a hot MILF that looks great in her panties.” Vince continued. “I’d love to see your pussy that is hiding behind the curtain.”

“I bet you would big boy,” I taunted him. “Lean over here and gently kiss my pussy, I demanded of Vince.

Without hesitation, he leaned in, dropped his cock and planted a gentle kiss right in the middle of my pussy, swirling his tongue on the silk fabric. “Oh man I smell sex,” Vince said smiling at me. As he said that he reached his hands up to place his fingers between my legs and just below my pussy.

“Oh no you don’t mister.” I warned him sternly. “Not time to touch the goods just yet. What is your hurry Vinnie?” I wanted to know.

He pulled his hand away like he burned it on the stove and I bit my lip and smiled at him.

“You got me so hard, horny lady,” Vince apologized. I slowly turned my body in a circle and told Vince to tell me more and to grab his cock again and stroke it while he talked to me.

“Look at my dick, hon. Look at how big you got it.” He wanted me to see it but I was looking at my husband and showing Vince my ass.

“You cock tease,” my husband wanted me to know.

“Tim, pay tribute to the MILF, Vinnie said I was a MILF. I guess he wants to fuck this old lady,” I said to my husband. “Take your pants off Tim and stroke your cock.” I demanded of the man I’ve been exclusively fucking for more than half of Vince’s life.

“Show him your tits,” my husband demanded as Vince was talking to me as instructed. I turned all the way around to face Vince again and noticed his fully engorged cock. “Damn Vinnie. That is pretty. And big. You must be proud of that thing, I asked of him.

Vince was talking to me and telling me how he was going to split my juicy pussy and make me cum this morning for breakfast. I stepped down off the table right in front of Vince and I eased over and gave his dick a tiny kiss right on the head. “Keep stroking,” I warned him. I reached my hand under his balls and he moaned. And then it hit me that Vince was really thick and ample in length. “Now that is a cock worth riding.” I said to no one in particular.

“I can’t hold on too much longer if I keep stroking.” Vince allowed. “You are too hot for me.”

“You haven’t even seen me naked yet,” I reminded him.

“But I smelled your pussy and it smells good enough to eat,” Vince hit me with a sales pitch. I turned to Tim and ask him to go to my sewing room and get the fabric tape measure. Tim’s dick is every bit of 10 inches and thick and Vince was coming close so I had to know. Tim left the room without hesitation holding on to his hard-on.

“Vince, stop stroking your dick and save it for my pussy, and while you are at it help a cougar out of her panties and tell her a little more about fucking her.” I blew a kiss at my guest and turned around showing him my silk covered ass.

Vince reached up to the table I was standing on, grabbed my hips and pulled me closer. “Well sweetheart, if I had fucked you for a couple months I’d just slide right into you pushing your panties aside, but you are so hot I need to see you naked before I fuck you. And, I make it a habit to lick and suck a pussy before I stick it.” Vince was tantalizing me now and I liked it. The wet spot grew in the silk panties.

“Oh you want to lick my pussy do you?” I asked Vince as I leaned my ass back towards his hands. “So you don’t want a quickie.”

“Hell no honey. I want to fuck you all morning. Maybe I’ll bail on the game and fuck you all day.” Vince suggested. “In fact, maybe I’ll make you cum a dozen times today hot woman. Your husband is a lucky man. You are so fuckable!”

“Now you are talking my language, horny man.” I replied. I bent over exposing mecidiyeköy escort my ass and Vince took the hint and gently grabbed the top of the panties and pulled them down to my ankles. He was staring at my naked ass and tan lines. I stepped out of the panties and bent over some more exposing my dripping wet pussy lips. Man I was so fucking horny and wanted to fuck him at that point.

Vince reached his right hand under and between my legs and reached up and moved it up to the front of my pussy. One finger gently touched my wet clit and he slowly pulled his hand back underneath and out gently touching my wet box. “Fuck that feels good,” Vinnie. “What the hell?” I threw my head back and pushed my ass back towards him.

“You are one wet cougar.” he told me what I already knew. “Your ass is hot and I love the tan lines,” Vince drooled.

At that point my husband walked back in the room with a hard dick and a tape measure as he saw me leaning my naked ass toward our guest. “Are you ever going to show him the girls”: Tim wanted to know.

“Tell me more Vince,” I asked him. He picked right up where he left off. “You are so wet honey I’m going to go so deep I might hurt you.” Vince promised. I am going to slowly fuck your tight pussy and then I will slam it hard.” Vince was spelling it all out. “I’m going to wreck that pussy.”

“Love it Vince,” I said as I stood up on the table and turned to face him. My pussy was at the perfect height, right in his face and now it was uncovered.

“Oh baby, I knew I had to fuck you when I checked in last night. You looked delicious last night and I thought about banging you as I fell asleep. I’m a sucker for a landing strip on a pussy and you have a gorgeous pussy. I love a landing strip because it provides perfect direction for my cock.” Vinnie was talking now. I just stood on the table listening as my pussy started to leak juices down my leg.

Vince leaned over and started to run his tongue from the top of my landing strip down to my clit. Up and down he went. As Vince was slowly licking me, making my legs weak, Tim came over, reached up and pulled my gray blouse up and off exposing my large black bra that was doing it’s best to hold in the girls.

“Damn, girl,” Vince mumbled between licks. “Look at that.”

“Just give me another minute, Vince,” my husband said to Vince. “Let me get this unhooked.” And there they were. Boom. They came flying out of the black fabric as Tim pulled it away from my chest. Tim has always said they are spectacular, but they don’t point up high as they did when I was younger and they were smaller back in the day. Tim wrapped the black bra around his neck and eased back into his chair watching me stand in front of our guest completely naked.

The splash of my naked tits onto the scene interrupted Vince’s tongue and like a honey bee to pollen, Vince stood up to lick my gorgeous tits. I didn’t complain one bit as he sucked an erect nipple between his cheek and tongue and swirled his tongue around it.

As I moaned I found his hard dick with my hands and I grabbed it like I owned it. At the moment I did own Vince. These tits work wonders I had to admit. Vince’s free hand reached down to poke around my wet box. He lightly caressed my pussy lips without inserting a finger. I was so wet I have no idea how his finger didn’t just fall right into my wetness. Man his dick was really hard and then I remembered.

“Tim honey, where is that measuring tape?” Tim eased off his chair and handed me the tape. His right hand tried to slide into my ass but I warned him that I was Vince’s fuck toy at the moment and if he listened carefully he might get a reward later. Without saying a word he retreated to his chair, huge cock in hand and it looked really hard too.

I turned my attention back to Vince. “First of all Vince, take that damn shirt off and then sit back down on the couch and stretch out.” Vince spit out my nipple and followed the instructions. As he stretched out on the couch his large penis protruded straight up in the air, well it had a little bend to it and I had plans to straighten that thing out in a minute.

I stepped off the table completely naked and got down on my knees on the carpet. I grabbed his hard cock and stroked it once from base to tip. I grabbed the tape measure and wrapped it around his girth. “More than 4 inches big guy. I like to be stretched so that checks off that box.” Then I placed the tape at the base of his penis and stretched it out. Vince was blushing. “Damn son. That is just short of 10, lets call it a little over 9 inches. I’ve fucked a lot of guys in my life but right now in my living room I have the two biggest dicks I’ve ever had in my life. I’m a lucky woman.” I said out loud to no one in particular. “Well I’m about to have the second biggest cock I’ve ever ridden.”

I heard Tim say that indeed I was surrounded by ‘big dicks” as he laughed at Vince. Since I was on the floor I dropped the tape measure, grabbed the protruding flesh, and placed it in my mouth. It was large and Vince moaned and smiled at me. His cock was big enough that I could get my left hand around the base of his member and still have plenty of room to maneuver my mouth.

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