May 15

Boathouse Attendant

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Something Monica loved to do a few times a week, when she could, was to go canoeing on the lake adjacent to campus. That was one reason she decided to go to college here, because the campus was located on a large lake, a lake big enough to canoe on for hours on end. She usually canoed alone. She enjoyed the serenity of being by herself out in the middle of the big, tranquil lake, gliding along silently across the smooth waters. She’d usually go in the late afternoon after her last class and only bring the canoe back when it started to get dark. Monica grew up in the city, in St. Paul, but her grandparents lived in northern Minnesota, near the Canadian border. That was lake country, and since she was a little kid Monica had spent idyllic summers up there, regularly going canoeing with her family for as long as she could remember.

One afternoon Monica was out canoeing when, suddenly, she caught sight of a speedboat heading her way. These boats were the scourge of canoeists and rowers, with their speed, their loud engines and the generally reckless way they were often steered. Usually it was a bunch of guys racing around in them, most often loaded on beer, sometimes showing off for their girlfriends. In this boat there were three guys and right away Monica could see they seemed like jerks, hooting and hollering at her. They were probably a bunch of Fraternity creeps from Greek row.

When they noticed Monica canoeing alone they suddenly veered toward her. She was frightened but there was nothing she could do. They steered right alongside her boat, almost into it, creating a wave that nearly capsized the canoe. Monica managed to evade that potential disaster, but now she found that the water the speedboat had kicked up had splashed all over her and her canoe and she was completely drenched.

“Asshole motherfuckers!” she shouted at them, enraged. But they just turned and laughed at her like a pack of idiots.

Monica was infuriated. Some of these college guys, especially the Frat boys, could be such total jerks. And now she was completely soaked.

So she canoed back to the boat house and got out. She went inside where she saw Joe, the boat house attendant. He was a real nice guy and she’d often talk to him a little after she brought her canoe back in. And he was real cute too, she thought. But now Monica was in no mood for small talk. She was pissed off and she was drenched.

“What happened to you?” Joe asked. “Did you capsize?”

“No, just a couple of dumb pricks decided to fuck with me and my canoe. I almost turned over but all that they managed to do was get me completely soaked.”

And soaked she was. Joe stared at her, Monica’s wet T-shirt and her jeans, drenched, clinging to her skin. He had to admit to himself that it was quite a stunning sight. He had secretly lusted over the tall, lithe beauty and was thrilled whenever she showed up to rent a canoe.

“You don’t happen to have a dry shirt and some jeans or pants around that I could borrow?” she asked.

“Uh– yeah, actually I do,” he said. “I keep some T-shirts and some extra jeans around for myself. You know, sometimes you have to go out under the dock and you get wet. Here let me get them.”

Joe disappeared for a few moments and returned with a white T-shirt and a dry pair of jeans. To Monica, these simple garments were a very welcome sight. She couldn’t wait to get out of her drenched clothes and into some dry ones.

“There’s a bathroom over there where you can change,” Joe said, pointing to a door. But Monica didn’t feel like doing that. No, she felt like changing right in front of him and giving him a little treat, a full view of her wet, naked body. That sure would be a unique way of thanking him for the dry clothes. And, also, just as he had secretly been lusting over her, she’d had her eye on him. In fact, she’d been thinking that one day soon she was going to start to flirt with the guy and make a move on him. The only thing that had stopped her so far was that she noticed he was wearing a wedding ring. Joe wasn’t a college guy. He was older, maybe in his mid-twenties and this was his regular job. But Monica had had her share of affairs with married men when she was a worked as a model in New York for a year. So now she figured maybe it was time to put the moves on this married dude and see how he’d react. That’s why she proposed she’d change out of her clothes right here, right in front of him.

“I don’t need a bathroom,” she said. “I’ll change right here, if you don’t mind, that is? I’m not particularly shy or modest.”

“Uh– sure–” he said, stunned to hear her say this.

So now she took off her wet jeans and her soaked T-shirt, standing in front of him in panties only. He stared right at her and that’s exactly what she’d hoped he’d do, rather than walk away or turn around and give her some measure of privacy. Since she was pretty small on top she almost never wore a bra. So now he could stare right at her breasts, covered with goosebumps, bursa escort the nipples stiff from the cold water. She’d gotten so soaked that her panties were wet too. So there was no point leaving them on, and she took them off, revealing herself stark naked and dripping wet.

“Got a towel I can use?” she asked and he handed her a towel. They stared at each other as she dried herself off and right away Monica could see that a big, hard bulge was quickly forming in the crotch of Joe’s jeans. That was a sight she always relished. She really liked to see that a guy had a stiff cock under his pants, and that it was she who had given him that stiff cock.

“What have we here?” she said, dropping the towel and approaching Joe, dropping her hand to the bulge, running her hand over it. She loved the way his erect cock felt under the rough denim of his jeans.

Joe was in shock, saying nothing, only his rigid penis speaking to how he now felt.

“Let’s have a look, shall we?” she said, slowly unzipping him. Then she reached into the fly of his jeans and dug it out. The second she had her fist around it she knew this cute guy had quite a specimen down there. Now she pulled it out and stared at the awesome sight. He was big, very big.

“Wow, look at you, you got a real nice one,” she said, slowly dropping to her knees in front of him.

She just stared at his beautiful cock a moment, her fist wrapped around the thick, rigid girth. Then she looked up him to see he was looking down at her, his big, warm eyes looking stunned at what was suddenly happening, this beautiful co-ed down on her knees in front of him, naked, his cock in her hand.

And then, slowly, she began to lick the shaft, starting from just above his balls, gliding her tongue upwards, running its wet surface over every inch of his taut penis.

“Oh yeah,” he growled, holding on to her head. “Lick it!”

She was glad to hear that growl. Joe had seemed shy to her at first. But now that she was actually tending to him, his true nature was coming out.

“Yeah? You want to have it licked?” she teased.

“That’s right, I want you to lick it. I want you to lick it, and I want you to suck it!” he said, totally transformed now, a horny leer lighting up his face, pure lust in those eyes of his.

She resumed licking the shaft, every ample inch. But before she got down to the business of sucking his dick, there was something else she wanted to do.

“Let’s get these down a ways,” she said, unbuckling his belt and pulling his jeans down around his ankles. Then she turned him around.

Now she was staring at one of her favorite sights, a male butt! For a while now, since she’d really gotten into doing that to men and to babes when she was in New York, every time she went down on a guy and gave him head, she also liked to turn him around and go down on his ass. Most guys just loved that, a few freaked out. Not this dude, she felt sure as she spread apart his buns and peered within.

“Let me have a taste of this too,” she said as she began lapping away at his asshole.

“Uh huh!” he growled, reaching around with an arm to press her face between his buttocks. “Oh yeah, I like that! Do it, lick my ass!”

She loved it! She loved it that this dude who seemed speechless a few minutes ago was turning out to be so raunchy. So she took her time tonguing his ass while reaching around to fist his achingly stiff cock. Then, finally, she turned him around and got down to the main order of business, taking him between her lips and into her mouth, sucking his knob as she twisted his shaft in her hand.

“That’s it, babe, suck my big cock!” he barked and she loved to hear that deep male voice urging her to fellate him.

She sucked him for a while then suddenly pulled her lips away and brought them lower, to his balls. Now she licked and gently sucked that warm globe of male meat before returning to the main meal, lapping away at the rough skin of scrotum, feeling the big, hard nuts with her tongue.

Then she began to suck his cock again, giving him a really nasty, sloppy blow-job as he growled and groaned, announcing his pleasure as he took her head in his hands and started pumping it into her, fucking her mouth.

“Oh yeah, eat it up,” he hissed as he fed it to her. She loved it! She loved it rough and nasty like this, sometimes. Too many of the college dudes were much too tentative and timid for her tastes. But this horny dude looked like he’d been around the block a few times, fucking her mouth furiously with his big dick.

Now Monica thought she’d show off her special skill, taking more and more of his cock into her mouth and down her throat until the whole damned thing was contained between her lips, those lips pressing against his balls.

“Holy shit!” he cried. “You really know how to do it!”

She felt good. She felt proud to give him such unexpected pleasure, here in the boat house, at the end of the day just as the sun was setting. bursa escort bayan Now she concentrated on this beautiful, rigid penis. It was her whole world now, her total universe. She was devoted to it. Down on her knees, swallowing it, Monica was, for the moment, a slave to his big dick. Soon she’d help him pull off the rest of the clothes and then she’d have somewhere else for him to put that cock. Out of the corner of her eye she’d noticed an old, battered sofa in the equipment room. That would be a perfect place for her to stretch out on her back, spread her legs wide, and get fucked by this rugged, horny stud.

“Aw shit, there’s another boat coming in,” Joe said, looking out the window. She looked over too and could see the boat would be docking in a minute or two. And then the guys in it would probably head right into the boat house, where Monica was down on her knees giving the attendant a blow-job. It looked like she wasn’t going to be able to stretch out on that sofa after all.

So she figured it was time to bring things to a head. With one hand she twisted his shaft while with the other she reached under his balls and slid a finger in his asshole, the asshole she had already thoroughly moistened with her saliva. Most guys, she’d learned, loved that, loved getting a nice prostate massage while their dicks were being sucked.

And suck that dick she did!

“Oh yeah, yeah, yeah!!!” he growled, feeling himself getting close, pressing her head firmly against his raging penis.

And then she felt it, his shaft throbbing in her hand as suddenly a flood of warm, thick semen flooded her mouth, shooting out of him in one spurt after another, Monica happily swallowing every drop.

Now she quickly pulled her mouth away, looking over her shoulder to see that the boat coming in was about to dock. So she pulled up his jeans, taking one last look at his big, meaty, now utterly satisfied cock. Then she threw on the T-shirt and pair of jeans he had given her.

“Got a piece of paper?” she asked.

She scribbled down her phone number and dorm address.

“Call me up later this week and come over,” she told him. “And we’ll take up where we left off, dude.”

“Sure thing, you’ll be seeing me real soon,” he said with a sexy grin.

“Yeah, you and your beautiful dick!” she said, giving it one last squeeze before she helped him tuck it back into his jeans. Then she gave him a quick kiss and bolted out of there before the two guys from the boat that had just docked came in.

Walking the half-mile back to her dorm, Monica couldn’t help smiling to herself. She was almost drowned that afternoon. But instead that near-mishap led to a scorching encounter with the sexy boat house attendant. She had expected they’d get down to a little more business than just dropping to her knees and sucking his cock. But she was grateful for that, and had a strong feeling she’d be seeing him again soon. Though she knew he was married and that, of course, could complicate the matter of his availability. But for the moment all she thought about was his really big cock and that incredibly generous pool of semen the stud had unloaded in her mouth when he got off. She could still taste it. Tonight Monica could forsake that can of special protein brew she liked to consume every evening. She’d had plenty of liquid protein refreshment for one day!


As she expected, the next day she got a call from Joe asking when he could come visit her. The timing was perfect. That weekend her roommate would be going back to Detroit to see her mom and Monica would have their dorm room to herself. So she suggested Saturday night and Joe said that was fine with him.

Her heart fluttered when she heard the knock on her door and she let him in.

“Hey there,” she said.

“What’s up?” he said.

“I hope you’re up,” she said, sensually gliding her hand over his crotch, letting him know right away there was unfinished business to take care of.

“You’re really something,” he said smiling.

She looked over to his left hand and saw he had removed his wedding ring.

“You took it off, huh?” she said, taking his hand, touching the spot where the ring would be.

“You noticed?”

“Yeah, I did,” she said. “But it doesn’t make a difference, otherwise I wouldn’t have invited you over. Tell me a little about it though, about you and your wife.”

He explained how he and his wife had gotten married very young, while still in their teens. They’d already been married seven years now and he was only twenty-five. A few years ago the flame had gone out of their marriage and they were thinking about divorce. Joe said that for the past year or so he’d been seeing other women, and he suspected his wife may have been seeing other men.

“Is she a good fuck?” Monica asked bluntly. “I mean, with a beautiful dick like yours, she must get inspired.”

Joe laughed.

“I think the inspiration is long gone.”

“Well you sure inspired escort bursa the shit out of me down at that boat house,” she said, stepping over to unbuckle his belt. Suddenly they were kissing, a wild, raw, passionate kiss as they tore the clothes off each other.

A moment later they stood there, completely naked, their clothes a big pile on the floor. Bodies pressed tightly together, hands drifting everywhere, lips fused in a kiss that took both their breath away, they tumbled onto Monica’s bed.

“I loved sucking your cock so much the other day,” she said, reaching down to fist the rigid shaft again. “I was disappointed I never got to feel it inside me.”

“Well, you ain’t going to be disappointed today.”

“I hope not,” she said, leaning over to mouth it again. But he stopped her.

“Hey, so far you’ve been doing all the eating,” he reminded Monica. “Today I want to taste some of your goodies.”

“You can taste them all you want,” she purred at him sexily.

He pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs wide apart with his big strong hands, staring at her vividly exposed pussy.

“You like?” she asked, knowing many, many men had told her how pretty, how perfectly formed her pussy was.

“Oh yeah, I like a lot,” he growled huskily, then he came up to her breasts. “And I like these. A lot of dudes, I know they love big ones. Me, I’m different, I like small ones. Especially with pretty, stiff nipples like yours.”

“Well go on and enjoy them, then!” Monica said, happily pressing his face to her breasts. She was well aware that to many men big breasts were a major, sometimes the major attraction. And for those men her very modest endowment couldn’t come as anything but a disappointment. So naturally she was very happy to hear this unsolicited admission from Joe that he stood out from the crowd as an admirer of more modest buds.

“They may be small, but they’re sensitive,” she said, running her fingers through his thick hair as he tenderly kissed her breasts, she holding on to his cock all the while. Then Joe started to lick her breasts and from that first contact between his tongue and her nipple she could tell that this man, this obviously experienced man, had a real oral knack about him.

“Oh yeah, suck them, I love that,” she purred as he now took the stiff nipples in his mouth one while meanwhile his own hand, like hers, had drifted lower, between Monica’s legs where he found a swamp! She knew how wet she was and it thrilled her that Joe was now feeling for himself the surest sign of her deep arousal.

Now he glided his mouth lower, over her stomach, over her thick, lush pubic bush, until his face was between her thighs. He took another moment to just gaze at her vulva and then he plunged right in.

“Oh yes!!!” she hissed, excited beyond belief as she felt his tongue on her pussy. She closed her eyes and just luxuriated in the exquisite sensations, as he had luxuriated in the ones she’d provided him down at the boat house. As she expected, this Joe knew just what to do to a woman with his mouth and exactly how to do it, licking every inch of her pussy, every nook and cranny, finally suckling on her swollen clit and doing that just right, with the right rhythm and pressure. A lot of guys can barely locate a clit, let alone know what to do once they’ve got their mouth down on it. Not Joe. This man sure knew how to eat pussy, he did it with finesse!

“Now I want me some of this,” he said, pushing back on her thighs, bringing his face lower as he spread apart her buttocks. She remembered how much he loved it when she had rimmed his ass the last time, so she wasn’t surprised that he was about to reciprocate. Since she was so into it herself, Monica was thrilled whenever she learned that a dude she was with was a big fan of anal play.

He stared at her asshole as he had stared at her pussy, and Monica loved it. A lot of girls are shy, having their bottoms exposed to prying eyes. Not Monica. She always got a thrill showing off that cute, wrinkled butthole of hers to admiring lovers, male and female.

“Eat it up!” she urged, running her fingers through his hair again. And eat her up he did, driving his tongue between her buttocks and slurping away hungrily at her asshole. She looked down, thrilled by the sight of his head down there, his face pressed between her buns as he lapped away loudly, like he’d been starved for it.

“Your wife like it when you do that to her?”

“She used to, not so much anymore,” he said, looking up at her, then he again started flickering the tip of his tongue against her sensitive anus.

“She do it to you?”

“Used to, not so much anymore,” he repeated as Monica knew what that was all about. Here was a couple who once were probably wild and uninhibited, but as the flame had dimmed they cut back sharply on the sexual menu. Now, close to divorce, they were only occasionally having lackluster sex. That partly accounted for Joe’s lustful voraciousness. Of course the other big part of it, Monica knew, was that she was such a sizzling prize. A girlfriend had once told her she was so sexy she could probably give a corpse a hardon. That was a compliment Monica took to heart.

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