Şub 08

Bobbie’s Lesson

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Author’s note: This story really stands alone but if you’ve been reading my other stories you might enjoy seeing how a few things come together here. This is not a quick fix affair. It takes a little while to warm up but it gets to a very good place. There’s something on the sex menu here for just about everybody: first time, group, incest, lesbian, and anal.

As always, everybody here is eighteen years old.

Let me know what you think.


I think Robert and I both realized he was going to try to punch me at about the same time. It wasn’t hard to see it coming – he was a pissed off young guy and his eyes were wild with frustration. It was equally unhard to duck left a little to let his sloppy right hook swing harmlessly past me. The sloppier left hook he followed with was even easier to avoid.

Don’t get the wrong idea: I can’t fight worth a shit. Samantha, my beautiful but scrappy little olive-skinned girlfriend is better in a scuffle. I’m just pretty good at keeping myself and people I care about out of harm’s way. So like I said, it wasn’t that hard to dodge Robert’s flailings.

If there was any skill involved, it was noticing and doing all this while looking across the kitchen at Samantha. It’s a decent summary of my respect for Sam that a healthy teenage man swinging wildly at my face concerned me less than she did from several feet away. If she got pissed enough, someone would be going to the hospital. Little Samantha had a gift for violence.

And now she was coming.

After Robert’s first swing, I watched her head snap our way. Without a moment’s pause, she simply released her half-filled wineglass to let it fall to the floor. Then she bent her knees a little to let gravity start her forward momentum. In three long strides, she covered the distance to the loveseat that separated the kitchen from the breakfast nook where Robert and I were doing our weird little dance. Just short of the loveseat, Sam stretched her arms forward, tucked her chin into her chest, and launched herself.

I watched the forward flip start and nearly couldn’t believe it – who the fuck somersaults over a loveseat on the way to a fight? Sammie. Her near-perfect balance made it only marginally less risky than a hurdle and she’d gain a bit more momentum along the way. Her instinctive choice was good news for Robert and for me. In mid-air she’d lose sight of us as her body rotated. We could stop this early.

I sidestepped around Robert, got one big step forward towards Sam’s imminent landing and braced myself with my arms opened wide for a ridiculous game of catch-the-girlfriend.

Sam’s spinning little body hit me ass-first right in the sternum. It forced emptied the air from my lungs and nearly knocked me off my feet but still I caught her. The force of our collision folded her at the waist. Her tiny, firm rump, bare beneath the long shirt she was wearing, was planted in the middle of my chest. She would have bounced backwards to the floor if I hadn’t wrapped my arms around behind her and pulled her into me tightly in a hug. Even in this absurd position pinned in half against me, she struggled – at first confused, then angry.

“Lemme go, Hero! He pulls that bullshit after everything we’ve done for him? That little punk needs a beating!” she growled.

“Fight’s already over Sam, he just needed to take a few swings to feel better.”

She wriggled a bit more but stopped after looking at Robert over my shoulder. He had plunked into a chair and dropped his face into his hands.

“If it weren’t for you two, Heather and I could be…. together. She said she loves me. It could have been like I’ve always wanted,” he said bitterly.

I let Samantha unfold and put her down. Incredibly, she switched gears from wanting to kick Robert’s ass to consoling him softly.

God what a mess. Ready for the tricky part? Robert was Heather’s younger brother.

How did we get here? Let me back up a few hours…

It was mid-morning when Heather let herself in and wandered into my kitchen wearing a college sweatshirt and a short pair of cotton shorts – it had become her uniform when she ventured outside on summer mornings. The loose thick cotton of her sweatshirt only hinted at the generous chest that hid beneath. The little shorts did more than hint though – they showcased. Their thin, clingy fabric cupped her small round buns and wedged slightly into her crack in a cock-stiffening display. Her blonde hair, already lightened by the summer sun, was piled on top of her head where it was knotted loosely in a scrunchi.

Home from her freshman year, Heather was my other girlfriend. Samantha’s too. It sounds more complicated than it is. The three of us are a happy little love triangle. Sam and I were ecstatic to have Heather home for the summer again. Her school was far enough away that we saw her only on the occasional weekends during term. Now that she was home on summer break, Heather spent most of her time living with us but she’d spent last night at her folks’ place poker oyna across town to celebrate her brother’s eighteenth birthday. She’d invited us, indeed her parents had invited us, to her brother’s party but we declined, not wanting to intrude on their family event.

“Mornin’,” Heather greeted us sleepily, “Guys, this is Bobbie,” waving behind her. She patted me on the head as she sidled up next to Samantha and begged a sip of coffee from her cup. Heather knew I took sugar – a lot of sugar – and it meant I could keep my coffee to myself. The girls both drank it black so they often mooched from each other.

“Hi.” Bobbie was a few steps behind his sister. Jeans. T-shirt. He looked like a nice enough young guy. He had brassy-gold blonde hair and bright blue eyes like his sister. His youngish face didn’t match his 18 years. Bobbie was probably getting called “cute” more than he was getting called “handsome.” Still, he was better looking than I was at his age. If I’d looked like him in high school I probably would have had more luck with girls back then.

I wished him a happy birthday and Bobbie thanked me with an easy smile and a good handshake. It was hard not to like him. I warmed to him even more when Samantha came over to wish him a happy birthday. He blushed when she leaned up onto her tiptoes to kiss his cheek.

Sam was twenty-four and beautiful in a petite, delicate, Mediterranean ballerina way because… well… that’s kinda what she was, on the outside anyway. In the same way that Heather’s bubbly blonde teeny exterior belied her razor sharp mind, the real Samantha inside was anything but delicate. She’s more or less a wolf in sheep’s clothing. At the moment, the only actual clothing Sam was wearing was one of my white, men’s dress shirts over a tiny pair of white cotton panties. My shirt fit her small body like a loose dress. It was a sturdy one, so it’s fabric was thick enough that you couldn’t see through it.

I’d watched her steal that shirt from my side of the closet that morning. She’d been naked except for the miniature white panties that covered her exquisite little rump. The muscles of her sleek back had rippled and played as she’d pulled my shirt down off its hangar and she slipped it on. Then she’d sauntered back to my side of the bed, bent, and kissed me on the cheek.

“When you’ve fucked me enough today, you’ll get your shirt back, got it?” she whispered her sexual ransom before chuckling and leaving the bedroom.

I’d barely woken up and she was already plotting sex for the day. Yep, I loved this woman.

I watched with amusement as Bobbie’s eyes traced down Sam’s toned dancer’s legs where they emerged from the bottom of the shirt. He was missing the best part – her tiny, tight tush was the stuff of a teenage boy’s wet dreams.

Sam caught Bobbie eyeing her up and smiled indulgently, enjoying the young man’s attention. “So what are you guys up to today?”

“Not much. Just hangin’ out,” he answered casually.

I pushed the seat next to me towards him. “Well, pull up a chair then.”

I got up and re-filled my coffee cup and poured one for Heather so she wouldn’t continue to mooch from Samantha. I offered some to Bobbie but he scrunched up his face and shook his head in a way that said he hadn’t yet discovered coffee. Sam poured him a glass of orange juice instead.

“So how was your birthday?” Sam asked him.

“Good. Different though. It’s not like when you’re a kid right? You’re not knee deep in presents and gorging yourself on birthday cake. I think I miss those days a little.”

“Welcome to adulthood,” I saluted him with my coffee cup and he smiled.

“So Bobbie, what was it like?” I asked. “Growing up with Heather, I mean. Your parents have told us some pretty funny stories.”

“Sis? Growing up with her was fun. She’s always been a goofball. And sweet. She’s always been pretty too. Even before she went and got all, you know, curvy.”

Heather’s fantastic proportions and the process of growing into them had always fascinated slender Samantha. “Yeah, what was that like?” she asked, “Living with her when she started turning into a woman?”

Bobbie looked thoughtful. “Confusing. For both of us, I think.”

Heather nodded agreement. “All of a sudden we had these boundaries.”

“You two needed space?”

Heather shook her head. “Us? No! It was our parents. They watched us like hawks! The whole time Bobbie and I grew up we had been comfortable around each other. Physical contact wasn’t weird or awkward. It was natural. Nice. We used to wrestle over silly little things when we were kids – like who got the last chocolate chip cookie.”

Heather smirked and gestured across her oversized chest, “Then I grew these giant boobs and all of a sudden Mom was all over us, breaking us up any time we were touching for more than a few seconds.”

Bobbie chuckled. “Yep, no more wrestling over cookies. Our parents were extra jumpy when we played together at the beach or in the pool. It was those bikini tops of yours. You looked like canlı poker oyna a porn cartoon when you were thirteen.”

“It was the only way for me to find a bathing suit!” Heather huffed. “I was huge up top and still teeny tiny below – my hips came later.”

She swung her still small, but well-curved, nineteen year-old hips from side to side. Bobby’s look lingered and I didn’t blame him. She may have been his sister but he was still a guy and his sister was built like an A-list porn star.

“No one-piece suit would fit,” she explained. “Either the bottoms were too loose and my butt hung out or the tops were too tight and my boobs popped out. At least with a bikini I could mix and match. It gave my body time to even out a little.”

Bobbie nodded, remembering. “Your chest was definitely way ahead of the rest of you. All of a sudden they were right there. They grew out in just… what was it?”

Heather cringed. “Three months.”

Bobbie grinned again. “Oh yeah, I used to tease her that I could hear her tits growing at night.”

I stiffened slightly at Bobbie’s courser language in front of his sister.

Heather continued unruffled, “Hey, I forgot about that! Ugh, for weeks, they just kept getting bigger. Mom took me back to the same Victoria’s Secret four times in three months. The saleslady couldn’t believe it. I was terrified they wouldn’t stop growing. For a while there I was this tiny little kid with giant boobs attached to my front. It was awful. The neighborhood kids made fun of me and old men leered at me.”

She looked to her brother and smiled sweetly. “But you never did either of those things. Thanks, Bobbie.”

“Yeah, well, you had your revenge,” he looked at us and smirked. “A year later and the same neighborhood boys who were teasing her were showing up to ask her out. All of them! It was crazy! The telephone rang non-stop. We had to get an unlisted number. Dad joked about buying a shotgun and a rottweiler.”

“How about you, Bobbie? Ever try to pick up one of your sister’s friends?” Sam wondered. “I used to flirt with my brother’s buddies. They were cute and older and bigger and more experienced and…” Sam trailed off, lost in her own memory.

Heather answered for her brother, needling him, “Well, there was Lori…”

“Awww…” her brother blushed but he explained, “Heather caught me and one of her friends kissing in our basement one night during one of her sleepovers. Sis was pissed at the time. There was a lot of yelling. Lori called her parents and went home. She wouldn’t talk to me after that.”

“Yeah. Sorry about that.” Heather rubbed her brother’s shoulder. “When Lori and I made up, I made her promise to keep her hands off you. She was kind of a bitch anyway. I did you a favor. If it’s any consolation, she told me you were a really good kisser though.”

“Really?” Bobbie brightened.

“Totally,” his sister smiled.

“Cool.” Bobby looked a little proud.

Heather eyes flitted from Sam to me and back. “Since we’re talking about Bobbie’s love life…”

“Or lack thereof,” Bobbie grumbled.

“…I was thinking we might help him out a bit. He has this girl that he likes and just might like him.”

“Who is it?” I asked. We knew a couple of Heather’s friends from bumping into them around town.

“You haven’t met her.” Heather shook her head. But then she nodded at Sam. “But you have.”

“Girl from school?” I asked Bobbie.

“Yeah,” he shrugged. “I want to ask her out and all but I’m a little intimidated…”

“So I was thinking we could give him a few pointers. You know, up his game a bit. Make sure he gets off to a good start with his special girl.”

Samantha saw where this was headed. “Just what kind of things did you have in mind?”

Heather gnawed her lip. “Well, as much as we feel comfortable with?”

In the long pause that followed, Sam eyed Heather suspiciously. “Riiiight,” she said sarcastically.

Sam turned to look at Robert and laid it out with her characteristic bluntness. “Ever seen a naked girl Bobbie?”

“Yeah! Sheez, I’m not a little kid.”

“How about sex?”

He shook his head.

“Any kind of sex at all?”

Bobbie paused, contemplating an answer.

“Jerking off doesn’t count, kiddo,” Sam deadpanned.

When he cringed and shook his head I had to look away to hide a smile.

Heather pulled Samantha towards the hallway by her arm. “Excuse us, we need to talk this over.” They drifted out of the room but their conversation trailed after them.

Sam: “Don’t give me those big blue eyes. You’re deep in that damn do-gooder mode of yours aren’t you?”

Heather: “Oh come on, you didn’t complain when my do-gooder urges helped you.”

“Wow, that was a cheap shot.”

“Sorry. Okay look, I know this is weird but my first time was with a virgin and he was clumsy and awkward. It was a horrible, humiliating, painful ordeal. I don’t want my brother to be like that. More importantly, he doesn’t want to be like that.”

“Heather…” Sam sighed, internet casino “Fine. Arrrrgh, but say this with me, ‘I am not Samantha’s pimp.’ “

Heather giggled. “I am not Samantha’s pimp.’ “

“Thank you. Jesus, I can’t believe I’m actually even entertaining this idea. If we actually do go through with this, what did you have in mind?”

“I was kinda thinking we would…” and then they were out of earshot.

Robert and I were left alone. He looked around the room and finally back at me.

Eh boy, it wasn’t even noon yet and I needed a drink already. Whether he knew it or not, Robert was going to need one to. I pulled a bottle of vodka from the freezer – a screwdriver was a safe bet for your average teenager and he had the OJ already.

“Have a little vitamin V,” I tipped the bottle and poured a healthy shot into his glass.

I dosed my coffee heavily from a bottle of McCallin (hey, it’s suitable for coffee) that was sitting on the counter as Bobbie took a test sip of his drink and nodded gratefully.

“Can I ask you a weird question? You’re, like, Sam’s boyfriend right?”

I nodded.

“But you and Heather are kind of together too right?”

We had been keeping that detail from Heather’s parents. I had no idea what his sister had told him so I nodded again but with my lips pressed together in a tight line, trying to show that I didn’t want to delve into that topic too much. For one thing, the Miller clan had no idea their sweet little daughter was also into girls. “Talk to your sister about it if you want to know more.”

“Gotcha.” Bobbie paused, “But, are you, like, okay with this?”

I sighed. Was I? Was there enough Irish whisky in the world to make me okay with what Heather was asking Sam to do?

I ended up talking to myself as much as to him, “Well, you seem like a nice guy and I’m not the jealous type – at least I don’t think I am. You’re Heather’s brother and if she thinks it would be good for you then I guess I’ll play along. I’m assuming this would be kind of a one-off. But it’s really up to Samantha. And don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m not worried about you taking Sam away from me. She’s… well… she’s complicated.”

“Yeah, what about her? Is Samantha really going to go for this? Heather says she’s really open minded. This is still a crazy thing to ask though.”

I shrugged. “Heather can be pretty persuasive. As for Sam, well, she is what she is. She makes up her own mind. If she’s willing to take you under her wing, you’re a lucky fella.” I smirked. “You’d be skipping right to the advanced class.”

Heather’s voice came from upstairs, “Can you guys come on up here?”

Holy crap, it sounded like Heather had talked Sam into it.

When we made it up to the bedroom, Samantha was sitting at the foot of the bed with one leg tucked under her ass. Heather was standing next to her.

Sam craned her neck to look at me around Bobbie and she asked a one-word question that sounded nonsensical but carried all the meaning that Samantha needed just then: “Doritos?”

Hmmm… “Doritos” doesn’t have a direct translation. The closest thing might be “trust.” There’s a lot built into the word “Doritos” for Sammie. First and foremost, she’s always used it as her sexual safeword. It was easy to remember and it was so funny in a sexual context that it worked as a sort of funny escape valve.

Why did Sam need a safeword? Frankly, she liked some crazy things in bed, things even crazier than I did. And she was pretty good at talking me into playing along with her sometimes perverse fetishes. But if she changed her mind or if she needed to beg out of what we were doing because something got too weird or hurt too much or she was worried about me or Heather, Sammie just said “Doritos” and we all stopped.

She’d only bailed out on us twice. And to give you some point of reference, one of those times involved Samantha’s ill-advised attempt to “use” of both of Heather’s clenched fists. For the record, I had tried to talk the two of them out of it beforehand.

Yeeeaaah, I’ll never get that particular image out of my head: Heather grinning with determination, Sam howling in stubborn agony. Cherry-flavored lubricant was everywhere. Some things you just can’t un-see, you know?

Anyway, there in the bedroom with Heather and her brother, Sammie’s choice of her own safeword as a question carried with it all of the intimacy and trust that we had built up between us as friends, lovers, and confidants. It told me that she knew that what she wanted to do with Bobbie was crazy. It also said that she trusted me to tell her if it was going to hurt my feelings and that I should trust her that things between us wouldn’t change just because she was going to show this teenage boy the time of his life.

I looked at my little dark dancer perched on top of our big bed. Her wavy chocolate brown hair was swept to the side and forward onto one shoulder. Her olive skin and dark hair stood out against the crisp, bright white button down dress shirt she wore like lingerie. The sexiest thing about her at that moment? The crooked little smile she was wearing – the idea of teaching Heather’s eighteen-year-and-one-day-old brother about sex clearly appealed to her.

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