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Boss’s Bitch; Looking For A Home

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My boss told me a unique client was coming in tomorrow and that he would not be there for a couple of hours. I was to do whatever they told me. When I arrived at work, his wife was in his office.She informed me that she knew everything that had been going on. I thought I was getting fired. Then told me to get in my work uniform and come back to the office. Let me tell you, this woman commanded respect. She was the typical corporate exec wife. Gorgeous and well-manicured in her appearance. She was well-spoken and highly intelligent. The kind of woman that exudes sexy without knowing she was.I came back out, only wearing my heels. It was at this point I knew I was being fired for sure. This woman stared me down and up again with a look in her eyes of fire. She walked around me very slowly and came within inches of me. I could feel her breath on my skin everywhere as she passed. I could hear her sniffing at me like a dog in heat. beylikdüzü escort She told me to go around and sit on the desk.I did as I was commanded and sat on the desk facing the chair. When she came around and stood in front of me, I was shaking slightly. I didn’t know what to expect. She leaned in closely and whispered in my ear, “I hear you like fucking?” All I could do was nod and mumble a low, “Uh-huh.”Putting her hands on my knees, she slowly spread my legs apart. Her eyes got wider, and she licked her upper lip slightly.I am entirely shaven clean down there. Looking back up at me and reaching out with her right hand, she traced the outline of my lips with her fingernail. Then followed my neckline down between my ample tits. It was giving me shivers. My nipples reacted to it and were as hard as pebbles in no time. Continuing past my navel, she drew little circles around it and toyed with escort beylikdüzü me without going any further down.She never said a word, but I knew she was in charge. I could feel the power she had over me. It oozed out of her with every little look and every little touch. This was my boss’s wife, and I was her new toy. She was going to do whatever she wanted to me, and I was powerless to stop it if I was going to keep my job.After teasing me for a little while, she moved down. Down to the most sensitive part of my body. Fingernails were scratching lightly over my skin and brushing against my now excited pussy lips. Using just her nails, my pussy lips were parted enough to see the head of my clit beginning to peek out. I was becoming very excited, and my breathing was getting heavier. My nipples were aching, but I didn’t dare move. I wanted to reach out to twist them but was scared of what might happen. beylikdüzü escort bayan The pain added to my pleasure.She must have sensed the pain I was in because next I was lowered flat on the desk. My hands were brought to my breasts. With hers on top of mine, we kneaded and pinched my nipples. That is until she leaned forward and started licking my pussy. My legs were spread even wider, and I felt her tongue go to work on me. It was moving slowly all over my pussy. It covered it entirely as it was laid out flat and rocked back and forth just under my clit. My clit had fully emerged now and was on fire. It needed some attention.Once she started focusing on my clit, my juices flowed like a waterfall all over her face and the desk. I could hear her slurping and sucking, trying to get it all. Her assault on my pussy was intense and fast. I was reaching orgasm faster than I thought possible. She put several fingers in and worked them rhythmically, hitting all the right spots in me. Her mouth was working wonders on my clit and lips, and her fingers were finding the G-Spot enhancing my whole experience tenfold. I was bucking my hips and lifting myself off the desk, ultimately trying to capture her mouth and fingers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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