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Boy Chooses Wrong Place to Drink

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I work late hours, a sort of swing night shift. One night I just needed a drink, I got off work early but it had been a long week. I intend to go home and just sleep but for some reason I just want that drink so take a detour and park at a bar on my way home. I haven’t been to this one so I figure I’ll check it out. I step inside and walk straight to the bar and order a double jack. As he leaves to take my order I start surfing my phone. My drink finally gets to me, I take a sip and I notice a couple men approaching me. One asks if I don’t mind them sitting down next to us they like to socialize when they drink. I’m alone so I say sure, just sitting alone anyways. Unfortunately for me that’s exactly what they wanted to know. They smile and sit down. They notice my double whiskey and tell me that sounds like a good idea. They order a round. As I finish mine they order me another round. Im in a good mood after the first drink so I just say thanks. We keep drinking and bullshitting for a while. Before I know it i’ve had 3-4 doubles and I’m starting to feel it. I order another and as it’s on the way I tell them i’m going to hit the restroom real quick.

After a while I come back. I see my drink already waiting on me and naively trusting them I start taking big swigs of my drink that has been drugged.(Really I’ve taken a few benadryl before walking into the bar to make my drugged/loopy state more realistic.) As I finish my drink, they know they don’t have much time. They offer to order me one more drink and I politely decline. The bartender walks up to us and they order doubles for all of us even me. I just insist I should stop and they insist I take the gift. I feel bad but they seem like cool guys and I don’t want to make them feel bad after being so nice and socializing with me. I accept the drink.

We keep talking but after a bit I finish my drink and ask the bartender for my check. They go ahead and ask for theirs too. My bill gets to me so I pay and say my goodbyes as they are paying their check. They wish me a good night, they don’t want to be too obvious in the bar around people asking the drunk guy to go home with a stranger. They pay their bill and wait on me to walk outside. I step outside and pull out my phone to call an Uber. Within a minute before I can order the uber they step outside and look for me. They see me and politely offer me a ride home. They seemed a lot more sober than me so I want to say yes for the free ride but I go the polite route and decline the first offer. They assure me it is okay which I am a little relieved because I’m starting to feel really dizzy and weird.

They drive me to their home but I’m too loopy from being drugged (fake roleplay) and drinking. They help me out of the car, I mention it doesn’t look like my home but they assure me it is. We walk into their apartment and I am dizzy and say it isn’t my house. They seem happy I accepted the offer and walk me to their car. I walk to the back door but they insist I sit up front. One drives while the other sits behind me. We start driving out and I can see the car spinning. I can hardly focus on where we are going but it seems different from the route to my house. I ask “are you sure this is the right way?” The driver assures me it’s the right way they are just taking back roads. I feel dizzy so I lay my head back in the seat. I say “I feel kinda dizzy” out loud. “I feel weird, am I okay”? I’m starting to get the effects of the drug hitting me. They tell me I’m okay over and over and finally the car slows down and rolls into a driveway.

The driver parks and they start to open the doors. I look at the driver and say “I don’t think this is my house”. Visually confused, they insist on helping and say oh yeah we needed to stop by our house because you don’t seem well. They open my door and gently place hands on my shoulders and arms sort of helping out. Helping me walk to the door but I don’t realize what’s actually happening. I’m almost at the path of no return and I’m too drunk to resist much. They’re just keeping hands on me in case I come to my senses before they get me inside. They get me to the door. One unlocks while one stands kaçak iddaa behind me with his hands on my shoulders. The door opens and they lead me inside. It’s very dark inside, no lights on except one in the corner, a bedroom.

They lock the door behind them and tell me to “come this way” and lead me to the bedroom. They push the door fully open and I step inside… inside the dungeon I’ll never forget. The light hits my drunken eyes and I squint. I look on the bed and see straps, hand cuffs, binds. They planned this, I have no idea yet but they went to the bar with the sole intention of raping the first vulnerable person they find, man or woman. They wanted to see the panic in what’s left of my sober mind. I am confused and ask “what is that?” Pointing to be bed. They get rock hard from the thrill of slowly leading me to a realization I’m going to be raped.

They just smile and tell me to calm down, “you’ve been drinking too much so you just need to lay down and relax”. They get me on the bed positioning my drunken body with my head near the bottom of the bed. The room is spinning and I feel them wrapping something around my hands and feet. They’re restraining my legs to the headboard, they sit me up temporarily to restrain my hands behind my back then lay me back down. My chest is strapped down by a restraint wrapping around the bed. I can’t even move. I tell them I don’t feel good and they assure me they are going to take care of me. I am so shit faced yet I instinctively feel uncomfortable but I’m too drunk to perceive the danger I’m in. I say that I need to go home and they smile and assure me I will be going home as soon as they are done with me. I don’t catch their reference to using me.

They step out to the back of the bed where my head is facing them. They drop their pants to the floor, underwear and all. They kick off their pants with their feet. They still even have their socks on. They haven even taken my clothes off they don’t care about my body they just want a warm hole to use and the excitement of making an unwilling helpless by stander suffer the ultimate power move and be forced to know their smells and tastes forever.

They step up to me slowly… honestly time feels slowed down in my bubbling panic. I can feel the heat of their cocks near my face. The smell is strong, it’s been a long hot day. They lean onto the bed kneeling on either side of my face grabbing my head as they rub their sweaty steaming cocks all over my face. I’m beginning to sober up. I try to turn my head but they grab my head firm and keep rubbing their man smell all over my face. There’s no escape. I ask to please let me go. They smile and tell me it’s rude to leave before I return the favor. After all they paid my drinks and gave me a ride. They accuse me of being selfish expecting them to drive me all the way home. They even sound convincing. I’m so confused and disoriented. I should’ve known I would be raped by accepting a free ride? I’m about to learn a very hard lesson.

They tell me they like their balls sucked before they can cum from sucking. I beg and say I can’t. One of them climbs up on my face as I’m talking completely ignoring me like I don’t exist. He drags his balls down my face my lips, dick over my chin, asshole right in my face. I try to turn my head but his friend moves my head back and scolds me. “Don’t look away from it, it’s too late to be shy now boy!”. They demand me to open up my mouth.

I do as I’m essentially forced to do and open my mouth. He pushes his balls in. His balls and ass are completely shaved smooth so it’s a little sloppier down there with all the heat. I try to take my mind to another place but I can’t, I’m absolutely repulsed. They keep demanding I move my tongue around and suck. Making me keep licking and staring into his puckering steaming hot asshole as he moans to rub it in. He wants me to remember how much pleasure I was forced to give a man. Then one of them comments “I don’t think he likes how your ass smells, let’s help him get over that”.

He pulls his balls out and puts his asshole to my mouth and demands me to lick it. I stop there. I can’t do this I can’t kaçak bahis go any further. This is too far but I’m reminded of a dark truth. They let me know that I have a long night ahead. They laugh and tell me I have no idea how unlucky I am to encounter them, if I make it too hard they may not let me go home.

My chest sinks and I see him spread his cheeks. They’re laughing telling me to get to work! I start licking and they’re both rubbing it in telling me how good a job I am doing that he can’t wait to go next and they’re going to blow so many loads in my mouth so I remember their taste forever. I am literally gagging on his cock. He sometimes shoves his cock in my mouth a few times and yells at me to watch my teeth then makes me eat his ass again. All the while his friend is slowly jacking his cock. I can taste his precum each time he slips in my mouth, he wants my mouth so bad and the more I hate it the more he loves it. It’s getting him so excited. I hear his friend tell him he’s getting close in a rushed voice.

So he leans up off my face finally but before I can even enjoy a 5 second break his friend climbs on. “Take it!… Take it boy! take it! Open up that throat boy”. He immediately fucks my throat balls deep in a rush. Before I know it I feel thick hot disgusting liquid filling my mouth and pouring out onto my face because I can’t swallow it all. He keeps his cock in deep and holds my head nose deep in his balls as he squeezes his load out. I cough while gaggin and cum spurts out all over my face. I am helpless in the moment, I am choking on it being forced to swallow and he pulls out with a sigh of relief wiping sweat off his forehead. “Whew fuck that’s a good mouth”. He keeps slipping his cock that’s gone down to semi hard into my mouth. Letting out moans of relief and he essentially forces me to clean all the cum off his cock. He barely even loses an erection as he climbs off. I have no idea it’s because they took viagra before coming to the bar for the full intention of coming back with some poor soul.

Before I can rationalize my own disgust the man fucking my face earlier leans back in and fucks my throat this time rapid. He’s so turned on by what his friend just did. I’m gagging then I hear a door, maybe the front door close. Then the bedroom door opens. Then one of the men greet him to “the party” and asks about the others. I feel my chest sinking in as I’m gaggin on cock. How many people are coming? The new third man just responds “not sure, they’ll just filter in as they have time”. This is all a lie to keep my hyper panicked for their fun though, they want me to know it can always get worse. The third is the last. He is dropping his pants but I can hardly see him as a pair of sweaty balls are slapping my face rapidly. He pulls out of my mouth and already moaning like he’s at the edge he strokes his cock and starts exploding all over my face, shooting what seemed like 4-5 shots saturating my face. I can’t even open my eyes and he starts rubbing his cock all over my face rubbing it in and fucking my throat a few strokes then rubbing in more cum and filling my mouth more.

The new guy steps up to my face and I feel like I’ve seen a ghost. As the other two guys are cooling off and I still have a throat and face full of their hot sticky cum I see his enormous beer can thick cock lay down on my face. He seems more serious than the other two. He slaps my face and demands me to lick his balls and ass. Tries to stick his cock in my mouth but it’s too wide to fit without my teeth scraping and he scolds me. Telling me I’m never gonna make him cum from this and watch my teeth. He gags me on his cock some more and asks “can you do this or what? keep up boy”. I keep gagging and he seems irritated…

He tells them he’s ready to “change this up”. They agree with him as he’s demanding me to eat his ass while one of them grabs a spider gag. He gets off my face and they hold my nose closed and forced the spider gag on my mouth to keep my mouth held open. I’m confused because I’ve been sucking their disgusting cocks without this device why do they need it now?

I feel the straps on my feet loosen. Then illegal bahis the wrap around bed strap on my chest loosened very little. They all three flip me over on my stomach and the new guy quickly lays on my back and the bed strap is tightened around me again now strapped over my back with my chest to the bed. The other two re strap my feet to bed posts again now with my stomach to the bed. My head is at the edge of the bed and I feel him lean up and yank my pants down. I feel my bare ass exposed and I start panicking. He leans in and asks “have you ever been fucked?” I shake my head no in a panic. He just starts laughing one of the guys slides his now hard again cock into my mouth and starts laughing as he says “don’t bite!” I know I’m About to feel a lot of pain and now I know the spider gag is so I can’t bite down on their cocks from the pain so they can just keep drilling both holes. I’m squirming but my body is synced down too tight and I’m drooling on this guy’s tool the other guy is jacking himself over my face and rubbing his Dick on my face. I’m Overwhelmed. They take turns sliding out of my mouth in and out as the other rubs his cock all over my face making a mess.

I feel hot liquid on my ass and a hand rubbing it in. I can’t escape my, breathing gets shorter and faster as I prepare for the pain. I feel head of his cock rubbing my asshole and my heart is beating a million miles an hour. I can’t escape I’m freaking out. I feel him spread my ass and I barely even have 2 full seconds before I feel him push in. I feel my ass almost pop as it pushes inside and it takes the breath out of me. My ass feels like it’s on fire and in my head I’m screaming but I can’t get out a word as he just pushes it in further and further until it’s all in and he just holds it. I’m having dick shoved into my tonsils and rubbed on my face as I’m coming to terms with my asshole being stretched to its limits in excruciating pain. He just slides back and I let it a Mona of pain but my moaning vibrations only feel good on their dicks. They love my pain so they beg him to fuck me harder. So he does. Every time I moan in pain they laugh and beg him to keep making me moan on their dicks. Getting in my head. I’m not even allowed to acknowledge my own pain out loud or they’ll fuck me harder.

I keep taking the beating. I can’t back out (no safe words so once I’m “caught” it’s a done deal. No words will not save me now”. My ass is hurting so much, I’m trying not to grunt in pain but I do on accident many times and they just fuck my mouth deeper and he fucks my ass harder. It feels like it’s going on for an eternity. The other two get close again as he’s plowing me and take turns cumming on my face and in my mouth a second time. He’s still plowing me, I’m in paralysis from the shock. He just keeps fucking me hard, the pain is blinding at this point. I don’t even know what’s happening anymore. He fucks me for what feels like forever. As he’s getting close, I can hear his breathing, the other guys are getting hard for round three. I can’t keep doing this.

They start rubbing their cocks in my face while masturbating. He finally starts getting close and is moaning louder. They are getting hornier and hornier. He finally pulls out. I feel a huge sigh and an immense amount of soreness. I feel him get off the bed. And they untie me and make me get off the bed and down on my knees. They assure me I’ll be locked up for every friend they have over the next week if I don’t make them all cum. The man fucking me just jacks off into my face and the others rub their cocks all over it and into my mouth. Fucking me until I’m forced to swallow them all one last time.

As they finish up I can barely smell anything else but cum. The other two just keep fucking my face until they cum again. They let me know not to ever use the “dark web” again. They see me now and say if they ever see me on the dark web again I’ll find myself being raped in a cabin in the woods by 10 people for 2-3 days straight. Who knows, maybe we will do that anyways, be good. I’m untied. I can’t believe I was so naive. People tell you the dark web is so evil and twisted. I assumed I would be fine and tried being adventurous anyways. I regret that day for the rest of my life. These men tracked me online, found my gps and literally plotted to abuse and use me just because they knew they could.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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