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Subject: Boys Of My Own. Chapter 2.(Gay Incest) Dear Reader. The following story contains strong language and explicit scenes of gay incest between a father and his sons One of whom is under the age of 18. If you are offended by this kind of material then please leave this page NOW. Please donate to if you are able to do so and help keep this facility available for all to enjoy. Thank you. Please email me your comments ail. Boys Of My Own 2 By Mike Black Uncle Nick is a hot sexy stud. He is all man. He is 6’2″ tall ,195lbs ,very muscular build 50″ chest, 34″ Waist , and 9″x7″ uncut cock and a very heavy cummer. He loves Josh ,and he loves Tobey too . When we were kids ,he loved to dominate me ,he would fuck me hard and deep ,and even then his cock was fucking huge, he’d jackhammer into my tender boy hole and he’d squirt his piss over my body and then shoot his spunk into me . Nick would even try to choke me as he fucked my teen boy hole . I know Tobey is really very protective of his little brother , but he wants to see uncle Nick fuck him . Josh is such a sexy boy,his ripped body,his 4.5″ boy cock seems constantly hard I mean ,he even shows off in front of his uncle Nick who really wants his tight little boy’s butt. Uncle Nick ,is laying on the sofa ,just wearing his gym shorts ,his cock is rock hard thinking of his young nephew . Thinking of his firm naked body ,his boy cock in his mouth. Suddenly young Josh is there in the room shaking his uncle şişli travesti awake . Josh is also wearing his gym shorts and nothing else. He climbs on top of Nick . Bare skin on bare skin. Josh kisses his sexy uncle full on his mouth . Nick cups his hands under Josh’s bubble butt ,and he massages the boy’s butt cheeks. “Awwww fuuuuuck I love your ass . It’s fuuuuuucking beautiiiful!” Nick slips Josh’s shorts off him ,he can see Josh’s butt hole in the full length mirror ,he slips his middle finger into his tight boy hole . Josh squeezes his finger , and uncle Nick eases two more fingers into his tight boy hole . They kiss again Nick’s tongue going down Josh’s throat . Nick spits into Josh’s mouth and quickly french kisses the young boy. Josh’s hands roam over uncle Nick’s body up to his massive chest. “Mmmmmm you have nice big tits uncle Nick ,so firm ,hard. You are so strong !” “Kiss my tits ,lick my nips ,suuuuck on my tits Josh . You are suuuuch a goooood boyyy!” Uncle Nick picked Josh up into the air at arm’s length . Josh’s 4.5″ boy cock flat up against his washboard abs, leaking boy juice onto Nick’s chest. Nick lowered Josh and rolled him onto his back lifted his legs and began rimming his open boy hole. His tongue darting in and out rapidly. “Awwww yessss I loveee youuu doinggg thatttt!” “You will love my cock inside you bulging out through your hard stomach . You’ll see boy . You’ll see!!” Uncle Nick buries his face between Josh’s bubble butt cheeks. He is breathing in his very essence . Nick’s beylikdüzü travesti cock is so hard it slaps up against his own rippling abs. “FUUUUUUCK I’MMMMMM GONNNA FUUUUUCK YOUUUU SOOOOO HARDDD!!” Josh is on his knees as uncle Nick enters his tight boy hole. Nick feels Josh squeeze his pulsating cock 9″x 8″ Long and thick . Nick pulls Josh up ,leaving Josh on his knees . Josh leans his head back as uncle Nick caresses his hard muscled boy body. Nick’s cock bulges out his belly ,and he caresses it under Josh’s skin . Uncle Nick pummels Josh’s boy love hole ,over and over ,and over. “FUUUUUCK YEAHHHHH PUSHHHH OUTTTT! GOOOOD BOYYYY!!” It’s at this point that Tobey comes into his little brother’s room. “Hey uncle Nick ,hope you are treating my little brother good . That’s a great fucking cock ! FUUUUCK WOW LET ME TOUCH THAT COCK!!” Tobey ran his hand over the outline of uncle Nick’s cock ,he squeezed it to and felt it throb in his hand. Nick pummeled Josh’s young boy love hole. “FUUUUUUCK MY LITTLE HOLE UNCLE NICK . I LOVEEEE YOURRR BIGGGG COCKKK SOOOO MUCHHHH!!” Tobey and Nick kissed each other ,their tongues interlocking as they battle for dominance. Josh took his big brother’s cock into his mouth as uncle Nick continued to fuck his little nephew. “COME ON TOBEY HELP ME FUCK YOUR SEXY LITTLE BROTHER!!” Tobey lay on his back and uncle Nick is guiding Josh onto his cock , Tobey and uncle Nick are both fucking him their big cocks rubbing together . Josh cries out in ecstasy as both cocks bulge out istanbul travesti his ridged abs. “FUUUUUCK YEAHHHHH TAKE THEM COCKKKKSSS!!” Sweat drips off Nick and Tobey ,the sweat glistens on young Josh ,he smells heavenly though . “FUUUUUUCK I’MMMMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNNGGGG!!” Josh arches his back as his boygasm courses through his hot sexy body. His cock is straining for release . The cocks inside him are jerking and pushing against his stomach wall. “I’MMMMMMMM CUUUMMMMIIINNGGG!!” Josh squirted strings of clear sticky boy juice onto his abs and his chest. His whole body shook as his boygasm burst out of him . “HE CUMS SUCH A LOT . MMMMMM. “AWWWW YEAHHHH FUUUUUUCK THAT’SSSSS HOTTTT. SOOOOO MUUUUUCH CUUUUUUMMMMM!!” NOW ITS OUR TURN JOSH . WATCHHHH THISSSSS!!” Cries Tobey Tobey and uncle Nick ,get ready to cum all over Josh ,who is still covered in his clear sticky boy love juice . “WATCH JOSH WATCHHHH AS WE CUUUUUUMMMMM!!” Josh watched eagerly as Tobey and Nick jacked their cocks over him both edging closer,and closer to shooting their creamy loads . “AWWWWW FUUUUUUCK YEAHHHH WATCHHHHH USSSSS JOSHHHHH!!” Tobey is first to cum . He spurts thick ropes of spunk all over Josh’s face and chest . Tobey rubs his cum into Josh’s face and chest ,and licks his hands . Nick jacks off using both hands pumping his cock until they were a blur . “FUUUUUUCK KID HERE I CUUUUUMMMM!!” 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 Long thick ropes of jizz covers Josh’s body ,his abs completely whitewashed in Nick’s thick creamy white spunk. There is so much cuuuuuummmmm Nick kisses his young nephew and starts licking up his spunk, and sharing it with both his nephews. Nick’s flying visit was soon over . He promised to come back real soon . Please email me your comments ail I will reply to all messages.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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