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Brace Face

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“Oh, come on Matt, they don’t look that bad.” said John from behind him. Matt just frowned, his lips swollen from a recent trip to the dentist.

“That bad? John, Chevys don’t even have this much of a grill! It’s freaking ridiculous!” said Matt as he stole another glance in the mirror. He winced as he hooked a finger under the far edge of his lips, and lifted it. His teeth glinted in the light, wired tight. He sighed and dropped his lips, and shook his head.

“I’m fucking hideous. Braces at 18. What the actual shit.” said Matt. John, arms crossed as he propped himself in the doorway of Matt’s bathroom, shrugged and put his hands up.

“Well hey, look at the bright side, man.” said John as he dropped his arms. He stepped through the doorway, and clasped a hand on his friend’s shoulder. He gave a smirk, and stared at Matt in the mirror.

“At least your radio will come in freaking crystal now.”

Matt rolled his eyes, and shrugged John’s hand away. “That’s not fucking funny man, seriously.” he said. He turned, and hit the light switch, which plunged John into the dark. The boys left the room, and Matt threw himself upon his bed with a sigh. He brought his hands to his face, and rubbed his eyes as he groaned.

“Who the hell is going to want someone that can cut them just by gracing their lips? Seriously.” said Matt.

John walked forward, and sat on the edge of the bed. He crossed his legs, and scratched his head. “Well man, would you rather have fucked-up teeth? Think of the long term gains. That’s really what it’s about.”

Matt lifted his head, and wriggled his nose. “Long term gains aren’t shit for us, John. I wasn’t getting girls beforehand, but I’m sure as shit not going to get them now.” he said, his head falling back against the mattress. John rolled his eyes, and stood. He crossed the room towards Matt’s closet, and began to look through the clothes. Matt turned on his side and looked at his friend, his head cocked as he saw him.

“Uh, John? What are you doing man?”

John looked over his shoulder, and a slow smirk cut across his lips. He turned his head back to the closet, and grabbed a few shirts and pants. He laid them across Matt’s computer chair, and looked for another moment before turning to face Matt. He put his hands on his hips, and chuckled.

“Alright, so if you’re freaking out about your face, we draw attention away from it. It’s the easiest solution.”

Matt poker oyna rose from the bed, and rolled his eyes. “Well, that’d be a great solution,” he said, “if I actually had any clothes that didn’t make me look like a total dork”.

Matt rose from the bed, and walked towards the stack that John had pulled from his closet. He flipped through them, a slight frown on his face as he held them up to his chest.

“That’s weird,” said Matt, “I don’t even remember buying any of these.”

John laughed, and pointed towards Matt’s closet. “Oh, you did,” he said, “they’re just in the back, past all the black heavy metal tee shirts. You know, I bet there’s an undiscovered species back there, too.”

“Oh, shut the fuck up John. So what goes with what?”

John stepped forward, and held up a plaid button down and pair of skinny jeans. He held them against Matt’s frame, and eyed them for a moment. Then, with a quick nod of his head, he handed them over to Matt.

“There you go. It’s a little lumber jack-y, but that’ll be okay. I bet you’ll look cute in it.” said John with a smile. John walked over, and sat on the edge of the bed, and looked at Matt-who stood there with the clothes in his arms.

“Uh, John? Do you mind?” said Matt. John smirked, and shook his head.

“No, actually, I don’t. Besides man, for crying out loud, you don’t have anything I haven’t seen.”

Matt paused a moment, then shrugged as he sat the clothes down and began to get undressed. As he pulled his shirt over his head and hooked his hands into his jeans, he laughed and looked at John.

“You know what’s sad? That’s the first time anyone other than my mother has called me cute. Like, ever.”

John smiled, and gave a nod. “Well, you’re welcome. Now get into those jeans. They should be nice and tight, which should be perfect.”

Matt paused again, and looked at his friend. He stared at John a moment before popping the buttons to his jeans, and sliding them away. He reached for the skinny jeans, and forced himself into their contouring legs. But as it came time to zip them, Matt sucked his gut in. He laid on the bed. He hopped, he tried tucking himself even. After moments of struggle, he looked up at John and gave a defeated sigh.

“They’re too tight in the crotch. How the hell does anybody fit in these things?” said Matt.

John raised an eyebrow, and walked forward. He lowered himself to one canlı poker oyna knee and tugged at the zipper, and pulled his hand back. His cheeks began to tinge, and he rose to his feet laughing. He clasped a hand on Matt’s shoulder, and gave it a squeeze.

“Hell yeah, they’re too tight in the crotch-your cock is fucking huge, man.”

Matt blushed crimson, and smacked John’s hand away. He shook his head, and cupped himself, suddenly aware of his open fly. “Dude, don’t say that,” said Matt, taking a step back, “it’s really weird, okay?”

John just shrugged, and turned from Matt. He walked towards the other set of clothes, and looked over his shoulder.

“I don’t know why someone telling you you got a big cock would make you uncomfortable. I mean, if we could draw attention to that, it would make your braces almost irrelevant.” said John. He sat the clothes down and turned to face Matt, his arms crossing his torso. Matt felt his hand drop from the fly, but his gaze didn’t shift from the floor. He swallowed hard, and when he spoke, his voice was in a rasp.

“So…how exactly do we draw more attention to it?”

John smirked, and snapped his fingers towards the skinny jeans.

“First, we get you in those. Then we get you hard. That’s it. Learn how to deal with a boner in skinny jeans, how to show it off a little? You’ll have to beat them back with a stick. Meaning, naturally, your fat dick.” he said with a laugh. Matt let out a sigh, and inhaled sharply as he slid once more into the skin tight denim. As he wiggled his hips, he was able to pull the zipper up and snap the button. He let out an exhale, and looked down.

“Holy shit, they fit! It looks like I’m smuggling golfballs, jesus.”

John threw back his head and laughed, and rose. He walked towards his friend, and smiled.

“Good. Can you breathe alright?” asked John. Matt gave a small smile, and inhaled. His cheeks were flush, but he gave a small nod. John returned the head bob, and smirked.

“Good, good man. Now get hard.”

Matt raised an eyebrow, and tilted his head towards his friend. “And how, prey-tell, am I going to manage that? I can’t just do it on command, dude. I kinda need some…like, motivation. And you’re here, so that just makes me nervous.”

John tilted his head to the side, and lapped his lips. His mouth opened, but it was a moment before he spoked.

“Matt? Close your eyes.”

Matt internet casino blinked, and took a step back.

“Uh, why?”

John dropped to his knees, and looked up at his friend. His smile widened, and he said “Well, I suppose I can do it with your eyes open, if that’s less awkward to you.”

“Do…what, John? What are you-” said Matt, his sentence cut by John pressing his lips against his bulge. John pulled back, and looked up at Matt, who seemed froze in place. He glanced back between Matt’s legs, and brought his hands up to his mouth to stifle a giggle.

“Well, that seemed to do the trick just fine,” said John.

Matt’s breath became heavy, and he looked down as his cock twitched and throbbed, tenting against the denim to the point it pulled his waistband away. He swallowed and smiled, and looked towards John.

“Could you…maybe, just uh…do that again? I don’t think I’m at full mast yet. You know, just to help.”

John sat back on his knees, and blinked. A slow smile spread across his face, and he reached a hand toward’s Matt’s girthy cock. He stroked it gently through the material, and looked up at Matt.

“You know, it might be easier if you just take the jeans off. I mean, we can get you hard, and then just slide you in, right?” said John. Matt nodded quickly, and pulled the jeans away. He kicked them into a corner, and exhaled deeply.

“Phew! Finally, I can breathe!”

John laughed, and gripped the edge of Matt’s boxers. He pulled them away, and gasped as Matt’s cock smacked him in the face. Matt’s cheeks went ruby red as John let out a laugh, and gripped his friend.

“Gimme some warning next time you’re going to swing this thing around, eh?” said John. Matt stuttered an apology as John’s tongue swirled over his tip, swallowing his cock. John’s head bobbed from the tip to the root of Matt’s cock, and it was all Matt could manage to stand there, his hands balled into fists as John’s mouth took him. Near the peak, Matt gripped John’s head, and began to buck his hips savagely into his friend’s throat. John’s only reply was a small moan as Matt took the lead, his voice gagged on his friend’s cock.

Matt pulled out, his breathe pounding into his lungs as he came all over John’s face. A sticky, thick load that coated his friend entirely. In a post orgasm haze, Matt looked down at his friend and turned pale.

“Holy shit dude, I am so fucking sorry. Let me get a towel, okay?”

John just laughed, and gave his friend a nod. As Matt brought him a rag to wipe away the load, he looked up at Matt and smiled.

“So…wanna see if you can fit into those jeans now?”

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