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Breeder Choice Ch. 03

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I was at gym and had just finished my workout. As I was getting my stuff I saw Jack step out of the shower. He spotted me and walked over to me with his towel slung over his shoulder, and his cock waving back and forth. I saw several men eye him hungrily. We exchanged casual chit chat when he asked, “Would you like to come over later this afternoon? We could go for a swim.” All I could say was yes, and he gave me directions to his place.

I went home to clean up and clean out (if you know what I mean). I got to his house in a nice area of town that offered a view of the whole city. I knocked, he answered the door nude. Jack ushered me in and said, “Why don’t you get comfortable and get naked?” I dropped my shorts (no underwear) and slipped out of my shirt and kept my sandals on following Jack into the living room.

We entered a spacious naturally lit living room with a big screen HD TV on the wall playing a m2m video of two men 69ing each other. His TV was opposite a large couch. Suddenly from up behind the couch another man sat up and said, “Oh your back. Who is your friend?”

The man stood up, and I noticed he was 60ish, tanned, in good shape with a slight belly, and I noticed he had a large oval shaped cock, low hanging shaved balls with trimmed pubic hair just around the base of his cock and he had a Prince Albert ring through his uncut cock head, he was warring ball rings like mine, and silver cock ring. He also had his nipples pierced too; like Jacks. His name is Mark as we shook hands. He turned to Jack and griped his semi-hard cock and said, “Are you going to finish sucking me off?” smiling.

Jack went over to him and wrapped his hand around Mark’s cock and guided him over to the couch. In a moment Jack was down on his knees and Mark had spread him self out. Jack wrapped his mouth around his uncut cock. I watched as Jack’s head move up and down up and down on Mark’s now hardening cock occasionally licking Mark’s hard balls. I was amazed at the size it was oval shaped not round like most cocks, and Jack could only get about half it in his mouth. I was standing there and my cock was rock hard watching them. Then Mark reached out with his hand wrapped it around my cock saying, “Bring that cock over here so I can suck on it. I may be in my late 60’s but I like to suck a good cock.” I stepped over to him and straddled his face as he grabbed my ass and pulled all of my cock into his mouth. I was shocked as I had never had a man take my cock whole, and he held me there with his big hands holding tightly onto my ass. I was shivering all over as his warm throat muscles massaged my cock. This man knew how to suck cock.

I looked back to see Jack really enjoying him self on Mark’s cock, and Mark was enjoying my cock I felt one of Mark’s fat finger slide into my rosebud opening. I moaned out, “Oh yeah suck it till I cum.” He did just güvenilir bahis that, and suddenly I felt the tingly, swelling feeling in my balls as Mark massage my prostrate. My cock swelled up ready to explode, in one pulsating motion my cock exploded cum in Mark’s mouth. He didn’t take his mouth off my cock, and took my entire load in his mouth, and I was spent. In one smooth motion he eased my cock out of his mouth and pulled my face down to his and kissed me opening my mouth with his tongue and filled my mouth with my fresh cum(thank god he knew how to snow ball). It tasted good. Jack eased up off Mark’s cock and said we should take a break.

Jack got up and left the room and got us each a beer, and brought out some smoke. We laid back and sipped away on our beers, talked about the movie, and smoked. I asked Mark about his Prince Albert ring. He replied, “It adds a certain sexiness to my cock, and women love it too. They say it makes them feel like they are getting fucked and finger fucked at the same time.” I was surprised at his comment, and he continued, “I like m2m sex as well as sex with woman on occasion.” While he was talking he was fondling, and stroking his cock back and forth pulling the foreskin over the head. I so wanted to suck on it, and he must have sensed that too as he said, “Come here! Suck me off motherfucker. I know you want to.” With that he pulled my head down on to his large cock head. I like an aggressive older man who knows what he wants and makes it known. I put my hand around it and couldn’t get my hand all way around his fleshy meaty smooth cock, and my mouth was filled. I pulled back on the foreskin and ran my tongue all over his cockhead lapping at it, and then I pulled the skin forward and lapped around the inside. I was in heaven, and it was different sucking a man with a Prince Albert. The smoke and the beer making me extremely horny I tried to take his cock all the way into my mouth by slurping and slobbering my saliva all over it making it as wet as possible so it would slide in deeper into my mouth, but I could only get about half it in. I was lot in lust, and so was Mark as he thrust upward several times. Jack was lying back enjoying the whole scene while stroking his hard cock off and playing with is foreskin.

It was then that Jack suggested we take a break, and have some more smoke, a beer and then go off into a more private room. Upon entering the room the first thing I noticed was a leather sling in the middle of the room. Along the wall where those drawing of men with large cocks laying back as if to say here you go, and along the wall was an array of toys. Jack asked if I wanted to get into the sling. I said sure as I knew what I was there for, and if it was anything like what Jack did to me last time I knew this was going to be a good ass pounding. I was going to be there afternoon and perhaps their evening’s güvenilir bahis siteleri entertainment. Mark fastened my arms in the leather bindings, and Jack did my legs. I was spread eagle with my ass was exposed, helpless, and I was lay back comfortably, and my whole body was rippling with excitement.

Jack slide down to my ass, and Mark reached out with hand and caressed my chest, and pinched my nipples. My cock immediately stood up while Jack as tongue fucked my ass. As I lay there I thought I was going to be sucking Mark’s cock and Jack would pound my ass again. I looked over and Mark had removed his Prince Albert. Mark looked down at me and smiled saying, “You want to suck my cock don’t you bitch?” I nodded, and he reached down with his hand started to stroke his cock with Abolene crème, saying, “Not right now. I want to breed your ass. I hear you liked to get fucked, and I like to fuck even at my age.” I could see his cock was getting really hard and slick with the Abolene crème. I liked when a man talked nasty, and let you know he was hot to fuck. He was teasing me; pulling and stroking his cock, massaging the foreskin, and then pulling it back exposing his now bulbous head while smiling at me.

Jack reached out and slathered my rosebud opening with Abolene crème. My opening felt so wet like a woman’s pussy except I was now going to be there man pussy. Mark came around and stood between my outstretched legs, and eased himself in closer so that I could just feel the head of his bulbous cock pressed against my rosebud opening. Mark leaned in a little and said, “Ass kiss my cockhead bitch. Kiss it good.” I could feel my wet opening twitch with delight feeling his warm cock head pressed in closer. Suddenly he pushed half his cock in me, and screamed out, “Oh fuck that hurts. Take it out for a moment.”

Mark screamed back at me, “Not on your life bitch. I am going to fucking breed your motherfucking ass. Jack give him some poppers and loosen this cocksucker up.” Jack brought the poppers to my nose and I inhaled the fragrance. After a couple of hits I felt my whole body relax, and Mark drove most of his cock into my ass. I felt so filled up and stretched out with oval shaped cock buried deep in me. It still hurt, and the pain was diminishing and the pleasure of his cock penetrating me took over. He grabbed my hips and thrust deep into me and the pulled all the way out. When he did that I moaned out, “Oh god! Don’t stop. Come on and fuck me like a man mother fucker. Deep fuck me hard.” Restrained like I was all I could do was try to squirm all over his cock, and it made me even hornier wanting him to really fuck me.

Mark must have picked up on my feelings and really started to pound me. He would go all the way in then pull his veiney hard cock all the way out let my ass close up, and then slam fuck me by thrusting his cock iddaa siteleri all the way in me. His huge cock head felt like he was splitting me in two. My whole body felt filled again by an older, experienced man who knew how to fuck a man who liked to get fucked. Mark would go down on my cock as he tipped fucked my ass, and when he sensed that I was about to cum he stopped and thrust his cock in me saying, “You like that big cock in you don’t you my bitch man whore. You got one tight man cunt bitch, and I’m not finished breeding you yet.” Mark slammed his cock in deeper and I could feel his cock swell up with each stroke getting thicker, and his head seemed to be getting meatier. My ass with each stroke would clamp down on his shaft till he was buried in me. I tried to hold him, but that made him push into me deeper saying take my cock motherfucker. Squeeze my hard cock mother fucker.”, and I did. Oh did that feel good, and Marks cock was getting harder, and his cock head was getting larger.

Suddenly I felt Mark go really hard and he stood between my legs, and gripped my thighs and screamed out, “Oh fuck! I am going to cum in your bitch motherfucking ass.”

I screamed out, “Go ahead you ass fucking motherfucker. Fill me up with your cum. Make me your cum slut.” With that Mark thrust up into me deeply, and Jack came over and wrapped his mouth around my cock (best cum I had was with a man fucking me at the same time as I was cumming). I was helpless as Mark kept cumming with thick ropey warm streams of cum deep in me and my own cock let loose a second load in Jacks mouth. Jack didn’t stop when I started cumming, and took my entire load in his mouth. He held it and came up and kissed me dumping another load of my tasty cum in my mouth. I swallowed it, tasting its goodness. I was lost in lust as Mark deep fucked me, and filled me up. I could feel his bulbous head gush forth his hot cream in me. I felt so filled and wet. Mark was still fucking me with his hard drained cock sliding it in and out easily. I so enjoyed the after fuck till he couldn’t go anymore and slipped out. My ass was oozing cum, and it felt so wet and good.

They both helped me out of the sling and steadied me, and Jack suggested we go back into the living room and relax. We all drank the rest of our beers and smoked some more, and relaxed. We sat in silence, and watched the rest of the move when Mark commented that I would be a welcome male at one of their parties (little did I know that would be soon).

I felt like fucking again and looked over at Mark and still hard cock and said, “Lay back I want to straddle you and sit on your cock” He looked at me and laid back, and I proceeded to straddle his cock with my back to his chest. I eased myself down onto his cock and wiggled back and forth to really feel him in me deep again. Jack sat back and watched, and he was soon stroking his cock to hardness. I soon found myself leaning forward as I wanted to suck on Jack’s cock. Without missing a beat Mark eased up so he was now doggy styling me.

We adjourned again to the other room, and continued (another story).

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