Oca 21

Breeder Choice Ch. 06

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Monica called me on Saturday afternoon, and asked me if I’d be interested in coming over. She told me Steve was out of town for the weekend on business, and she needed some company. I could tell by her voice that she wanted more than some one to talk to. We had developed a friendship since our last encounter.

When I got Monica’s house she greeted me with open arms warring only shorts and a halter top suspending her firm breasts. Once inside she ushered me into the living room, and offered me a beer and smoke. I said yes to both. We each got more relaxed when she pressed the remote to the DVD player, and a bi film appeared on the TV. She suggested we get more comfortable, and she removed her top revealing those firm luscious pierced nippled breasts.

I had taken no chances, and had taken a Levetra just in case. I didn’t want to disappoint her. The film was at a part where a guy and his girlfriend where going at it eating each other out.

Monica stood up and dropped her shorts leaving no doubt what was to take place. She revealed that Steve knew I would be there, and had gotten his ok earlier.

I saw those luscious breasts, and pussy her lips hanging down, and wanted to taste them. She sat back down on the couch spreading her legs and running her fingers through her dripping wet pussy lips, and smiling at me. I immediately went down on her tasting her wet juices that had flowed out around her lips. I liked the feel of her lips against my tongue and my own lips, and the taste and smell of her pussy. Oh she was so yummy. My hands traveled up to her breasts and squeezed them between my hands. So firm and delectable as I ran my finger across her pierced nipples.

Monica moaned, “Oh yeah eat my pussy cocksucker.” I drove my tongue deep into her tasting her wet juices, and nibbling on her full pussy lips. I brought my hands down from her breast, and spread her lips while inserting a finger up into her moist, dripping wet pussy easily. I sucked on her firm clit while running my tongue all over it feeling it get firm against my tongue. She put a hand on my head thrusting her hips upwards moaning out, “Oh yeah that’s it suck my clit. Suck it like you sucked Steve’s cock. Oh yeah don’t stop.” Her language turned me on, and made me so hard I wanted to thrust my own cock deep into her pussy. My other finger probed her rosebud, and Monica eased up further indicating she wanted more of my fingers in both her openings. With in moments I had two fingers in her, one in her pussy, and one in her rosebud. She reached behind her and handed me a small but plug saying, “Slip that in me.” She definitely liked ass play while being eaten. Monica was as aggressive sexually as Steve was, and that turned me on even more.

I took the butt plug and sucked on after rubbing it around her wet pussy getting it really slick. After the but plug slipped in easily she started humping my face, and yelling out al kinds of obscenities while thrashing about. Monica was in frenzy when poker oyna she suddenly stopped, and with a wild, sexy, frenzied gleam in her eyes she said she would be right back. I watched as her beautiful firm ass wiggled back and forth with the but plug in it.

She came back momentarily and indicated that we adjourn to her bedroom. It was lit softly with candles and plenty of pillows while the same movie was playing when I walked in with waving hardon. Once she saw me walk in she dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth, burying her affectionately hot mouth all over my cock head while pulling on my balled ringed balls. I almost thought I was going to loose my load. She gripped my ass working her finger in between my ass cheeks. Her finger began to tease my rosebud with each stroke of her mouth going up and down on my hard cock. She took her mouth off my cock for a moment easing me onto the bed and said, “We are going to fuck tonight.” All I could do was follow her lead.

Once she had me on the bed she straddled my cock easing her soaking wet fiery hot, pussy lips around my cock. I thought for a moment I was in heaven. Monica just didn’t sink down onto my cock she eased herself slowly down onto it letting me feel every silky smooth fold as her pussy envelop my cock. Monica looked down at me saying, “I am going to fuck you like you have never been fucked by a woman before.” She wiggled more of herself down onto my cock, and squeezed my chest muscles with her nails. It hurt momentarily, but felt good too. She moaned out, “Oh fuck me! Fuck me you motherfucker. I want to feel your cock make me cum.”

I thrust up into her as deep as could, gripping her hips and pulling her down onto me. Monica ground into me further squeezing and clenching my cock with her pussy. She was thrusting herself down onto me harder and harder, and I could feel her getting wetter and wetter. She kept screaming out, “Fuck me! FUCK ME DEEP!”

I reached up and squeezed her nipples when she said, “Pull on them. Make them hurt. Pinch them hard. Yeah that’s it!” She reached down and pinched my nipples making my cock twitch even harder inside of her. I couldn’t contain myself any longer and let loose my thick cum deep into her as it mixed with her sizzling cum flowing down all over my cock head and shaft. We where panting when she finally slid off and lay beside me holding me trying to catch her breath.

We lay there several moments enjoying the after glow, and watching the movie. She lit up another joint and we passed it between us. I don’t know where the beer came from, but we passed it back and forth several times. She noticed I was still semi-hard and massaged my dick, and soon had it hard again.

It was then Monica left the room. She went into the bathroom, and I heard some unfamiliar noises. She came in sporting the same strap on she had used on me before saying, “Now we are really going to do some fucking. I’m going to breed you motherfucker like you haven’t been canlı poker oyna breed before.”

I was bewildered for a moment and thrilled. My cock twitched in anticipation. Monica came over to the bed and said, “Suck in it cocksucker.”

I opened my mouth as she slid the wide, fat cock into my mouth and rolled it around. My tongue lathered it up, slurping the cock head making it soaked with my saliva.

“That’s it suck it she said. “Now spread your legs.” I was spread eagle as it was, and opened them wider lifting them in the air, as she took the cock out of my mouth. Some of my saliva dripped onto my chin. Monica got between my legs and went down on my hard cock enveloping her warm juicy mouth on it while pulling on my balls. She eased one finger up into my rosebud ass massaging my prostrate. I thought for a moment I was going to loose it. It felt so sexy for a woman to finger fucking my ass. Monica massaged my cock with her throat muscles as she eased three fingers in me. It felt so good. He affectionate mouth sucking my cock, and her firm breasts rubbing against my legs. She would occasionally let my cock slide out her mouth and rest on her chin as she licked the underside of my shaft, and teased the tip of my cock with her tongue. Now I knew how Steve had learned to suck dick so good.

Monica finally withdrew her slippery fingers and placed that mean, meaty, thick dildo head against my rosebud, and smiled saying, “Oh Honey you are my bitch man tonight, and I am going to love fucking you for a long time.” She pushed the head in and I screamed out in pain as it felt really big when she said, “Get use it, scream all you want pussy man, cause your man cunt ass is mine.” With that she shoved more than half of it up in me. I felt like I was being split in two. Oh it hurt, but hurt turned to pleasure soon. With each stroke I relaxed more and more, and she was sliding in and out of me easier now. I could tell by the wicked smile on her face she love fucking men in the ass. I just never had met a woman who went at with such lusty vigor before.

Her tits hung down over my mouth, and my tongue twirled around her nipple rings teasing her nipples to an even harder state, and occasionally biting them. They really got pointy, and she really started fucking me harder when I did that slamming her cock deep into me. When she was buried in me she rubbed her whole body against my cock and balls teasing me. I was really wet with pre-cum. She eased back a couple of time exposing my cock and she took it in her hand and stroked it several times with Abolene crème. Oh she was driving me crazy making my cock become firmer and pulsate exposing it to more erotic sensations than I ever could have imagined. She was pounding me deep saying, “Cum motherfucker. I want to feel you cum in my hand, oozing cum down your shaft. Let that juice flow as I fuck your ass bitch. Oh cummmmm! Make your bitch feel good.”

I screamed out, “Oh yeah! Don’t stop stroking me, and I will cum. internet casino Oh fuck yeah. Fuck my ass BITCH!” I knew from experience that word drove her crazy. It did and she drove that cock all the way up into me, wiggling it around, and I let loose my load. Gripping the bed holding on screaming out all kinds of obscenities I let loose load after load of thick juicy man cum. She stroked it all over my cock driving me even crazier while my rosebud was spasmodic with delight with each stroke or her cock.

Before I knew what happened or caught my breath she had slipped out of the strap-on leaving it in me, and she had whirled around and was on her knees with her ass in the air screaming out, “Now fuck me in the ass with that cum soaked cock of yours. Hurry! Oh god! Hurry! I need a good ass fucking.”

I was on my knees behind her in a second. I griped her hips with my hands and with my still hard cock found her rosebud opening, and slid into her easily. I was in a frenzied lustful state. She shrieked out, “Oh yeah motherfucker. Do me in the ass. Man fuck me cocksucker.” I was all the way in her when she said, “Shit that feels good. Fill me up. Oh yeah fuck my ass. I love to be ass fucked more than I like to be pussy fucked.” She thrust backwards onto my cock impaling more of me into her. My balls where slapping against her pussy opening. My cock was throbbing (the effects of Levetra you can cum and still be hard afterwards for a long time).

I have no idea how long I had been fucking her, but the movie was over, and my cock was still hard deep in her ass feeling the sensations of her tightness, and her squeezing my shaft as I penetrated her. I would pull out, and that would drive her crazy while yelling out all kinds of obscenities to get me back in. I was slam ass fucking her pulling all the way out and slamming it all the way back in. Occasionally I would pull out and tease her opening with just the head of my cock saying, “You like being fucked in the ass and teased BITCH.”

Monica replied turning her toward me saying, “Just fuck me motherfucker.” She was dripping wet. I reached around and massaged her wet clit, and wedged a finger into her dripping wet opening she sighed out. “Oh yeah fuck me, play with me. I needed a fuck like this tonight.” she moaned out. The dildo had gradually slipped from my ass, and I was feeling another load building in me I said, “Monica I am going to cum again.”

Monica yelled out, “Don’t stop. Just fuck me and load my ass up with you man cum.” I really let loose gripping her hips forcefully and moaned out, and growling out animalistic sounds, and obscenities as I cam deep in her tight hot ass. She was really slippery, juicy wet as my cock slid in one last time

Monica squeezed my cock tightly with her rosebud muscles, and with each stroke, squeezed out all of my cum deep in her. We where both out of breath and panting as we collapsed onto the bed beside on another. It was a long time before we spoke again. All she could say was thanks, and how wonderful it was to have a man who really liked to play both ways. I smiled in satisfaction too.


This is the end of the Breeders Choice stories for now, or until I have some more experience.

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