Oca 22

Brick Walls Ch. 01

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It was Saturday morning when Charlie got the news, the news that would change his life, for the worse.

He was innocently playing in the sand box, being a child, and doing what all 9 year-olds do in their spare time. Charlie was a beautiful child, mothers would look at their children and at him and compare. Sick, I know, but he was that handsome. Like his father and mother, an exact portrayal of their beauties combined. He and his dearest friend, Jennie, had just made the biggest castle they’ve ever attempted. Majestic, stunning and brilliant, they would call it. And of course, the castle must have a king and queen.

Who would make a better queen than the fairest Jennie, with her dark hair and tan skin from her Asian decent? She made the perfect queen; she was strong, bold and bossy. And the king? Charlie didn’t like to play that role, but he felt obligated to. He hated such a title, king. What could he possibly be king of? Charlie hated having power, he always did what he was told, always listened. It’s too bad the Charlie was a push over. He always wanted to please others and make them happy.

“King Charlie, I’m getting bored,” Jennie said in her all too sassy voice. “Let’s play something different!”

“Like what?” Charlie asked in a sweet, childish voice. Jennie didn’t respond, she just trailed off onto the swing set. Charlie poker oyna trotted behind her like a puppy. He was fine with her in the lead. It felt comfortable, like he knew what he was doing and he didn’t have to do it alone.

The duo giggled as their feet stepped on the dry leaves, making it auditable for all to hear. It was the middle of fall, quite chilly, but dry. They loved it though, especially the leaves. They put them into piles, jump in them, and then make more piles. Jennie’s mother would yell at them, scared they might put a pile on a broken bottle, and scrape their knees. She was so cautious, so scared they we’re going to be hurt. But that could never prevent them from hurting themselves, even when doing the safest things you could possibly think of.

Charlie saw her off in the distance, sitting of the bench near a few other women who brought their children to play. Something was off with her though, she had just gotten off the phone a while ago, and she hasn’t called for the kids since, not even a “Don’t touch that, germs!”

Her eyes just stared out somewhere that Charlie couldn’t identify. He looked at her curiously, wondering what has upset her.

“What are you looking at?” Jennie’s voice peeped, annoyed.

“What’s up with your mom, dude?” He asked.

Jennie shrugged, “I don’t know, probably nothing. Let’s go!” canlı poker oyna

Charlie turned towards her and caught up. They both ran up to the swings, Jennie sat down on one of the lower chains; Charlie stood behind her and pushed. He was used to it, he wanted to make her happy. He liked when people were happy, he enjoyed making them happy. Especially when Jennie’s happy.

No, Jennie and Charlie will not become lovers, nor will they ever think to be. Jennie and Charlie loved each other dearly, but not in that sense.

“Charlie, Jennie?” A distraught voice called for them.

“Yes mom?” Jennie called back in a snotty attitude that she would have been scolded for, but wasn’t. They walked over towards her; she was standing up, getting ready to leave. They walked to the big, blue SUV parked in the parking lot. Jennie’s mom was oddly quiet,

“Seatbelts please,” she said in a flat tone.

She started up the car and they sat for a few minutes, letting it warm up. It felt tense, no one spoke, Charlie might have even held his breath for a while.

“What’s wrong, mommy?” Jennie asked.

“I’ll explain when we get home,” she said.

The car ride was long and quiet. When they pulled into the driveway, she just sat there. A minute or two pasts until she cleared her throat and got out of the car. The two followed internet casino behind her cautiously. She went to the dining room and sat down at the table.

“Jennie, go wash up. Charlie, come join me, please.”

Jennie refused to go, but her mother gave her a warning look. Charlie was worried. He wondered if he had done something wrong. He wondered if his mother had found the frog he had been housing in the jar underneath his bed. He didn’t want to be in trouble, what kid does? He just wanted to be a kid, that’s all. Jennie’s mom patted down on the chair beside her, he slowly sat and rubbed the fabric underneath him. It was soft and smooth, it felt nice and comforting.

“Am I in trouble?” Charlie asked in the sweetest voice possible.

“No,” she said in a thick, cracked voice, “Not at all, dear.”

She started to cry. Charlie didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know what to do, weather to comfort her or to let her cry. He was confused and worried. She pulled off her scarf and dabbed her tears away and blew her nose. Charlie stood and walked besides her, gently patting her back.

“What’s wrong Mrs. Lee?” He asked.

“Please sit, just sit down,” he obeyed and sat; waiting to hear what she was going to say. “Your parents, they’ve,” she paused “there was a fire.”

“What are you talking about, Mrs. Lee?” he asked frantically. He knew something happened to his parents.

“They’ve just past away in a fire, last night while you were here. Oh God, I’m so sorry, Charlie.”

And those were the words that would ruin Charlie Fleming’s life.

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