Oca 04

Brother Misbehaving, Ch. 1

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Crystal sighed in boredom as she lay on her bed on what would turn out to be quite an eventful Thursday evening. Her mom was away in Vegas, as was so often the case, and her dad was at a business meeting. Sometimes, he even stayed the night at his office because it got so late and the commute was so long. Crystal didn’t know where he would be sleeping that night.

Absent mindedly, Crystal fingered the hem of her cotton camisole. Her fingers tickled her bare belly underneath. She marveled at how smooth her skin was. But what else could she expect at eighteen? Countless minutes without regard to the possibility of skin cancer were spent in tanning beds, which not only made her skin a deep, golden honey color, but also lightened her hair with the help of the lemon juice she put in prior to each session. It was nearly a white blonde now, down past her shoulders, and with the drama of dark lashes around her deep blue eyes, she was quite a tall glass of water. Her eyes had a slightly feral quality to them, emphasized by her perky nose that turned up just a little at the end. She looked mischievous, like she’d either depants you or grab your cock, and her playful smile gave nothing away.

Crystal rolled off the bed and stood in front of the full-length mirror affixed to her closet door. Like any young girl, she had insecurities about her appearance. She worried that her breasts were too small, and her neck was too long. But Crystal was like a whippet – clean, sleek lines, a svelte form, and delicate bone structure. Her b-cup breasts suit her frame perfectly, as did her narrow hips and long legs. She sighed again, pushing her hair up on top of her head with one hand and making a Blue Steel expression in the mirror. Her boyshorts, which matched her white cami, made her ass look great, she thought. Boyshorts always had that effect.

Bored of scrutinizing herself, Crystal left her room to see what her twin brother, Tim, was up to. They were fraternal twins, and seemed to be the exact opposite of Crystal, physically. Tim had dark, wavy hair, a strong jaw, and rich brown eyes. As a talented football player at school, he was sought after by both girls and boys alike (but usually for different reasons). The intense exercise regimen instated by the coach left Tim with a great body – washboard abs and strong arms. Even Crystal could admit he was a good looking kid.

As she walked down the hall, she heard noises coming from Tim’s room. It crossed her mind that maybe he was on the phone, and she might overhear something valuable about their peers. She stopped outside his shut door and carefully put her ear to it. Her eyes widened in shock. SEX sounds were coming from his room! But she knew he didn’t have anyone over. He was watching a porno, she concluded.

She bit her lip as the sounds continued. Occasionally, she heard what she thought was Tim groaning. As she listened to the sounds of fucking, she felt a familiar ache begin between her legs. The sounds from the tape sounded familiar, but she didn’t know why. She had never seen a porno. Maybe Tim played them at night and they seeped into her subconscious.

Crystal was worried that her clit was starting to throb. This was her brother, for fuck’s sake. Gross! She was about to turn and go back to her room when she heard a familiar voice cry, “Oh, Braaad!” Her jaw dropped in horror as she realized why the porno sounded so familiar. It was HER fucking noises coming through the stereo, with a guy she had dated several months ago.

Furious, and embarrassed, Crystal flung the door open. “What the FUCK is going on in here?!”

Tim was sitting on the bed, his back to the door, facing the television that sat on his dresser. His eyes widened as he reached for both a pillow to cover himself with and the remote to turn off the TV. Crystal felt sick as she watched herself getting fucked doggy style on Tim’s TV. The view was from the upper right. He must have planted a camera on top of her wardrobe – high enough that she wouldn’t notice it, and advantageous enough to catch all the good stuff.

“I…I…” Tim began to stutter. He couldn’t find the remote, and he wasn’t about to get up with a raging boner and turn off the television. Oddly, the raging boner wasn’t going away. Then again, he had always been a bit of an exhibitionist.

Crystal watched herself getting pounded. She was both fascinated and horrified. It was embarrassing, but at the same time, it was also pretty hot. She looked great from behind!

Tim stared at her. She seemed hypnotized by the porno of herself, her eyes devouring the images with a morbid curiosity. Tim was too petrified to move, and as the reality of the situation became clearer, his cock began to soften.

Crystal’s mind raced as the video continued, the key players changing into a reverse bahçeşehir escort cowgirl position. She watched as Brad rubbed her clit as she rode him. “That was a good night,” she thought to herself wryly. The humiliation was decreasing with every passing moment, replaced with a curious sort of confidence derived from the fact that Tim had been masturbating to images of HER. She knew he had regular hardcore porn, with fancy angles and positions and big breasted porn stars at which to look. And still, he was watching a video of her.

A rush of adrenaline coursed through her as she continued to stare at the screen, though she had stopped processing the visuals. She knew boys liked her, but at such a young age, and so susceptible to insecurity, this affirmation of her appeal was like a drug. If she was desirable even to her brother, surely it must mean she was desirable, period. As her pussy got wetter and her clit continued to pound, heady with the surge of adrenaline, she made a decision.

She turned the television off and whipped around to face Tim, who looked like he was going to pee his sheets at any moment.

“Well?” Crystal demanded. “Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

Tim just stared, unable to respond.

“You find your own sister sexy? Good masturbation material?”

Tim began to feel nauseous.

She grabbed her camisole at the bottom hem and lifted it above her boobs. “Is this hot to you?”

Tim stared, stupefied. His sister’s golden breasts look great on film, and fucking amazing in the flesh. Nickel-sized brown areolas cushioned perfect, pencil-eraser nipples. Tim felt his cock beginning to harden again. He didn’t know whether she was livid beyond reason or trying to turn him on, though he couldn’t begin to entertain the latter in his discombobulation.

Crystal, nearly dizzy with adrenaline, pulled her camisole over head and threw it in his face. “I can’t believe you. You probably think this is hot, too, huh?” she said angrily, turning her back to him and bending at the waist. Her boyshorts rode further up her ass, the stretchy, clingy material outlining her wet pussy.

Still bent at the waist, Crystal looked at Tim over her shoulder, pleased to see subtle movements beneath the pillow. From beneath, she began rubbing her pussy through her underwear. “Do you think about me doing this, you sick fuck? Do you think I lie in bed and rub one off to YOU?”

Tim still wasn’t sure if she was about to slit his throat, but if she were, he was determined to enjoy the last few minutes of his life with the show his sister was putting on. He was now rubbing his cock with one hand, gazing at his sister’s covered pussy. As she rubbed and pushed the fabric deeper into her cunt, he noticed a dark spot of moisture beginning to seep through. She was turned on. Tim was floored.

Crystal hooked her thumbs over the waistband of her boyshorts. “What would you do if I pulled these down? Would it make you cum? Is that what you want?”

Without waiting for an answer, she pushed them down her shapely hips and let them fall to her feet. She was totally exposed, totally in charge, and totally turned on. Every bit of her was exposed, and she was glad she had shelled out for a Brazilian a week prior.

Using her index and middle fingers, Crystal rubbed her pussy lips, coating her fingers in glistening juice. She parted the lips of her cunt with her fingers.

“So how is it, Tim? Is it what you imagined, close up?” Crystal asked, her voice still steeped in disgust. “You know what I like? I like to stick my finger up my pussy, like this.” She penetrated her pussy with her middle finger, letting out a little moan as the palm of her hand pressed on her clit.

Tim couldn’t believe his eyes. It was just getting better and better! His rock hard cock was leaking pre-cum, which he smeared around the head of his penis with his thumb. The sensation of his thumb over his corona and the hole sent shivers up his spine, and his pelvis involuntarily twitched.

This didn’t go unnoticed by Crystal. “Maybe this is about to make you come.” Her mouth set in a hard line, she grabbed his right arm, which had disappeared underneath the pillow, and pulled it away from his cock, casting the pillow aside. “We can’t have that, can we? That would really be gross.”

Tim blinked. His cock was nearly purple, throbbing, and shining from the massive amounts of pre-cum. Crystal paused, taking in his cock for the first time. He was rather proud and uninhibited. He had a solid eight inches and a girth that was not to be messed with.

Crystal was nearly salivating, she was so horny. Facing Tim, she lifted her right leg and put it down on the outside of Tim’s left knee, propped on the bed. Her pussy was almost directly in his face. She knew he must be able to smell the scent of her arousal; she was farther away than he was, and she could smell it.

“Is this a dream come true for you? What are istanbul escort you going to do now, touch it?” Crystal asked, reaching with her hands up to her breasts. She cupped them and massaged them roughly, pinching her nipples. She threw her head back and let out a throaty moan.

At first, Tim couldn’t move. His eyes were fixed on the totally smooth, bare pussy in front of him, the outer lips coated in glossy lubrication. He avoided the temptation to dive face first into his sister’s pussy.

Hands shaking, he gingerly touched the inside of his sister’s right knee with just his fingertips. A shiver coursed through Crystal. His touch seemed electrified, sending the electricity right to her clit. She continued fondling her breasts as she gazed down at Tim, who was transfixed on his hand. His fingers slowly began to trail up her leg, moving up her inner thigh. Her skin was so smooth and untouched by imperfection, and so, so warm.

As his fingers neared her pussy, Crystal unconsciously sucked in her breath and didn’t release it. She felt like she might come at the slightest touch. The knuckles of Tim’s index and middle fingers lightly brushed against Crystal’s soaked pussy. She moaned again, trying to control how desperate she was to get off. Tim’s breathing became more labored and his heart rate quickened. Her pussy was so hot and slick. He turned his hand from her inner thigh to her pussy, his two fingertips penetrating her soft, saturated pink no more than a fourth of an inch. Slowly, he moved his fingertips up, still in between the lips, finding her engorged clit. As his fingertips grazed her clit, Crystal gasped and thrust her hips forward, putting her left hand on his shoulder to steady herself.

Tim, pleased with the effect his ministrations were having on Crystal, brought his left hand into the mix. Using only his index finger at first, Tim penetrated his sister’s pussy. Her pussy juice coated the knuckles of his fist. With his palm facing himself, he made a subtle come here gesture with his index finger, caressing Crystal’s g-spot. Simultaneously, with his right hand, he gently stroked her clit.

That was more than enough to send Crystal over the edge. Her hips bucked and she cried out as the orgasm raked over her. Her knees buckled and she fell forward onto Tim’s lap, pinning his left arm in between her legs. As her body shuddered, he made miniscule movements with his finger within her, making her hips jerk.

Crystal’s head rested on Tim’s shoulder, her moist breath hitting his chest. His cock was pinned to his stomach, Crystal’s groin slightly brushing against it. As her panting lessened, Tim gingerly stroked her wet pussy lips, careful to avoid her sensitive clit.

Eyes closed, Crystal let out a deep moan and lifted her head from Tim’s shoulder. She stared directly into his eyes and licked her lips. “Is this better than your video, Tim?”

Tim couldn’t help grinning. “Oh, yeah.”

Crystal repositioned herself so she was straddling Tim’s lap, her legs on the outside of his. She took his hands and put them on her breasts. “How do they feel? As good as they looked in the video?”

Tim nodded absently, manipulating and squeezing his sister’s nubile breasts, brushing his thumb over her nipples. Crystal put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him back until he was lying on the bed. Now her pussy was resting directly on his cock, and she leaned forward, causing her pussy to slide horizontally along the length of it.

The sensation was so delicious Tim involuntarily closed his eyes and groaned. The slick, the heat, the taboo – it was all too much. He was on the verge of coming. Suddenly, Crystal kissed him full on the lips, her tongue snaking into his mouth. She grabbed his head in her hands and ran her fingers through his hair as they made out. Impusively, Tim grabbed his sister’s ass as they kissed, using his muscular arms to make her slide up and down the length of his cock. He groaned underneath her kiss, and slipped his fingers further around her butt, letting his fingertips trail against her asshole.

Suddenly, Crystal pulled away and grinned impishly. She climbed off her brother, who then sat up, and knelt between his legs on the floor. Still smirking, she trailed her fingertips against his inner thighs in circles, slowly nearing his cock. ” Should I suck your dick, Tim? I don’t know…I mean, that would really be incest then, wouldn’t it? Before we were just sort of playing…I’m not sure, it might make me feel…dirty.”

Tim swallowed. He knew his sister well enough to know she was just fucking with him and trying to annoy him. She didn’t have any reservations about sucking his cock. He didn’t say anything.

Crystals fingers now reached his groin, and she lightly tickled his balls with her fingers, leaning in closely enough that Tim could feel her hot exhalations on his cock. Her white blonde hair brushed against his thighs. She spiraled one fingertip up escort bahçeşehir his cock before taking it in her hand.

“I mean…I want to, and everything…,” she said coyly, biting her lower lip. She absently stroked his cock, passing it from hand to hand. Teasing him.

“Oh, c’mon, Crystal!” Tim said, exasperated. He was aching to feel her wet mouth on his cock. He took her head in his hands, not forcing her mouth onto him, but wanting to.

Crystal turned her head, and, grabbing Tim’s right hand, took his index finger into her hot mouth. She swirled her tongue around his finger, pulled it out nearly the whole length, and then played her tongue around the tip of his finger before sucking it all back in.

Tim groaned and grabbed his cock with his left hand, willing it towards her mouth.

“I guess you really want your own sister to suck your cock, huh?” Crystal said thoughtfully, taking his finger from her mouth. “Well…I guess I could. But only if you really want me to.”

Tim swallowed as Crystal’s mouth came closer and closer to his cock. Looking up at him through dark lashes, she licked her lips. Holding his cock in one hand and his balls in the other, Crystal pressed her lips together and pressed the head of Tim’s cock against them. It felt hot and slick against her skin, and she pushed her lips down on it, forcing her jaws to separate. Her mouth remained snug around his cock as she took the head into her mouth, her tongue lapping at the underside. The salty, slightly sweet taste of his precum and the sticky texture on her tongue only made her want more.

Tim threw his head back and groaned, grabbing his sister’s head again. She began bobbing up and down while stroking the rest of his cock with her hand. With her other hand, she began to tug gently on his balls. Tim could feel his orgasm building. His breathing quickened and his hips lifted just a little as his muscles contracted.

Crystal knew the signs of impending orgasm, and took her mouth off her brother’s cock. Biting her lip and looking up at him, she pressed his cock against his abdomen before she gave his testicles a thorough going over with her mouth. She first took one, then the other, and then both into her mouth, bathing them until they were dripping with her saliva. With her right hand, she gently stroked Tim’s cock. When he had relaxed a little, her ministrations to his balls ceased, and she returned her attention to his cock.

His cock was throbbing against his stomach, oozing pre-cum. As Crystal took it in her hands again, a string of pre-cum trailed from the head of his cock to his stomach. With her finger, Crystal snared the string, scooped the excess off of Tim’s cock, and brought her finger to her mouth.

Tim could hardly control himself. He wanted to come, and he’d had enough teasing and tantalizing. He forced her head down towards his cock, and was surprised when he felt no restraint as her mouth enveloped him again.

Crystal relaxed her jaw and loosened her throat muscles as Tim began controlling the blow job. With each plunge, his cock went deeper into her throat, until she had bottomed out with her nose in his pubic hair. Tim was groaning loudly now, his hips gently bucking against his sister’s face. He pulled her back until only the head of his cock was in her mouth, and shivered when he felt her tongue flicker over the corona and tip, pausing to penetrate the oozing hole at the top.

Crystal gripped Tim’s cock in one hand again and began giving the head of his cock her all. She sucked as her tongue swirled around the head, her hand pumping the shaft. Her other hand had returned to his balls and was again tugging on them. With her knuckle, she pressed the area behind his balls gently, stimulating his prostate. Tim was coming, and he couldn’t stop it. “Crystal, I-” was all he could get out before cum started spurting from his cock.

Crystal, ever well-versed, took the first warm, salty shot in her mouth before lowering her lips to the head and lapping at the underside of his cock, at the most sensitive part, where the corona meets. She licked and kissed feverishly as Tim’s hips bucked, forcing his orgasm out. His cock continued to spray his cum over her full lips and tongue as she lapped away like a dog at water. The hot, white, viscous fluid coated her tongue and spilled out of the sides of her mouth. Crystal had never seen that much cum come out of one guy at one time! Finally, the ejaculations died down.

Using the cum in her mouth as extra lubrication, Crystal sucked on her brother’s cock to nurse the last remaining drops out. As his cock softened, Crystal let it drop from her mouth, glistening and red. She smiled up at Tim, opening her mouth so he could see the load he had deposited resting peacefully on her tongue. Crystal swallowed and wiped her cum smeared cheeks and chin with a hand before sitting on the bed next to him.

“So, Tim, do I get two thumbs up?” she asked coyly.

“Way up.”

“Then how about a sequel?” Crystal said, grabbing his hand and thrusting it between her legs. Her pussy was soaked and hot. Again.

“God, I want a whole fucking franchise! Like the Jason movies!” Tim declared before tackling his sister and pinning her to the bed.

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