Şub 17

Brotherly Love

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My name is Josh, and I am one of the few special people who was born to a family of redheads. Redheaded girls drive me absolutely crazy. They all seem almost magical with their curly hair that falls down to their breasts, and their freckles that bring out the light in their eyes. My sister, Elizabeth, is a suitable woman for any sane man’s fantasy, and I am, after all, a sane man.

She has the most bright red curly hair, and eyes so blue that they would part an ocean. Her body can only be labeled as ‘ smoking ‘; anything else would be an insult to beauty. She is fond of wearing silky blue booty shorts around the house along with white crop tops that at some points have been blessed with being ever so see-through, so that I could on occasion see a small amount of nipple poking through. I can’t even count the amount of times I have quietly cranked the cool air up when we were spending time with each other.

I will admit that I have, on occasion, when my sister was off with friends or at the library studying for her college exams, snuck into her room. I love going through her closets and drawers and finding all the different colorful undergarments she keeps. I always like to imagine her wearing them and then slowly taking them off for me. Imagining her beautiful, pale ass wearing her dark red thong and then gently sliding them off while bending over to expose all of her Irish goodness. Pure heaven. I will also admit that on occasion, I may have potentially ruined select pairs of her panties in all of my excitement. I don’t think I need to go into detail as to how. I’m just glad she’s never asked questions about why her clothes occasionally go missing.

At this point I think something is blatantly obvious about me- I am definitely okay with Incest. My sister has always been my main interest, though sometimes I fantasize about my Mom or my Aunt, or my cousins. I masturbate almost strictly to those cheesy fantasy incest videos depicting actors who play as step brothers and sisters or step fathers and daughters, etc. I’ve always thought the real thing would be so much better. All that being said, my story starts one lonely night while my parents were both called away on a business trip, leaving only my sister and myself in the house.

It was probably around 10PM, and I was performing my nightly ritual of watching incest porn on my TV with the volume a bit louder than I would normally frequent. My sister’s room is downstairs while mine is upstairs, so I didn’t think I had anything to worry about. However, for some reason that I still don’t fully know or really care, my sister was upstairs at the time and decided to barge into my room.

I had been sitting there, stroking my cock in a moment of pure ecstasy when my door opened. I quickly scrounge for the controller to pause the video, but I couldn’t find the remote to turn off my TV. I see my sister looking over at my TV with her jaw nearly at the floor. Not only did she see that I was watching porn, which was embarrassing enough, but she saw the title of the video as well, which was the last nail in the coffin.

“Horny Redhead Sister Sucks Her Step-Bro’s Cock.”

She had read the title aloud to me. She then looked over to me and saw me with my hand still wrapped around my cock. I had been in such a state of shock that I hadn’t moved or covered myself. My eyes met hers and all was silent for probably a good ten seconds.

“Oh God, Elizabeth.” I finally found the courage to say, “I am so sorry you had to see th-“

“I knew it! You’ve been in my room, haven’t you?” she interrupted.

I tried my best to play it dumb even though I knew that she knew.

“What poker oyna do you mean? In your room for what?”

“You stole my favorite pair of panties! My own brother is some kind of- some kind of incestuous pervert!”

All I could do was stutter, not really knowing what to say.

She walked over to my bed and flung the covers back, exposing the rest of my naked body.

“Where are they?” She said, almost in a shout, “I want them back!”

“I can’t give them back right now.” I said, feeling my heart sink lower with each passing second.

“Why not?”

I didn’t know how to answer right away. I could see the look on her face, as if she suddenly understood why I couldn’t give them back, but didn’t want to believe.

“Oh God,” she said, “why can’t you give them back?”

“They’re… ” I paused to take a second and think about how I wanted to word myself,” They aren’t clean at the moment. I used them to help me… you know, get off. “

All was silent and she looked upset, like she was about to cry but wanted to make herself seem more mad. Finally, after a long pause, she spoke once more.

“I want you to explain to me how in the hell the idea of incest gets you off. How in the hell cumming in your own sister’s panties is something you enjoy doing.”

I had always been interested in incest, and I had always known my reasons. I just have never had to explain them to anyone, so I was a little taken aback.

“It’s just… thrilling, I guess. Not only the fact that it’s taboo and nobody likes to talk about it, but also the idea that two perfect fuck-buddies could be literally living in the same roof and getting away with these things right under the noses of their family, because the family would never expect it. It’s just a huge turn on for me, I guess.”

She sat there for a moment, pondering what I had just said but still not speaking.

“Have you never felt anything like that?” I said, knowing I was pushing my luck, but still at least trying.

“Josh, the idea has literally never crossed my mind. Until now, I guess.” she responded.

“Until now? So that means you wouldn’t be completely opposed to the idea of just… messing around, at least a little?”

“I don’t know. Mom and Dad rarely ever go out on trips like this, so maybe it would make sense to take advantage of this before they get back.” she paused as if she had to catch herself from saying more.

“I don’t even know what I’m saying, this isn’t right.”

She started to turn around as if to leave. I had already gotten so close, I couldn’t let my one fantasy over all my years in life just walk away like this.

“Wait!” I said, almost sounding desperate, “Let’s at least try and take things a little slowly, and if you don’t like it, all you have to do is say so. Can we do that?”

She paused for a moment and then slowly walked over to my bed and sat down.

“What should we do?” she asked.

I knew exactly what to do. I had played over this exact moment in my head at least a hundred times. I just never expected to get this far in reality.

“Remember, you can tell me when to stop at any time. Just lay down and try to relax.”

She nodded her head in agreement and layed down. I absolutely could not believe this was happening. I placed my hand on her shin and slowly moved upwards, stopping at her thigh. She was wearing her silky blue shorts so I easily slipped my hand underneath of them and touched her bare thigh. I took my other hand and spread her legs by a few inches so that I could rub more of her. I continued moving my hand inward until I was touching the edge of her panty-line. I then slowly moved the edge of her panties all the canlı poker oyna way over, exposing her bare pussy. Holding her panties to the side with one hand, I took my other hand and placed my thumb right onto her pussy. She winced, but did not say anything. I started rubbing my thumb all around her in a circular motion. It was warm and already wet. I slipped my thumb inside and started knocking back and forth.

“Take these off.” I said, after about a minute had passed.

She nodded again and did as I said. I don’t think she was trying to be sexy in the way she did it, but intentional or not, she was. She closed her legs and then lifted them high in the air and pulled them off slowly, exposing her beautiful puffy lips. She then set her feet far apart on the bed, perfectly spread. I slowly lowered my face between her legs and then started licking every which way. In truth, I was an amateur. Despite being almost twenty years old now, I had never been with a woman before that day. I had read on the internet somewhere that you’re supposed to ‘write the ABCs’ with your tongue when eating a woman out. When I started doing this, she really started to enjoy herself.

Every couple of letters I would hear either a sharp breath or a small moan escape her mouth. I was enjoying this, and now I knew that she was too. I was in pure ecstasy. I had never been happier in life than right now, licking and flicking my tongue all over my own sister. Her lips were absolutely perfectly shaped. They were puffy and soft, just like the lips on a face.

After I was halfway through the alphabet, I got bold and slipped one single finger inside of her while I continued to lick and suck on her clitoris. At that point, she started squirming around, as if her body was trying to tell her to move away but her mind wanted to stay. I held her stomach down as I continued to finger fuck her and suck her. Once her body calmed down, almost without even thinking, I slowly started to move my hand up inside of the tank-top she had been wearing. I had never seen or felt her breasts before. There had been times where I saw a small amount of nipple poking through her shirt, but never anything like this.

I lifted my head from her legs and slowly crawled a few inches upwards so that my face was facing the chest of her shirt. I made eye contact with her for a moment and then took my hands and slowly pulled up her shirt, until her breasts were completely exposed. It was the most wonderful thing to behold. She was definitely fully matured in her body; she must have been a full D cup, nothing less. Her breasts were too big for even one of them to fit into two of my hands. Her nipples weren’t too small, nor were they too big. They were perfectly shaped and sized. They were pale in color, which I absolutely loved. Redheads look absolutely perfect when their tits are almost as pale as the rest of their skin.

I wasn’t even entirely sure of what to do. I immediately just started kissing all around her breasts, as a way to warm her up instead of immediately sucking her nipples. As I kissed her left breast, I slowly let my hand explore her right breast, running over her nipples several times over. Then I started licking her left nipple, the response to which was a sharp breath but nothing more. I was absolutely in love, with my sister, no less. I licked her left nipple and then started slowly rubbing her right nipple back and forth between my fingers. After a minute, I switched and did the same to the opposite nipples.

After a few minutes had passed by of me switching back and forth from her breasts to her pussy again to doing both at the same time and so forth, we both started to loosen up a bit and just enjoyed ourselves, internet casino laughing and giggling.

“Hey,” I said, “do you think maybe you could try playing with me for a few minutes?”

She giggled. “What? Are you tired of doing all the work?”

“No, it’s not that” I said, trying to laugh as well even though I was really nervous about this favor I was asking “I just want to know what it feels like, that’s all.”

She sat up, and looked almost dumbfounded.

“Do you mean you’ve never been blown before?” she asked, with wide eyes.

“No, I’ve never even done anything sexual. With anyone. Ever. You’re my first, Liz, for everything.” I responded, except now I knew it was obvious how nervous I was.

She shot me a warm smile and started rubbing her hand against my thigh.

“It’s really weird, but I feel kind of happy to know I’m the first one who is going to do this for you. It turns me on a little.”

She then pushed my chest back into the bed, causing me to flop down onto my pillow, exposing my erect cock. She positioned her knees so that they were facing my hip and bent over, sticking her naked ass into the air. It was a view that made me throb, I hadn’t had the chance to see her ass until now. I instinctively rubbed my hand back and forth on it, squeezing it every so often. I grabbed it and pulled her cheek in one direction so that it spread open her wet pussy, and grazed my thumb over the whole of it. I had been so caught up in rubbing her ass and admiring it that I almost jumped when I felt her slide my cock into her throat, all of it. She didn’t play around, no slow licking, no teasing and gentle kissing; she opened her mouth and slid me into her like it was nothing.

“Holy shit, sis…” I let out as a moan, unintentionally.

“Does that feel good?” she said, looking over at me.

“God, yes.”

She then put my cock back into her mouth and started rocking back and forth. I could feel her tongue slide over every inch of my cock, up and down and around every which way. After about a minute of this, she took my cock out of her mouth and started stroking it with one hand. She then curved her head around and started licking my balls, flicking her tongue back and forth on them and at the same time stroking my cock. She sucked on them for about a minute and then took my cock back into her mouth. I felt like I was about to cum, it felt so amazing that I never wanted it to stop.

“M-maybe slow it down a little bit, Liz. I feel like I’m about to cum.” I said.

After hearing this, she started to go faster, and take my cock deeper into her throat. She took her hand and placed it below her mouth, so that she was stroking my cock and sucking it at the same time. Oh God, I hoped she knew what was going to happen. After another minute of her pounding my cock in and out of her mouth, I finally started to cum. As soon as I started cumming, she took my cock as far into her throat as she could, and I shot every bit of myself into her. I could feel her swallowing me and licking the tip of my cock to get every last bit of me into her. It was, without a doubt, the best blowjob I would ever receive.

After I finished, she layed back on the bed next to me and put her head on my chest, while at the same time holding her hand on my cock, which was now going soft.

We both fell asleep after some short time, not saying another word to each other that night. I woke up at around three in the morning, surprised to see that she had decided to stay in my room and sleep the whole night with me. I didn’t mind. Looking at her beautiful sleeping face and seeing the moonlight reflecting off of her hair made me feel good about myself. Feeling her arm on my chest and her head nuzzled into my neck made me feel warm inside. I was actually happy.

“Am I falling in love with my sister?” I thought to myself.

Only time can tell. We still have about a week until our parents get back.

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