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Bryan, Tina and Angie – The night wraps up – Part

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Double Penetration

Bryan, Tina and Angie – The night wraps up – PartIn truth, I did not have to do much. Tina has tied me down to this exact table on many an occasion and to be honest, all I have to do is try to keep from biting my tongue off! When she is ready to climb on top and ride my face, she is not looking for me to placidly lick the folds of her recessed labia or slowly circle the pearl of her clit with the tip of my moist, pointed tongue. She wants to fuck my face and she is going to press every inch of sex down over my nose mouth and chin and grind back and forth, up and down until she explodes with just a torrent of cum.What I did not expect was to feel her upright and yet a pair of lips wrapping around my limp cock!!! As I lay there inhaling the scent of Tina and listened to her groans, I realized that Angie was sucking my cock hard! Silently I thanked God that Tina had given me the little blue pill because it did not take long before I could feel my rigidity beginning to return. Let me tell you, that girl has one talented mouth!!Once I was fairly stiff, she gave me a good lick around the rim of my helmet and then… she was gone!! I felt Tina wrap her hands around my cock like a rodeo bare back rider might do the rope on the back of a steer, and I heard her start yelling and cursing as she continued her pussy assault on my face. Then just before she was about to cum, she lifted herself off of me and raised her hips above my face. I had no idea why, but then she climbed down off of the table, went over, grabbed a beer and brought it over to me.“I read about this in a book,” she said. I looked around and was somewhat disappointed to see that Angie was putting on a lacy under cupped bra. It was pretty but…. “Take a drink Bryan.” I was not going to argue with that! To be honest, I was really needing a good drink! “After you have taken a good swallow fill your mouth with about another half swallow.” I was a little perplexed, but I did this as well. Then she laid me back down on the table and told me to keep the beer in my mouth for a little bit more.I saw Angie looking at her mom questioningly as well just before Tina straddled my face again, this time facing with her butt over my chin. “I am going to ride you again, and right before I cum I am going to yell for you to spit. I want you to blow all of that beer up into me when I say, ‘Spit’.” There was no waiting then, with her hand she opened her pussy up and dropped down on my face and chin. I could feel her fingers move to her clit and immediately. I knew it was not going to take her long to get to that point, and I prayed it would be quick because holding beer in your mouth is really not all that pleasant bursa escort a thing to do, even with a pussy pounding your face!!Then she yelled, “Spit God damn you spit!!!!” and just as I did her fingers spread her cunt wide open and clamped down on my mouth. I spewed that beer up into her and it and her juices immediately came flooding back into my mouth and face!! Her fingers were in my hair now and she was really going to town! I had my head bounced off of the table a couple of times as I heard her screaming and cursing. I caught just a glimpse of Angie standing in front of her, pulling and twisting on the milky mammaries and there was just a hell of a lot of screaming and cursing before Tina finally slid to the side and collapsed half on me and half on to her feet on the floor. She was panting and shaking her head.A towel landed on my face and I heard Angie laughing as she said, “My turn. Clean yourself up there a little then I get to have some fun!! When I had wiped my face I looked over at Angie as Tina staggered over to the sink. Angie, in addition to putting on a bra had now also added a strap on and from the way she was standing looking at our restraints on the wall, she knew what she wanted to do!She picked out a couple of two inch wide belts and told me to soot my ass to the edge of the table. She then took one of my legs and bent in completely up so my heel was almost touching my ass. She wrapped the belt around my shin and thigh, effectively locking my leg up. Then she did the other thigh. Lying on the table as I was, the butt plug they had placed in me earlier was plainly visible and before I realized what was happening, Tina was taking pictures of me trussed up with this butt plug in my ass! I started to protest and she laughed that I never seemed to mind when it was her ass, tits and pussy that I was photographing! She took picture after picture as Angie slowly pulled the plug out and then applied another thick dab of lube to my quickly closing sphincter.She stopped only long enough for Tina to get a couple of pictures before pushing that hard black rubber cock into my back door!! As Angie slowly worked the offending toy deeper into me, Tina came over and poured beer into my mouth as she cradled my head against her boobs. Then she was pouring beer on her boobs and rubbing my face and tongue over them as she told me to suck her tits and make them as wet as I had made her pussy! It was just incredible!Before I knew it, Angie bottomed out and I looked down and saw her hips clear up against my ass at the edge of the table. She smiled and said, “You know what gets me off Bryan? I love pegging a guy’s ass and watching bursa escort bayan his cock get harder and harder and then seeing his balls get tight as my cock slides in and out of him. But most of all, I get off when he shoots his cum and he catches it in his own mouth!” She shuddered and then pulled back and I gasped. It felt like there was vacuum sucking my insides all down into my ass!! She laughed and then began to very thoroughly fuck me!I was just starting to beat off in time with her fucking of my ass when Tina licked her way down my chest and took my cock in her mouth. Angie told her not to let me cum in her mouth, she wanted to watch me shoot for my own mouth. And then they both did their thing, and their thing was me! I was going in and out of Tina’s very talented lips while Angie plowed away at my virgin ass!!I was just about to tell Tina to stop, when she pulled off of me. I grabbed my cock and gave it just a few quick strokes and shot only a few streams of sticky thick cum up, one stream of which hit me on the chin and then smeared on across my lips and cheek. I looked up into Angie’s eyes and licked my lips and gathered some of the cum on my tongue. Angie shuddered and Tina reached over and gave the small pert breast nearest her a quick hard twist and Angie slammed herself deep into me and arched her back!!I smiled. I was also surprised that even though my cock was definitely somewhat more soft, it was still thick. When Angie’s eyes opened up she looked down at my cock and saw the same thing I had just realized. She pulled back and the shiny black cock slid out of my ass with a pop. She undid two straps in seconds and without a word, she climbed up on the table and straddled my hips and shoved my fat cock into her wet and slippery cunt!!Tina moved to my side and undid first one leather belt and then the other. My legs flopped down and I suddenly felt all of my cock inside the tight slit of the beautiful young woman who was looking down at me with a face that was filled with what can only be described as lust! She did not work up and down, she moved her hips over me in small circles, my cock feeling and filling every nook and cranny of her sex. She leaned forward and began scratching and digging her fingernails deep into my chest!I saw Tina’s hands come around and she was cupping and squeezing the younger woman’s firm tits. “I remember when I had tits like these!! God they drove every man to distraction! And every time someone squeezed them like this….” Angie moaned and slammed her pubic mound down into mine and threw her head back. I have never heard Big Foot, but the utterances and groans that came out of that petite escort bursa thing sounded more b**stly than even Big Foot could hope to!!!Then she began bouncing up and down on my cock like a woman possessed, and I was thrilled to realize that I was once again hard and even though I was slightly desensitized by all of the abuse of the evening, I still felt every bit of the tight vagina Angie wrapped around me and squeezed tightly on my shaft! Within a few minutes, she was not the only one thrashing. Tina moved to the side of the table nearest my right hand and took my fingers and shoved my hand into her own wet and bare beaver. I immediately began finger fucking her as I watched her turn and begin kissing and tonguing the beauty who was riding me like I was the last horse in the world!I have no idea how long we lasted. It felt like a good 15 or 20 minutes, but it may have only be 5, I really have no idea. What I do know is that all at once, Angie pounded herself down on me and every muscle from her toes to the top of her scalp contracted and I thought for one brief second that she might actually break my cock off inside of her. A moment later Tina pitched forward across my chest and I felt her ejaculate flood out into the palm of my hand down her thighs to the floor. That was all she wrote for me! I shot my final load of the evening up inside the most divine young womb I had been in for a very long time just before she fell forward over Tina’s back and on top of me.Some time later we untangled and went upstairs. We all went into the walk in shower and laughed and played as we cleaned each other up. Once we were clean (and I do mean we were all clean because Tina inspected every inch of each of us twice I think!!) we toweled off and after swinging through the kitchen for more alcohol, we stumbled outside to the hot tub. I ordered a pizza and a half hour later put on a robe long enough to collect the pizzas and pay the driver before joining the ladies in the hot tub.The moved back and forth from tub to pool and back over the next couple of hours. I stayed mainly in the pool, watching the moon and stars and heavenly bodies around me. Around 1:00 we finally stumbled into the house and into the master bedroom. We each piled into the California king bed and snuggled in for the night. I remember thinking as I drifted off to sleep that letting Angie come stay with us was a stroke of pure genius!! And I fell asleep with a shit eating grin on my face that night and several since!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I hope that you have enjoyed this evening of fun and play shared by Bryan, Tina and Angie. If I get motivated maybe I can send them on a trip to a sporting event or shopping someplace…. What are your thoughts? What should they do next? Or should I close the book on this trio and go for a different set of characters?Thank you for your feedback!!

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