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Bus Strangers to Lovers in Hotel Ch. 01

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This is a true story which happened to me recently while I was travelling to Pune from Mumbai. It’s a real story so I would like to describe it in deep as it happened, hope you all like it.

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Well I am 27years boy having a stock market business. This incident happened to me recently while I was travelling to Pune from Mumbai by Neeta Volvo. It was around 4 in eve. When I got in bus at vashi, it was almost full and I got a sit at second last row. There a lady was already sitting; I went and sat beside her. As it was Friday I sat quietly and started watching commodity market on my I-Pad. After say around 10-15min the lady besides me (who seems to be observing me) asked me

She: what are you observing so much on that screen?

Me: (Now at this time I saw at her face, smiled and said) I am observing commodity market.

She: What exactly it is?

Me: it’s basically give and take of commodities online, wherein we need to buy at lower price & sell at upper price.

She: Wow that sounds nice, it’s too simple. How much you earn in it

Me: We it’s not easy at all, if market & your predictions our good you can earn 10-15 or even more then that or vise versa.

She: Okay, since how long you’re doing this market thing? And what all you do?

Me: Well I am into this line since 9 years and recently 2years back I started my own business in Vashi.

By the way what do you do?

She: Firstly my name is Sheetal Dixit , and I work in a call center in pune.

Me: Okay nice to know you, and by the way I am Jitesh Shah, but everyone calls me Jitu

Sheetal: ah, nice to know you dear. So why are you travelling to Pune?

ME: Actually I have to meet a client of mine in Aundh, will meet him and go back at night.

Sheetal: I stay in Baner which is close to Aundh,

ME: Why had you been to Mumbai?

Sheetal: (her face got ill sad) I had a date in court, actually I have filled a divorced case against my husband.

ME: Oh sorry to hear that.

Sheetal: it’s okay.

Then there was a Silence for a few minutes. In between I was also paying attention on my screen towards my position. Suddenly I gave a small relief my trade got completed and I got good profit in it.

Sheetal: What happened?

ME: Well I earned around 25000.

Sheetal: wow great, you seem to be master in it.

Me: well no, there is no master in this field, no one can predict 100 accuracy, and in fact it’s too risky business.

Sheetal: yap I know I have heard of few people who have lost lacks of rupees in share market.

Me: yap that’s true, if u play beyond your capacity or be greedy to become crorepati in a day you tend to get into losses.

Sheetal: Great Said.

Me: şişli escort So do you stay alone in Pune.

Sheetal: No, I stay with my Parents and daughter

Me: oh you also have a daughter?

Sheetal: yap why are you so shocked, I have a 5years daughter.

Me: Well looking at you I never thought you must be a mother of 5yrs daughter. You seem to have maintained yourself a lot.

Sheetal: thanks for the compliment, (Just blushed) then she asked me why didn’t I get married?

Me: well I first wanted to have my own house before getting married. No as I have purchased a flat, maybe by 2018 I will get married.

Sheetal: Sounds nice.

Me: Thanks.

By this time we arrived at Lonavala Food Mall. And our bus was going too halted there for some time.

So we both got down. As I got down I saw her carefully. She was average looking not too fat nor to slim must be around 30years of age with average figure of 34-30-36. She was wearing a blue jeans with black top, her hairs were open. While observing her beauty I went to washroom thinking about her and even she went to ladies washroom. I was thinking of: should I ask her for tea / coffee or some wadapav n all. After coming out I saw she was not yet back, so I just lit my cigarette and waited nearby. After few minutes she came out, saw me smoking cigarette and gave a small smile. I immideatly. Threw my cig and went behind her near food mall counter. But before I could offer her anything she herself asked me would you like to have coffee, I said yes I will take it, what about you what would you like to have, and she said even I will take coffee. So I removed money and gave it at counter. But she said it’s okay I will pay. But I said no its okay, its up to me. Then we took our coffee from counter and came out and stood near our Volvo bus sipping our coffee. While waiting she asked me how often do I smoke. I said I smoke frequently. And then I asked her don’t you like it? She said no nothing like that, actually even I use to smoke in my college days. So I just asked her would you like to do it now. She looked here & there and said okay. I immediately. Lit a cigarette and offered it to her, while having coffee she said it’s been to long she had smoked. Maybe after her honeymoon she is smoking today. I just smiled and said so its reminding you about your honeymoon. She just gave a naughty smile, and we both got into the bus.

After entering the bus I asked her, if you don’t mind can I know why did you apply for the divorce?

Sheetal: well ours was a arranged marriage, n my hubby is around 10years older to me. He is land lord type person and use to treat me like a servant as I was from a middle class family. Initially I ignored his insults and all but even after the baby was born he became more aggressive. mecdiyeköy escort He started shouting and even beating me for small-small things and that too in front of anyone. Also I came to know that while I was pregnant he again started to go to prostitute’s n all.. One day I found him red handed with our maid servant n scolded him, but instead of being silent he started to beat me there in front of maid and asked me to join them and then we had a big quarrel and I left his home and came back to my parents .

Me: sorry to hear that. I seriously hate people who hit their wife. One should never hit any lady for any reason.

Sheetal: hmm, maybe he was not worth the relation. He was just a sex starved person who uses to treat me like a slave.

Me: It’s okay, after every night there has to be a day. Don’t worry everything will be okay.

Sheetal: Hope so, but that’s not easy you know. It’s really tough for me to manage things.

Me: means what, are your parents supporting you?

Sheetal: off course they are, but being a divorced lady people see me in a very different way. Also it gets difficult to manage money as my dad is a retired person, I need to take care of myself and also of my daughter.

Me: hmm, how much you earn right now.

Sheetal: I get approx 23000 in hand.

Me: too Tough to manage.

Sheetal: I know.

Then there was silence for few minutes. And then she said can you help me in anyway

Me: it will be my pleasure helping you, but what can I do for you.

Sheetal: well you earn 20-25000 daily can you help me out with your 1days income.

Me: it’s not that I get 15-20000 daily, sometimes even I m in loss.

Sheetal: But still see if you can help me out with some cash, it will be of great help to me. It will be easy to manage my life.

Me: well I don’t mind paying you, I may think over it, but what’s my benefit in it. We hardly know each other.

Sheetal: ( With a sad face) See I can do something for you in return if you want.

Me: means what exactly?

Sheetal: (In a very low voice) came near to my ears and said we can spend some good time together, and I will give you good pleasure.

Me: Well frankly thanks but I am not used to take paid pleasure, I mean I have never ever done it with anyone else rater then my ex-girlfriend. I am scared of going outside.

Sheetal: Even I am not used to it, I am not a prostitute but you seem to be a good guy, your bachelor and I thought if we could mutually agree to help each other we can have good and healthy relation with no strings attached. I will get my money and also satisfaction. After all staying without partner is difficult.

Me: well I don’t mind I am scared of it. & also I stay in Vashi & you stay in Pune how can we keep our relationship going on.

Sheetal: See if you want we can mutually decide date and time and meet up.

Me: okay let’s do it. How much will you take for 1 night?

Sheetal: hey please don’t speak like that , I am not a slut. I am in need of money for my daughter’s money and that’s why I want to do it

Me: hey sorry, but I don’t mean to insult you, all I want to know is how much burden will it be on me…

Sheetal: Give whatever you want, I won’t ask anything else then whatever you give me. But you have to make sure you won’t share my name, number with anyone else, & also you will maintain the privacy.

Me: Off course I will, what am I going to get harassing you, and by the way I don’t even have your number yet.

Sheetal: oh yes, take my number but remember don’t call me every now and then, just whatsapp me, I will reply to your message whenever possible.

Me: okay dear don’t worry.

Then we exchanged our numbers meanwhile my stop was about to arrive, so I told her I want to go.

Sheetal: how much time will it take for you to get free?

Me: approx a hour or so.

Sheetal: so what’s your plan after that?

Me: well nothing much, you say what plans you got tonight?

Sheetal: Well nothing much, tomorrow is Saturday so I have a off. If you want we can spend some time together tonight…

Me: well that’s a great idea but I don’t have that much of cash with me right now and also I kept my credit card at my office only as I didn’t had any special plans for tonight.

Sheetal: Don’t worry about that, you can do pay tm on my number.

Me: Well it needs a 3 digit pin to transfer the amount, which I don’t have right now.

Sheetal: Are don’t worry, do it tomorrow, if you want give me the cash next time whenever we meet.

Till then my stop came so she said: wait even I will get down here only.

Me: okay great, after getting down from the bus I said I will pay her the amount after reaching Mumbai.

Sheetal: I said its okay, though money is important for me but your company seems to be more interesting then it. Frankly, after quiet long time I got so opened up with someone, I really want to enjoy it.

Me: Well it will be my pleasure to accompany you. But first let me finish my work, then I am all yours dear.

Sheetal: Great, Can you stay here tonight, if yes then I will tell at home that my work is not complete and advocate wants some signs so I will be waiting in Mumbai at friends house and will come tomorrow.

Me: (as I had sat off) I said yes, I don’t mind staying here as it is I am having off on sat-Sunday.

Sheetal: She just smiled and said okay then you carry on with your work and I will wait for you at CCD or MC-Donald’s, Call me once you get free.


Remaining story & Climax to be continued in next part if you like this part. Do Mail me your Comments & feedback on my profile if you wish to read further story.

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