Kas 07

Business Escape Pt. 06

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Big Tits

Vegas Continues

After the first few minutes of re-introductions, the meeting quickly jumped into discussing all the different ways our companies would partner. Once the spotlight was shifted onto my turn, the prior nights cobwebs quickly shook off and away I went. For the next solid hour we were all in a deep, intense state of focus, no different than our sexual triathlon just hours prior. Instead of Camella conducting our three person sex band, I was in charge this time keeping a room of 15 people attentively excited about the strategic partnership we were officially designing. Once the meeting wrapped up, we discussed our big dinner plans with the combined companies.

As we walked out, Janet immediately busted out laughing and asked, “how in the fuck did you pull that off? I am so fucking hungover! My god your brain needs to be enshrined in a museum!” I humbly diverted the attention and asked about her night. She spilled the details that they had a wild ride that lasted into the early morning and she had just kicked him out of her room minutes after I texted this morning. Without time to huddle with my two other convicts on our collective story from last night, I quickly kept the attention on Janet by asking if she’s seeing him again later tonight. Thankfully Camella also picked up on this diversion tactic and raved how cute the guy was and that Janet would be crazy not to go another round with her new Vegas toy.

As we were back in the lobby further celebrating the meeting and discussing our dinner strategy, I yawned and said I’m going to need a serious nap before dinner. Knowing this was also a diversion to my real intentions, everyone else played along and we all went our separate ways with plans to meet back at 8pm.

As I got back to my room, the phone vibrations were constant with texts arriving from my two lovers, I told them I’m ordering room service for lunch and to come up whenever they’re ready. I quickly received a response from Camella.

Camella: Give me an hour to head over to your room – have some work crap to deal with – keep the bed warm for me!

?Camella: Also random request – see if they have french toast – so craving in my hung over state!

Me: Good luck working with these fried brain cells of ours – french toast will be waiting for you.

Really starting to feel the effects from last night’s booze, drugs and sex, I decided to short-change my usual call to the wife with a text.

Me: Huge meeting success – wrecked from last night with the team – napping before dinner. Bare with your brain damaged husband – will call or text you later. Love you.

The sexual bliss I was swimming in didn’t give me two seconds to remind myself of what an adulterer I officially was. The underlying deeper guilt was seeing my interest in my two lovers proceeding further than my comfort zone, but I wasn’t remotely equipped to stop anything. I’m guessing my subconscious figured after Vegas it would inherently just go back to the family guy and I’d eventually be back to the normal good guy.

I brushed my teeth and decided just sweat shorts would be the outfit for our casual afternoon of lunching, napping and who knows what else. After big meetings I typically sweat it up a bit and was hoping to have time for a quick shower, but the door knocked. As I hopped over to the mirror to see how I looked, I also quickly reminded myself Morgan and I were going to have some time to ourselves. Without a second to strategize, or even get excited that Morgan and I would get some time alone, I opened the door with Morgan jumping up onto me, wrapping his legs around me and grabbing my face to kiss me.

As we began to maul each other, I pulled back to quickly let him know we have some alone time before Camella is coming over. Still holding him, I asked if he’s down for a quick rinse off after today’s intense meeting.

“Yes jesus, let’s get naked now”, was all he could gargle out with his now incredibly excited response. I also quickly felt his massive excitement firmly pushing into my stomach.

Continuing to hold him up, I walked us both over to the shower, flipped the water on with one hand and then brought him over to the bathroom counter to continue our passionate kissing. The feeling was wildly intense, just knowing what happened at lunch just two days ago and that we hadn’t yet had the opportunity to be alone. This is what we both we salivating over since our lunch, and here it was somehow unexpectedly happening all of a sudden in this pristine hotel bathroom. Also what added to making this moment even more intense was we were limited in our time together, which infused some urgency into our attack.

As I lifted his shirt off and both of us pulling each other’s shorts down, we were now slapped up against the mirror with Morgan on the counter in full beast mode. Far more comfortable and confident now, I could finally display my years of sexual experience with our intense kissing, rubbing and heavy fatih escort breathing. I made the first move to lower myself and take Morgan into my mouth. My left hand grabbed onto the base of his warm, thick cock, while my right hand pulled his backside closer to the edge of the counter as I opened wide and brought in his cock into my mouth. As the bathroom became steamier, I dove down lower onto his cock with improved fluidity that generated a loud exhale from Morgan. Saliva gushed out of my mouth helping lubricate his cock as I steadily bobbed up and down.

Knowing we both wanted to thoroughly clean up before anything further happened, I released his cock from my mouth, lightly slapped it on my cheek, stood up, grabbed both his hands and pulled us into the shower. I was still aware of our time constraints, which quickly had me lathering us both with the scented body soap. Soaping his cock will never lose its excitement as I had both hands working quite the lather to clean his massive, stiff cock. As I went to work cleaning his cock, balls and ass, Morgan followed suit and scrubbed every inch of my body and lower region.

Determined to yield as much one-on-one time as possible, we rinsed off all the soap, turned the water off and quickly dried off. After dropping the towels we literally ran into the cold, air-conditioned bedroom and shuffled under the sheets. As we brought the sheets fully over ourselves, we began to deeply kiss again in our dark, private bed cave.

After a few minutes of kissing, trading whispers, moans and emphatically humping into each other, I flipped Morgan over and onto his stomach wanting to taste him and get him ready for me. I rolled on top of him and slid down where my face stopped between his ass cheeks. Both hands took each cheek and spread them wide with my mouth going in for an open-mouth kiss with his asshole. I proceeded to enjoy his squeaky-clean ass as my hands kept him widely spread. As I continued to unload spit all over his asshole, I pushed my tongue as far as it could possibly go inside, which was quickly beginning to open up for me. I slid one hand over and inserted two fingers next to my tongue inside of Morgan. A quick body adjustment followed by a deep breath, trailed by a slight lift of his ass and hips, which signaled his approval and request for more and began to slid up his lean body.

I adjusted my position with hands on both sides as Morgan reached back and navigated my cock into his hungry hole. Our physical chemistry and orchestration had dramatically improved from our first time, as within seconds my head was plunging past Morgan’s tight, wet ring. I remained slow and steady still empathizing the pain he must have felt, but with Morgan’s continued hunger and ambition, within a couple minutes we were sliding deeper, as our pace also quickly picked up.

Knowing not only our time was limited, but also not wanting to hurriedly transition from Morgan’s wet asshole to answering the door, I whispered into his ear, “holy fuck, Morgan I’ve wanted this so so much since our lunch – I can’t believe we’re finally back inside of each other. I’m guessing Camella isn’t far from knocking on that door so I’m going to start fucking you harder now. You okay with that?”

Someday I will be shocked when Morgan doesn’t respond in the most chill, calm and confident manner, as Morgan’s reply was, “yes Foxy – shut up and fuck me”

With that, our nooner sex romp officially began as I pushed all the way inside and then began smaller, more rhythmic, grinding strokes that remained all the way fully inside. Not having much experience in anal sex, I quickly figured out the less friction the better. My shorter pumps kept getting firmer and firmer with my hips leveraging my body weight to really lay into Morgan. Each time I hit the bottom, I seemingly felt his body smile in slight spasm-like response. After a few minutes of this deep intense grind, I flipped off the covers of our private tent as we were both pouring sweat. The cool air and light woke up the moment as I saw that Morgan had his face planted straight into a pillow with sweat covering his neck and back.

I also saw his now dark-wet, blonde hair and decided to grab onto his hair to gently pull back his head, where he then twisted his head and leaned down to give him a deep kiss. Our kiss locked in to the point where I pulled out of his ass, as his body automatically flipped around to completely face me, all while never releasing our kiss. As we continued to passionately kiss trading tongues and heavy breathes, he instinctively lifted up his legs up to my shoulders, I grabbed my wet cock and found myself back inside within seconds, still never once losing our kissing stride. This position combined with the grip his asshole had on my cock, really had my eyes roll back with sensation.

My orgasm saw the light ahead and began to run as fast and hard as possible. My body was quickly pushing as hard as its ever fucked, while Morgan’s etiler escort dark pink sweating face bit down on my bottom lip in pain and ecstasy. As I was in my final few thrusts, I felt Morgan’s arms push my body away to clear way, as his bouncing, stiff cock began to spasm out jets of white cum all over his chest and neck, all without one touch from either of our hands. Truly another first seeing a cock orgasm without anything touching it, which of course finalized my roaring finish and began to fill Morgan up. As I pumped and pumped my excitement and attraction into Morgan, I couldn’t help but inhale how fucking hot this moment was. My cock didn’t want to let go and continued to unleash more and more of my passion inside until I finally started to overflow, with that somewhat familiar slurping, suction sound.

“Holy fuck”, was all either of us could breathe out, as I remained inside with cum oozing and pooled all over. As my cock finally slipped out, Morgan’s legs dropped down with his hand quickly reaching behind to plug the mess. Staring at him in a daze, I offered, “let me clean your gorgeous ass up.”

With his equally intense stare back, as I started to get up, he replies, “Foxy, I’m sorry but you do things to me no one has ever done.” As I’m coming in to kiss him with an intense, serious look, I quietly add, “you’re telling me no one has ever cum in your ass before?”

I began to smile and then proceed to inject my dry tongue into his mouth. Morgan lightly bites my tongue, adds a subtle smile with, “sorry, should have been more clear, as no one of your age demographic, particularly with this much grey hair, has ever cum inside my little ass before – oh sorry, particularly in the state of Nevada.”

Morgan jumps right back in by pulling away from my tongue and adding, “no seriously Foxy, I am fucking head over heels for you.”

I couldn’t help but respond with my heart-felt honest response of, “I’m right there with you, Morgan. I want more and I know that’s against everything I stand for. Obviously I think it’s time we talk further about this when we’re not rushed with cum plastered all over you.”

Morgan extends his tongue into my mouth with my reciprocated nibble, clearly enjoying my response. As our eyes never broke their stare, I knew if this moment extended any further, I somewhat feared our emotions would have punctured us even deeper.

I gently slid off, ran to and from bathroom in record time to clean off his chest and neck. I then grabbed his one hand to pull him up off the bed, while he continued to plug his ass from leaking cum. We shuffled back into the shower shifting back into our stare. The quiet intensity exemplified the path I never thought was possible and genuinely feared for what lied ahead. We kissed, hugged and just embraced the moment.

As we dried off and cleaned up around the hotel room, as if the parents were about to come home, which included toweling off cum spots from the bed, we phoned in room service and turned on the TV. While on the couch waiting for Camella and room service, our witty banter kicked right back into gear. We toggled back and forth with sarcastic jabs at each other, really in essence making fun of each other for falling for the most random, unavailable situation possible. Morgan making fun of himself for falling for the elderly, as I made made fun of myself for forcing my way into the gay community who never once paid attention to me for all my prior years. I was laughing as hard as I’ve laughed in years with the both of us still drunk with sexual excitement.

As it felt as if it was going to be any second before Camella knocked, Morgan seemingly wanted to remind me just how amazing he was. He randomly starts rambling, “obviously we’re on the same page in not letting Camella onto our thing, so I’m going to push to make sure you two get quality time.”

As I sat there smiling, giving him this serious, but clearly sarcastic facial expressions, I quickly interjected, “wait, so you’re going to overtly push for Camella and I to go at it, just her and I solo? Please give me an example of this new charitable plan of yours.”

Morgan paused for a second with, “say us three end up in bed, we all start getting frisky, and maybe I just get up to go make a call or something. I don’t know, but just letting you get some time alone, as we just did together just now.”

My sarcastic smile continued with, “wow Morgan, look at you the freedom-fighting, sexual-equality-giver – how noble of you!” I finally busted out laughing as he smacked me hard with a pillow off the couch.

This quickly turned into us wrestling on the couch where we ended up sliding onto the floor. Morgan got on top of me, pinned my arms down on the floor, and with a big, love-gazing smile says, “fuck you, Foxy – you know what I mean. It doesn’t mean I’m giving up on wanting to finally fuck your little virgin ass – I just want our girl Camella to get her equal share of our Foxy.”

I beşiktaş escort continued back to my sarcastic smile, squinting in reply with, “uncle, uncle, uncle – fine you win – I’ll go along with your ridiculous plan! I seriously am crushing hard on you both, as you know, so I’m down for whatever. And speaking of my innocent little asshole, he’s still open to your low-odds ambition – I just don’t know when we’ll get the time alone?”

Morgan shrugged his shoulder with a purposefully confused look on his face, all while keeping my hands pinned on the floor, and finally responded with, “well you might just need to find some business up in my neck of the woods?”

I immediately responded, “sold – let’s seriously just book a night or two in Seattle when we get back. I think we officially have earned the right for us to learn more about this.”

The calendaring gods were angrily distracted by the door knocking, as our third wheel Camella was finally here. Just as Morgan popped up as if we just caught us making out, I quickly concluded in my head that a trip up north to see Morgan was eminent to further feel where our relationship was heading, in addition to some unfinished sexual curiosity on my part. I inherently knew it would be best for me personally to see and feel, beyond just the amazing sexual chemistry we had established, where Morgan and I were heading. Was this a dull life moment needing a breath of fresh air, or a legitimate soulmate being discovered.

Seconds before Morgan opens the door for Camella, he quickly popped in front of the mirror to inspect his appearance to ensure we weren’t giving away our secret. I too jumped up quickly and re-positioned myself onto the couch as if I had been lying there waiting and bored.

As Morgan opened the door for Camella, she leapt up into Morgan’s arms with a tight hug as her legs wrapped around his body. Camella was wearing tiny jean shorts with a top that, as always, had nothing under. Camella’s inner stylist truly knew my weaknesses as her outfit and beauty always seemed to puppet my attention to a tee.

As our gorgeous friend danced her way into the room, her confidence closely trailed as she ran over and pounced right on top of my body. She positioned herself directly onto my core, also pinning my arms back, and asks, “did my two lovers miss me?” If she only knew what we were doing while waiting for our third lover.

As she bent down to kiss me, the door knocked again as room service had arrived. Morgan attended to the door while Camella didn’t flinch with distraction and proceeded to kiss me with force. Thinking it would be a quick kiss as the room service attendant brought the food in, Camella kept her weight shifted to our faces as we continued to kiss, followed by a whisper of, “I needed these lips, Foxy.”

Just as my attention and feelings had shifted to Morgan for the last hour, Camella quickly reminded me I too had fiercely elevating emotions for her also. What fascinated me was the feelings were genuinely different, both equally legitimate, but just apple and oranges unique. Morgan and I had something seemingly deeper in that we were just so easy and authentic in our chemistry, while Camella and I had a fiery, explosive attraction to each other, something that I just never established with my wife.

Being a female, in essence competitively overlapping with my wife, I don’t think I would ever allow myself to fully go there with Camella, unless of course my wife and I split up. With Morgan, there wasn’t a competitive overlap dynamic whatsoever, this was crazy new territory for me that completely blindsided me, which allowed me to give myself more to Morgan. Truly cats vs dogs type comparisons, which was all still such a confusing dynamic for me to try and fully digest. Regardless of my confusion, at this point there was nothing I could do to stop me from thirsting more from my two unique crushes.

As we situated on the couch, watching TV and eating our food, the three of us flowed with ease bringing no awkwardness from last night’s breakthrough sexual jaunt. My ridiculous dream of a throuple was in full practice mode, as we traded bites, made fun of each other, showed pics from last night, took selfies, talked politics and weaved in some kisses with nonstop flirting.

If I could zoom out and see the three of us behaving, I’d see three physically attractive people who were perfectly comfortable and confident with each other, intellectually curious and stimulating, while equally attracted to one another. The banter continued with Morgan asking Camella how can her huge boobs always looked as if she’s wearing bra, when she never wore one.

Camella fires back to ask Morgan how his massive cock can sit there inconspicuously without giving his secret away in his shorts. And both of them continuously jabbing at my elderly, hierarchal position with continuous, “dad, can we do this or that”, type remarks. They also were both confident enough to blend those playful jabs with incredibly generous compliments, such as how people perceived me at the company, my dominate, social personality and young-looking physical attributes. I fucking loved every second of our time together.

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