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Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 04

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Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 04Tranny – bisexual – bdsm – nipple play – anal – first timeChris and Jessica had to leave for a dinner engagement which they could not get out of. Emily and I we wanted to be alone anyway so we were glad.Jessica and Chris weren’t even out of the driveway before I slipped behind Emily, reached my arms around her chest tweaking her nipples, and then I started rubbing my cockhead between her cheeks. “MMMMM! That feels nice. I’m going to clean the kitchen up a bit. You grab the towels outside and put them in the laundry. I will meet you in the bedroom in five minutes.”I ran out the backdoor to grab the towels, tossed them into the laundry room, and skipped down the hall to our room. I put on the red baby doll top, threw myself onto the bed, and struck a pose as I slowly jacked my hard cock. I heard Emily coming down the hall. I felt my mouth drop open as she stood in the doorway wearing Jessica’s eight inch strapon.Emily grabbed her cock and waved it at me, “You said anything did you mean it?”I spread my legs and held open my arms, “Oh god yes. Please fuck me baby. Fuck my boy pussy.”Emily moved to the edge of the bed and offered me her cock, “Suck it. Get me ready to fuck you.”Emily grabbed me by the back of the head and guided me towards her cock. I grabbed hold of it and rubbed it across my lips. I looked up at her as I ran my tongue all around the head. “Oh ya baby, that’s it show me how much you want my cock. That is so fucking hot. You’re going to make me cum watching you suck my cock.” Emily held my head and slowly started to face fuck me.I was taking in about half of her cock, “MMMM, ya that’s it cocksucker. Take it deep. Get me ready to fuck you. You want this cock baby? You want me to fuck you with this cock?”I was now on all fours getting face fucked by Emily who was standing on the side of the bed. Her dirty talk was driving me mad. She has never been so aggressive. I nodded my head and wiggled my ass for her.Emily shoved me away as she walked around the bed, her cock dangling in front of her dripping with my spit, “Stay like that and don’t move.” She ordered.The bed rocked as she got onto the bed behind me. I felt her cold finger on my ass as she applied lubricant to my hole. She shoved her finger deep into my hole and went right for my prostate. If you’ve never been fingered before by a doctor then you haven’t lived. I moaned, “MMMMM, yes.””Is this what you want baby? You like having your ass played with?” She said as she applied more pressure on my prostate.I was panting and almost out of breath as she continued to work my opening, “Yes please yes. Fuck me, take your big cock and fuck my pussy. I want to be your little slut. Put your cock in me please.” I was begging and pleading to get fucked. I wanted it so badly.Emily pulled her finger out of my ass and I felt her big cockhead pressing against my hole. Emily slapped my ass, “Turn over bitch I want to watch your face as I fuck you.”I flipped over onto my back and raised my legs in the air. Emily grabbed my ankles and scooted her cock closer to my hole. She placed her cockhead against my puckered hole and looked down at me. The lust in her eyes almost made me cum. Emily applied a little pressure to my hole. I pushed out and relaxed my muscles as best I could. “Is this what you want slut? You want me to fuck you like the slut you are? Tell me you want my cock.”I was a whimpering pussy now. The level of my desire was off the charts. I was rotating my ass against her cockhead and purring like a slut, “Yes fuck me. I want to feel your cock inside me. I want you to fuck the cum right out of me. Fuck me hard. Stretch my pussy and fill me with your cock.”I felt her grip tighten on my hips and knew she was going to push. My ass stretched but didn’t give way completely. The pain shot through me and I shoved my ass against her cock. I didn’t want to scream out and scare her or break this moment of lust. She pushed a bit harder and the cockhead passed my sphincter muscle. My body relaxed “MMMMM, YES.”Emily pulled back just enough where I felt her cockhead pulling out, before she pushed back into me filling me with half her dick. “Oh ya, take my cock slut. Oh James I’m fucking you. This is so fucking hot to watch this. I never knew this would be so fucking hot. Your ass is opening up and taking my big cock. Does it feel good baby? Is this what you like? I want to fuck you all the time. I want to fuck your tight ass.””Yes M, fuck me. Shove that cock inside me. Give me all of it.” I felt the sweat dripping off my forehead. The pain was gone. My ass was fully accepting the girth of her cock. The cockhead was now massaging my insides.Emily started to fuck me harder and deeper. I held onto my calves, helping to keep my legs spread. Emily leaned into me as she bottomed out her cock and I felt the fake rubber balls pressing against my ass. She slowly ground her cock deep inside me, “Oh fuck I can’t believe you took this big monster. You like my cock deep inside you don’t you? I am going to cum just seeing you like this.””I love you Emily. You can fuck me anytime.” I reached my head up and we kissed.Emily moaned in my mouth as she started an orgasm. She rose up, wrapped her arms around my thighs, lifted my ass off the bed, and started to fuck me long and hard, “Oh god I’m cumming. I am going to fuck you hard. OH yes, mmmmmm. You like this James? You like being fucked by a cock? Do you wish it were Chris fucking you? Ya I want to see that. I want to see Chris standing over you with his strong muscular body and his big cock fucking you like the slut you are. OOOOOHHH YYEESSSSS! Fuck him baby. Let him fill you with his cum. Chris is fucking you oh yes feel his cock inside you. AARRRGGG!” Emily was dripping sweat all over me as she fantasized me being fucked by Chris. She came hard.The image was too much for me. I screamed out as my cock spurt cum all over my chest without either one of us touching it. “Oh Chris fuck me. Fuck me with your big cock. Fill me with your cum. AAAHHHH!”My legs were cramping as Emily lowered them down. She kept her cock deep in my ass. Her body fell onto my chest as my cum spread between us. Emily reached up and rubbed my face, “That was hot.” We both fell asleep in each other’s arms.I woke when I felt Emily’s cock slip out of my ass. I kissed the top of Emily’s head and rolled off the bed. I hurried to the bathroom to clean myself up. Emily must have heard the shower as she walked in still wearing her cock. I grabbed the soap and washed the giant phallus, still amazed that it fit inside me. I unstrapped the harness, reached out the walk in shower, and placed it on the sink counter. I returned so that we could finish our shower.I put soap on my hands and embraced Emily. I soaped her back and ass. I used a soapy finger to glide along her ass crack. This brought out a moan of acceptance, “MMMMM, I see why you like that so much.”I turned her around and braced her against the shower wall. I used my soapy finger to gently penetrate her. I used the rest of my body to pin her against the wall. I reached my left hand around her front and across her chest until I found her right nipple. As I pressed my right finger deep into her ass I pulled on her nipple and pressed my body against hers. “Oh yes James, yes. Fuck me baby. I want to feel your cock inside my ass. I want to feel what you feel. Fuck me.”I pulled my finger from her ass and replaced it with the head of my cock. I was hoping the soap would be enough lubricant as I pushed my cockhead into her. “UUUHHHH! Yes that’s it almost inside.” She moaned.I pulled back and let her ass work my cockhead until I felt it open up. When the pressure subsided I pushed my cock into her. “Fuck yes, that’s it. Oh man that feels so good. Mmmppphhhh!”I again pushed her up against the wall as I pressed my cock further into her. I was now able to grab both of her nipples and pull on them as I began a nice rocking rhythm slicing my cock in and out of her ass. “Feels good doesn’t it M. Feel my cock buried in your ass. MMMMM” I kissed the back of her neck.Emily was moaning and rotating her hips against my cock, “Oh yes fuck me. Oh mmmmmmmm!”Emily’s head fell back against me as I continued my seduction, “Wouldn’t you like to feel Chris’ cock being pushed deep inside your ass? Feel my cock inside your pussy. Being sandwiched between Chris’ body and mine? Feel his cock M. Feel it moving inside you, pumping against your body. His hard nipples scrapping against your back. His strong arms wrapped around you squeezing your nipples.”I pulled Emily’s nipples really hard and gave them a twist as I shoved my cock deep inside her ass. Emily pushed back against my cock and froze as she had a violent orgasm, “OOOHHH, yes Chris fuck me hard baby. Feed me your cum. UUGGHH!”I shot my load right into her almost on cue. I turned her around and kissed her hard as we both moved under the shower’s stream. We washed up and finished our shower. We got ready and decided we better go out to dinner before we started fucking again.We went to a nice quiet restaurant where we were seated in a booth away from the few other guests that were s**ttered amongst the other tables. We had a nice view of the lake as the sun began to set. We sat next to each other. I looked at Emily and asked, “Where did you get the toy? You haven’t left the house since you’ve been home and we just barely discussed trying new things.”Emily smiled, “When Jessica and I were in the kitchen making snacks we had a nice little conversation.” A cold chill went through my body.”The toy was Jessica’s. We were talking about how Chris likes to dress in ‘girlie’ outfits and I was so caught off guard that I mentioned that you did too. Please don’t be mad at me.” I leaned in and gave her a kiss to reassure her.”Mmm, that was nice. Anyway she also mentioned that Chris liked his ass played with and she even fucked him with a strapon. I was so intrigued that I asked her to tell me more. She said that Chris is exploring his bi side more and more. He actually likes getting fucked and wants to try it with a man. Jessica brought up the thing about finding the right couple to share this with but hasn’t found them yet.” I could tell that this was exciting Emily again and my hardon reminded me that this was turning me on as well.We finished our meal and drove home. We were both sexed out so we just cuddled and went to sleep. The next morning I woke and Emily had left for work already. She left a note in the kitchen reminding me to check out some vacation spots. I called my travel agent and she was eager to search a non-business trip booking. I gave her my requirements of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, secluded, and must be beach front property.I started to pound out some work of my own when my travel agent called me with the perfect spot. She said she would email me the pictures and price. She put a twenty-four hour hold on the place. It was one of the many smaller Bahamas Islands. The Itinerary was planned out as well. We would fly into Miami and from there catch a one hour hopper flight to St. Croix. From St Croix we would take a 30 minute puddle jumper to your own private one mile island. I called Emily and left her a message letting her know that Jessica and Chris would be home for dinner. Then I called Jessica and arranged for her and Chris to come over and see if they approve of the vacation spot.I went to the store and grabbed four nice thick steaks and potatoes to bake. I tossed a nice salad and seasoned the meat. At about 4pm I popped the potatoes in the oven figuring they would take an hour plus and could rest for a few minutes. At 5pm I lit the bar-b-q up. Emily was home first and hurried to change out of her scrubs. As soon as Jessica and Chris arrived I threw the steaks on the hot grill. Emily passed out glasses of wine as Chris and I watched the steaks cook. We pulled off the steaks at a nice medium rare. Emily and Jessica had the potatoes on our plates along with the salad. We sat and had a nice meal.”OK James let’s see this place you’ve been dying to show us.” Jessica eagerly stated.I went and grabbed my laptop and attached my cable to the laptop and our big screen television. I opened up my email and then the attachment my travel agent sent me.”As you can see this is actually a private island that is only about a mile long by one mile wide. This small island is one of seven hundred of the Bahamas Islands. This is a three bedroom three and a half bath house that overlooks an infinity pool. There is a master suite on either side of the house. Best of all, this all overlooks our own private beach. The water is crystal clear and if you look out into the water you can see the reef poking out the water’s surface offering a natural fence line to keep the larger critters out.””And just how long will it take for us to get to this bit of paradise?” Jessica was first to point out that we were on the Pacific side and this place is on the Atlantic.”With the time difference added in, two hours for security, this will be about eight to ten hours in total depending on how long it takes to get the island transfers. If we take the red eye to Miami we will arrive around 6 or 7 in the morning. We grab a short one hour flight to St. Croix, then a small 30 minute flight to the island. We should be in heaven before noon.” I explained.Emily was quick to note the size of the island, “It’s only a mile long with a house, where will the plane land?””The plane lands in the water on the other side of the island. There is a dock that the plane and boats come in on. There are two servants at the house, a husband and wife team that does everything. They live off the island so we only have them from 7am to 4pm. They clean the house, make the beds, and serve breakfast and lunch. They will prep dinner but we have to make it. The house is solar and there is no television. Is that private enough for everyone?” My sales pitch was complete.”Now the big question, how much is this going to cost?” Jessica was concerned since she is still in school.Now I am going to hit them with the closing statement, “Well my airline miles will get us all to Miami and St. Croix. We have to hire a private local pilot that takes people to the islands which isn’t that much really, only a couple of hundred each. The normal price for this secluded island is $20,000 per week.””That’s 10k per couple. James I’m still in school and I can’t ask Chris to pay my way, we are just starting our relationship.” Jessica was panicking.I smiled at her, “BUT, you didn’t let me finish, if we leave the week after next I picked up a last minute cancel and we can have it for $10,000.”Chris turned to Jessica, “Look sweetheart five grand is no big deal. I have already given you my heart. Money is just what allows us to enjoy life. I just sold a 2 million dollar home that plopped 80 g’s in my bank you think five grand is going break me?” Chris was bouncing around like a k** in a candy store. I was just waiting for him to start the whining ‘please oh pretty please’ bit.Emily was going to be the toughest sale, “I just took a week off for Mother, I’m not sure I can arrange something on such short notice? I have to make some calls. Jess isn’t your finals next week?”Jessica was beaming, “Yep, and my schedule will be clear after that. I’m on board.” Turning to Chris, “I’ll have to work off my portion,” as she blatantly squeezed his cock.”I already cleared my schedule izmir escort so M the final decision is yours.” I focused all the attention to her.”Gee thanks, no pressure in ruining everyone’s fun on account of me. I’ll do my best to clear my schedule. I’m 99 percent sure there will be no problem.” Emily chimed back.We all high fived each other and started to make plans. The next day Emily had arranged her schedule. Chris was a hold back for one day due to a house listing that hadn’t closed on time. The girls decided that they would go a day early and check things out so that I would only have to change two tickets. The girls would take the luggage so we could just go through security and not worry about checking anything in. Things were falling into place.The next week dragged for me as I waited for our trip. I grabbed the one luggage bag and asked Emily where my stuff was. She reminded me that we were on a secluded island packing swim suits and shorts didn’t take up that much room. I grabbed the bag and we were on our way to pick up Jessica. I dropped the girls off at the airport and had the night to myself.Chris called and said he would meet up with me tomorrow night and we can share a cab to the airport. I spent the day sending out notices of my vacation and then I cleaned out the refrigerator. I had the entire day left to myself. I was feeling horny, as usual. I went to Jessica’s room and found my black leather corset and black panties. I slipped them on and felt like a slut. I twirled in front of the mirror. I sat at Jessica’s dressing table and on a whim grabbed a bottle of red nail polish.I shook the bottle and began my transformation. I started with my toenails. As the first stroke glided across my big toe my heart skipped a beat. I feverishly painted my other toes. Then I started on my left hand. I could feel the wet spot in my panties as my cock leaked. The right hand did not come out quite as nice. I don’t know how women become so ambidextrous, I guess practice. I waved my hands around to dry the polish. I stood again in front of the mirror and held out my hands. I wiggled my red tipped digits at myself, I felt so sexy.Something was still missing. I opened Jessica’s closet and there was a blond short cropped wig. I blew on my nails a few more times before I grabbed the wig. I bent over, placed the wig on my head, and held it on as I lifted my body and whipped my head back. The wig fell into place. It was loose but stayed on my head. I would imagine the Jessica pinned it onto her real hair. I turned to look in the mirror again and was shocked at the transformation. I wasn’t really passable, but I was stunning. I felt like a little sexy slut.I called in for a pizza, grabbed a beer, and sat in front of the tube. The pizza came a half hour later and I could swear the delivery boy was checking me out. He did not show signs of disgust, it was lust. That really turned me on more. I get why women spend so much time to look so pretty, I almost came knowing I turned a guy on. I walked into the kitchen and glanced at my reflection in the window, “You are a sexy bitch.” I laughed it off and figured in his line of work I’m sure he’s seen it all.Before I started on my second piece of pizza Chris was knocking on the door. I got up and let him in. “Oh Jamie you look stunning.”He went and grabbed himself a beer and joined me in front of the tube. We used paper plates and finished off the pizza. We had about two hours before the cab came to pick us up so we shucked our clothes and headed for a quick cooling off dip in the pool. After a couple of leisurely laps Chris came up behind me and pressed his hard cock along the crack of my ass. His arms wrapped around my chest as he ran his tongue up and down the side of my neck.”Do we have time for me to fuck you before we get on the plane?” Chris breathed into my ear.I moaned out, “Ya but I don’t want to be dripping cum out of my ass during the plane ride. My luck some bitchy lady will be sitting next to me complaining about smelling fresh cum.” I wiggled my ass against his cock and flipped him over my head.Chris came up for air laughing. He dove under the water and I felt his mouth slide over my hard cock. The warmth of his mouth felt really good. Lucky for me Chris couldn’t stay under long enough to blow me to completion. When he surfaced again I was already under the water and behind him. I slid feet first between his legs, grasped his ass cheeks, spread them wide open, and shoved my tongue into his tight rosebud. After a couple of good licks I started to lift him into the air using my face buried in his ass as leverage. I launched him into the air, not really that high his feet never broke water, but the pressure of lifting him allowed me to really get my tongue deep into his hole.Chris turned to come at me again but I raised my hand for him to stop, “We better not continue this or we will be flying with cum dripping from our hard uncomfortable cocks.”Chris gave me a pouty face, “I don’t mind. I just wanted to feel my cock buried deep inside your tight little pussy. We may not get a chance like this again.””I am hoping we will. But I want to save every drop of cum for this week.” I shot back at him. “Besides when I fuck you I want to savor that moment when IT comes, and I cum.”Chris splashed water at me, “Fine. But I’m fucking horny. If we get alone on this island I want to at least suck your cock,” Chris offered his hand, “Deal?”I grasped his hand to acknowledge the deal when Chris pulled me to him and kissed me on the lips. His strong arms held me in place as his tongue forced its way into my mouth. I felt my body go slack as my mouth opened and accepted his embrace. We separated and Chris and I got out of the pool and prepared to get picked up.I wasn’t sure what Chris is looking for but I wasn’t going to be the reason to ruin his relationship with Jessica or mine with Emily. I made sure the garbage was thrown out and everything was turned off just before the cab arrived. I went to my room and found Emily’s nail polish remover. I quickly wiped off the polish. What I didn’t know about red polish was that it stains your cuticles. I tried as best as I could to wipe it off. The cab ride was uneventful and we just had a small carryon mostly filled with snacks for the plane since the girls took all of our other things.We arrived in Miami at 6am and had a three hour layover. We found a little kiosk diner that served breakfast so we camped out there for a while. I had to straighten Chris out so he wouldn’t do something stupid in such tight quarters. “Look Chris I know the three of us had an awesome experience but I got caught up in the moment and it was stupid. We are going to be on an island with the women we love so can we call a truce on the oversexed display of affection?”Chris looked at me and laughed, “Come on James we are just having fun. Jess is cool with it. She loves when we dress in our sexy little outfits and play with each other, it really turns her on. Seeing you in a corset and panties really turns me on. I never sucked a guy’s cock before and now I can’t get enough of yours. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about climbing under this table and draining your cock.”My head did a quick 360 degree perimeter check of the area to see if anybody is catching onto our conversation. Thank goodness this part of the airport was pretty quiet. “I can’t deny how good it feels to wear those outfits and how fucking crazy good it was to play with you two, but Emily will be around and I won’t fuck it up. Can we just agree to at least behave during our trip? This will be a great opportunity for all of us to bond as a family.”Chris grabbed my hand, “If you promise to dress in your pretty blue baby doll outfit and feed me your cock when we get back?”His brazen salesman swagger was coming out and I felt I had no choice but to agree, “Ok fine. You have to dress in that sexy red number too?”Chris patted the top of my hand, “I knew you would agree. You want me as much as I want you. It feels good and we both know it. It’s just sex. Just a couple of good looking guys dressing like girls sucking each other’s cocks.”I looked up at Chris as he broke the ice and started to laugh. I felt a weight off my shoulders and started to laugh with him. We walked down to the other end of the airport where we caught the flight to St. Croix. We landed in St. Croix and walked straight out onto the tarmac to a small plane that maybe held eight passengers. The plane had large platoons that we had to step on to get into the plane. I made the sign of the cross as we taxied down the runway. As we approached our little island I grabbed Chris’ hand as we watched the water getting closer and closer. A couple of bounces and we settled onto the smooth surface. “That was scarier than any ‘E’ ride I’ve ever been on.” I said as I looked at Chris’ white face as we both started to laugh.We taxied toward the island and I could see a tall black man standing on the dock holding a rope. As the plane saddled up alongside the wooden pier the man grabbed the plane and tied the rope around one of the struts by the pontoons. The door opened and the man on the dock held out his hand to help us out. The man was dressed in yellow shorts and tropical print shirt which was buttoned half way up exposing a smooth well defined chest. His arm muscles were so large that the sleeves were stretched tight. As I got off the plane he introduced himself, “Welcome to your vacation island sirs. I am Jacob, one of your servants for the week. Anything you need just call me. If you would head up the dock and get in the car I will be with you shortly.”Chris and I walked the length of the pier and got into the car, which was really a very large golf cart that sat six. We turned to watch Jacob untie the plane, jump into the water, which only came up to his waist, and pull the back of the plane into a 180 turn facing away from the island. Jacob climbed back up on the dock and waved to the pilot that all was clear. The pilot started the engine and was soon sk**ding across the water until it finally lifted smoothly into the air leaving a trail of water dropping from the air.Jacob got into the car and told us to hang on as we headed down a sandy path, “The Island is one mile wide and one mile long. This car is the only form of transportation other than your feet. This is one of 700 islands in the area. It is privately owned and fell under the British Government until 1973 where now we are self-governed. My wife and I will be here to cook and clean from 7am to 4pm, unless you let us know ahead of time. The house is just up ahead.”I thought to myself that that explained his British accent. We rounded a bend of foliage to pull right in front of a huge set of double doors leading to a single story home. From the brochure I knew the size of the home but until you see it in person you can’t appreciate its beauty. Jacob escorted us through the entrance. Once inside the entire home opened up to the pool and the ocean beyond. “Holly crap do you believe this?” I said to no one in particular.We could see the girls outside by the pool taking in the sun. Jacob had us follow him across a beautifully furnished living room and out towards the pool. There were no windows the house was completely open. Jacob explained that the storm windows roll out to close the house up during a storm, other than that the house is open. We walked out to the girls and Jacob cleared his throat, “Excuse me lady’s but your men have arrived.”You could only imagine our shock when we see the girls almost totally nude in their barely there skimpy bathing suits lying out in the sun. They each stood up and ran to our arms. “James darling, you did a better than perfect job finding this place. You’ve met Jacob already, wait until you meet his lovely little wife Lana. And oh what a cook she is.” Emily and Jessica walked up to us and gave us a big nearly naked hug.Jacob was gone leaving the four of us outside, “Aren’t you girls the slightest shy in front of a complete stranger?” I questioned them both.Jessica always the dominating one, “Oh you boys need to get over it. Jacob and Lana assured us that this was most common here and that they are here to serve us. This one of the reasons they leave by four, so that we have plenty of daylight to enjoy the island and do “whatever” we want. They let us know that they pretty much have seen it all and to treat them as if they were not here.”Jessica leaped into Chris’ arms, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, “Come on I’ll show you where our room is and give you the quick tour.”Emily was a little more refined as she looped her arm under my elbow and pulled me along, “Come James let me show you our room.”As we strolled through this beautiful home Emily pointed out things as if she lived her all her life. “This living room is the center of the house. As you can see all hallways feed off of this room, similar to our home. To the right is Jessica and Chris’ room. The next hallway leads to the third bedroom. Off to the left here is our room. All the bedrooms are setup like suites with their own bathrooms. Our room looks out towards the pool and ocean with simply spectacular views. As you can see the living room is open to the dining room. Beyond the dining table is the gourmet kitchen that Lana is in.”Emily walked me to the kitchen and introduced me to Lana. Lana was a five foot petite black woman that could not have weighed more than ninety pounds wet. She had on the matching outfit to her husband Jacob, except she was barefooted. Her skin was much lighter than Jacobs, but she had those green sparkling eyes that will make your heart skip a beat. “Lana this is my husband James. James this is Lana the best cook on the Island.” We laughed as I took Lana’s hand.”It’s a pleasure to meet you Lana. I can’t wait to sample your food. I’m starving after that flight. As soon as my stomach settles down I’ll come visit the kitchen to get it reacquainted with food.”In a light English accent and a slight head bow she responded, “Pleasure is all mine sir. I will put some light food together. No spices for you today, tomorrow I will introduce you to the Island flavors of the Jerk. Please drink as much water as you can each day the sun will seduce you into forgetting your needs.”I turned to Emily, “I hope that’s not all that will seduce me?” As I squeezed Emily’s exposed ass cheeks.Emily grabbed my arm and continued our tour, but not before punching me in the arm, “And don’t blame jet lag on your rudeness or horny-ness.”Emily brought me down a hallway to a set of double doors. She grabbed both handles and simultaneously pushed them both open to give me the full impact as the view opened up to me. The bedroom was massive. To the left was a four poster bed lined with sheer netting wrapped around it for night sleeping. The bed was facing what should have been a wall but was completely open to the backyard with a view of the pool, the ocean, and soon to be a glorious sunset. The cool tile floors felt good on my bare feet. To the right was the bathroom. Three was a large walk in rock shower with several shower heads above for the rain effect and on the sides for spray washing, two benches and a glass window that looked out to a beautiful rain forest of plants and flowers. There was the normal commode with its own private door and long double sink vanity. escort izmir Continuing through the bathroom was a large walk-in closet. As we walked into the closet I noticed that none of my clothes were hung.”I guess you didn’t have time to unpack my things? Where’s the suitcase?” I expressed to Emily.”We are on our own private Island Jamie. This week you and Chrissy are going to dress in the fashion that you both love.”Emily grabbed my hand and kissed the back of it, “The only clothes worn this week will be bikinis and lingerie. By the looks of your nails it appears someone already started. I wish you didn’t take it off sweety I bet it was lovely on you.”Emily closed the ranks and started to unbutton my shirt and kiss my neck. As my shirt fell open she moved down and started to suck on my nipple. My cock was instantly hard, as were my nipples. “OOHHHH. MMMM! That feels so good.”Emily unbuckled my shorts and let them fall to the floor. She maneuvered me into the shower and turned it on. The cool water felt so good against the 90 degree humid weather. I reached around Emily and untied her top and let it fall to the floor. I then untied the sides of her G-string bottoms and let them fall to the floor next to her top. Emily grabbed the soap and rubbed my body down. As she got to my ass she paid special attention to my hole.I turned to the wall and let her lightly finger my hole as she pressed the front of her body against my back, repeating the same process that I did to her just two days ago in our shower. Emily breathed in my ear, “This week you will learn to clean yourself out, as I will to. We are going to fuck each other in every possible way and every possible place on this island.”I felt something larger than her finger being inserted into my ass. It wasn’t a dildo that I knew. I looked up and there was the enema bag hanging from the shower head. Emily applied pressure to the back of my neck forcing me to bend over. “You will feel pressure like you have to go to the bathroom. I want you to use your muscles to hold it in as long as you can. This will clean your rectum out and allow us to have a much better time playing with each other.”I felt the warm liquid filling my bowels. The pressure was building making it difficult not to press out and get rid of the foreign substance, but I held it in for five minutes. “I can’t hold it anymore M.”Emily walked me to the commode where I released the contents. She moved me over to the bidet and had me squat over it. I have never used a bidet before but the water squirted up inside and around my ass was refreshing. Emily grabbed my arms and pulled me off the bidet and back into the shower, “One more time.”We repeated the process and the water flowed clear. We got back into the shower and washed up. Emily then escorted me into the closet where she handed me my blue baby doll outfit. “Put this on Jamie, please.”My head was swimming with excitement as I slipped into my pretty outfit. Emily had me go into our bedroom and lay down. I waited for her to come out of the bathroom, which she did sporting her strapon, “I’ve been waiting to fuck my baby since we arrived here. I hope your pussy can take the fucking I’m about to give it.”This house is wide open. There is NO privacy what so ever. Anybody can walk up to our bedroom and walk right in, let alone hear every word or scream that comes out of it. Emily didn’t care she was going to fuck me. Emily moved on top of me and sat on my chest. This strapon was a little different in that it was shaped just like a real cock, down to the veins along the shaft. I could tell that the cock like device was embedded deep into her pussy as well so when she sat on my chest the device went deeper inside of her.”Suck my cock slut. Lick my cock baby. You look so slutty in your pretty little girlie outfit Jamie. I bet you can’t wait to suck my dick? Tell me you want my cock baby. Tell me you want me to fuck you. This is so fucking hot.” Emily braced her hands on my shoulder as I watched her eyes roll back and a slight tremor on my chest as she had a small orgasm.My cock was pressing tightly inside my panties. I could feel the heat from her pussy on my chest. Her thighs were rubbing my nipples against the sheer silk of my baby doll top. I lifted my head enough to drag my lips across the head of her cock. “MMMMM, oh yes M, I want to suck your big juicy cock. Let me get you ready to fuck my pussy like the slut I am. Fuck me M. I want your cock deep inside me. Make me cum. Fuck me until I cum.” I did my best to take in about four or five inches of the eight inch life like cock.”Yes, that’s my little cock sucking slut. Suck that cock baby. You are such a good cock sucker.” Emily was rocking on my chest grinding the other end of the cock into her pussy.Emily pulled her cock out of my mouth and moved between my legs, “Get on all fours I want to take you from behind.” With that I flipped over onto my hands and knees.Emily pulled my panties down to my thighs, exposing my ass. I felt Emily’s hot breath just before she pulled my cheeks apart and I felt her tongue trace the entire length of my crack. When the tip of her tongue centered onto my hole my head dropped down to the bed, “AAAAHHHHH!!!” I moaned out loud.Emily worked her tongue into my pussy. I was nice and clean and she must have really been enjoying this since she held onto my thighs like two vice grips as she pressed her tongue in as deep as her face would allow. “MMMMMM, oh M you’re going to make me cum. Fuck me. Please fuck me. I need your cock inside me.”Emily pulled her face from my ass as liquid poured down from the top of my ass and dripped down the crack of my ass. I felt the head of Emily’s cock press against my hole, blocking the path of the liquid before it dripped onto the bed, “Is this what my cock hungry slut wants? You want me to fuck you with my cock? Tell me slut. Tell me you want a cock in your pussy.”Emily used her cock head to rub the liquid all over my puckered pussy. She pulled back to allow her cockhead to be coated with the liquid and then pressed forward piercing my pussy. I was amazed at how tight I was again. I pushed back out and relaxed my muscles again, “Yes M put your cock in my pussy. Fuck me with your big cock. I need to be fucked by a nice big cock.”Emily slowly rocked her cock into me, feeding me little by little as she pressed forward into my pussy. “Is this how you like it my little slut? I bet Chris’s cock would feel good sliding into your pussy? Or maybe you want me to fuck you while you suck on his nice juicy cock? Suck his cock for me baby. I want to see his cum shooting into your mouth. I want to watch you swallow a nice big mouthful of hot cum served right out of a real cock. OOOHHH! YESSSS! MMMMMM!”Emily kept grinding her cock into my pussy as she ground her pussy against the cock buried inside of her. Her orgasm took over as her eyes glazed over and her body shook from her orgasm. The vibration of her orgasm traveled through the dildo and swept right into my rectum. “Oh yes baby fuck me, fill me with your juices. I will suck a cock for you baby. Watch a man feed me his cock. I will suck him until he shoots a nice big fresh load into my mouth. NNNNNGGGGG!!” My body froze and went stiff as my cock shot cum all over the fresh linen sheets.My legs were shaking and I fell forward causing Emily to follow suite. The pressure of her body as it landed on my back forced her cock deeper into my ass. My ass-pussy felt like it was split open. The cock was thicker than the last strapon she used on me. We rolled to our side without losing my grip on Emily’s cock. Emily slowly kept rotating her hips and stirring her cock deep inside my pussy. I could feel the tip of her cockhead rubbing and massaging my prostate. Emily grabbed my semi erect cock and pressed her cockhead into me forcing a big glob of my cum to seep out of my cockhead and onto her hand. Emily brought it up to my mouth, “Eat your cum baby. Lick my fingers clean.” I gladly complied and savored the thick liquid.When Emily pulled out of my pussy she rolled over me and gave me a big long passionate kiss. I felt the breeze rush into my gaping hole. “MMMMM, that was so good.” Emily moaned as we separated.We got up and went to the wardrobe room, that’s what I call it since it is so large, and Emily handed me my G-string bathing suit. “Don’t shower. Put this on, I want to smell cum on you.”Emily slipped out of her strapon. She pulled the other end of the phallus out of her pussy. It was about a four inch fat bulbous phallus that was dripping with her pussy juices. She held it up to my face, “Lick it baby.” I stuck my tongue out and she put her face to the other side and we both licked her juices off until we met at the top and fell into another nice pussy tasting kiss.Emily slipped back into her barely there suit and we went out to the dining area. The table was set with a giant fruit salad, plates, ice tea and water. We sat just in time for Jessica and Chris to join us. They had the same ‘I was just well fucked’ look on their faces as I’m sure Emily and I had on ours. Jacob walked around filling our glasses as we sat and started to fill our plates with the freshest fruit I have ever seen or tasted. “Jacob, can you change our linens before you leave tonight?”Jacob didn’t even flinch, “Of course, I will do it now if you’re done in the bedroom.”Jessica raised her fork in the air to get Jacob’s attention, “Ours to please. I hate sleeping on a crusty puddle.” We all froze at Jessica’s remark. I froze because I just figured out that Chris must have been in the same position as me in order to have made the same mess.Jacob showed no signs of disgust, “Not a problem miss. Lana and I will have the linens changed before we leave at 4, unless you need something else? Lana has prepared a light dinner for you while you get accustom to the heat.” Jacob’s light English accent made you stare at this beautiful man.Emily took over as the matriarch of this trip and Jessica was her second. Chris and I were obviously at the bottom of the chain of command, “Thank you Jacob, I think we are all set for the evening.” Jacob gave a slight bow, more like a nod of his head as he exited the room.We all chatted and ate the tree ripened fruit, some of which was growing right outside on the grounds. Before we left the table Jacob and Lana returned to say goodnight. Jacob had a much darker skin tone than Lana. He was solid muscle from head to toe. He stood over six feet tall in contrast to Lana’s five foot frame. Looking at them standing next to each other one had to fantasize the two of them making love.Jacob and Lana left for the evening. They have a small boat that they take to a neighboring island about an hour’s boat ride from here. Jessica was now going to lay down the game plan for the evening. “This is truly a fantasy island, so let’s make sure that we make our fantasies come true. Mom and I have been talking and we have similar interests as do you boys so I think this will work out lovely.” Jessica stood up, walked over to a built in wall unit where she opened a drawer and pulled out two wrapped boxes. Jessica set the boxes on the coffee table and waved us all over to sit with her.Emily sat in one of the two chairs as Jessica took the other. Chris and I sat next to each other on the couch in front of the two gift boxes. “Go on you two open your gifts.”Chris and I both hesitated. We knew that this was going to be the line we would cross and never go back. Even though individually we all held a piece of each other’s puzzle, we knew these gift boxes would put the pieces together forming a beautiful picture or a national disaster. Chris and I cautiously grabbed the boxes and set them on our laps.Chris was first to untie the ribbon on his box and lift the lid, “Wait. Don’t go any further. James I want you to untie the ribbon and lift the lid off your box and then stop. I want you both to unfold the tissue paper at the same time.” Emily was giving orders but was out of breath at the same time. This was really turning her on, which in turn spurred me on to see what was in the box.I caught up to Chris and held my hand on top of the tissue paper as did Chris, “Ready boys? One….Two….Three! Now open your gifts.” Jessica instructed us.We both pulled open the first layer of tissue paper to unveil our surprises. I pulled out my outfit, or at least a part of my outfit, and held it up to my chest. It was a Lime Green Diamond Keyhole Cami. Chris was pulling out his own outfit and held it up to his chest like I did. Chris had an Orange Lace Button Cami. There were other items in the box, what looked to be stockings, panties, and something heavy that rolled around the bottom of the box.The girls jumped up, “You both love to dress in sexy lingerie so we bought you some outfits for our trip. No need to be shy around us, Mom and I find you both to be very sexy when you wear lingerie, VERY SEXY!”I looked over at Emily who had her hand at her crotch and was running her fingers up and down her clit. She was mesmerized looking at us holding our camis up to our chest. Jessica grabbed Chris’ box off of his lap “Come on Chrissy let’s go try on your new clothes.” They both went to their side of the house.Emily walked over to me and shoved her finger in my mouth, “You make me so fucking wet.” Then she pressed her mouth to mine, and without taking out her finger, began to lick my tongue and her juices off of her finger. “Grab your box baby and let’s see what momma bought you.”I followed her sweet ass down the hall towards our room. I put the box on the bed. Emily walked over and flipped the box over dumping the contents all over the bed. “First things first, go into the shower and let’s shave you nice and smooth. While we’re in there I’ll give you another cleaning out.”I walked into the shower and bent over so that Emily could slip the hose into me and fill me up. I wanted to see if I could make it through the shaving process before I had to expel the contents from the bottle. The nozzle at the end of the enema bottle felt so good going in. Emily filled me with almost the full bag. She then proceeded to lather my legs with very perfumed soap and then began gliding the razor up and down my legs. When she completed both legs she began the same process around my cock and balls. Emily made sure that my ass crack was void of any hair as well. I raised my arms and allowed her to do the same as she shaved the light stubble in my pits.Emily barely finished before the pressure was too much and I ran to the toilette. I stepped back into the shower where Emily washed my body down with a very flowery flagrant soap again. I was totally being pampered as Emily toweled me dry. The heat of the tropics really didn’t allow for you to stay too dry.Emily then opened a large yellow and black box that contained a large powder puff and began to powder down my body. “This will keep your skin nice and dry as we try on one of your new outfits.” Emily explained.She grabbed the lime green thong and slipped it up my legs. I stood up and allowed her to pull it over my straining cock. I felt the back of the thong settle in between the cheeks of my ass. Emily then held up a pair of matching nylons. She bunched one up in her hand and had me sit again, “Point your toe down baby.”I pointed my toe down as she pulled the nylon over my foot and then shimmied it up my leg. I haven’t gone this far before and izmir escort bayan the feeling of nylon against my freshly shaven skin was causing my cock to drip. I let out a moan of ecstasy as Emily smiled at me, “Feels good doesn’t baby? You look so fucking hot. I’m dripping wet and we aren’t even done yet.”Emily bent down and repeated the nylon process with my other leg resulting in another moan, “MMMMM, nice.”Emily reached out her hands for me to take as she stood me back up on my feet. She then held my cami out for me to put my arms through. The keyhole design had two buttons, one at the top just under my neck and the second was just above my navel to create an opening in my chest that resembled a keyhole. She then attached the ties hanging from the edging of the cami to the tops of my nylons. I felt and looked so sexy.Emily came up to me and planted a very emotional kiss on my lips. As I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her back I felt her body stiffen as she had an orgasm. She began to whimper in my mouth as the waves washed over her body, “MMMMMMPPPHHHH! Oh my god I can’t believe how turned on you’re making me.” Emily cried out into my mouth.We separated and she pulled me back onto the chair and pulled another chair next to me. She reached over to the bed and pulled a small bottle from the pile that lay s**ttered across the bed. It was a lime green bottle of nail polish. I pulled back my hand and held it up, “Whoa! I love dressing up M but why put that on when we are going back out to the living room soon? I can change fast but not take off the polish very fast.””But you don’t have to take it off, or your clothes for that matter. We want you and Chrissy to stay dressed up all week. I can assure you that Chrissy will be dressed up. Jessica has the boy wrapped around her strapon cock. Jessica tells me he loves cock more than you do.”I was so shocked that I didn’t even realize that Emily was already painting one of my nails. “How much did you two share in the one day you had alone?””Well Jess and I had a few too many fruity drinks. They go down so damn smooth that you don’t even realize you’ve had too many until WAMM they knock you on your ass. Well one thing lead to another and Jess was telling me how Chris likes to be called Chrissy, dress up in women’s lingerie, and when he is all dressed up that she has violent orgasms. I told her that you look sexy in lingerie too and that I’m uncontrollably turned on as well. Jess explained that this stems from the two of you holding such high powered sales positions that the escape of dressing and being dominated is the perfect balance to your jobs.” Emily was talking and painting my nails at the same time.Emily continued, “She had told me earlier that Chrissy likes to take it up the ass with her strapon and having the double sided strapon allows her to share in the experience. She bought me one like hers, the one I fucked your ass with earlier. You seem to have loved having a nice hard cock inside you didn’t you sweetheart?”I held up my left hand and stared at my nicely manicured green nails, “Yes M. I love when you fuck me. I like you to make love to me.”Emily blew on my hand and inspected her work, “Shall we go show the others how you look?”I felt like a deer in the headlights. I know that Chris and Jessica have seen me dressed up in my baby dolls but this will be the first time with Emily as well. “I don’t know M. What if Chris chickens out and I am the only one dressed up? What if they laugh at me?” I felt really insecure.Emily came up to me and grabbed my stiff cock, “You’re loving this aren’t you, you little slut? You want me to take you out there and parade your sissy little body in front of Jessica and Chrissy? You want to see me and Jessica getting turned on in your little girlie outfit?”My cock was throbbing in Emily’s hand. I was about to blow my load. Emily painfully squeezed my balls, “You want Chris to be turned on by you don’t you baby? You want him to get just as hard as you are?”My cock twitched in Emily’s hand, “I knew you did. Come on Jamie, let’s turn some heads.” Emily pulled me by my balls as we walked down the hall.Emily had put on a neon yellow thong bottom with matching top. It was a very nice contrast to my green ensemble. We turned the corner and there stood Jessica and Chrissy. Jessica had on a similar red thong to Emily’s yellow one. Chrissy had on the orange Lace Button cami with matching thong and nylons. Our cami’s looked very much alike. Chrissy’s three loosely buttoned down the front, keeping the sides of the cami from completely closing. This accented his bronzed chest nicely. The fabric was like mine in that it was sheer in just the right places to accentuate the nipples and belly button. Chrissy’s edging, like mine, was attached to the nylons by dangling ties. The bright orange color was gorgeous against his dark Greek skin tone. The matching orange polish completed the look.The woman both sat down on the couch next to each other, “They are beautiful aren’t they Jess? Turn around for us and walk around the table and model for us girls.”I walked around the table and slowly turned in front of them both. Jess ran her hand up and down my legs, “So fucking sexy.”Both women were rubbing their pussies. Jess actually had two fingers buried inside and was freely masturbating in front of all of us. At this point I pretty much think the gloves are off. I continued past them followed by Chrissy. When he turned in front of them M put her free hand out and rubbed his hard cock. “You do have a nice clit there Chrissy.” As Chrissy continued past the groping session M squeezed his ass cheeks.I felt cheap and slutty and was about to blow my load because of it. Jessica directed us further, “Now stand in front of the table here and face each other. Nice. Now reach out and feel each other’s camis and let us know how you like them and how you like each other in them.”Chrissy and I used our knees to push the table further away from the couch to give us more room. We turned to face each other. I stepped closer and we were now toe to toe. As I lifted my hand I let it glide up Chrissy’s nylon covered leg. My hand trembled as I left the top of the nylon and felt flesh. Chrissy stood there letting me soak it all in. My hand followed the ties from the top of the nylon to the bottom of the cami. I continued up his chest feeling the soft satin of the cami. My fingertips grazed his hard nipple beneath the cami. Chrissy let out a sigh, “OHHHH, MMMMM.”I was staring into Chrissy’s eyes. It felt as if the two of us were alone in the room until I felt a presence behind me. I could feel her body heat as she got closer to my back. My hands trembled as I caressed Chrissy’s shoulders. We were almost nose to nose. My heart was pumping so hard I thought it would burst from my chest. As my hands fell behind Chrissy’s shoulders I pulled him even closer to me as I lightly rubbed the material on his back. Our faces were so close together I could feel his breath on my lips. I knew that it was Emily behind me when I felt her body press against my back as she whispered in my ear, “Kiss him baby. Go with it. You’re so beautiful, kiss him.”I tilted my head slightly to the right and leaned in that extra fraction of an inch it took to make contact with Chrissy’s lips. His lips were hot but moist. I felt my body relax as Chrissy’s arms went around my back and pulled me in to him tighter. He held me in such a way that the world slipped away from me. My mouth opened and my tongue slowly found its way into his mouth. We didn’t fight for control of the kiss. Rather, we sensually explored each other. Our tongues gently caressed each other’s. I felt hands and arms entwine us both as the girls stood behind us and added there embrace as acceptance of this entire union.”Yes baby that’s it kiss him. He wants you and you want him. OHHHH!! MMMMMM! I can’t tell you how fucking hot this is. I want you to do more baby. You are going to make me cum. Kiss him harder. Feel his tongue in your mouth. God I love you.” Emily was grinding her pussy against my ass and holding onto my hips. She was lost in her own euphoria.I felt my body melt into Chrissy as we continued to kiss each other. Our cocks were hard as rocks. The tip of my cock was pressing into Chrissy’s balls. My panties were soaking wet with my precum. Jessica was at Chrissy’s ear, “Let’s take this to the bedroom baby. I want to see you two make out on the bed.”Like a bunch of school k**s we broke our embrace and ran to Jessica and Chris’ room. It was a mirror image of ours. Chrissy and I lay in the middle and Chrissy quickly grabbed my head and pulled our faces together. He slowly ran his tongue across my lips before he firmly pressed his mouth to mine. The girls joined us on the bed as they moved against our backs.I felt Emily’s hands rubbing my nylon covered legs, and then her hands were replaced by her legs and feet. My left nipple was being tweaked but I couldn’t tell who was doing it, and really didn’t care. The tropical heat was making us all sweat. Emily was kissing the back of my neck, “Yes, god yes kiss him baby. Make out with Chrissy. This is such a fucking hot scene. Do you feel his cock pressing against you baby? Does it feel good to be in a man’s arms? OOOHHH, ARRRGGGHHH!” Emily was putting herself into an orgasm as she bit down on my neck to stifle her screams.I moved my hand down to Chrissy’s cock, I wanted to feel it. I was surprised to find Emily’s hand there squeezing his exposed cock. This also let me know that Jessica must be the one playing with my nipple. “Feel his cock sweety. Put your hand on his cock. Touch a man’s cock. Oh god yes that’s it hold his big hard cock in your hand. I bet you want to suck it don’t you?”I stroked Chrissy’s cock a couple of times and felt his precum dribble into my hand. I brought my hand to my mouth and turned my head so that Emily could see me lick his cum off my hand. “I need to be fucked right now, I can’t take it anymore” Emily cried out.I was pulled away from Chrissy and pushed onto my back. Emily pulled my cock out the side of my panties. She was already naked as she mounted my cock in one fell swoop. “You look so fucking hot in your sissy outfit, kissing Chrissy. Oh my god you both look so damn hot.” Emily hand the palm of her hands pressing against my chest as she was grinding her pussy against my cock. I could feel her juices dripping down my balls.Chrissy maneuvered around to be on all fours on the bed. Emily was delirious, “Chrissy feed him your cock. I want to see Jamie suck your cock. Oh my god yes suck his cock for me baby.”Chrissy didn’t hesitate as he crawled over me. His cami glided over my face causing my cock to expand inside Emily. “I could feel you baby, you want that cock don’t you? Suck it. Take that cock in your mouth and taste his manly cock.”Emily was wild with passion to the likes that I have never seen. Chrissy’s cockhead was touching my lips. I stuck out my tongue just so the tip touched his dripping clit on his cockhead. I flicked the clear drop of nectar that was waiting to be plucked. I made sure that Emily was watching every move I made. Chrissy leaned forward and I opened my mouth to accept his cock. Not to be left out, Jessica stood on her knees behind Chrissy. I knew the second Chrissy plunged his cock down my throat that Jessica had pushed her strapon into his pussy.Emily was going wild “Yes Jess fuck your sissy’s pussy. Fuck his cum right out of him. Get ready to take a load Jamie. I want to see you swallow his cum. Fuck his mouth Chrissy. Shove that hard cock down his little sissy throat.”It was too much for all of us. It was a good thing that we were on our own island when we all started to scream out in a torrent of orgasms. Jessica must have hit Chrissy just right when he yelled out, “Oh fuck ya. Fuck my pussy Jess. Ya that’s it I’m going to cum. Drink my juice Jamie. OH GOOODDDD!”Chrissy’s cock swelled in my mouth and I pulled my head back just in time to feel his cum burst out of his cock and into my mouth. My cheeks puffed out as they filled with cum. The pressure was too much as the cum shot out of my mouth and onto my cheeks and neck. Emily tighten her pussy like a vice grip as her body went into a violent shaking orgasm, “OOOOOHHHHH FFFFUUUCCCKKKKK!!!!”I couldn’t cum until Emily released her death grip on my cock. When she did my cock flooded her pussy with my cum. I swallowed Chrissy’s cum as my cum shot deep into Emily. The site must have been better than any porno flick. Jessica shoved hard against Chrissy’s ass one last time as she fell on his back and held still as a wave of her own orgasm rocked through her.Jessica rolled out of and off of Chrissy. Chrissy pulled his deflating cock out of my mouth, but not before I gave it one last suck. Emily rolled off my cock, leaving a load of our mixed cum all over my legs and cock. Emily was the first to speak, “My body is still trembling and my pussy is throbbing like crazy. That was the hottest fuck I have ever seen or been a part of.”Emily leaned into me and we kissed. Her tongue searched for the taste of Chrissy’s load. “MMMMMM, that tastes so good.” Emily was licking her lips as we separated.Jessica and Chrissy were making out next to us on the bed. I felt a hand on my balls and realized that Jessica was caressing them. I saw her wiggle down Chrissy’s body until she was level with his cock, but instead of sucking his cock she leaned over and took my half hard cock into her mouth. Emily was watching her lick the combined pussy and cum juices off my cock and balls. My cock was starting to rise to the occasion. Emily leaned over to me and started to kiss me again. Emily tightened her grip on my neck and pressed her lips tight against mine as her tongue went crazy in my mouth and she began to moan, “MMMMMPPPHHHH!”Chrissy had moved between Emily’s legs and was eating my cum out of her pussy. Emily kept moaning into my mouth as Chrissy licked and sucked her pussy. I was hard as a rock knowing my wife was getting her pussy eaten. Then Jessica sat down on my cock and started to fuck herself with my cock. Emily pulled away from our kiss and flattened out on her back as Chrissy pulled her legs apart and shoved his big cock into her throbbing pussy. Emily and I were lying next to each other getting fucked. We turned our heads enough to kiss as the four of us fucked each other.I ventured a glance and I could see that Jessica and Chrissy were kissing and fucking us at the same time. Emily went into an orgasm first, “Oh fuck Chrissy your cock is so fucking big, fuck me harder. Slam that fucker in me. YYYEEEESSSS!!!”Jessica leaned down and bit my nipple through my cami that sent me over the edge and I shot the last couple of shots I had left in me. Jessica jumped off of me, turned around, and sat on my face, “Eat me quick. I am almost there. Suck your cum out and bite my pussy, NNNOOOOWWWW”My tongue darted out of my mouth into her hot wet pussy. I sucked her swollen lips into my mouth and bit down on them. Jessica’s legs clamped around my head and held me there as she had another orgasm. Chrissy had Emily’s legs over his shoulders and was slamming his big cock deep into Emily. His balls were slapping her on the ass. I looked at Emily and she was almost comatose. Chrissy slammed into her one last time and shot what seed he had left and made Emily cry out again, “Fuck yes!”This time Emily and I got up and left Jessica and Chrissy. We went to our room, as I stripped out of my pretty outfit Emily already jumped into the shower. We showered and went to bed. I don’t remember anything until I heard Jacob and Lana in the kitchen the next morning.

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