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Butterfly Whirlwind

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Bethany Collins. Beth to her friends. Miss Collins to her students. A very attractive woman. Time has yet to play havoc with her gentle smile and the brilliant blue glow of her eyes. Were it not for the streaks of gray, one could easily place her age at low thirties… at BEST. Miss Bethany Collins was fifty-four years old. And she hated it.

NO one wants a single, fifty-four year old school teacher for a wife. Even fewer would consider bedding someone so ancient. It didn’t help that she always wanted her lovers young. So Miss Bethany Collins tended to spend her nights at home, alone, masturbating to phantom lovers. Such was the case tonight. Friday. Christmas Break just begun.

She stood in her bedroom and gazed out of the window. As predicted, snow began to drift towards the cold ground. By morning the entire world will be white. She watched for a minute, then turned towards her bed. She stripped with little fanfare, quickly donning the oversized tee-shirt she favored. She glanced around her bedroom, sighed, and strode towards the window. Reaching for the cord that would plunge her room into semi-dark, she caught sight of a faint trail of mist. She froze. Someone was outside. She waited patiently; they would have to move before she did. Indeed they did move, but not in the direction she expected. The form knew the night well, keeping hidden as it made its way to her back door! Strangely, she was not afraid… and knew it.

At the back door Bethany wondered what her visitor could possibly want from her. It never occurred to her that someone would want to hurt her. She knew no secrets save her own. She never got involved in the business or politics. She opened poker oyna the door… and saw Kyle Warren.

He did not give her time to think. As soon as the door began to open, Kyle made his move. Bold. Ballsy. But not brash or abusive. He wanted to fuck Miss Collins and there wasn’t anything she could really do to stop him. He had a golden rep. Besides… she always had this look in her eyes. Like she WANTED to fuck some of her students. it was pure speculation… and from a constantly horny black nerd at that. Besides… he could always call it his one moment of niggadom: he’d raped a white woman.

She opened her mouth to speak, but found it impossible to do with his lips on hers. Stunned, Bethany stood motionless as the young black man proceeded to grope about her body. His hands shot beneath the tee-shirt and quickly found her bare… moist… mound. His fingers began sliding along her soaked slit, one even going so far as to tickle her clit while two others slid into her cunt. She blinked as she finally took a breath. She gasped as her arousal swirled higher. Her hands, free to finally act, quickly made for his crotch and the bulge hidden from view.

YES! Kyle gave himself credit for being right for a change. Bethany Collins WAS a horny old woman who wouldn’t mind fucking a student! He yanked her tee-shirt off, plastering his mouth against one stiff nipple as he flung the garment to the winds. Her hands tore at his clothing. His brothers clothing to be precise, but that was OK. Kyle was not in the mood to be pleasant or nice. Neither, it appeared, was Bethany Collins.

A real, living phallus in her hands. Finally. A young, virile male dick in her hands. Bethany canlı poker oyna wanted to do everything at once, but settled on a quick, violent fuck to start the evening. From the glint in his eye, she knew he would be gone as soon as he came. Or so he thought.

“Fuck me.” she growled the words, punctuation her need with several firm strokes of his cock. The tip was drooling onto her palm.

Kyle yanked her baggy shorts off, flinging them into the sink. He pushed Beth onto the table, smiling as she swiped the table clear. Glasses crashed to the floor, but she did not release his cock until the tip was firmly within the entrance to her long neglected cunt.

“Fuck me, Kyle.”

He did. One powerful thrust buried him balls deep within her cunt. She buried her face in the nape of his neck and mewled her pleasure. Kyle pounded his cock into her pussy. Nothing could stop him. Even if she passed out he would fuck her until she awoke. This is what he wanted. Three years of fantasies… now a reality. He whipped her cunt into a frothy mess, the nectar foaming up on his crotch.

“I’m fuckin’ you, Beth. This cunt is mine!!”

“Really? Then the rest of me belongs to someone else you bastard. How dare you!!!” She clawed at his back, sinking her teeth into his neck as the young stud pounded her relentlessly.

Kyle growled. Never in his fantasies was she THIS HOT!!

“I’m takin’ everything from you, bitch.” Kyle yanked free from her clutching cunt and quickly flipped her onto her stomach. “Like THIS!!!”

Bethany screamed, but it was only partly due to the pain of having her virgin asshole crammed with its first ever invader. Kyle rammed his dick into internet casino her asshole violently, screaming himself at the hot, tight, resisting orifice.

“JESUS!!” he bellowed as he fucked her asshole with his cock. This was too much. The fantasy be damned; THIS was perfection!! And she loved it!! Bethany let her body be used by Kyle. He twisted her tits in his hands as he filled her asshole again and again. Mouth and cunt drooled constantly as one orgasm after the next ripped through her.

“Fuck… me… you… bassssssss…” Bethany slumped to the table as exhaustion finally began to tighten around her sexually spent body.

Kyle howled as his orgasm demolished his senses. Beth’s asshole clenched around his spitting member, milking his seed from within his balls. The last blast rippled through his body, tearing a violent hiss from his lips.

“Here, bitch. Suck me clean.” Kyle forced her to take his shit stained, cum covered cock into her mouth. It was pure humiliation, and she did it with a fervor. She even sucked his balls clean, flicking her tongue over the semi-hairless sac. Kyle rocked on his heels. He knew she wanted him to cum again. In her mouth. On her face. it didn’t matter. She wanted it all. He looked down at her as her head bobbed rapidly on his cock. Grabbing her hair, he fucked her face. Bethany opened her throat, allowing her lover full access to her gaping maw. Again he howled as his cock spit man-seed down her waiting gullet.

“Leave your back door open or give me a key, Bethany. I want to do this again and again.”

“And if I don’t?”

“You will.”

* * * *

Kyle examined the keychain. A butterfly with psychedelic colorings. Butterfly Whirlwind was the engraving on the back. He smiled slightly, remembering his gutsy play for Bethany. He looked at his clock. “Hope you don’t plan on sleeping tonight, slut,” he chuckled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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