Kas 07

Buttermilk Field

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Hand fried sea salt crisps was on the packet, made from the finest British potatoes no less.

They call ’em chips in the US . I have so much become addicted eating them since I met Richard. Just as I have with Richard, the guy who appears on the back of the crisp packets announcing he was the guy who hand fried that particular packet., from potatoes grown in ‘Daisy Field’.

I recognised him at a local Gay Pride party as the guy on the packet.

“That is you, isn’t it?” I asked showing him the packet.

“Sure is” he replied with a glowing smile. “And they are exactly what it says on the packet, scrumptious and made with my own hands. You like them huh?”

“Sure do and now I have met you I feel there will be a connection every time I purchase and consume!

“I guess you don’t have any vacancies do you. For making them I mean?”

“Are you out of work then erm what’s your name?”

“David” I returned.

“Well David, you would have to dig your own potatoes from the field you are allocated, then wash and prepare and go through the whole process of what makes a real quality hand made crisp.”

“Fine, I would like that, when can I start Richard?”

“Wow you are forward, David. I haven’t said their is a vacancy yet!”

“Well is there?”

Richard looked thoughtful. His short wavy dark hair matching his handsome look.

“I guess I will give you a try on buttermilk field, see how you go, tomorrow morning at 9am okay?”

I felt very exited. And this only happened because I like hand fried crisps – and meeting delightful Richard too. I think he liked me as much as I did him. It was something about the way he looked at me with those devouring eyes, I felt a certain sensual numbness run down my spine when he invited me to try this buttermilk field.

I just felt this was going to develop into something more than just an employer/employee relationship. It was it me being too hopeful. It had been a long time since Danny dumped me and I had lost a lot of confidence. But with Richard seemingly taking an interest in me I felt a lot more confident already.

That night I dreamt of what Buttermilk field might look like. I imagined rows and rows of potato plants rising up to me with the tuba’s dangling below them just waiting to be picked off the root and cleaned.

That thought developed and my fantasies were abound when, the potato tuba’s changed to something else very sexual and highly tempting, reminding me of how it was with Danny and how he loved me şişli escort to massage him underneath, as he spread his gorgeous thighs over me on the bed.

Then he lowered himself and had me sniff and suck him as he smothered me wholly until thumped his thigh to announce I need a breather!

But he really knew how to pump his lead into me afterwards.

I guess I have got it bad in missing those wonderful so beautiful things Danny and I achieved together.

It would be so good to form a brand new relationship. Especially with a guy like Richard whom I feel could pullout all the cobwebs that have built up since Danny.

But then he most probably already has a partner, I should think so because of his demise, he has everything in my view, although I guess I am putting him on a pedestal because he offered me a job, which I need so very much.

I settled for another slow massage, imagining the what was probably the impossible with Richard; like he was chasing me naked of all things in between the rows of potatoes in Buttermilk Field.

I planned to make it slow. So I could enjoy to the full as best I could doing it myself, which is never ever the same as your lover doing it for you, when you can never predict a next move.

Danny was so good at that, he found just the right jerking move and it was sheer heaven on earth, followed by his always beneficial and gratifying deep fuck.

But inevitably my passion and frustration quickly took me to the hilt and I was quickly done, not feeling anything behind, like when Danny used to awaken me with a wonderful stiff wanting between my butt, rearing up to go in the tunnel he called love. It was so good how he enticed me to do all those wonderful sensual things with him.

Next morning however was another day. The day I would be with Richard who would show me the ropes. My secret and wicked lust imagining that he would be showing me a lot more when we got acquainted..

On arrival Richard greeted me with his open smile and drove me to Buttermilk Field in his land rover.

“You have your uprooting machine right there David” he said pointing. “Get to digging about four rows, I will be back then to collect the potatoes and show you the next stage of production.”

I loved his nice but firm dealing with me, now one of his employees. I was hoping it would be much more than that. He certainly gave me the impression – it was that look again, that lusty forthright glance he had given me yesterday, it had promise I felt sure and mecidiyeköy escort I would do everything to cultivate that.

I soon got to lift the potatoes and had a good seven sacks full by the time Richard returned to pick them and me up, top take me to the processing plant.

I was taken back that I turned out to be his one and only employee apart from a girl who did the office works and sales. He seemed to have a certain link with the girl called Patricia and I started to wonder if he had gay leanings. But surely attending a gay rights party he would. I hoped so else all my lusty hopes would be lost forever.

But maybe he was bisexual or something, that wouldn’t be so bad, depending on how deep the relationship, if there was one with Pauline was.

Showing me how to cut and fry the slices of potato in order create crisps to the highest standard was interesting. He was scrupulous in producing a quality product and told me I would be expected to keep the standard achieved over a number of years.

“You are my first productive employee” he said enthusiastically, “So there will be high hopes for you if you meet the standard!”

So besotted was David about his creation that he seemed rarely to talk of anything else. I did discover though that he didn’t have a partner, he said he had never found one who he thought would suffice.

He confided that he had a brief affair with Pauline and that they had a sort of understanding, because he was not particularly drawn to women, but she was nice to indulge now and again in some friendly frolics as he put it giving me a wry smile which said more.

So even then I didn’t know if I could make a relationship with him which, as I grew to know him, I wanted as much as I did the work he gave me, and I did not want to jeopardise that by attempting to puch my luck other ways.

I needn’t have been concerned though because, come the weekend of the second week I worked for him, his mother passed away and he actually cried on my shoulder. I felt privileged indeed and was glad to be of comfort to him.

After that he seemed always constant toward me in his approach and he came to hug me, especially when I had produced the number of packages expected and more.

“You and I are set for high places” he told me enthusiastically overwhelmed by his latest production figures and sales.

He gave me one of those hugs again. Invited me to his place for dinner, and drinks afterwards and he loved to listen to Mozart. I wasn’t a istanbul escort classical buff but I went along with it and somehow the sounds of his music blended wonderfully with a new forming relationship when just talking would progress to touching and comforting and it was so nice.

He told me thanks to me I had helped him through the sadness of his mother passing and he didn’t know what would have happened without me, that I kept the business going when he was too grieved to think about it.

“I owe you so much dear David!”

“You have given me quite enough in making me confident once more after several months of unemployment when I never knew how I was going to survive.”

“Then it is fete accompli huh David? Now we need to build our good relationship, Need I tell you how I feel towards you. It is something special I have never felt for another guy before.”

I looked at him like I completely knew what he meant, took his hand tightly in mine and squeezed it like it belonged.

Richard closed his eyes and put his head upon my shoulder once again and it was lovely.

The first time he touched me, after a little stroking along my thigh it was nice and soothing and I felt a certain stir in my spine. I had guided his hand to me and heard his breathing become more rapid as he asked if we could do something.

“£Something like? I teased

He smiled wonderfully and we both knew what was ain store.

“Have you ever before David?”£ he asked me and of course I told him about Danny.”

He said he would have to put all that to rights and was so relieved that we could be an item.

He first had me sound across the arm of the settee. That is how it happened, instinctively he had downed my jeans and spent a lot of time sniffing me up there, which of course followed to more and the first feel of his warm mouth suckling me there was out of this world and I knew I would be anything he wanted me to be for him.

So that is how the hand fried crisp guy became my guy and it was a new opening.

I moved in with him of course and felt his longing every night and sometimes in the morning too, it was better than Danny by far so all bad thoughts of him vanished.

We had a brand new future together
No matter what the weather.
The potatoes always there to lift
Richard and I would shift

I adored his loving complete
He took me off my feet
Producing hand made crisps and hand rolled erections
Was one of his perfections

We had it so good
As I knew we should
Now we were were forever
I was his endeavour

The feel of him large inside me
Making our love complete and sustained
I never want to let him loose
For ever to seduce

To be continued hand made and crafted by Richard …

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