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Butting In

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Leanne walked through the front door of the apartment and slammed it behind her. She was pissed off because the Friday night date she had been anticipating all week had not gone at all as she had hoped. She expected that her building horniness would find relief with the hot new guy from work. Unfortunately, despite her employing her most successful seductive strategies, he had not responded at all.

He said it was not her – it was him. He claimed he believed in honoring his promises. Leanne had never failed to get a man into her bed, even if he had a serious girlfriend, and found the idea of fidelity more than quaint. She entertained the thought that he might be gay. How else could he resist a shot at her fine ass?

After that rejection, she’d stayed at the bar by herself, downing a shot or two of Tequila more than might have been quite prudent. Despite her anxious desire for a good hard fuck, the few men who had approached her were unappealing. She did not stop to reflect that her own foul mood might have reduced the pool of potential partners. Thank God the ride app on her phone ensured a sober driver for the trip home! What was a few bucks compared to the cost of a DWI?

Leanne was a tall, lithe blonde, blessed with a gorgeous ass. Although she was not conventionally beautiful, she exuded a sexual energy that drew the interest of most guys she ran into. When she set her mind to it, she could have a guy eating out of the palm of her hand in no time. A few smiles and a knowing nod with its promise of something good to come were all it usually took. Manipulating men came naturally to her and she had the kind of body and open attitude towards sex that made it easy.

In any event, far from having a nice evening of hot fucking, she’d come home hornier than ever, just a little bit buzzed, and enormously frustrated. She was unused to being unsuccessful in pursuit of sexual gratification. Most any guy she set her sights on succumbed to her obvious allure. But not tonight and she was not just sexually stymied but personally affronted. She was used to getting what she wanted.

She paused in the living room, catching her breath and listening. She caught the unmistakable sounds of energetic coitus emanating from Denise’s room.

Denise was her roommate, an undesired but necessary accommodation to to realities of the rising Bay Area rents. Oh, sure, the two young women got along fine, and even were friends, after a fashion, sharing the casual intimacies that young women did. Nevertheless, as she entered the latter half of her twenties, Leanne had expected to have a place all her own. Sharing it with a woman a couple of years her junior had not been how she imagined her home at this point in her life. It was a little limiting. She, for instance, wanted to be able to bring someone home without having to make any awkward introductions.

Since rooming with Denise, Leanne had hesitated to bring a woman home, had not done so. Not that it would have been a frequent occurrence under any circumstances – her tastes generally inclined her towards men – but she was not above exploring sexuality with any person she found sufficiently intriguing.

She stood by the sofa, listening to her usually quiet roommate moaning and gasping as someone treated her to an extended session of sexual satisfaction. She tossed her head, sending her golden tresses into a halo around a face that was sometimes pretty and sometimes seemed a touch haggard. Tonight, it seemed to hover between the two as her physical frustrations told.

Leanne had never thought of Denise having sex. She seemed so quiet. Denise occasionally made reference to a boyfriend but Leanne had begun to doubt his actual existence outside of Denise’s imagination; she had never seen as much as a photograph of him. Denise certainly did not strike Leanne as the sort to bring a man home on short notice, so, if it were a guy she was entertaining, it must be her mysterious boyfriend. Leanne assumed it was a man in there with her roommate, though she supposed it just might be an aggressive woman.

The image of a strong woman fucking Denise with a strap-on occurred to Leanne but she decided Denise’s partner was more than likely to be the boyfriend . She listened more intently but the grunts she heard were neither unmistakably masculine nor fully feminine. All she could be sure of is that both parties were into their interaction. For once, she was sorry the apartment was as well-insulated as it was. She wanted to hear more.

As she listened carefully to the clamor of coition, Leanne felt her own sex respond through her pent-up desire. Her cunt clenched in frustration and the stimulating sounds coming through the bedroom door caused the walls of her sex to ooze the lubricant that made sexual intercourse pleasurable to her. Anyone else nearby might have been stuck by a faint aroma from her arousal. The scent of her sexy secretions reached her nose and reinforced her sexual frustration.

A voice cried out, “Oh yessss!” Ankara escort and Leanne wanted to reach an orgasm herself. But it was not just that she wanted to get off. She was quite adept at taking care of that craving herself, should need arise. She craved, more than mere orgasmic pleasure, the physical interaction with a lover – the stimulus and the human contact of tangible flesh. She wanted to kiss a lover and enjoy her lover’s kisses in return. She wiggled her fine ass involuntarily.

Her right hand trailed up to her throat and then down to undo the first button on her blousy top. One by one, she unfastened each button, all the way down to the waistband of her designer jeans. She shrugged out of the blouse, writhing sensuously as she worked it down her long arms and off her lovely torso.

Realizing that she was all alone and that there was precious little chance that Denise and her partner would interrupt her, Leanne tossed her blouse over the back of the couch and reached behind to unclasp her bra. Her modest breasts really did not need the support of that feminine undergarment but Leanne loved the feel of the silk lingerie against her skin. She thought that concealing her small breasts, with there unexpectedly prominent nipples, was sexier than going without the benefits of a bra. Besides, she loved the look of the lacy, lime-green silk.

Her long, white fingers worked down to the waistband of her jeans and undid the fly. She slowly rolled the designer denim down over her enticing hips. As the denim descended, her matching lime-green panties came into view. Again, she shimmied and shook through a sensuous removal of her tight jeans from her fine limbs. As sexy as this woman was, her legs were thinner than perfection would dictate but no lover had ever commented on that. Who could take note of such a minor imperfection when those legs were surmounted by one of the Good Lord’s most beautiful bottoms. Leanne’s ass turned heads – men’s and women’s.

Most of her lovers liked that. They would have been even more intimidated by her powerful personality had her body been totally perfect. Its minor flaws made her more real and approachable and, therefore, to most of her would-be lovers, they made her more desirable. All she lacked to be stereotypical guy-bait was a pair of oversized tits. Once in a while, some lover would suggest she seek the services of a skilled surgeon but artificial enhancement did not appeal. She would remind herself that her breasts were sensitive (she loved it when a lover suckled them) and that made them sexy enough for Leanne.

She stood in the living room, listening to her roommate fucking away, feeling a product of her arousal seep into her underwear and smelling it as well. She slipped her thumbs under the waistband of her panties and worked them over her curvaceous hips and bottom, all the way to her ankles. There, she kicked them off and over to her bra.

Fully naked, in the center of the dark living room, she brushed her long fingers lightly over her honey-colored pubic triangle and down to the fat pink protrusions below. Yes, Leanne had full, meaty labia and a deliciously accessible clitoris that she loved to have caressed and licked. Her fingers trailed across it but she wanted something warmer and wetter stimulating her secret spaces.

The quiet moans and groans from behind the closed door had softened and slipped into a smoother, more rhythmic pattern. Leanne wished she were in there being fucked instead of her shorter, curvier, brunette roommate.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt entitled to gratify her urges.

She walked to the door and grasped the handle. She paused. Should she do this? Could she do this? Her desire overwhelmed her reticence. She was not the most hesitant of people when it came to matters sexual anyway and her lingering buzz helped ease her hesitation. She was far bolder than most of her friends and colleagues and she liked her assertive, confident sexuality.

Her only reluctance came because she and Denise were not really all that close. Close as many roommates but certainly not best friends or such, not close enough to share a bed, let alone a bedmate. In fact, she had not had the occasion to talk about sex much with Denise. She had assumed Denise was perhaps less-interested in sex than most folks, or perhaps just more inhibited. The soft sounds from behind her door belied either assumption.

Leanne’s fingers feathered over her lower lips as she grasped the door handle. Slowly, quietly, barely daring to breathe, she turned the handle until the latch clicked, clearing its slot and allowing the door to be opened. Leanne did so, slowly, ever so slowly until she could look into the dimly-lit room.

The only light came from a few candles in jars on the dresser and window sill but it was sufficient to enable Leanne to make out the sight of Denise’s round buns rising slowly up and down on some guy’s fat cock. Denise’s body blocked Leanne’s view of the guy beneath her Ankara escort bayan but what she could see of his legs and lower arms, he looked reasonably athletic. The energetic thrusting of his hips, rising as Denise descended and vice versa, supported her surmise.

Leanne was not especially stealthy but the two lovers were too into one another at that moment to notice her intentional intrusion into their private party. The shaft of her lover’s fat phallus glistened in the candlelight as it slipped in and out of the caress of Denise’s clutching cunt.

Leanne stood for a moment, drinking in the sights, sounds, (and smells) of the none-too-gentle lovemaking going on in front of her. She was mesmerized by the sight of Denise’s bare back, glistening with a faint sheen of sweat, moving easily up and down it time to the thrust of her lover’s bucking pelvis.

Leanne hesitated, unsure of just what her next move should be. She was uninvited and didn’t want to be asked to leave a party that had not really gotten started yet. Slowly, she stepped towards the couple on the bed, still not seeing beyond her roommate’s beautiful back. Reaching the foot of the bed, she knelt and leaned in until her face was mere inches from Denise’s curvy ass and her lover’s balls.

The guy, whose name was Brad, felt the slight tickle of Leanne’s blonde tresses against his strong thighs but did not immediately acknowledge its significance. When her warm, wet tongue began to stimulate his eager balls, he realized they had an uninvited guest with them but he was not inclined to complain. He tried to crane his neck to look around Denise but he could not get a good view without disrupting their all-too-pleasurable activity. He decided he did not care whose mouth was pleasing his sensitive nuts but sincerely hoped it was a woman, as the long hair suggested.

“Umm . . . Denise?” Brad gasped. “We have a friend.”

By now, Denise’s lovely bottom had bumped into Leanne’s golden head more than once and she’s guessed who must be behind her. “It’s OK, Brad. It’s Leanne.” Brad accepted this as though it were perfectly expected.

What was unexpected was Denise’s casual acceptance of the intruder. It helped that she had indulged herself in the rare treat of some ‘magic chocolate’ not long before taking her lover to bed. She found small doses of the extract of the herb relaxing and they permitted her to relax during sex so that she enjoyed it rather than found it threatening. Tonight she was completely relaxed and open to seeking sexual satisfaction.

Leanne was a bit startled to hear her name but realized Denise was simply being logical. Who else would it be at that hour? She focused on the here and now. Starting beneath those heavy balls, she slowly licked her way over them and up the shaft to where the fat prick entered Denise’s sex. She continued upward.

“Oh, God! She’s licking my balls!” Brad moaned.

Denise replied in a tone both shocked and delighted, “She’s licking my asshole!”

And she was. Leanne was eagerly lapping away, suddenly overcome by a desire to make the most of this forbidden situation. Her eager tongue probed and teased the starburst of ridges at the center of Denise’s beautiful bottom. Leanne worked her way back down again, savoring her roommate’s sexy flavor on her lover’s engorged shaft. She licked the delighted balls and continued below, putting her hands on his thighs to push them up and apart, allowing her access to Brad’s hairy cleft.

She still had not see the guy’s face and did not know who she was about to favor with this rare treat but the excitement of crashing this party had cleared through a few other of her inhibitions as well. It was just as well that the dim light afforded no good look as the place she was stimulating or she might have hesitated. Instead, she dove right in. Brad’s reaction to her approach served only to encourage her. She lapped away hardly caring that he was hairier here than his lover was.

Although Leanne was not as particular as some folks, she was nevertheless pleased to find the pair of lovers freshly scrubbed. The barest hint of perfume from an expensive bar of soap lingered on their newly-sweaty skins.

Brad moaned in guttural approval of her technique and Brad’s evident pleasure turned Denise on the more. Leanne stroked Denise’s crack with one hand while pressing the index finger of her other against Brad’s opening, not with the intent to penetrate but merely to apply pressure there.

All of this was new to both Brad and Denise – heck, it was pretty new to Leanne as well. She was not usually into such stimulation, giving or receiving. She was gentle, however, not insistent and each person just went along with it, seeking only pleasure. Leanne continued her up and down travels from the center of Brad’s bottom, over his balls and up his shaft to the edge of Denise’s cunt and on up to her anus. Up and down, down, and up, rewarded by the delighted exclamations of her newfound bedmates. She loved Escort Ankara the sense of power she found in thrilling a lover, in making them crave more of her attentions. The strong sense of satisfaction she found in pleasing her lovers, in making them beg for her, enabled her to cross many lines.

Leanne felt as though she had barely settled into her rhythm but to Brad it seemed an age since she joined them. She stopped to suck one large nut into her mouth when Brad released a great grunt and exclaimed, “I’m coming!”, proceeding to thrust more violently than ever into Denise’s tight tunnel. He bathed her insides with generous spurts of pearly white goo. and it made his shaft glisten in a way that Leanne’s saliva did not.

MAintaining contact was tricky amidst the spasmodic motions of orgasm but she persevered. Leanne lapped away at his gooey shaft, relishing the feeling of giving another such stimulation. She focused on her goal and ignored the less delightful sensations of the moment. She was a bit disappointed that he deflated so quickly after coming but began to enjoy the opportunity to explore more of Denise’s swollen cunt. The aroma of cunt and come was overwhelming and super-sexy too. She flipped onto her back and wriggling her face further between Denise’s quivering thighs. Leanne let her own hungry lips and tongue explore Denise’s sopping lower lips.

Denise too had been disappointed when Brad came so suddenly. He might not be the World’s greatest lover but what he lacked in finesse he more than made up for in stamina. Usually, that is. To be fair, he had been fucking for 15 or twenty minutes before he came tonight so this was no slam-bam-thank-you-ma’m situation but she was unsatisfied notwithstanding.

When she realized Leanne’s intentions, she grew more turned on than she would have imagined. She had often wondered what it might be like to have a woman go down on her (or ‘up’ in this case!) but she’d never had the nerve to act on her curiosity. She arched her back, enabling her to bring her frustrated clit to Leanne’s eager mouth, her rotating hips grinding her sex wantonly against her roommate’s fair face.

Leanne ached so badly for sex that she was transported by the scents and sounds of the woman above her. She felt the heat from the slippery folds and thrilled as her face was lubricated by the secretions from her freshly fucked friend. The spunk and cunt juice smeared Denise’s thighs and Leanne’s cheeks and chin. Leanne lapped Denise’s lower lips like a thirsty dog, working her way almost to their apex. Frustratingly, there was no good way for her to really maintain focus on that clit from this position; the best she could do was flick at it now and then as it rocked into range.

Brad, resting his head on one hand, propped up on his elbow, simply stared in amazement at the two women, his flaccid phallus twitching now and again as some unexpected move excited him further. His free hand stroked it casually. He considered moving in to join the feast but sensed that his participation was unwanted at this juncture.

His intuition was a reliable guide.

The view rewarded watching as he observed the two women joined mouth-to-crotch, their rhythmic movements working towards a common goal.

After some awkward and uncomfortable repositioning, the two women settled on a pose that permitted Leanne’s hot tongue easy access to Denise’s clit while enabling Leanne to breathe as needed. Leanne loved being enveloped in another person’s sex when she was so completely turned on and she lapped away with joyful abandon.

Denise reached to grab the back of the blonde’s head with both hands and pressed her firmly against her sloppy sex. Her pelvis ground and thrust as she rode her roommate’s glowing face with her steaming snatch. Leanne eased two fingers inside Denise’s twat, curling them upward to caress that special place inside. The squelchy, slurping noises of her fingers rushing in and out of that swollen, oozing tunnel mixed with the gasps and moans of sexual excitement. Leanne loved the sharp, primal tang of Denise’s secretions as she nibbled on her lips and licked around her growing clit.

By now, Leanne had shifted around until she was on her hands and knees between Denise’s wide-spread thighs. She tucked her knees under her, elevating her ass as her face pressed into Denise’s crotch. Denise, still up on her knees leaned further back, resting most of her weight on her arms spread out behind her.

Brad watched intently, completely focused on the ass and thighs and cunt of the strange woman in front of him. He barely registered Denise’s presence, though her gyrations were certainly stimulating. Leanne’s lower lips swelled and darkened as they began to open like a Spring blossom, nestled among the straw-colored thatch of her luxuriant pussy. He leaned forward and drew in a snootful of the arousing aroma emanating from that hot, wet sheath.

His dick began to swell again. He put one hand on each of Leanne’s perfect, pale cheeks. He stopped to consider that he had yet to get a good look at her face but, with the sight of her dimly-lit ass and snatch filling his field of view, he didn’t care what she looked like elsewhere. What he saw was what he wanted to get.

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