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Call Me. An expanded tale of a No Panty Girl story

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Call Me. An expanded tale of a No Panty Girl storyCall Meby No Panty Girl©expanded and edited by SheriffBart…for the hell of it. Laureen’s husband Earl was a good provider but he was always on out of town business trips for two to three days at a time. As the area rep for Brabant newspapers, he was responsible for selling advertising from one end of the state to the other.Brabant published a series of weekly small-town newspapers in a dozen towns and Earl Simpson’s job was to sell display advertisement to the local merchants. With his expense account, he managed to do quite well financially.Laureen enjoyed the lifestyle Earl’s salary supported but missed his company being alone so much of the time surrounded by her beautiful suburban home. Even the in-ground pool in their large back yard did not fill the void left by Earl’s constant absence.Dee Whitney and her husband Al lived next door to the Simpson’s. Dee had become Laureen’s best friend during the brief six months they had lived on Abbey Court. Like Laureen, Dee was a grass widow as her husband was constantly on the road as a union representative.Both Laureen and Dee were tall and attractive. Laureen was a 5′ 8” redhead complete with freckles, deep green eyes, an ample 38D bust that she usually hid under loose blouses, a slim waist and trim hips. She was glamorously beautiful with high cheekbones and a broad jawline. She could have been a fashion model. Like most well-to-do redheads, she dressed in pastels to compliment her burnt orange hair and fair complexion. Although she occasionally wore a form-fitting sweater that hinted at the deep cleavage beneath, she was more comfortable in tight skirts and slacks that showed off her slender figure. As attractive as she was, Laureen Winston was not a flirtatious woman; never had been. Dee was a dark-haired beauty with big dark eyes, thick lashes that made her look like a gypsy woman. Although not as buxom as Laureen, Dee’s firm round 38C tits were quite sexy, and she made the most of them by wearing tight stretchy tops and bare shouldered “peasant blouses”. Her sensuous bosom was outdone by her broad hips and round, firm ass. At 38-28-44, she had never been skinny, but her intensely seductive manner made her the equal of any fair haired waif. Dee was as wild and uninhibited as Laureen was prim and proper.Dee loved inviting men to undress her with their eyes and constantly flirted with strange men during her husband’s absences. A lucky telephone repairman or a pizza delivery boy, might find her answering the door in a skimpy halter top and a pair of low-rise Daisy Dukes. She was always trying to coax some stud into filling her needs. Dee was constantly chastising Laureen for not taking advantage of her husband’s absence to add variety to her sex life. She revealed how she was teasing and seducing men who came to her door for one reason or another. She told Laureen that their husbands were almost certainly getting laid while on the road. She sometimes pictured her husband fucking an escort in his motel room and finger-fucked herself to orgasm. She figured if he could play, so could she. Laureen found it hard to imagine that Earl would cheat on her, but Dee’s steady diatribe started her doubting him. Laureen had not been with another man since long before their marriage five years ago. Dee’s persistent heckling “what’s good for the goose…” got Laureen thinking.She thought about Earl getting a blowjob from one of his customers in another county. The thought both made her angry, and wet. The more she thought about him letting other women suck him off, the more frustrated she became and the more encouraged she was to try to do something about it. Her opportunity came sooner than she expected. She had hired Peter Teichmuller to clean her carpets. She had been careful to avoid hiring a young man to come into the house. She chose someone that would be unlikely to take advantage. Mr. Teichmuller was rugged looking, but not particularly handsome. His deeply lined and tanned face gave him the look of an old cowboy. He was old enough to be Laureen’s father, so she thought she was safe with him. Perhaps because of her growing lust and nerve, perhaps just by chance, Peter arrived a bit early for his 10 am for his appointment and caught Laureen still in her robe.Laureen was naked beneath the robe and the thought of being so scantily dressed alone with a strange man excited her. Ideas flashed through the young wife’s mind as the rug cleaner brought his equipment in from his van.Laureen pointed out the areas she wanted clean and Teichmuller got right to work shampooing the carpet. As the cleaner droned doing its task the aroused wife disappeared into her bedroom to apply her makeup and fix her hair. She exchanged the long terry housecoat for a short semi-transparent baby doll nightie trimmed with black lace. The little bow in front adorned her ample cleavage nicely. She admired her image in the bedroom mirror, took a deep breath and returned to see how Teichmuller was doing.Peter looked up from the carpet and saw the lady of the house nearly naked and walking slowly toward him. With the sunlight behind her slender figure was silhouetted through the thin material of her neglige. Her magnificent tits bounced and swayed in the little nightie as she sauntered toward him like a Victoria’s Secret runway mofel. He could see the outline of her toned thighs and her “camel toe” outlined by a substantial bush flashing in the sunlight as she sauntered into the room. She watched him closely for any sign of disapproval in his eyes.Laureen’s stiff nipples were poked out under the thin fabric and Teichmuller’s eyes fixated momentarily on her full round tits heaving as she stood breathlessly before him. He allowed his gaze to wander down her stunning body, taking in the shape of her hips and parted thighs. Standing this closely, he could see tufts of dark red pubic hair through the sheer, lacy fabric.”Wunderbar!” Teichmuller gasped.Laureen knew as she stood watching the bulge form in the front of the handy’man’s jeans that she had crossed the point of no return. She had begun her journey down the road toward becoming a slut. She slipped her gown off her shoulders and allowed it to drop into a pile around her ankles and stood gloriously naked before the astonished carpet cleaner.”Would you… like to fuck me?” she asked breathily, wearing nothing but her glamorous smile.In response, Peter grabbed her and kissed her passionately, his strong arms crushing him to her. Laureen moaned and melted into his embrace as his hands, began to explore her soft naked flesh. Down her back, around her waist and upward to caress, then grope her big, soft tits. As his hands wandered over her breasts, he moaned and thrust his hips toward her, grinding involuntarily. The feeling of her full tits filling his hands sent a wave of steel into his dick. Laureen caught fire and began tearing at his clothes, swifting unbuttoning his shirt, then pulling it out of his jeans. She dispatched his belt buckle in a frenzy, moaning with anticipation as she jerked it through his belt loops and threw it aside. In less than sixty seconds, she had stripped him of all but his socks and was stroking his throbbing cock. It was completely rigid already filling her small soft hand. It was not terribly large, but she thought it felt like the hardest cock she’d ever felt,warm and throbbing in her hand Soft fingers traced along rigid flesh as she teased him, running her nails along the bottom of his shaft.Peter responded by leaving his fondling of her wondrous tits to slide his hands down her hips and cup her firm slender ass. He groped her ass even more roughly and kissed her again as his hungry hunting fingers found their target. As their tongues entwined, his big rough hands slid easily into her wet labia, reveling in the feeling of a wet, hot, pussy flesh inviting him in. As Peter slid two fingers inside her, Laureen broke the kiss, gasping as pleasure and desire shot through her body and soul. She grabbed Peter’s manhood and began jerking it slowly, and looked into his eyes.“Now Peter. Please fuck me. Right here…right now!” It had been over two weeks since Laureen had been laid. The past weekend she had been on her period and Earl had opted for a blowjob instead of screwing her. She had wondered if it was just another excuse to stick his penis in her mouth. Earl loved nothing more than watching his lovely, sophisticated wife stretch her ruby red lips along his thick cock. He lived to fuck a pretty face. But after she had sucked him off and swallowed his thick, briney load, he left the room and went to watch football, leaving her frustrated and abandoned. Now she was about to finally get what she wanted, what she needed.Peter lay her down right there in the middle of the living room floor on the still damp carpet. Laureen spread her legs wide and caressed her breasts, licking her lips, wordlessly repeating her invitation. Peter paused for a moment, drinking in the sight, his eyes traveling from her fiery green eyes to her hands cradling her magnificent bosom, across her pale, flat belly, taking in the mounds of her pelvis, the white flesh under her belly and the thick dark red bush, and her swollen pussy lips, wet with desire, crying for his cock. Teichmuller climbed on top of the nude housewife and slid his thick, seven inch cock into her hungry pussy. Slowly at first, savoring the incredible pleasure of being engulfed in her warm wet embrace, then, with one long thrust, he buried his rod deep in the gorgeous desperate housewife. Laureen’s legs clamped around him like a pair of human vice grips as her cunt closed around his dick with a life of its own. She threw her head back and moaned.“Ohhh God yess! Take me like the slut that I am! Oh Peter, fuck me! ”The old German took his time, sliding his cock slowly out of her sweet pussy, savoring the sensation of her tight wetness, before slamming it deep into her. With each hard thrust, he drove the breath from her trapped body. Her hips gyrated in eccentric circles in symphony with the German’s cock sliding in and out of her neglected fuck hole. She contracted her pelvic muscles and thrust her hips upwards in an effort to get maximum penetration from Teichmuller’s cock. Laureen was driven to the brink of orgasm within minutes as the German pounded his thick hard cock into her like a diesel piston. Her legs wrapped around his ass, trying to add to the force of his invasion. She found herself biting his neck and moaning like a wildcat as the heat built within her abdomen. She started thrusting back at him, grinding her cunt upward to meet his powerful, rhythmic thrusts. She was out of control now, fucking like an a****l, swept away with lust. She had never allowed herself to behave like this before, not even with her husband. She started whispering in her lover’s ear, talking like a porn star saying the filthiest things she could think of. Peter responded to her lewd demands by fucking her deeper and harder, instinctively driving her to the brink. Laureen clasped his shoulders and arched her back, crushing her breasts against his chest and the first wave crashed through her. She opened her mouth in a silent scream but only grunts came from her writhing body. Her pussy spasmed and clamped down on Peter’s rod but he only fucked harder, driving deep into her womb, driving her temporarily blind and mad with pleasure.A moment, an hour, a lifetime later, as the spasms faded and she began to breathe again, he balanced himself on one arm and with his right hand groped her left breast and lowered his head to kiss her chest. With a start, Laureen realized his cock was still rock hard and throbbing slightly within her. “Ohhh God, you’re still hard. Are you for real? Mmmmmmm yesss” She gyrated her hips, grinding on his fleshy steel, feeling the warmth of her passion rising again as he kissed and fondled her breast. “I think I know what you want..” She pushed him gently and they rolled over. She straddled him and rose slowly upward, leaving a trail of her creamy juices along his thick shaft. She didn’t have to explain. He slid his hands from her hips upward, pausing at the top of her ribs, feeling the underside of her huge tits sitting on the tops of his hands. He drank in the sight, warmth and weight of her bosom. Slowly, he began caressing and squeezing her breasts, savoring each sensation. She felt his cock throb reflexively as his hands closed hard around her titflesh and pinched her large nipples. He thrust upward and they moaned in unison as his cock penetrated her fully once again. “Oh know you don’t Peter” she chided. “I’m going to ride you for a while.” Just lay back, enjoy these..she said as she clasped her hands over his, “and relax.” Peter did as he was told and lay prone on the floor. His consciousness was filled with the sensation of her soft round breasts filling his hands, and her tight, wet pussy sliding warmly up and down his cock. She rode him for a luxuriously long time, rising up and down on his axle like a carousel horse. When she felt him tensing, she slowed and relaxed her cunt as much as she could. She was not only behaving like a slut, but she was in control and she wanted to make the most of it. She sat on his shaft and gyrated, loving the sensation of trapping his cock against her G-spot. “Ohhh God” she thought, if I keep this up I’m going to cum again before he does. So fucking good…Why havent I ever done this with Earl? She mused. The thought of her sarıyer escort husband brought a rush of thoughts and feelings. I’m cheating on him, Im betraying my husband! No, he’s probably cheating on me right now, with some little blonde slut, letting her suck his cock in some motel…Yes, he’s probably about to come in her hot little mouth right now…Oh fuck me, he’s cumming in her mouth! Just then she wondered what Earl would do if he walked in on them right now and found her riding this German stranger, fucking him like a sorority slut right in the middle of the living room floor. He’d probably walk over, take out his dick and stick it in my mouth…Laureen gyrated faster, grinding hard on Peter’s trapped cock as he groped her tits and moaned in sweet ecstasy trying to hold on as she rode him with abandon. He could see that she was in a world of her own, her eyes closed, her thoughts as foreign to him as his native tongue was to her as she used him to drive herself to another orgasm. He was just a sex toy now, just an erect penis trapped in her vagina, a tool for her to release her pent up desire. And that was fine with him. The thought of being used by this lonely beautiful woman turned him on even more and he began to gasp as his hands now ran all over her torso, drinking in the sensual flood of her body dancing on his. He’d walk right up and pull out his big fat, uncircumcised cock and start jerking off in my face, Laureen thought. The idea of Earl standing over them jerking off sent her over the edge and she started pumping her German fuck toy and moaning loudly.“Ohhhh Fuck! Ohhh God, Yesss. Give it to me, dammit!” Her cries of passion reverberated off the living room walls. “Give me your hot cum, I want all of it in me! Give it to me!”“Kleine Schlampe!”, Peter growled as he stiffened, grabbed Laureen by the waist. “ Kleine hure!” he hissed, and began bucking upward, fucking Laureen without control, without restraint, driving his cock deep into her like a man possessed. Laureen groaned loudly and in a spasm, slammed herself down in his bucking loins, locking her legs around his. They locked their bodies in one knot of release as his cock finally exploded within her, firing pulse after pulse of semen deep into her womb. Her second orgasm was more powerful than the first, intensified by Peter’s orgasm and the simultaneous thought of Earl watching and jerking off all over her. Laureen moaned the moan of ecstasy as her fingernails dug into the German’s back. She felt her cunt being flooded with his cum.When their passion subsided, she slid down Peter’s sweaty body and slowly, looking wantonly into his eyes, began to lick him clean. She sucked his slippery dick deep into her mouth, drained it as it spat a few more spurts of semen into her warm wet mouth. She moaned in appreciation and gulped it down. Then she looked up at him and licked her lips, leaving a dollop of semen on her chin. A shadow crossed her face momentarily as something drifted back into her mind.“You said something…Meine schampe…meine hure?” What does that mean? Is that German for “Oh baby?” She gave him her most beguiling smile. She looked like Betty Homemaker again, except for the cum glistening on her sweet face. Peter blushed and cleared his throat. “Kleine schlampe. Kleine hure” he corrected. “It means, um…Little slut. ..Little whore. I’m sorry Mrs. Winston, I was…”“Tish tosh! No need to apologize. Considering the circumstances, Mr. Teichmuller, I consider that pretty high praise.” She ran her tongue along the base of his cock, slowly snaked it around the bottom of his ball sack and began lightly stroking his stiffening cock. “Now, let’s see if I can live up to it.” ******************************Like a naughty school girl, Laureen could not wait to confess her transgression to Dee.”My God, Dee, it was incredible!” she said across the kitchen table as they sat over coffee.”I told you that you would like it. So, did you suck his cock? Did you let him fuck you in the ass?” Dee smiled lewdly.Laureen gave her neighbor a detailed account of how she had seduced the older man and how they had fucked in the middle of her living room on the wet carpet.”Wow, sounds like a hot time all right. Too bad I wasn’t there to watch. And since we have hardwood floors, I can’t call him over for a replay. Hmmm. Hey, do you know Brian Wilson, the firefighter who lives on the corner?” Dee asked.Laureen had seen Wilson coming and going through her living room window. He was a dark haired guy in his thirties and not bad looking. He had a pretty Portuguese wife and two c***dren, a girl and a boy, both under five years old. “What about him?” Laureen asked.”I can set you up with him cause his wife hasn’t got time for him.” Dee smiled. “We’ve been fucking for almost a year now.” she said with a dazzling smile as she took another sip of coffee.Laureen’s heart skipped a beat. Seducing a stranger is one thing, but..doing it with a neighbor who knows me, who knows Earl? “I don’t know Dee, that could get complicated…””Don’t worry, I’ll make it easy. We can make it a threesome at my place the first time.” Dee offered.Laureen had tasted the forbidden fruit. Her mind flashed back on the feeling of her and Peter cumming together on the living room floor and how wonderful she felt afterwards. “OK, what the hell, in for a penny, in for a pound. Lets do it.” she agreed.“Let’s do him!” Dee laughed. Laureen went over to Dee’s house to get ready a half hour before Brian Wilson was due to arrive. She spent all morning trying on different sexy outfits, but at the last minute, she decided to just throw on a raincoat and a pair of leather boots on her otherwise naked body. Dee greeted her in a sheer black baby doll nightie. Laureen removed her raincoat and felt sort of self-conscious as her neighbor scanned her naked body obviously liking what he saw. As she returned Dee’s lusty gaze, she felt a twinge of mixed jealousy and desire. Dee wore a matching garter belt and thigh high fishnet stockings, accentuating her full figure. She let Laureen look her over, and twirled to show off her full sexy ass cheeks, bare but for the garter straps digging in to her round bottom. “Like what you see, neighbor?”, she teased.Laureen gave her ass an appreciative pat, then let her hand linger and caress her friends’ sexy bottom. “Always have, Dee. You’re a frigging Venus you know that?”Dee surprised her by pulling her to her and kissing her full on the lips. Laureen didn’t resist and their tongues entwined briefly. “You’re not so bad yourself Red” Dee purred as she took her by the hand and lead her pupil into the bedroom. She had it all set for their threesome. Dee had set her camcorder up on a tripod at the foot of the bed ready to capture the action. Dee liked to video her encounters for later viewing when she was feeling horny. She liked to lie back, spread her legs and fuck herself with three fingers while she relived her encounters through the camera’s voyeuristic eye.Brian snuck in Dee’s back door right on schedule to find the two delectable morsels waiting for his cock.”C’mon baby, let’s get started.” Dee said leading them into her boudoir. Dee laid herself across the bed while Brian disrobed. Laureen joined Dee on the bed and watched Wilson removing his clothes. When he pulled down his boxers out popped the most beautiful cock Laureen had ever seen. He was about seven or eight inches long, fairly thick with a slight upwards curvature. His cock head was a perfect smooth mushroom that Laureen knew would feel so good in her pussy.Naked he joined his two paramours on the bed. Dee immediately went down on him swallowing his erection in her mouth. While Laureen watched she took his entire cock inside her head. Her lips sealed around his shaft and her cheek concave in as she began sucking Brian’s meat.“Ohhhhh fuck, you’re such a good cocksucker!” Wilson groaned. Dee moaned in response, but kept her lips wrapped his shaft. Brian entwined his hands in her long dark hair and began thrusting upward, fucking her mouth. Dee only moaned louder and reached behind him grabbed his ass pulling him in even deeper until his balls were pressed against her chin. He pulled her head back until the shaft popped out of her mouth, leaving a thick strand of pre-cum and saliva arcing to Dee’s tongue and lips. Laureen gasped in amazement. She knew Dee got around, but had no idea she was such an accomplished cocksucker. She felt momentarily out of place, like an intern watching a skilled surgeon at work. She wondered how this would look on Dee’s video tape. Brian and Dee resumed their lewd dance, him using her hair to pull her mouth up and down his shaft, her doing her best to snake her tongue around his ball sack, and covering it with saliva in the process. Laureen felt her pulse pounding and her pussy lubricating as she watched. After Brian shoved his cock deep into Dee’s face four or five more times, he paused and winked at Laureen. “Wanna give it a try, beautiful?” .Laureen knew how to please a man with her mouth, but she knew she couldn’t match Dee’s oral acrobatics. Timidly, she took the hard on glistening with Dee’s saliva in her hand and guided it to her mouth.It felt bigger than Earl’s, thicker and longer. Laureen run her tongue up the underside of it as she sealed her lips around its circumference. She sucked Brian’s big hard cock, swirling her tongue around the head while she gripped the shaft and slowly pumped it. Brian moaned in appreciation and Laureen felt emboldened. Tilting her head back, she took it farther into her mouth, and allowed the smooth head to enter her throat. “That’s it baby, relax and swallow that fucker” Dee said as she stroked Laureen’s hair.Laureen did as her mentor had and reached for Brian’s firm athletic ass. She pulled with both hands and pushed forward. The fireman’s entire eight inch cock filled her throat. She felt a momentarily gag reflex, and pulled back a little. I wonder how this will look on the videotape? I can’t wait to see what I look like with this big thick cock in my mouth she mused. The thought of sucking a strange cock on tape made her that much hotter. The awareness that she would be doing so after Dee’s amazing performance made her push herself to match her hostess. She took a deep breath, gripped the base of Brian’s cock with her thumb and finger, and pushed forward until the large head was at the back of her throat. Then she imagined herself on the videotape with his balls resting against her chin. If Dee can do it…She relaxed her throat and swallowed as she drove her lips downward. Brian moaned and raised his hips to meet her hungry mouth. In moments, Laureen was performing her first deep throat blowjob. She couldn’t tell if she was more proud of herself, or more turned on by having her entire mouth stuffed full of hard man meat. The fact that Brian was moaning and fucking her face so intently was a compliment she couldn’t ignore. Within minutes, she was licking his ball sack and caressing his ass as she moaned on his throbbing cock. Dee grabbed a handful of her friend’s long thick red tresses and began pushing and pulling Lauren’s head up and down on Brian’s cock. Nothing made her wetter than playing dom-sub games and for a few delicious minutes, Laureen was her bitch as much as she was Brian’s. When she got so hot she absolutely had to have some attention, Dee left Laureen with her mouth full of cock and moved up to straddle Wilson’s face. She lowered her pussy onto Brian’s mouth. Brian savored the sight of Dee’s dark labia, glistening with her juices looming before him. He drank in the aroma of wet pussy and snaked his tongue into Dee’s lower lips, savoring the taste of Dee’s meaty taco. His tongue parted Dee’s meat curtains seeking her engorged clitoris.Laureen was getting better at sucking Brian’s cock in deep long dives, taking the whole of it in her mouth, then hollowing her cheeks as she pulled away to run her tongue all around the huge purple head. She was so horny, so turned on, she started jerking him rapidly and sucking it like a hungry teenager. She felt Wilson’s cock throbbing in her mouth and she knew he was about to shoot his load. Oh God, he’s going to cum right down my throat! I hope I don’t gag, especially on camera. Laureen figured that if the head of his cock was partway down her throat when he came, his cum would slide directly down her gullet without flooding her tongue with his salty snot. She increased the tempo of her action to bring him over the top. Laureen felt it more than tasted it, gobs of warm cum sliding down her gullet as if she was swallowing raw oyster. It felt like quite a large load, three or four powerful shots of thick, snot-like cream heading for her belly. She gulped reflexively and sucked as hard as she could, draining his balls like a seasoned whore.Having ingested Wilson’s sperm, Laureen wanted his cock in her pussy so she could get her reward.Having seen Brian grimacing in pleasure as he shot his load into Laureen’s mouth sent Dee off and she squirmed on his face as her first orgasm of the day hit her body. She ground her mound into Brian’s face, smearing her own cream all over his face. Brian undaunted, clutched at her big, firm buns and sucked on her clit with more fervor, sending tremors through the voluptuous brunette’s curvaceous body. Satisfied, Dee dismounted and Laureen replaced Dee’s cunt with her breasts. Wilson’s big strong hands locked onto Laureen’s esenyurt escort dangling tits and his cum-smeared lips locked around Laureen’s right nipple as he begin nursing on her tit. Dee moved back down to resurrect Wilson’s slimy snake, as it lay still thick, but only half erect. Dee tasted residual cum on his semi-flaccid dick as she sucked it into her mouth. He was still wet with Laureen’s saliva. As he suckled greedily on the redhead’s huge tits, trying to get the entire aureola in his mouth, life begin to return to his cock. It began throbbing and stiffening in Dee’s mouth. In minutes he was ready to penetrate a cunt.”Mmmmm, he’s ready!” Dee said removing her head from Wilson’s restored pole.Without depriving Brian of her right breast, Laureen swung her leg over his erection and positioned her opening right above its head. She lowered her haunches taking Wilson’s cock into her pussy. He felt good, oh so good! A nice firm cock ready to do her bidding. Laureen slipped down on the firefighter’s hose and began to slide her cunt up and down on Wilson’s pole as if she was polishing it with her vaginal walls. She moaned and gyrated as she began to excrete pussy juice onto his cock. “Ride it baby!” Dee cheered as her neighbors fucked in her bed.Wilson was humping under her thrusting his cock upwards into the depths of her desire. Each time the cock rammed into her pussy, Laureen gasped as if she had been punched in the belly. Riding the old German had not quite prepared her for a dick this size ramming her pussy. But after a few minutes, the lust took over and her cunt began chomping on his meat like a catfish on a big juicy worm. The formerly demure redhead could not get enough cock in her. “Damn girl, give me a turn!” Dee laughed. “Just a minute.” Laureen replied. She could feel her orgasm blossoming and did not want to surrender the cock just yet, another minute of fucking and she would come.”Fuck me harder!.” she demanded.The firefighter grasped her hips and made his supreme effort to bring her to the pinnacle of pleasure Before she knew it, she was arched backward, grinding on the huge pole and shouting obscenities as he clutched at her tits and fucked her for all he was worth. “Oh yes! Yes!” Laureen cried and the orgasm engulfed her.Laureen relinquished Wilson’s still throbbing cock to Dee. A string of Laureen’s cream stretched from her pussy to the head of his cock as she rose off of her stallion.”Oh God, Dee, that was the best ever!” Laureen smiled, as she collapsed onto the bed. Dee was only half listening as he took her turn on her fuck buddy. She was astride him in seconds with his dick buried in her bottom. Laureen watched in awe as Dee’s big sexy ass rose and fell in a steady rhythm. Brian’s cock disappeared under Dee’s ass each time the full figured brunette lowered herself on his fuckstick. As she bounced downward, the fireman’s pole penetrated her fully sending jolts of pure pleasure throughout her body. Dee was moaning and breathing obscenities as she slammed her cunt down on Brian’s genitals. He reached forward and filled his hands with her ass cheeks, raised his knees for more leverage and began fucking her harder, thrusting upward to meet her bouncing bottom. The slapping sounds as their groins collided in mid-air filled the room and Laureen was amazed at the ferocity of their fucking. Just when she thought it couldn’t get more raw, Brian reached up and closed his left hand around Dee’s throat. His right hand clutched at her left breast, kneading it like dough. YESS”! Dee gasped hoarsely. “Fuck me, you bastard! Make me your bitch!”Brian growled and tightened his grip on Dee’s throat and swung her head down on the bed. He had tossed her off of him and she lay on her back, still trapped with his hand on her neck. In a flash, he spread her legs and mounted her, driving his cock down into her cunt with a****l force. Laureen heard the breath leave Dee’s body as Brian slammed his cock down into her pussy. He was hammering her cunt now from above, driving his big hard cock all the way down into her yielding fuck hole with each savage thrust. Dee was beside herself , swearing and screaming as her orgasm took her. Laureen couldn’t help but slide her fingers into her own pussy and was surprised at how wet she was. She was transfixed as she watched her longtime friend and neighbor behaving like a wild a****l, a purely sexual being. She slipped two fingers into her pussy and moaned and convulsed in empathy as she watched Brian growl, slam his cock deep into Dee’s soft fleshy mound and explode inside her. “Ohh yeah baby, give it to me!” Dee hissed. “You know what I like!”He pulled his cock, now slimy with their combined juices from her creamy labia and jerked off furiously, firing long thick streams of cum over Dee’s belly and onto her breasts. Dee moaned and smeared his jizz all over her self as he fired thick streamers of gooey jizz onto her, leaving a trail of cum from her tits down to her dark labia. The pair of wanton housewives spent the better part of the afternoon wearing Wilson out before sending him home to his adoring wife and c***dren.*********************************************The following day, after they’d spent a few hours lying in Dee’s bed watching the video and fingering themselves, Dee revealed her scheme to Laureen over coffee in the Simpson’s kitchen.”We can make a fortune.” Dee pleaded.Laureen’s neighbor had suggested they set up a call-girl business. The two of them could entertain a parade of men charging big bucks for the privilege of fucking a real “desperate housewife”. Dee said she knew enough guys to get then started and once the word got out they would be fucking every day. Laureen was uncertain, having the odd piece of ass now and again was one thing but becoming a paid whore was something entirely different.”With face and rack like yours, we could make a hundred bucks a pop, easy!” Dee cajoled. She came over and stood behind Laureen, massaging her shoulders. She felt her start to relax a little. “What’s more fun than getting laid and making money at the same time, hmmm”? She purred as she nuzzled Laureen’s neck, sending a little thrill through her. ““Besides, I know you enjoyed it. I saw how much you loved sucking and fucking Brian” She slid an arm around Laureen’s bosom and began to caress her breasts. “Just imagine being able to do that every single day. I could set up the dates online and we could each get all the dick we want.” “I don’t think so Dee. I mean, yeah I had a good time with Brian…and Mr Teichmuller…but being a prostitute? What if we get arrested? What if Earl found out? He would throw me out on my ass. What would the neighbors say?”“Fuck the neighbors! Oh wait…” Dee teased, pinching Laureen’s nipple and feeling it stiffen under her fingers “…you already did baby. Besides…” She slid the fingers of her free hand up into Laureen’s hair, grabbed a handful and pulled her head back and upward to face her. Her face was hard and there was a dark gleam in her eyes that sent a chill down Laureen’s back “What makes you think he won’t find out about you and the friendly neighborhood fireman?”“Oh God, you…Dee you wouldn’t!” “Maybe I would. I do have it all…on…tape. It would be a shame for Earl to find a copy in his mailbox..at his office.” Oh Jesus, this can’t be happening! What have I done? She played me like a fool! Please Dee, don’t do that. He could get fired, he’d kick me out, I’d be disgraced I…I don’t know what I’d do. Laureen couldn’t keep her eyes from welling with tears. Dee was unfazed. She released Laureen’s hair and slid both hands down the front of her blouse. Laureen leaned back submissively. Dee nibbled at her neck and cupped her warm soft tits. Laureen’s opened her mouth and gasped almost silently, then sharply as Dee pinched her nipples hard.“Then we have an understanding. Don’t we neighbor?”***********************************************Ken Knickles didn’t mind dropping a c-note to fuck a girl new in the business. Knickles was a wholesale jeweler, not precious stones but just the costume stuff. That made him a connoisseur of cheap trinkets and cheap women. He made a good buck flogging his stuff to the East Indians who had booths at the flea markets and festivals. Men like Ken knew they would never make it with a classy society girl, but they could get all the blue collar babes they wanted. And he wanted lots of them. He’d fucked all the gullible waitresses in town, and most of the streetwalkers. The waitresses he got with palladium tennis bracelets. The hookers with his impressive bankroll. He’d heard about some new girls running an escort service online. Desperate housewives, the ad said. Judging from the area code, it looked like they were in one of the better suburbs. His got a boner just thinking about getting to fuck one of those women. It would cost more than his usual Saturday night red light special, but it just might be worth it. Knickles met Laureen in the Town Manor bar as arranged. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the knockout redhead. She could have been a movie star. Tall, gorgeous, and a fabulous pair of tits crowning a trim figure. Had to be somebody’s trophy wife, which would make drilling her cunt that much better. Ken had always had a hardon redheads but had never had one…until now.After exchanging small talk over a drink they headed upstairs to the room Knickles had booked.Laureen was apprehensive about to under go her baptism by fire. She was determined to give Knickles his money’s worth.Laureen had dressed to impress her first client. Her bra and panties were an expensive Victoria’s Secret matching set, the bra just half-cup pushup with her nipples peaking over the top and the panties French-cut bikinis that barely concealed her mons. Laureen had never bought such expensive underwear before but looked at it as an investment in her career.The bra and panties were silver gray silk decorated by tiny pink roses. A scarlet garter belt held up her red thigh high stockings. All this beauty was covered with an elegant black sheath dress with spaghetti straps over her freckled shoulders. They were silent in the elevator as they rode up to the fourth floor with a businessman sharing the lift with them. The forthcoming events were flooding Laureen’s mind as the walked down the carpeted hallway to room 410.In the style of the Town Manor, the room was decorated in a Spanish motif. A large lithograph of a matador challenging El Toro hung over the head of the spacious bed. The furnishings were of a rich hue mahogany.Knickles headed to the mini-bar fridge to get them a drink.Laureen slipped into the bathroom to remove her dress and fix her hair and makeup. Minutes later she emerged in her lingerie ensemble. Knickles handed her a glass containing an ice cube and some amber color liquid while he approvingly scanned the body that was about to be his to use.Laureen tasted her drink and found it was a strong concoction of whiskey and ginger ale. She sat in an upholstered wing-back chair and took her cigarettes from her purse. Knickles rushed to gallantly light her cigarette for her as she put it between her full lips. Laureen inhaled and blew out a cloud of blue smoke.What would you like first?” she asked.”Do you suck cock?” Knickles asked.”Yours I do.” Laureen answered bashfully She rose from her chair and walked to where Knickles sat on the edge of the bed. Dropping to her stocking knees she unfastened his trousers. Laureen’s hand dug into the open trousers and funding what she was looking for she brought out Knickles’ erection. It was a beautiful cock with a large mushroom head capping about seven inches of thick shaft. Laureen opened her mouth and dropped her head onto his cock.Knickles felt his cock being swallowed into the redhead’s warm, wet mouth. Her tongue caressing it as her lips sealed around his mid-shaft. He filled his hands with Laureen’s fiery red hair.Laureen was getting pretty good at sucking cocks. She was not squeamish like other girls about putting cocks in her mouth and soon learned how to maneuver tem into a comfortable position to get them off. She liked to have the guy’s cockhead as far back into her throat as possible so when he came his load would slither right down without backing up filling her mouth. For Laureen allowing cum escaping her mouth was a sign of a sloppy blow job.Knickles groaned like all guys did when the redhead had them in her mouth. She knew her mouth had more control on a cock than her cunt did and she could take the guy on a trip from one peak to another letting his slowly subside when he got too close just to start tantalizing his cock again when he was off guard. Laureen found herself playing this cat and mouse game with Knickles’ cock.After about fifteen minutes of taking Ken up and down the pleasure scale, Laureen’s jaw began to ache so she decided to bring Knickles to his climax. He was deep in her throat with her left hand gently cupping his balls when her teeth lightly sc****d down the length of his shaft, this always got them off.His climax came all at once, powerful spurts of thick, creamy jizz, firing out of his cum cannon in rapid succession. Laureen lurched forward driving him further down her throat as she collected his sperm. Knickles groaned as he emptied his balls into her.Triumphantly Laureen withdrew Knickles’ spent cock from her mouth, his sperm glistening on her lips.”God, where did you learn to suck cock like that?” an exhausted Knickles avrupa yakası escort asked.”My mother taught me!” Laureen smiled.Laureen knew she would have some time before Knickles was ready to go again. She did a little strip routine while Knickles watched her from the bed.First off came her bra allowing her awe inspiring breasts to spill out into his view. She sat in the chair and carefully unfastened the tops of her stockings and peeled them seductively down her long legs flicking them off of her toes. She stood once again to unfasten the garter belt.Knickles watched fascinated as Laureen’s thumbs hooked under the waistband of her expensive panties. Like the unveiling of work of art she tugged the bit of silk slowly down over her hips revealing her smooth cock receptacle. Knickles could almost feel himself sliding into her warm, most pocket already.Laureen sat naked on the bed beside him and kissed his lips. Knickles’ hands were drawn to her big firm breasts, savoring the fullness and weight of them as he responded to her hungry kiss.”I want you in me baby. I want you so bad” She whispered into his ear.Knickles could feel the life flowing back into his cock as Laureen’s warm breath entered his ear and her breast felt like a soft lump of pizza dough that required kneading. He had to suck them even if it meant teasing his glamorous whore just a little longer. His head slid down her neck, pausing to plant a hiss just above her collarbone. As his tongue slid down her chest, he lowered his left hand and slid it between her warm soft thighs. Laureen sighed in response and pulled his face downward smothering him in titflesh. He sucked them like a starving infant, making her moan deeply.While Ken sucked and and nibbled her tits, his fingers found her pussy. When he felt how wet she was, his cock leapt to attention and he was ready! She gasped as he slid two fingers easily into her hot, slick fuck hole.”It’s all yours baby. Take me now.” She said lying back onto the bed.Knickles climbed on top of the horizontal redhead’s waiting body. Legs spread-eagle like a sacrificial offering, Laureen awaited the penetration of her first trick.The head of Knickles’ cock found the entrance to Laureen’s gasping cunt which swallowed it like a hungry python. Inch after inch of his cock slid into the pretty redhead’s warm cage. Laureen moaned softly as his ball pressed against her.With Knickles cock buried deep within her womanhood Laureen wrapped her long legs around his hips in an octopus grip. Pulling him securely inside of her she began to grind his meat with the gyrations of her cunt. Ken ground his balls into her and began to fuck her deeply and slowly savoring every second. Laureen felt as if all her senses were amplified as she let this strange man fuck her like a cheap whore.But that’s just what I am now she mused, smiling as she ground against her John. A cheap filthy whore. Oh God It feels so damn good. “Cmon baby, give it to me good!. I need a good, hard fucking! She hissed in his ear”. Knickles moaned as her vaginal wall squeezed and pulled at his cock as her mouth had done previously. Knickles abandoned all attempts to make it last and surrendered himself to her urging. He rammed his cock into her succulent pussy with unbridaled lust. His hands burrowed under her back and he clutched her firm ass, and fucked her for all he was worth. He was a little pissed at her for making him lose his rhythm. Some hookers did whatever they could to make you shoot faster so they could get dressed and get out. On to the next trick. But he couldn’t resist her body or her dirty talk so he let go and drilled her as hard as he could. He’d get his money’s worth one way or the other. “Oh fuck Yess! That’s it baby, that’s what I need! Oh Goddddd.”.Laureen grunted through clenched teeth as her orgasm ripped through her. Knickles grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the bed above her head as he slammed his cock into her spasming cunt. Laureen arched her torso upward, grinding her bosom into his chest and rolled her head to the side lost in a fog of pleasure, writhing and grunting like a woman possessed.Caught up in the moment and loving every second of it, Kenneth Knickles ended the best fuck of his life as he roared, slammed into her one last time and fired another load of his sperm deep into to the incredible whore wife. Laureen’s womb absorbed Knickles’ cum like a dry sponge, every nook and cranny oozing with his white sticky fluid. Knickles had got his money’s worth and then some.*******************************************************”Knickles says you’re a good fuck?” Angelo said to the beaming redhead.After her encounter with Knickles, word had spread in the small town’s business community. Ken told his favorite retailer Noah Goldman, who had a family of four, was a leader in the local synagogue, but who loved a good piece of ass as much as the next man. Noah mentioned it to his banker Josh Lewis. Josh wasn’t into prostitutes, but that didn’t keep him from telling his old college buddy Angelo Casitglione. Angelo was rumored to have connections and had done some favors for Josh from time to time. So he felt he owed him a chance to score the hot new call girl housewife.Angelo had asked Laureen to come to his house to meet. They were in Angelo’s basement “family Room” while his wife and k**s were busy upstairs watching the Sopranos. Angelo was a beefy dark haired man who looked every bit like a Sicilian strongman. Only his family and closest friends knew that he wasn’t in any way connected with the Mafia. He’d sworn them all to secrecy. The more dangerous the general public thought he was, the more he could get away with. He had already gotten away with fucking Dee without paying by promising to “hook her up” with some friends from out of town. He’d spent the afternoon at her house carrying or dragging her from one room to another until he’d had her in every room but the pantry. When he left her, she was lying limp and panting on the living room couch bathed in sweat, her left cheek and upper lip completely covered with cum. As it began to ooze down her face like white molasses, she licked her lips weakly and smiled.“I can hardly wait to entertain your friends” she said with a wicked gleam in her eyes.“Ciao, baby” Now here he was with the other hot new call girl in town; the glamorous redhead he’d been hearing about.”I think he enjoyed himself.” Laureen boasted.”The way I hear it, baby, you’re the best piece of ass he ever had. That’s saying something. That fucker gets around you know what I mean? But uh.. I think he definitely got the better end of the bargain. With me…well, you might want to pay me when I’m done bitch.” Castiglione announced.Laureen only smiled confidentally, trying to keep the upper hand. He did fuck Dee’s brains out. Maybe he’s not bullshitting me. This could be the best sex of my entire life…and I get paid for it. If I don’t lose my head.A tingle of anticipation ran through her, as she sauntered over to him as slowly as she could manage.”What about Camille?” Laureen asked referring to Castiglione’s wife. “She might hear.””You can fuck her later.” Angelo grinned, “Get your clothes off.”Dee had told Laureen they might have to accommodate Castiglione in exchange for protection or referrals. She didn’t like the idea of not getting paid. She was a hooker after all. Fucking the grease ball with his wife nearby was a little unsettling. But he wasn’t the kind of man people said no to. Obediently Laureen began removing her clothes as Castiglione watched critically.Laureen could see the approval in Angelo’s eyes as she removed her D cup bra and allowed her large, creamy white mounds to spill out into his view. His eyes lingered on her bosom for a long time as she turned and caressed them and pinched her nipples, making them flush deep pink and stand erect. His penetrating gaze followed her hands down her flat trim abdomen as she slid her fingers into her panties and slowly peeled down her slender legs.She left her heels on for effect as she stood tall and proud naked before him.”What do you think?” she asked striking a pose for him.”I hear you’re a good cocksucker… Let’s see how good.” Castiglioine replied.Jesus, what is it about guys wanting to get their cocks sucked? Laureen expected his trophy wife upstairs would not put a dick in her mouth for fear of being called a slut. Well I guess that’s what hookers and call girls are for. She mused. “Well Angelo, I’ve had no complaints!” Laureen smiled walking over the where he sat on the overstuffed sofa.“That’s ‘Mister Castiglione’ to you, bitch.” He snorted. “Now get busy with Mister Italian Sausage!”. He grabbed her firmly by the shoulders and pushed downward. Laureen dropped to her knees before him as she began to rummage in his trousers for his cock. She found it quickly standing erect and wrestled it out into the open. Angelo was not big but his cock was thick and would be a mouthful. As he amused himself with her breasts she lowered her mouth over his erection.Castiglione grunted his approval as Laureen swallowed his chubby dick. It filled her mouth completely and she had to suppress a gag as it pressed toward the back of her mouth. She cradled his large hairy balls in her left hand while her right thumb and fingers encircled the Italian’s thick stump. Her lips sealed him into her mouth as she inhaled.Laureen’s tongue explored Castiglione’s cock whilst she maneuvered him into position to enter her throat. She liked his big thick Italian sausage just fine she decided, especially the nice smooth mushroom head. Laureen imagined what it was going to feel like in her pussy as she felt his strong hands grab the back of her head and entwine her hair in his fists.Castiglione skull fucked her deep and hard without compassion, driving his dick deep into her throat with each rough thrust and grinding into her face. He yanked her head away just long enough to let her gasp for air and watch the thick strands of her saliva hang from his cock like a giant spider web on a dewy morning before driving it back into her throat. The prettier the girl’s face, the more roughly he fucked it. Laureen was the prettiest whore he’d ever seen so he gave it to her without mercy, fucking her face for a good ten minutes until she was a mess, He looked down at her, and smiled. Her mascara was running, her lipstick was smeared and her chin was wet with pre-cum and drool as she panted up at him. But her green eyes were ablaze with passion. The bitch loved it as much as he did. She looked up at him and licked her lips in anticipation, knowing what was going to happen next. Not gonna get to take it in the throat with this guy. There’s no way I’m getting around having a mouthful of slimy jizz. Oh well. Can’t be a really good whore without acquiring a taste for jizz. Oh God, here it comes…He was breathing harder now and jerking his cock just inches from her face. The mushroom head was a deep purple now and swelled slightly just before the first blast of thick white dick sauce leapt into her open mouth and splashed hard against the back of her throat. She gagged a little then gulped it down just as the second spurt splashed across her face leaving a trail of warm wetness from her cheek to her chin and a briny taste in her mouth. That’s not too bad..But the bastard sure has a lot of it. Damn, he’s still shooting. She looked away from the spurting cock and gave Angelo her best “fuck me” look while he pumped his load across her face and into her mouth. She rolled her tongue around so he could get a good look at the puddle collecting in her mouth. When he had squeezed the last drop out into her mouth, she gulped it down and slowly ran her tongue around her lips, licking and sucking the rest loudly into her mouth. “Oh, I do hope you’re not done with me yet Mister Caglione. I was rather hoping to ride that monster for a little while” she said in her most sophisticated manner, casually wiping more semen from her cheek and chin.“We’re just gettin started Baby” Angelo breathed. Laureen swallowed the rest of his dick snot and readied herself to be fucked.”On your belly bitch, I want to fuck your ass!” Castiglione ordered as she lay on her back across the sofa.Anal sex was not part of Laureen’s repertoire but she felt unable to deny the Italian ass-bandit his pleasure. Dutifully she rolled over and took a deep breath, trying to relax.She felt Angelo work his still hard cock between her buttocks and press its head against her tight back door. He moved it around like he was stirring a can of paint in an attempt to loosen her up.“Oh Christ!” She gasped as the big head slipped past her sphincter. A thrill of pain and pleasure shot through her. “Please go slow–“”Ooooooomph!” he rammed her with full force driving his thick cock deep into her ass. Her squeal sent a surge of steel into his cock and he laughed coldly as he pulled it almost all the way out and rammed it in again.Laureen’s barricade yielded under the force and the Italian’s cock slid into her dirt chute. Ball’s deep in her tight little ass he began to cornhole the beautiful wife.”How do you like that bitch?” he asked as he rode her ass like a Brahma bull.Laureen bit her lip and clutched at the carpet as Angelo mercilessly fucked her virgin ass. She could hear his wife just above them listening to a Verdi opera while her husband was fucking her like an a****l in the den just below her.As she thought about the woman upstairs sipping wine and listening to music while her husband fucked a prostitute downstairs, she realized her life had come full circle. She smiled and began to thrust back at Angelo urging him to fuck her harder. As she felt that familiar sweet surge of pleasure building in her, she reveled in the realization that her new life was more exciting. She would never spend another day as a bored, neglected, housewife.

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