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Subject: Camp Silver, Chapter 1 Though there may be some basis in reality, this is a fictional story. Any resemblance to individuals or places is purely coincidental. Copyright ail Comments welcomed. We authors contribute to your reading pleasure. Why don’t you contribute to keeping Nifty available to provide these wonderful fty/donate.html CAMP SILVER Chapter 1 For me, being a camp counselor was a great summer job. I got to stay in the mountains outside of NYC where the weather was cool and the scenery amazing. I got to work with kids who otherwise wouldn’t have had a chance to be in the woods. And I made some money–and didn’t really have any expenses: a perfect job for a recent high school grad who was going to college in the fall. This was my second year, and this time as head counselor. I arrived about four days early so I could participate in training for the staff. I was assigned once again to bunkhouse A, which would hold sixteen boys ages 9-12. I had a large bed at one end of the bunkhouse nearest the shower room. There were eight bunkbeds, three on my side (because of my bed) and five on the other side. I also had a room upstairs in the utility building next to the bunkhouse that I could stay in if I wasn’t on duty. The staff had been working at this camp for a long time. The cooks made sure the counselors were well-fed, the housekeepers kept the place tidy, and the “old folks” who stayed in the Main House added some maturity as individuals who came out from the city to enjoy the countryside but didn’t do the same activities as the youngsters. Serena, who worked in housekeeping, brought her soon Joseph. He had just turned 13 a week ago, so was no longer eligible to be a camper, but she had nowhere else to keep him over the summer, so he came along. The Camp Director asked if it was okay if Joseph stayed in my bunkhouse, because I knew him from last year when he was a camper. I was aware that if he was any trouble there would be hell to pay, so I didn’t mind him staying there at all. And, since he would be there all summer, he was given the lower bunk right next to my bed. Joseph had changed a lot since last summer. He was now a tall, gangly teenager whereas last year he had still been a boy. He was no longer interested in the games the younger boys played, but he wasn’t yet an adult. I asked him to be my junior counselor. His mother was thrilled and the Camp Director thought that would be an excellent way to insure that Joseph behaved himself. Since the housekeeping staff was still getting the cobwebs cleaned out of the bunkhouses in those last days before the first group arrived, I stayed in my upstairs room. Though I didn’t have a roommate, Joseph stayed there too until the bunkhouse opened. A cot was brought in and put next to my bed. I was busy during the day and Joseph was actually helpful. He looked up to me so much, because he knew me last year and was thrilled to be my junior counselor (even though he didn’t really qualify). We checked the entire grounds of the camp, looking for rocks that a camper could fall on and hurt themselves, dead limbs that had fallen out of trees, etc. Joseph did a good job, despite the fact that he was relatively uncoordinated and a bit of a space cadet. But he was a good guy. It was dusty work, and it was actually kind of hot, so we worked up a sweat. We got done with our chores about an hour before dinner was scheduled, and I wanted a shower before I ate. We’d have another staff meeting after dinner, and I didn’t want to be dirty the entire time. So, I went up to my room, Joseph tagging along, and got a change of clothes. I suggested Joseph do the same. He followed me down to the gang shower in the bunkhouse, where we both stripped off our dirty clothes. As I looked over at Joseph, I could see that he was growing up. You could escort ankara tell he was growing taller just by looking at him. But with his pants off, it was obvious he was growing elsewhere too. His cock draped down over his balls, under a furry patch of new pubes. He was still quite skinny, so it made his cock seem even larger in proportion to his body. I got in the shower and he was right behind me. Though the gang shower was relatively large, Joseph took the shower right next to mine. I started washing the dust out of my hair, then soaped the sweat off of my arms. Joseph was watching me closely, and mimicking my actions. I also noticed that he was staring at my crotch. Last year, when he was a camper, we hadn’t showered together. I had been supervising in the shower, but none of the boys ever saw me naked. Now, as a seventeen-year-old who would turn eighteen while there for the summer, I had a furry bush and a “happy trail” leading up to my navel. I was well-equipped…not enormous, but respectable. With Joseph staring at me as he showered, I kind of chubbed-up. Didn’t get stand-up-hard, but it was certainly getting bigger! I tried to focus on my shower so I didn’t end up throwing a boner while Joseph was watching. I glanced over at Joseph, and saw that he was getting hard himself! He had less control, though. It was already rapidly moving towards true north. I tried not to stare so as not to make him uncomfortable, and turned the temperature control on my shower down a bit so I wouldn’t throw a full bone myself. I started rinsing myself off to quiet the feeling. Joseph, on the other hand, was still soaping himself up, still looking at me, and still hard as a rock. “Did you get all clean?” I asked him. “Don’t want to go to dinner smelling all funky.” “I think so,” he replied. “Hey, would you wash my back?” It was a simple request, so I decided to help. I grabbed the bar of soap and lathered up his back. I started with his shoulders, kind of massaging them as I soaped them, and Joseph groaned his approval. Then I washed down his back to the top of his butt, swirling the soap around to make sure he was clean. “Okay, rinse off,” I said as I stepped to his side. He turned around and backed into the shower spray until his head was totally splashed by the shower, with water running down all over his body. I glanced down again to see his still-hard cock bobbing in and out of the spray. What would I do if he asked me to wash the front? But he didn’t. He kept rinsing, and I finished rinsing and stepped over to where my towel was and started to dry off. As I was drying my hair, I heard Joseph turn the shower off and walk over next to me. He grabbed his towel and started drying his hair, covering his entire head with the towel. I used that as a chance to take one more glance…yep. He was still rock-hard and throbbing. I didn’t say anything, though. I was still chubby enough that I feared if I said anything I’d go full bone just like he was. I finished drying off and started to get dressed again. When I sat to put on my socks, I was eye-level to Joseph’s still-throbbing cock as he dried his back. I tried not to look, but couldn’t help myself. But I didn’t say anything and he didn’t either, so we both kept on dressing and were soon ready to go back to the room. I looked down at him again, and the bulge in the front of his shorts was obscene. I sure hoped it would go down before we went to supper! We got back to the room and I showed Joseph where to hang his towel so it would dry out quickly. Then I sat on my bed and he sat on his cot next to my bed and I told him how much I had appreciated his hard work that day. He grinned like a Cheshire cat and said he had enjoyed it, too, and promised he would work hard for me all summer. (When he said he would “work esenyurt escort hard all summer” I kind of imagined that he meant literally, based on what I had just seen!) We had a few minutes left before dinner started, so I suggested we go to the Main Building and say hello to some of the seniors who had already arrived. He agreed, and got up to leave with me. I noticed that his bulge wasn’t quite so obscene now, so hopefully it wouldn’t create a scene in the dining room. We had a great conversation with the seniors, who remembered Joseph “growing up” in camp. And they remembered me from the last year, and how I had paid attention to them. It was a fun conversation that was in full swing when dinner was served. The conversation continued as we all ate our food, and afterwards, the seniors retreated to their rocking chairs on the wide porch, and Joseph and I took a walk. We didn’t say much during the walk. It was dusk, and rapidly turning dark, so we just enjoyed the sounds of the woods preparing for the night. We circled around the grounds then headed back to my room in the utility building. We didn’t have a television in the room, so Joseph put in his ear buds and listened to music, while I read a book that I had brought with me. We were quiet until about 9:30, when the exhaustion of our physical labors during the day caught up with us. I suggested we turn out the lights and get some shuteye, and Joseph asked if I would mind if he left his bedside lamp on so it wasn’t totally dark in the room. I didn’t have a problem with it and told him so. I stood up and dropped my shorts then peeled off my socks. As I pulled my t-shirt over my head, I glanced in Joseph’s direction. He was watching me. I said “you can’t sleep in your work clothes,” and he started to disrobe himself. The first to go was his t-shirt. His skinny body was in the initial phases of adolescent development. His arms didn’t have a lot of muscle, though his stomach had a “faux six-pack” because he had almost no fat. As I sat on the edge of my bed just a few feet from him, he stood up and dropped his shorts. There was no mistaking that a half-hard cock was bulging in his tighty-whiteys. I didn’t say anything, despite the fact that I realized at his age he was probably constantly half-hard. (Hell, I wasn’t that much older than him.) I kind of jokingly said to him “if you snore during the night, I’m gonna kick your ass and wake you up!” We both chuckled and climbed under the covers. Normally, I’m a guy who goes right to sleep, but a few feet away from me was a horny teen with a half-bone! As I contemplated that reality, my own cock began to swell. The position of my bed and Joseph’s cot was such that I could easily see him, though he would have to turn at an angle to see me. The head of his cot was about where my knees were. In other words, I had a clear view. And the fact that Joseph left the bedside lamp on meant that it wasn’t just shadows I saw. After a few minutes of quiet, Joseph repositioned himself on the cot. He was lying flat on his back, and he raised up his knees, kind of making a “tent” in the sheets. Then an unmistakable motion became obvious. Joseph’s arm was in rhythmic movement, and the sheet covering his midsection was bobbing up and down. Joseph was beating his meat! My own cock–already hard–throbbed in response. I quietly moved my hand down to my own crotch and squeezed myself through my briefs, keeping my eyes on the bobbing sheet just a few feet away from me. I stayed as still as possible, not wanting to make Joseph realize I was watching or to do anything that would make him stop. I knew from our shower experience earlier that his cock had a brain of its own, and I was getting the chance to see how he dealt with that. As Joseph got into eskişehir escort his masturbation, he didn’t really seem to have any concern about being quiet. He was so into his ministrations that they “took over” for him. It was quite apparent that Joseph was flogging away on his teen boner, and the sheet bobbed up and down with increasing frequency. I was beside myself. I was squeezing my own cock, but didn’t want to interrupt Joseph’s “lost in paradise” activity. When Joseph’s body started squirming on his cot, and his flogging grew more frantic, I knew that he was approaching an orgasm. Then suddenly he stopped. He rolled over on his side, looking away from me, and reached out for something. It was the t-shirt he had just removed! As he rolled back, he kind of made a glance in my direction. I quickly closed my eyes so he wasn’t aware I was watching. Apparently satisfied that I was asleep, Joseph pulled the sheet down. There, just about five feet from me, was hard teen meat approaching a much-needed cum! Joseph grabbed his raging boner in his fist again and continued pumping. Within seconds, his body was thrashing about on the cot again. Then his body tensed up. I could see in the soft light that his stomach was moving in and out with his quick exertion. Then I heard a gasp–the unmistakable gasp we all know. I stared intently as his hand pumped his cock up and down the last few times, resulting in a large spurt of hot white creamy cum that spouted up in the air about a foot, then fell down on Joseph’s chest and stomach! His breath exhaled with relief as he succumbed to the intense feelings. Then he just lay there. I was beside myself. I so wanted to join him in that feeling, but didn’t want to freak him out. I was surreptitiously squeezing my own hard cock as I watched, but didn’t dare orgasm at the moment. Joseph grabbed the t-shirt he had retrieved and wiped off the residue of his pleasure. He lay there for a couple of minutes, reveling in the post-orgasmic glow. While still in that position, Joseph’s breath began to take on the rhythm that indicated he was falling asleep. Who wouldn’t after such a release? When it was obvious that Joseph was now sound asleep, I looked at him, his body still uncovered, his stomach rising and falling, the cum-soaked t-shirt still on his stomach. What a sight to behold! I squeezed myself again as I looked at him in the soft light. Then Joseph turned toward me in his sleep, and the t-shirt fell to the floor about an arm’s length from me. His breathing indicated he was deep in sleep, and within seconds he pulled his sheet up over his body and snuggled in. I was still rock hard from the “peep show” I had just witnessed. I quietly reached out from my bed, trying not to make any noise that would wake Joseph, and grabbed the corner of the t-shirt on the floor, pulling it toward me. When I was able to grab it, I extended the t-shirt up toward my nose, breathing in the hot smell of freshly-shot young teen cum. I could see in the light that the t-shirt had a large wet splotch where Joseph had wiped himself off. I couldn’t stop myself. I pulled my own briefs down under the covers, freeing my throbbing cock from its confines. I slipped the t-shirt under the covers, and wrapped the wet portion around my shaft, covering my cock in Joseph’s baby batter. I grabbed myself through the shirt and stroked, relishing the damp feeling and reliving the spectacle I had just witnessed. It didn’t take long before I was approaching my own orgasm. I tried to be as quiet as I could, not wanting to wake the sleeping Joseph. My cock was alive with feeling, and my cum began boiling up uncontrollably. With my own soft gasp, I shot my wad into the already-used t-shirt, mingling our cum together. As my orgasm subsided, I carefully wiped the last drops from my cock, and pulled the t-shirt out from under my covers, slipping my now deflating cock back into my briefs. I quietly replaced the t-shirt on the floor next to Joseph’s cot, and settled back into my own bed, sleep and release overtaking my ability to remain awake. It was a deep sleep, and it wasn’t until morning that I awoke.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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