Şub 09

Can You Help Me Out?

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Dmitri lay on the sofa in his living room stroking himself lazily while watching television. It was a late Saturday afternoon and the sun was beginning to set upon his one bedroom apartment. Nothing was particularly interesting on television so he settled for another rerun of some 90s sitcom he didn’t care to know the name of.

As he slowly started to drift off, he found himself awakened to his phone vibrating in his hand. He looked at the caller ID and found it was his best friend Nastya. Nastya was the first girl Dmitri ever had a crush on. She was smart, funny, and sexy. He answered the phone with a soft “Hi Nastya”

“Hey Dima, how’s it going?”

Dmitri looked at his current situation for a brief moment. He still had his hand down his pants and the sun had already set, leaving him watching a game show instead of the sitcom he originally put on.

“It’s… Going. Hey, wanna come over?”

“Sure! I need your help with something anyway!”

“What a coincidence… I need your help with something too…” Dmitri stroked his cock, thinking of the black haired beauty milking his cock with her hand.

“Great! Be right over!”

When he heard the click, he sighed and started fantasizing about her more. The ruby red of her delectable lips, her succulent breasts, the way poker oyna her hips move in perfect formation. She was a goddess in his eyes. Had been for years. Nastya and Dmitri had been friends for almost a decade and a half. He’d been lusting after her for years. They never had sex, only kissed, but Dmitri had the idea to ask her that day, if she’d like to ride his massive cock.

When he heard a knock on the door, he stood up and brushed his hands off on his basketball shorts. He opened the door and there she was, Nastya, the girl of his dreams. He invited her inside and offered her a drink. “Just water, thanks.”

Dmitri poured her a glass of water and leaned against the kitchen counter.

“So what did you need my help with?” He asked, smirking gently.

Nastya sat down on the sofa, her head held down to the floor, staring at the water in her hands. “I’m.. Embarrassed.”

“Embarrassed? Of what?”

“What I’m about to ask of you.”

“What’s that?”

Nastya stood up and walked to him, putting her head on his shoulder as to where she could whisper to him. “Dima. You’re the only man I trust. The only man I can ever rely on, and that’s why I’m asking you to do this..”

Dmitri’s heart raced as his cock began to twitch behind his shorts.

“I need you to take canlı poker oyna my virginity. And I want your babies.”

Dmitri gasped slightly and stood up, catching his hand on the counter as to balance himself.


“I’m getting old. I’m already 21! My parents are expecting me to get married soon and I’ve not even had sex yet.” Nastya held her head in shame.

Dmitri put his arms around her, putting his dick against her, so she could feel his hardening erection. “It would be my honor to help you out with this, Nastya. What are friends for?”

He picked her up by her waist and plopped her down on the counter. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her into a passionate kiss. She was an incredible kisser, despite virginity. Her tounge was explorative and reactive to his every movement. He took her skirt and pushed it above her small mound, feeling her grow wetter from the stimulation. In one swoop he took off her underwear, smelling her wetness and getting intoxicated from it.

Nastya moaned as Dmitri lay her on the counter and start to lick her clit rhythmically. Making sure she felt every movement and every twitch. She was at her limit as he stopped and looked at her, and asked very gently, “Nastya may I fuck you?”

“God, please!” She begged.

He internet casino thrust his large cock inside of her, mounting her and hearing her moan for the first time. He had to stifle an orgasm then and there before anything really happened. Slowly, he gained speed and Nastya’s moans got louder, music to Dmitri’s ears. Her eyes were set on him, squinting every so often but just as blue as ever as they widened with ecstasy.

He grabbed her hips and flipped her over, letting her feet barely touch the tile floor of the kitchen. Taking both of her arms in his hands, he held them against her back and plowed into her, ignoring the small amount of blood on his cock.

The window to the balcony was fogging just as Dmitri asked her, “Do you want me to come?”

Nastya, barely coherent shouted in response, “Yes! Oh fuck yes Dima! Fuck me! Give me your seed! Please!”

That was all he needed to hear as he burrowed his thick cock inside of her now wetter and twitching pussy, cumming deep inside of her against her womb. He pulled out and stumbled backwards, holding onto a barstool behind him. “That was… All I ever wanted. Fuck.”

“Me too. Fuck, Dmitri, I love you.”

Dmitri laughed happily, taking her into his arms and plopping both of them onto the sofa. “I love you too Nastya.”

“What did you need my help with though?” Nastya asked, her hand on his chest, snuggling with him.

“We covered it.”

They both laughed and started to fall asleep together, a new life forming inside of Nastya.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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